Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Heaven and mythology

Date Line May 30, 2007

Mythology scrambles and is taken as gospel to those who do not study the history of creation; that is, the history of the creation of mythology.

In the land of the Hyperborea the sun shines twenty-four hours a day. In Hyperborea, it is said, people live a thousand years, their lives filled with joy and happiness.

A Day in Heaven is a Thousand Years on Earth. Shall we die and live a thousand years? Shall any King reign for a thousand years during which time we shall enjoy peace and happiness?

What is the promise? What is it that some among us hold to be the promise, or fulfillment, of their faith and devotion?

What is the influence of Greek upon Christian? What is the influence of Christian, or Greek, upon Islam? Who the teacher, who the taught?

What is the influence of one tradition upon the root of the other three?

One thing is certain, the path continually tracks back to the Scythian, or those who would become known as Scythian.

Consider the path of mankind. They move from Africa, through the Middle East and into Europe, Asia, and the Americas. The route is unknown, but the genealogy, the haplogroups, are known..

Humanity develops. But it does so under exacting conditions. There is an ice age which drives them south, after they have reached the northern extremes. Oral history.

Oral history among those we would like to believe were ignorant and grunting animals; yet they were artists, tool makers, gathers of vast amounts of knowledge. Oral history, mythology, the passing of tales.

The sun never set, the land covered with water – frozen as it might be, but none the less water. Things believed, recalled and expanded upon in terms known to those of generations which followed.

Mythology, divine stories, tales of creation and existence; tales of destruction and death. How do we, how did they, understand their world? Creationist or scientist? Myth or reality? How do we relate and in what do we believe?

Match the legond and mythology. Track it by its origins and the people to whom it is assigned. Track it by haplogroup. Who migrated where and why? Do the stories work against the DNA?

One eyed monsters? Could they be real? One eyed people? Could there be a deformity, a birth defect, a cause f nature which made for those who became legend and myth?

Are there giants? Were there people who rode horses and appeared to be one with the horse, appeared to be part horse, part man? Were there women warriors? Did they live near the Black Sea, near the Sea of Azov? And was this the place of the flood which we know?

Was Ararat the land of those who survived, relocated, after a flood engulfed their land? Did a small populace tell a great story? Was it recorded by those who learned to write? Was it, it must have been, their story; it must have been their mythology.

Story upon story, converted and spread, its content changed, shaped, expanded, modified, to fit that which was learned, known and believed. Iranian mythology? Aryan Mythology? Greek mythology?

Whose mythology are they each, or are they one mythology told, and personalized, by many? Do you dare to believe that which is ancient, only because it is ancient? Do you rest your life, and the life of your seed, on the truth of myth?

Quote from scripture, quote from legend, quote from epic poem. It is all the same, they just change the name. What is the truth? Is it that we shall die because of a lie? That we shall see war and destruction in the quest for an ancient myth?

Whose haplogroup? Whose legend? Whose knowledge? Whose quest for enlightenment has been usurped into a spiral of destruction and death?

Are we to live in peace for but a single day? Is that what it is about?

Monday, May 28, 2007

Gehenna transition progression.

Date Line May 28, 2007

Building on the previous, we can ask: “If there is no Hell, why should we behave?”

A very simple, simplistic, thoughtless, question. It is the question used to justify evil. Curiously, it is the excuse for murder which underlies all Christian and Islamic doctrines of fundamentalist action.

Hell! It is that which damns all Christians and Islamists; it is what damns the rest of us to mindless conflicts such as the current one in Iraq. Hell, and its imaginary Lord, Satan, exist so they can justify evil.

Gehenna is the entrance; it has many names in many religions. But each of those religions has a common theme; each of them talks of peace, love, and doing no harm. Sounds Christian; but when did you ever hear of a Christian who followed the teachings of Christ?

Let us start with a basic: Church. Christ said you spoke to his father by going to a “closet”, a room, in your house and speaking privately. It was the hypocrites who made a public show of prayer.

Now that we know that, according to Christ, all those Church-going Christians can be seen as hypocrites, all the rest of their murderous deeds fall into place; all their bigotry, their racism, their witch trials, all these things fall into a consistency of actions.

Gehenna is the entrance, it is a mud-room, an entry hall; it is the place where the mud, dirt, or grim on ones outer clothing, the random filth of the journey, is removed before one enters the home of their host.

If we wish to use such analogies, we can see the soul as steel forged in the fire of life, having been poured from the crucible of creation. That steel, found worthy and pure, is then polished in Gehenna.

What of the impure? What of those which Christians say is eternally damned? What becomes of them?

Well, in our steel analogy the answer is easy: they get poured back into the crucible. They experience resurrection, rebirth, reincarnation; it matters little what name is placed on their return to this universe, return they do, and they continue to return until they are pure, until all the impurities are gone.

For those who want Hell. The answer is simple; this is Hell; we are there; we are in the crucible of our birth and shall remain there until we are worthy of being polished and presented at Court.

There is the image presented in scripture. There is the image of a Hell which comports well with the founding faith upon which it is based and to which it is responsible; it is the same faith to which Islam is also responsible.

Hold on!
That sounds Hindu; that sounds Buddhist, that sounds like many religions whose people revere peace and tranquility.

Yes it does. And so it should. It is the heart of all religions and all knowledge. We are eternal beings, a part of eternal existence, and we are all stuck with that reality. Their goal, is the universal goal.

One beginning, one end. If all is known, then where is the free-will? If all the steel is to, eventually, be used, what is the objective of life?

Their goal, our goal, is to exit the crucible. We want to graduate to the polishing room. We want to be something of beauty and utility. Do we care who we serve? Do you really need to place a name on that entity?

Think about it. The first enlightened religion pictured the creator in terms of a king, a pharaoh, in terms of a single elemental ruler whose name really didn’t matter.

“Who are you?” was the query.

“I am who I am,” was the response.

Give a name, any name, “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” Why does that work, why is it so universally accepted by so many when applied to a rose? And yet, why is it so devoutly rejected when applied to a deity, or a creator?

Saturday, May 26, 2007

HELL - More Christian Stupidity

Date Line May 26, 2007

Hell fire and damnation? Christian irrationality. Fifty percent of all Americans believe that the world was created within the past ten thousand years. HUH!

Like, duh, what is it with these idiots. Are we really a nation of totally brainless clods? Well yea. Of course we are.

Hell fire and damnation. Consider that this Christian Creator – this all wise, all knowing, eternal being created humanity knowing that he would be burning them for eternity in non-consuming fire.

Yea, think about it. This all knowing know it all who supposedly whipped out all but one family among all those who descended from Adam and Eve; this all knowing creator who knew from the beginning that he would whip out all these people; this wonder of generosity and compassion; this deity; he created life knowing he would kill it in a fit of rage at its indiscretions.

Then, having washed away his first effort, he gets bored and creates this fireplace in the bowels of the earth, and those who came from Noah, from the one family worthy of saving, these he is to dump into that fireplace where they shall burn forever.

Man you got to really appreciate a people who worship such a sadistic being. Ya got to believe it, Pope Benedict XVI said Hell is a place where sinners really do burn in an everlasting fire, and not just a religious symbol designed to galvanize the faithful, has said.

The Pope knows! Right? The Pope speaks for this all wise and all knowing deity who created life, and rules, just so he could enjoy a fire made from their souls. There is no escaping it. You were doomed to roast before you were born.

This idea of some salvation? Why that is a reprieve from the sentence handed down before there were stars in the sky, or even a sky. That is, after all, what “All-Knowing” means. You know it all, long before it happens, or could even have the possibility of happening.

Can anybody escape? “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.” And everyone dropped the stones they carried. Everyone! No a stone was cast; nor could one be cast. It is a game, a joke, a deeply funny perverse joke launched by a deeply perverted and sadistic deity.

If we are all sinners, we all get to burn. And that was known from the very moments before creation. It really does not matter. You will, if you are following a Christian deity, burn-baby-burn.

Of course, on this and other subjects, Islam is not much better. There one wander through rings like those of Dante described. But there is no escape, that same all-wise, all-knowing deity has doomed you before the first instant, before the first utterance, of creation.

Of course, it really does not matter, given that life is a cosmic setup, it really does not matter if we came about ten thousand years ago, with evidence to the contrary just part of the grand deception; or if we emerged and evolved over billions of years.

In either event, that which was responsible decided we would be the subject of eternal torture. If there was an escape, if there was another alternative, the deity would not be all-knowing. There would be no need for the games, or for the illusion of choice.

If the deity is ignorant of the outcome for even one person, then it follows that it is not all-knowing. If it is not all-knowing, how can it be the supreme deity?

Of course, as the Khazar ruler realized, Christian and Islamic deities are subordinates to the true deity, the Judaic deity; thus he he and his people accepted Judaic teachings as their faith.

What do the Judaic teaching hold on the subject? Only that mankind was designed to need some final touches. That mankind would enter, Gehenna, the place of purification where all imperfections associated with the physical world shall be burnt away in purification for the next world.

No torment, little more than a bath of magic fire designed to cleanse a soul of earthly contaminants. In reality, not much more than a divine ritual bath.

After all, The Judaic deity is all-knowing, and thus knows that any visitor, no matter their personal fastidiousness, is likely to pick up a little outside mud. Do not Japanese, leave their shoes at the door?

Forty Years - where for gasoline?

You’ve heard it, you probably said it, “Gas prices are outrageous!”

But are they really? Is $3.19 a gallon really that much? Is “big oil” ripping us off? Or have we just been distracted? Or, when it comes to economic realities, have we lost perspective?

The other day I heard a radio commentator belittling some politician, or economist, who said, in inflation adjusted terms, gasoline is actually cheaper than it was a generation ago. Like the average person is really going to buy the idea that gas is “cheaper.” The idea sent me on a nostalgic trip down memory lane; back to when I graduated college and was very cost/income conscious.

The year was 1968, I had received a degree in Education from New York University; tuition was $3000 a year - paid for by my dad. Both a slice of pizza and a subway ride were fifteen cents, a strret vender hotdog was twenty cents, and teachers had just gone on strike to earn a staring pay of $6,750 a year.

My Brooklyn Height, harbor view, apartment along with telephone and utilities was an outrageous $150 a month. Rent on that same apartment today? If you can find a vacancy, it will cost over two thousand a month plus utilities.

For graduation, my dad gave me a brand new Ford Cortina GT – it cost $2,000, a BMW cost $3,000. Both the Ford and BMW delivered 35 mpg at any cruising speed between 35 mph and 80 mph.

That two to three thousand dollar is now $25,000 to $60,000. That 35 mpg? If you can get 30 mpg you would be lucky; but, even though speed limits have gone from 65 to 55, top speed is vastly increased.

North and South Vietnam were fighting for unified control of their nation, there was talk of a “Domino Effect” and we were escalating our involvement. Back then, we were drafting kids fresh out of high school; and PTSD was still being referred to a either combat fatigue, or malingering.

We are no longer in Vietnam, and we no longer have the Draft; instead we are in Iraq, standing between Sunni, Shia and Kurd -- and “mobilizing” the National Guard. Where what we know as PTSD was rare among those in Nam, it now affects one in four of those who serve in Iraq. Soldiers disabled in Nam were not welcomed home, but they could expect disability pay and good medical or psychiatric care; those returning from Iraq are greeted at the airport gates, seriously wounded are declared ten percent disabled, denied disability benefits and if they suffer PTSD, they are demoted and discharged. Times have changed.

Oh! As for the cost of gasoline? Back in 1968 you could buy three gallons for a dollar. Today, you get three and a third gallons for ten dollars.

Funny thing that! Rents have gone up more than ten fold, the price of a slice of pizza, or a subway ride, has also increased over ten fold, as has the cost of that top of the line new car. Yet, to hold to a comparable inflation adjustment, the price of gas would need to push $4.00 a gallon. Why does it seem expensive?

Maybe if we looked at that teacher pay.

In 1968, a teacher’s pay check for two years more than covered the cost of the entry level credentials. For the average person, a week’s pay covered rent. Back then, a blue collar worker could make $5 an hour; two hundred dollars a week; ten thousand a year. Average wage today is under $45,000 - not over $100,000 - and when did you hear of teachers coming out of college to receive $67,500 or more?

Want to complain? Complain about “out sourcing”, or why it took eleven years to raise minimum wage to sixty percent of the inflation adjusted 1968 wage minimums. If you must, complain about wages falling so far behind inflation adjusted costs that the people must work harder only to have less then their industrialized nation counterparts.

When it comes to gasoline, and most domestic energy costs, when compared to what the rest of the world pays, actually, our costs are artificially low. But our wages, our real buying power, is even lower.

Our gasoline prices, are only a fraction of what other nations pay; and, until they hit five dollars a gallon, will remain less that the inflation adjusted 1968 prices. However, a prediction, another year in Iraq will, almost certainly, ensure gas prices exceed inflation adjusted 1973 oil embargo rates; or something in excess of seven dollars a gallon.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

On Self-Destruction

Date Line May 16, 2007

There seems a thread which travels through life, the thread of self. Self. Who we are and who we would want to be is a definition of self. What is “self” and how do we come to hate that self?

For about as long as I can remember – and my memory is getting shorter from the current end – I have played with the idea of self-destruction, self-termination, ending it all. Don’t you love that expression, “ending it all”? It is the ultimate statement of both self, and self-centeredness.

There are two possibilities, that I, me, this real “self”, is in fact the creator of all. The idea is in a new philosophy which says we are a dreamer, the product of a dream, that all we see and know is a figment of a dreaming mind.

Thirty-five years ago I saw it as a single celled amoeba playing mental gymnastics with itself in an effort to maintain its own sanity. In short, we are the product of thought. There is no deity; there is only a thinker who may, or may not, be dreaming at this moment.

If you kill a character in a story, does the story end? If you kill the writer of the story, does the story end? Before answering, how would a “fictional” character kill its author? And if the author continues, does not the story? Isn’t there always the possibility of a sequel?

Self-destruction. Ah, beginning a new aspect of the dream, or mental exercise, from a different perspective. Or, oblivion! Oblivion is ceasing to be, being forgotten, to be no more than a possible reference in the existence of the self which continues.

How many who read this would see the scriptural references, the idea that Revelation is very Jewish and so predicts a end and mandates that life is for those who survive? How many would immediately make the mental link to the direction, the admonition, “choose life.”

The author, the dreamer, the silly insignificant amoeba, each have their logical plot-line. It is so easy to interject magic, to make the hero escape from the inescapable; isn’t that what religions are all about? Isn’t it their objective to give each character an out? The fictional character gets to meet the author, and they “live” happily ever after.

Except for one small element, the “happily ever after” idea is very compelling. How does the fictional character transmute into the author’s reality? Hold that answer. Before you go there, are you sure that the “author” is not themself the product of a dream?

Infinity is the taskmaster. Each has the possibility of there being a before and an after. It is nice to think in limited novel terms. It is delightful to believe there is a page which contains the words “The End.” But think in terms of that poor amoeba. He is the product of creation and so is only a step, and we, his “mental exercise” would only graduate to being another amoeba.

Ah the logical, the rational, possibilities which have the weak minded minds spinning. The amoeba needs to maintain his sanity because he has no means of knowing there are other amoeba; or because he is the first, and the graduation for his “mental exercise” represents cell-division.

Thus there would be two engaged in “mental exercise” and then four and then, and then, and then we would have the evolution of life involving multi-celled entities. Thus we discover the amoeba was not the origin point, but only a step in the process we already know.

Self-destruction? How do we destroy ourselves when we are trapped in a sequence of all life infinitely back in time and infinitely forward. Self-destruction? The termination of one character within an infinite storyline? Of what end, or significance is that?

The dreamer ends the dream segment and focuses on another segment, invoking the same character. What was achieved? Depriving the dreamer of experiencing this storyline from the vantage point of this one character? That’s the dreamer’s choice.

Think about how pointless your life is. Think of life as just the figment of the imagination of some stupid amoeba. Realize that and, as the amoeba, life becomes pointless and the choice is self-termination, or the creation of a new dream. How does an amoeba kill itself?

Better to work out the mental exercise. Bette to follow the logic and the process to the very end. When the “Dream” ends naturally, when the “mental exercise” is complete, evolution occurs. Eventually the deity, the dreamer, the amoeba, realizes its sole purpose is to reproduce itself.

The objective is to be the deity which is dreamed of. Thus the objective is to follow all the logical paths and find the right answer, to know all the possible answers, to continue until perfection is attained; and only then does the cell divide, and the cycle begins anew.

Ah, get the head spinning. Too complex, too complicated, too far from perfection and that ah-ha moment when everything becomes clear. How do we move toward the point of enlightenment? How do we see what is so clear? That is the individual goal, the train of thought you, not I, must follow.

Why not I? Go back to the top and read again, when you say “Ah-ha, got it,” you will understand and be a step closer to enlightenment; at which point you will understand those parts of my writings which have, to date, escaped you.

Nietzsche has said: “Only a person of great faith can afford to be a sceptic.” So find faith.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Falwell Dead - next comes ...

Date Line May 15, 2007

The Moral Majority founder, Rev. Jerry Falwell, has died. Next on the list, Rev Pat Robertson and James Dobson -- and a trinity of evil passes the torch.

Granted, their departure and commencement of their existence in an appropriate place of eternal damnation shall still leave much to be undone; but at least it is a start in the correct and moral direction.

The Immoral Coalition these men have forged, with the willing and devout adherence of the perpetually ignorant, will eventually see its end. Before that time comes, we will see an attempt at the further extermination of all who prized the virtues inherent to “Wisdom, Knowledge and Understanding.”

There is an ongoing blood feud, said to be between voices of good and those of evil. It is a feud which requires pain and torment in an effort to achieve survival of the species.

Hang in there. Between now and the event the earth will shake, the skies will darken and all will be wrong with the world.

In other words. Things will continue as usual, any significant major changes will be imperceptible to the media. The lies and dishonesty shall continue, America shall suffer for those who would avoid any inkling of real care for those who deserve the most care.

Face it children. The end times are upon us. They are here because the likes of Falwell, Robertson, and Dobson have proclaimed it so.

The end times are here because we would rather devote our limited resources to the killing Islamists than to the care of our hungry, sick and homeless.

Of vital importance in the work of Falwell, Robertson, and Dobson is to ensure the mental and physical destruction of a generation of our most productive young; and to do so at a time when the policies of outsourcing threaten America with FOURTH World status.

FOURTH World status? That is where we are dependent upon the Third World for everything; for the basic food on our tables; for the tables upon which to place our food; for the workers physically and mentally able to perform the work of any society.

We are, thanks in major part to Falwell, Robertson, Dobson and their ilk, destined to destruction. At least most of you are.

Are you having fun yet? Look for a new HORROR before year end.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Bible thinking

Date Line May 10, 2007

When you were a child, you thought as a child. Who are the children?

One of the delights of life is Christian baiting and Christian bashing. There are a few who have the wisdom, knowledge and understanding necessary to afford themselves the right to be; but for the majority, there has been no change since the earliest period of superstition.

Today, I will focus on the Resurrection. If you come to it as a matter of faith, and belief in the unnatural, you come as antithesis of the all you profess to subscribe to. If you assert it was of this world in accordance with that neverland where nature originated; ah yes.

The Bible, the New Testiment, the oft translated, retranslated, edited and reedited work for which no original has been found, is the source of all. As we are not concerned with those chapters known to have been mistranslated, or intentionally changed, we have it easy.

What did the authors of the NEW version wish to have their readers understand and believe (in terms of Resurrection)? Were they talking about an event OF the natural world or the supernatural?

There was an affliction. Something which mimics death. Something for which there is a cure. Something which might be unique to the early farm regions, but which is not known beyond.

What is it? What slows the metabolism to imperceptible levels? What might not have been noticed as life to the untrained, but today might not even be seen, or thought of, as “death”.

Today we think of death as cessation of brain activity, the body is often killed so that the medical problem can be cured. The body is meaningless. Isn’t that what the New Book says?

What disease can “kill” the body, but leave the mind alive?

Date Line May 13, 2007
Ah yes, the thought ended and did not resume. Thinking through the scriptures, like thinking about the two versions of Moses: the first inferring he was a first born to a father who was not a Levite; and the second representing him as the second son to the parents of Aaron.

Thinking. Genetically was Moses a full sibling, or a half-sibling, to Aaron? There is a significance. A genetic one.

We know the DNA of those who are Cohanim; but it is not the DNA of the Levites. There are two ways to read that and each hinges on the mother and how many fathers.

I suspect, given the evidence of the rest of the text, that Moses was a Hyksos. Aaron was, for want of another term, a Bedouin. But their mother was a Levite and so they were both of the tribe of Levy.

The curiosity would be the discovery of the DNA for the Hyksos kings who ruled Egypt during the period associated with the Biblical period in which they “knew Joseph”; and ending with the period in which a Pharaoh came who did not know him.

There is another thing wandering my brain: When Abraham arrived in Egypt with Sarah, his wife, and passed her off as his sister, Pharaoh welcomed him to court. Pharaoh was smitten by Sarah’s beauty and wanted her.

We are told a deity came to Pharaoh in a dream and informed him that Sarah was the wife of Abraham, not the sister. Pharaoh becomes upset and infers, based on them having the SAME deity, that he would need to answer to their common deity for coveting his neighbors wife.

Abraham had feared acknowledging Sarah as his wife would have him killed. That infers a different deity, or cultural heritage, which made the coveting of the wife of another man acceptable; and that killing the husband to obtain the wife was also the norm.

What people of Egypt would have the same deity as Canaanites? What deity was in Canaan which was also in Egypt? Where did the rules, the commandments come from?

Clearly they were in place long before Moses. What Code of Laws is there available to us to compare to as the origin of Laws of Moses? _____________________________________________________

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Remember Thyself

Date Line May 8, 2007

Who reads these damned things?

Friends? Family? Both, or neither. Sigh ...

I wonder and wander through thoughts. We could say: dreams. Dreams of kids who gave a damned. Dreams of discovery, or importance, of significance of consequence, dreams of remembrance.
There are things that move through the heart, through the mind. They are very hard to suppress, and it to pass that they surface. Often this is when one drinks – drink opens the door, unlocks the spring, and lets the feelings gush forth.

It is better to allow the feelings their escape than to suppress them. It is better to allow the dreams their freedom, than to yield their force to the ignorance of others.

It is better.

Thoughts and dreams. I dream of knowing my {genetic}past. But also dream of knowing the past of my family.

An interesting paradox.

We all seek to know who we are. We seek to have a life – as if living was not enough of a life. We seek to define ourselves; and we do so against the image we carry of our parents.

Shall we be like them? Shall we surpass them? Shall we do anything we can to avoid being connected to them?

How do we define our self? The self we must live with – what is it?

How do I honor my father? How do I honor my mother?

I am connected to the scriptures; and to the commandments. Yet I reject many aspects; and yet I find that the principles are based on their rejection. And I am forced to laugh at the trap that has been set for me, and into which I so willingly have walked.

Why do I believe? BECAUSE I BELIEVE IN MYSELF AND MY OWN SELF WORTH! End of story. I, me, the one and only, am the one and only.

Which, of course, makes me totally insane – or the only sane person.

I love the all or none logic of life.

I can understand Voltaire. I can understand the character who declares that this is the best of all possible worlds – because it obviously, logically rationally, is the best of all possible worlds.

It is the world created in the divine mind. It must be perfect, it must be the best that is possible – if only because it is the best possible. It is the product of circular logic which is rejected by all who seek to escape the realm of logic.

When I was younger. In the days before today. I had a vision which has never departed. Beginning, end, now, never. We are. I am. You are. And you want me to be, so I am. Or is it that I want you to be so you are?

Mind boggling. Humorous. What is the term? Sacrilegious? Or is it the ultimate in cosmic understanding, the point of enlightenment, the Buddha beyond the realm and understanding of a Buddha – because Buddha must be trapped in this world.

Can you follow? Must I lead? Go! Step ahead of me. Please, step ahead and lead. I am tired of leading. I am tired of seeing. I am tired.

I was here at the beginning. Like it or not, I will be here at the end. I am who I am. Can you deal with that?

Of course. Of course. Of course. You are who you are. You either understand that, or not. If not. My tears are shed for you. If so, you are my beloved child. You are the blessed among humanity. You are the one whose dreams are their own.

You are. My beloved. You are me.

And you shall step forth, achieving that which you are comfortable to achieve. Your life is the tale you tell to yourself. It is the life you leave behind. It is the story of the future.

Please. Remember it, and me, when you are there. Remember thyself

Sunday, May 6, 2007

YO! Right-wing! Continue Iraq until 2012

Date Line May 6, 2007

“WHEN a pretension to free the world from evil ends only in a new proof of the danger of a fanatic to the commonweal, then it is not to be marveled at that a distrust is aroused in the observer which makes sympathy impossible.” Thus, with the words of Sigmund Freud, did NY Times Op-Ed Contributor George Prochnik begin his article.

“I do not know how to avoid the conclusion that a man who is capable of taking the illusions of religion so literally and is so sure of a special personal intimacy with the Almighty is unfitted for relations with ordinary children of men. As everyone knows, the hostile camp during the war also sheltered a chosen darling of Providence: the German kaiser. It was most regrettable that later on the other side a second appeared. No one gained thereby: respect for God was not increased.”

As Prochnik, Freud warned that we should “Be afraid of the leader who refuses to look in the mirror.” Which, of course, means, be afraid of any leader who will not take an honest look at his own actions.

As a Jew, Freud would have known the story of Solomon, who found the Laws of Moses in the palace library and realized he had been doing things wrong. Solomon, noted for his wisdom, immediately reviewed his own decisions, and had them reviewed by his wisest advisors.

It is from that we have the “Rule of Solomon”: Do what you believe to be right and you are not liable for any wrong made from ignorance of the true law; but once you learn the law you bare full responsibility for your actions.

OH IF ONLY we had leaders who understood the Rule of Solomon and could look themselves in the mirror. Instead what we have is people who should listen to the words of John Prine’s song, “Your Flag Decal Won't Get You Into Heaven Anymore.”

Pine remind the Right-wing that Heaven is “already overcrowded
From your dirty little war. Now Jesus don't like killin' No matter what the reason's for, And your flag decal won't get you Into Heaven any more.”

Not that it matters, as we have seen in previous blogs, the Right-wing evangelicals could not care less for what the supposed king thinks of their actions. Given the opportunity, they will do everything that they are told not to do, and will refuse to do that which they are told to do.

About the only thing to be happy about: The will never be a Right-wing evangelical, never be a Christian or Muslim fundamentalist, who can gain entry into whatever heaven might really exist.

Thus, if we wish to be free of them for all eternity, it becomes our obligation to do, and support, that which well get us where they are not.

To go where they will not be, we must oppose anything which leads to the death of innocents; we must oppose the use of military force when peaceful means are available; we must take care of the sick and the hungry; and most important, while ensuring we never engage in actions which kill another person, we must also make sure never engage in an action which renders others sick, hungry, or homeless.

Of course, if we know and judge them by their actions, and not their proven hypocritical words, we can all see that the Right-wing has no idea what I am talking about.

At this moment, Congress is reviewing the presidential veto which serves to make the current conflict perpetually open ended. Right now many are sitting quietly and allowing the murders to continue in their names. Say goodbye to them, for their eternal rest shall be oblivion.

But hey! That assumes that this is not all there is, was, and will be. So choose your sides and the way you want to live.

Decide if you well-being, and that of your descendants, is less important than borrowing more Billions to murder Iraqi women and children.

Decide if you can “win” when nobody can decide where the finish line is, or if it even exists at all.

There is no fence to sit upon. All those who do not oppose the administration actions become part of a famed Nixon “silent majority” who supposedly supported the War in Vietnam.

Those who are silent now support the wounding or killing of American military sons and daughters. They support the killing of 600,000 Iraqis and freedom for Osama Bin Laden. The silent, like those in the Administration who yell there is something to win, define winning as the economic and social destruction of America.

Which side are you on? Tell you Congress person - Deadline, or no.

Saturday, May 5, 2007

The Right-wing agenda -- America's destruction

Date Line May 5, 2007

The Right-wing and evangelicals maintain a litmus test for all their actions and policies: “Do the most harm to the most people, so as to benefit the elite fewest.”

Naturally they also have a knee-jerk scream of anguish and denial when this is revealed. However, as is now well recognized, their primary response to the damage they cause is denial, followed by insistence that everything theirs is the best of all possible actions.

Of course, we are talking about the same people who deny evolution and all the scientific premises which affirm it; and do so without understanding that they are also denying the science behind computers and IBM’s new self-assembling microchips.

Of course, one would never expect intelligence from the superstitious.

However, one might wish the populous was intelligent enough to avoid allowing these people to assume power.

Most recently the Right-wing Warrior-in-Chief, our own Prez. Georgie Bush, has threatened to again use his veto power to block abortion reforms which would allow the poor access to funds.

Aside from the fact that he never once vetoed legislation harmful to the nation, this recent action shows his efforts to affirm his compliance with the Right-wing litmus test.

As we have discussed before, one level of the anti-abortion debate (the one marked by the words “under any circumstances”) is to murder both the mother and fetus under the guise of protecting the fetus.

It really matters little that the evangelicals invoke scripture; especially when the scriptural birth-right ordinance applies only to a child who emerges, even briefly, from the womb; or when the fetal death is the result of a criminal assault on the mother.

Evangelicals are noted for their blatant disregard for that book they wave around.

If you doubt that: a) offer them some pork, b) see if they wash after sex, c) or discern if they understand the perquisite approval of polygamy incorporated in the instruction, “if a man has two wives” he is to treat them equally.

However, for now the discussion is abortion and how the prohibition is intended to invoke the primary Right-wing tenet of, ““Do the most harm to the most people.”

Roe v Wade was a landmark decision which the Right-wing has consistently opposed and sought to reverse. Why?

The answer is in the best selling “Freakonomics”, which is a study of micro-economics in terms we can all understand. It shows the cause and effect relationship between divergent forces and actions.

Now, I just yesterday received my copy, and was amazed to discover it reflects an approach to analysis which I have long used, and which is evidenced in both my newspaper column and in my various diverse blogs on politics, economics, DNA genealogy, and the effect on cultural development or change.

Page 4: “a child born into an adverse family environment is far more likely than other children to become a criminal.” Thus, if you can create adverse family environments (as Right-wing Administrations are noted to do through the policies they promote) crime rates increase.

Any increase in crime promotes repressive counter measures. Thus we have seen the Bush Administration engage in actions initiated by Osama Bin Laden, while effectively doing nothing to stop Bin Laden.

As the authors point out, Roe v Wade allowed the poor, and those most likely to bring children into adverse environments, to abort the pregnancy. The effect of those abortions was felt when those now non-existent children would have reached criminal involvement age.

The highest crime rates occur in age groups 15-25; Roe v Wade was 1970; the absence of criminals not born thus would be felt in 1995. Lo-and-behold, that is when crime rates dropped precipitously.

In the early 1960's, Scientific American published a sociological study which predicted an increased crime rate with increased city population density.

As the strongest “Roe Effect” was felt in the inner cities, and we have seen a move to the suburbs by those who could afford it, we have a secondary contributor to bolster the “Roe effect.”

Naturally, in order to invoke the most harm to the most people, it falls to Right-wing evangelicals to increase population density of inner cities. This requires that the preach abstinence over birth control, and prohibit abortions to the poor.

Right-wing anti-abortion practices constitute the most effective means of increasing criminal activity; which would be followed by increased repression of freedoms akin to those implemented through cooperation with Bin Laden, or al-Qaeda, stated objectives.