Sunday, March 25, 2018

Jonathon's PONTUS COUSINS exploring the science and history

As mentioned in Jonathon's POTUS COUSINS, a few years ago, a 13-year old California girl discovered that all the POTUS had one King in common.  As reader s of Jonathon's POTUS COUSINS know, the book focuses on the interrelated kinship of the Presidents but stops at the Colonial era around1600, and then provides the cousin relationships formed thereafter.

The critical aspect of the book is not the kinship, but the history which marks the varies periods and carries forward to World War Two, where American policies, beliefs, bigotry, came to fruition in the policies of Hitler and the Holocaust.  The book then moves forward to see the pattern of kinship holds and moves forward to include Donald Trump -- with the historic character of 'the weaker the kinship the more disruptive the administration period'.

Trump's daughter Tiffany provides the huge POTUS COUSIN connect which mandated his victory, while Trump himself has a weaker connection requiring going back to the period of his Royal ancestor.  But make sure to note:  Trump's attackers are NOT POTUS Cousins; their goal is to weaken the nation more, by installing a non-POTUS Cousin as POTUS.  It has happened, with Andrew Jackson -- but, at least his wife had been married to a solid POTUS Cousin and stepchildren were solid Potus Cousins... that is not what we are seeing among the contenders in 2018. 

Expanding on the connections, POTUS COUSINs have the character of being Nobility -- America has never actually abandoned the Nobility.  It would, for those who wave the Bible about, prove the validity of Biblical teachings and the tribal structure of the Hebrews.

The 13th Tribe, the Levite/Kohanim, rule the tribes in the same way the Royals rule America.  Weaken that control and the nation suffers and falls apart -- just as ancient Israel did during the ear of the Babylonian Captivity, which was the era when the Davidic Prophecy -- attempting to manipulate that prophecy to justify Jesus in terms of the Gentile superstitions is what was made Christianity the religion of repression it became.  The prophecy really means that kinship connections determine class and power.  The Levites -- like people everywhere in the world -- have intermarried to the point where they have a series of common ancestors which makes them all tribal context cousins.

A study of the ancestries of 13 million people resulted in defined wedges where it is recognized that, for the vast majority, people married within four miles of their birth location (with improved transportation, and larger city sizes, it is now seven miles).  This means, every four to seven generations, they marry back into their own family line -- they marry a distant cousin, usually of their own socio-educational class.

At the dawn of the Cold War Era, the newly formed CIA realized the reality that is genealogy -- they realized that people seldom move more than 25-miles from where they were born, and therefore, they could discover "secret installations" by looking at population changes and resettlement migrations.  No matter how well disguised, or camouflaged from aerial surveillance, a "secret base" will also have a demographic signature inconsistent with the historic pattern at its location.   

Genetically, it has long been known we are attracted to compatible blood types.  There are other genetic elements in play, which, when observed in the animal kingdom, help explain the evolution of species -- there is a subliminal attraction to those who share similar genetic mutations, even when those mutations are invisible on all by the microscopic level.   

In looking deeper into the POTUS COUSIN connections, the Wikipedia page for King William II of England brought something else into focus -- the degree to which we maintain the location element of kinship.  William died in a place called The New Forest, England -- whose Wiki page states  "It covers southwest Hampshire and extends into southeast Wiltshire and towards east Dorset."  These three areas -- Hampshire/Wiltshire/Dorset -- are the dominant locations of birth and origin for the Colonists who were the American colonial leaders from 1600 forward into the POTUS COUSIN, Speaker of the House, SCOTUS Chief Justice, and Entertainment Media leadership roles.

It has been said that the Colonies were the "New Israel".  In many ways, the Colonial founders were knowingly attempting to achieve that status ... or follow that model.
There were 13 "Colonies" -- actually artificially created from the far fewer actual colonial settlements.   Massachuttes can be seen as the Levite Colony, with the 12 Tribes being the other states -- New York and Pennsylvania might represent the Twin Tribes.
Massachuttes is the home of Harvard and the place of attendance for most major leaders in any aspect of the national reality.
The Tribe of Benjamin was a negative power in Biblical Israel, and they can be seen as the Right-wing Southern-based Republicans who, when they were Yellow-Dog Democrats, gave us the Civil War, rather than accept that slavery was a negative economic proposition which only served sadistic types who believed in THE MOST HARM TO THE MOST PEOPLE.

What Tribe do you belong to?
Or, in terms of the Biblical Marriage Laws, wish to elevate your descendants away from?  "Marry-Up", "Marry-Out", "Marry-Into", are all common expressions which reflect the transition from Biblical Tribal member into the ruling Levite representative class, and from there into the hereditary leadership of the nation -- some would even say the world.


Wednesday, March 14, 2018

BELIEVE ME' 56-Weeks of POTUS 45 and then Week-57

"'BELIEVE ME' 56-Weeks of POTUS 45 and then Week-57" {6 March 2018}
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Learn about the issues Trump and Congress must really address -- as opposed to the nonsense they are playing at.  Russia is a problem; one that is emerging in England too.  But the real problem is the Minimum Wage and Social Security -- these are forcing the cost of Public Assistance up for no rational reason beyond the fact the Republicans want to destroy America via their MOST HARM TO THE MOST PEOPLE agenda policies.