Wednesday, September 30, 2009

OPE LETTER to Senator Olympia Snowe

"The most harm to the most people" seems to be the Republican answer to all real world problems.

I have long be proud to have you representing Maine -- you seem to be someone who opposes anything which will impose "the most harm to the most people."

Healthcare is the issue before us ... the reality of it is that to continue what we have will continue to impose "the most harm to the most people".

America pay twice as much for care as any other industrial nation. Yet millions of people are without coverage, while the other nations cover everyone on their soil -- citizen or foreign (granted there is a use charge to non-nationals, but even that is only a fraction of the comparable cost they would pay in America)

We have Medicare, Medicaid (with it hoops and hurdles), and Veterans Hospitals -- so why not cover everyone and eliminate the costs of hoops and hurdles? Why not open veterans hospitals to everyone -- free of charge? Instead of having multiple programs and staffs, why not one program for all. Why not make people well -- instead of wasting funds making them qualify for the chance to get well (while they continue to get worse)?

Families which the insurance companies screen for a lack of probable need must pay $6000 for coverage they probably don't need -- Government coverage for them would cost nothing and add that $6,000 annually into savings and purchases. Purchases mean more profits and tax revenue. Savings mean more funds for economic expansion.

We can afford to give up the pennies in tax revenue from insurance executives making tens of millions. We need rational medical coverage. If we only equal the per person cost of England and France, we would cover everyone and have a surplus against our current costs.

Another Most Harm - Michigan

Here's the opening from the news story (30 September 2009):

"IRVING TOWNSHIP, Mich. – Each day before the school bus comes to pick up the neighborhood's children, Lisa Snyder did a favor for three of her fellow moms, welcoming their children into her home for about an hour before they left for school.

"Regulators who oversee child care, however, don't see it as charity. Days after the start of the new school year, Snyder received a letter from the Michigan Department of Human Services warning her that if she continued, she'd be violating a law aimed at the operators of unlicensed day care centers."

NOW! Here's what the law implies ... If you host regular play dates at your home, you are a criminal guilty of running an unlicensed day care center. No money exchanged -- still a crime. Now! Imagine the other parents provided snacks -- exchange of "compensation" ... serious crimes here ....

Want to be how the Michigan Senators voted on Health Care ... or where they stand on saving the life of a woman by aborting a tubal pregnancy?

THE MOST HARM TO THE MOST PEOPLE is hidden behind the misapplication of laws ... or their literal application in an otherwise irrelevant context.

TIME did a cover story this week (September 2009) about the destruction and ruin of Detroit Michigan -- In the 1960's it was the motor capital of the world, now it is a slum city whose population shrunk by fifty-percent during a period when the American population nearly doubled. All because Republican and big-business Americans argue for short term profits. They have no interest in the long term benefits to the nation -- or even in sustained benefits. The symbol of American intellect is Ronald Reagan removing the Carter solar collectors from the Whitehouse.

Saving energy saves money -- solar utilizes a free energy source ... the sun. Wind saves energy -- it utilizes a free energy source ... the wind. Tidal saves energy -- it utilizes a free energy source ... the daily ebb and flow of tides.

There was a time when saving money was VERY American. That was when this nation was formed and a clown named Ben Franklin was writing "Poor Richard's Almanac" ... think about the practical application of the phrase ... "A Penny Saved is a Penny Earned."

Republicans are anti-American ... but very pro "The most harm to the most people"

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Senate no on Healthcare

Senate Finance Committee votes against new government-run health insurance plan.

The Finance Committee voted twice Tuesday against the creation of a new government-run health insurance plan. The panel rejected a proposal from Sen. John D. Rockefeller IV (D-W.Va.) on a 15 to 8 vote, then voted down one sponsored by Sen. Charles E. Schumer (D-N.Y.) on a 13 to 10 vote.

Is this good or bad?

Consider these fact from Michael Moore:
1. Six of the biggest California insurers rejected, on annual average, more than one-fifth of all claims every year since 2002. Basically they are routinely denying the services they being paid to provide. That's FRAUD ... but it's California ... so nobody cares ... How about the rest of nation? Is the fraud rate greater or the same (we know it isn't lower).

2. Insurance companies continue to use marketing techniques to cherry-pick healthier, less costly enrollees. Basically selling a product they know the buyer will probably never need to use, thus is worthless to buyer ... Another form of FRAUD. But who cares.

3. Insurance company monopolies, like Anthem in Maine, are legal -- Free marketeers should be screaming about that ... but them thar Republicans a liars about their true beliefs ... and numerous Democrats are joining them.

4. There are no standards of care ... so die if you must ... so long as they make a profit.

As Moore says "We may be slow learners, but the rest of the industrial world has figured it out: Universal, single-payer or national health care systems. That's the reason why all those other countries cover everyone, have better patient outcomes, cause no one to declare bankruptcy or lose their homes because of medical bills, and spend less than half per capita on health care than we do."

"We could do it too, by reducing the starting age for Medicare from 65 to 0. There's still time to act." Which is to say, a third of the nation is already covered ... add those on Medicaid (eliminating that program and all the associated qualification paperwork ... and the real cost comes down to adding those who the insurance firms already know don't need to use the coverage ...

NOMINAL COST and real savings to those families paying $500 a month, or $6000 a year for nothing but the right to be denied coverage if they ever really need it before they qualify for Medicare ...

Abortion -- Most Harm group Grows

Abortion Fight Complicates Debate on Health Care, a September 29, 2009 Tomes article by DAVID D. KIRKPATRICK shows "The Most Harm to the Most People" advocates are growing in number. That bodes ill for America's future as a world power.

The issue here is abortion, but it affects everything associated with growing a population which is strong and health. Consider this quoted summary:
"Abortion opponents in both the House and the Senate are seeking to block the millions of middle- and lower-income people who might receive federal insurance subsidies to help them buy health coverage from using the money on plans that cover abortion."

And now consider the projected outcome:
"Abortion-rights supporters say such a restriction would all but eliminate from the marketplace private plans that cover the procedure, pushing women who have such coverage to give it up. Nearly half of those with employer-sponsored health plans now have policies that cover abortion, according to a study by the Kaiser Family Foundation."

Half of the free market choice the Republicans say they want ... would vanish. And for what? So a woman can die from a tubal pregnancy? Or so that fetus and mother can die because the baby is not viable, but if carried to term would kill the mother?

How about this? A woman wants an abortion because she knows the family cannot afford the baby (rubber broke, diaphragm shifted, that pill evidenced its 1% failure rate) and they were responsibly using birth control. SO! Because of an accident, or product defect, the family is to be saddled with an estimated quarter million dollar expense.

Who pays for the kid? By definition, they are too poor. OH Right, we give tax breaks to the rich, so the burden shifts to the middle class and poor. An estimated 1 million abortions a year (which, is actually reflecting a steady decline relative to population growth, and since ROE both an actual real number and percentage decrease in abortions).

Given social service costs and other costs ... the deficit will grow by a quarter TRILLION DOLLARS ... just to cover those kids ... THINK ABOUT IT! Extra Schools, welfare, special assistance for kids with medical and mental birth defects (the very ones that would be aborted) and YOU and your kids get to pay for them -- for the rest of their lives.

That's how the most harm doctrine works. Take an issue that seems harmless -- and appear to be interjecting morality -- and the net affect is to harm countless numbers over decades ... with no real benefit.

OK. Some are going to yell the morality bit. Question!
1. Is morality a decision for the individual, upon which their personal salvation depends? Or,
2. Is morality something which society determines for the individual and for which they have no personal responsibility?

The moral argument -- society imposed prevention of "sin" -- argues that there is no personal responsibility. The argument becomes, Society did not prevent it; therefore it was not deemed a moral question or responsibility; and therefore those who failed to make the law are moral culpable -- not I.

Think in terms of stealing ... is the individual responsible before or after the act? Think in terms of murder (when birth rights have been achieved by birth process -- as biblically dictated). Do we stop the individual (outlaw guns, imprison anyone with a gun, knife or other weapon which could kill) before the fact -- or wait for the action?

If abortion is murder, as abortion opponents claim, then those involved should be tried and sentenced as premeditated murders. Since they do not enact laws to that effect, they are admitting they are liars about the reality of the action. Again, biblically, the birth right begins at emergence of a limb from the womb -- abortion was well known in biblical times, but there are absolutely no laws related to it. Though there is a law dealing with violence against a pregnant woman that results in miscarriage (effectively an induced abortion).

The Most Harm To the Most People. proponents are growing

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Enjoy the Hypocrites

"The Senate Finance Committee rejected a Republican effort on Wednesday to delay a final vote on a broad healthcare overhaul as it slowly battled through a crush of amendments on its cost, size and timing.

"Republicans demanded more information on the bill's budgetary impact and called for the Democratic-controlled panel to slow its deliberations on Chairman Max Baucus's healthcare reform plan, which he hopes to bring to a final vote this week."


Think about this: Regean and Bush basically double the national debt with the "expert" economic assistance of the same Republicans whom are opposing healthcare on budgetary grounds.

In simple terms -- if it is good for the average American it is bad for the budget. If it helps to harm the average American, it is exactly what Republicans must support.

I love these guys ... more power to them and their doctrine of "The Most Harm to the Most People".

Monday, September 14, 2009

Medical reform snowe job

Latest News: Maine's Senior Senator pushes to keep Medical Costs high and deprive people of coverage. Basically, Snowe wants a medical reform Snowe job.

The private sector devotes 45% of its Medical Insurance income to the denial of coverage.
Necessary treatments and tests are routinely denied.
The goal of the denial is to ensure that the medical condition will worsen. Seems a bit counterintuitive to create a situation where the condition will worsen and costs of treatment will increase -- but when examined it makes perfect economic sense.
1. If a medical condition worsens, individuals covered under employer policies will reach a point where they cannot work. They will be terminated, or forced by their condition to quit. Once employment ends, the coverage ends -- insurance company is off the hook, the employee will be replaced and the related employee premiums associated with the job will continue. The Insurance Company gets the income with no payout requirement.
2. The undiagnosed condition (undiagnosed because the confirmation testing was denied) remains untreated. The condition worsens, and the individual dies. Once again, no need for a payout .
3. The condition worsens, the necessary treatment is provided at a cost (when all variables are considered) comparable to that associated with the preventative treatment. The Insuance company has lost nothing, has gained the interest on the unexpended money during the delay period, and has also gained, accrued premiums.
4. In every case, evidence of higher likely claims, or higher costs associated with the catastrophic care necessitated by the initial denial of services, justifies a risk increment being added to the policy. This increases the cash flow from premiums. In the case of employer coverage, the net effect is to increase ALL employee costs based on the single employee.

On balance, the private sector profits by NOT providing contracted health coverage.

Olympia Snowe therefore is taking the position -- shared by her fellow GOP members -- that Americans should be denied preventative or timely health care. As we currently pay twice that of any other industrial nation -- for a worse health care system -- Olympia has come out in favor of defrauding the people. In addition, her policy is to destroy the United States -- a logical result of a population which must needlessly devote funds to medical care which could otherwise be circulating t5hrough the non-insurance sector.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Abortion & Most Harm Doctrine

"Personhood USA is similar to anti-abortion campaigns before it, but it's taking a bolder approach. It wants to end all abortions, even in cases of rape or incest, by adding fertilized embryos to constitutional and legal definitions of humans." (Associated Press) Now, think on this: if a fetus is a person, and a citizen (Constitutionally) is one born or naturalized ... would a fetus be a resident alien? If so ...

Would they be disqualified for Medicaid & welfare? How better to punish people with limited resources that to saddle them with medical costs while in Congress people with related ideas are blocking Health Care? Promoters of "The Most Harm to the Most People" -- you know who they are.

If the fetus is a person, killing it is murder. If the mother will die if the fetus is carried to term -- knowingly withholding medical treatment is murder. If medical treatment is withheld, both mother and fetus will die -- thus a double murder.

A fetus as person means multiple homicides by medical professionals ... who will have to be charged and convicted based on hospital records & office records. How much harm is inflicted on the sick? How much on harm on society as a whole? How many doctors will avoid obstetrics -- or be forced to by the high cost of malpractice insurance necessary to defend against murder charges?

"The Most Harm to the Most People" ... and we haven't even touched on the range of possibilities associated with a fetus which will die within the first year -- due to birth defects. How much will spent on a person who is effectively dead from conception? How many hours of work will the parents miss to care for the dead child? What will be the emotional toll?

"The Most Harm to the Most People" ...
How many other issues that haven't been touched upon?

Republicans are a dead end party

"The outburst by Rep. Joe Wilson of South Carolina -- who shouted "You lie!" when Obama said his plan would not cover illegal immigrants -- was only the most egregious display of contempt." (Eugene Robinson Friday, September 11, 2009)

Well, it is always interesting to quote the opinion of a columnist. Point of fact: The reason the GOP opposes healthcare is the usual one -- The Most Harm to the Most People. The problem here is that they are also afraid that a successful Obama policy would ring in the end of their party ... or, at least, the party of Ronald Reagan and George Bush.

The Republicans are unique in history -- they are the only group which has successfully verged on destroying the nation. Reagan & Bush 43 ran up mindless deficits which brought no benefit to the american people. Now we see them opposing a $900 Billion program which promises to save the average family over $6,000 per year.

$90 billion vs $6,000 ... think about that. 15 million families will save money.

If Put it another way -- all the paperwork for medicare and medicaid will go away under a single payer system. Agents being paid to deny you the health care you, or your employer, pay for you to have ... will go away. Their jobs will suddenly be to see that you get full and immediate cover -- as opposed to seeing that you get sicker ,and possibly die, so their company does not need to shell out the funds associated with paying on the coverage you paid to receive.

Private insurance makes money by having you die before you get treatment. National coverage profits makes money by ensuring you stay healthy and working -- so you pay taxes. DUH. Preventative medicine ... every industrialized (or first world) nation but our has it, and each of those nations is economically better off. Those which one might argue are not better off are experiencing unrelated problems unique to their history ... yet, regardless of the argument made, factually they remain equal, or better off, on a family lifestyle level.

Think about this: We pay twice as much for worse care. If we simply paid the same as every other nation, twice the number of Americans would receive full medical coverage as they need it -- without diverting funds from the general economy to pay for staying health. WIN-WIN more tax revenue, healthier people, a stronger nation.

Republican approach? Sicker people, weaker economy, higher deficits. Their response to the higher deficits -- lower the tax revenues and borrow to waste money in foreign locations and Vietnam like involvements.

Be a "Good" American, join the Republican Party and destroy America.