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Martha Stewart on

This morning I watched a news video of an interview with Martha Stewart – seems she’s 71, single and looking…

Would be nice to have her as a girlfriend, love interest … she is rather good looking for her age.  For that matter, she would be good looking for a woman thirty years younger.

Damned … I mean, there are really a lot of old crones out there.  I’m 68 and have buried two of my four significant others… pickin’s is damned slim … especially if I hope to finally find someone who will out live me.

Of course there is a problem – she’s rich and famous. 

I’m not.

Back in 1978, I ran away from all that.  I turned my back on million dollar brownstone townhouse living … after showing I could, ran away from running a billion dollar real estate empire.   Of course, by then, I had already made every Who’s Who’s in the English speaking world.  An even dozen in the USA alone.

No bad for a guy who can’t read… a classic dyslexic… OK… so I can read… but slower than honey in a freezer.

Of course she wanted brains and height … I can provide that.  But what kind of demands would befall the guy who pairs with her?

More important – while she’s clearly a great corporate leader with an empire of books and TV shows built around the “Martha Stewart Living” franchise, what kind of lover would she be?  Is she good in bed?  Does she know how to love?

Anyway, I’m too set in my ways to leave my wee castle by the coast of Maine.  Over the past 35 years, I have yet to venture away to wherever the lady might be… I found ‘the one’ would always travel here both to meet, then, eventually stay.  Of course, I never initiate contact either… so there is absolutely NO chance of Martha ever gaining the benefit of knowing me.


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Monday, April 22, 2013

Jobless Children Starve Elderly on Social Security

April 21, 2013

The Jobless Trap By 


We are indeed creating a permanent class of jobless Americans.

And let’s be clear: this is a policy decision. The main reason our economic recovery has been so weak is that, spooked by fear-mongering over debt, we’ve been doing exactly what basic macroeconomics says you shouldn’t do — cutting government spending in the face of a depressed economy.

It’s hard to overstate how self-destructive this policy is. Indeed, the shadow of long-term unemployment means that austerity policies are counterproductive even in purely fiscal terms. Workers, after all, are taxpayers too; if our debt obsession exiles millions of Americans from productive employment, it will cut into future revenues and raise future deficits.


OK, and part of the problem is removing money from those on Social Security.  They spend their money – no saving for old age, they’re already there and, ideally, are ready to do the things they planned on doing when they got there.

But the GOP was happy to  borrow Social Security funds to pay for the murder of foreign nationals … now they want to cut  Social Security funds … do they plan to murder our elderly?   Or, try to starve them, or, with a Bush like privatization plan, bankrupt them and the Whole Nation?

The Most Harm To The Most People.

Klugman sees one aspect of it.

Why are you so blind?

Consider this: Jobless Children Starve Elderly on Social Security … because Social Security is a pay-as-you-go system, and a lack of workers will starve the system.

Charting The Patriarchs


“Charting The Patriarchs”

“Charting The Patriarchs” goes Live on KINDLE tomorrow, Monday 22 April 2013.
Though considerable smaller in size, it contains data not available in "Genesis of Genesis"; it also expands on the data that is available.
For the religious Christian, as with "Saint Paul's Joke", it deals with data lost to those who would hope to follow Jesus and have him as their advocate -- those without it are doomed to be among those who "will come in his name, but he will not know."
As we know from the Vatican requesting "Saint Paul's Joke", and the Pope then resigning, some people are worried ... LOL

Comments about Charting, or St. Paul’s Joke or Genesis of Genesis can be made on their respective Facebook pages.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Denial of Constitutional Protection

New York Times reports that:

The Obama administration’s announcement that it planned to question the Boston Marathon bombing suspect for a period without first reading him the Miranda warning of his right to remain silent and have a lawyer.

OK… Good American values at work.  One brother dead, the other to be denied his constitutional rights.  Should we make an exception because it was Boston Marathon that was attacked?

Was this considered for any other terrorist act?

OH RIGHT – we normally take suspected, or accused,  terrorists and lock them away without any trial at all.  So why would we be concerned with honoring the Constitution in this case?

Never mind that Dzhokhar A. Tsarnaev, 19, is a naturalized American citizen and therefore explicitly protected by the Constitution.  This will allow the government to deny each and every citizen Constitutional protection.

he TIMES article concludes with the words:

“This is the paradox of progressive national security law, which is how do you at once advocate for the ability of the civilian courts without accepting that some of that includes compromises that are problematic from a civil liberties perspective?” he said. “The paradox is just as true for the right, because they are ardent supporters of things like the public-safety exception, but its existence actually undermines the case for military commissions.”


Friday, April 19, 2013

Boston Marathon Murders – Conspiracy 101

Got a kick out of this article – especially since the perpetrators seem to be identified – two Chechen Brothers raised and educated in the good Irish Catholic City of Boston.  For all the hype – it seems this is another instance of the Inquisition redux.

It appears it was just a good Christian conspiracy to commit murder on a random scale… it was pure Inquisition, or Salem Witch-hunt, without the formalities of any appearance of doing the “Lords” work – you know, the same things they do when they oppose abortion for any reason whatsoever – thus ensuring that both mother and child will die, or children will be born who cannot be fed – or born with incurable medical problems that denial of healthcare will ensure they suffer greatly …

Of course, they (the conspiracy theorists, or blood liable types) will make sure to blame the “other”.  They will ignore that fact that the boys were raised in America, and so were given what every American child gets – they will ignore it, and focus on tacking on the “IMMIGRANT” label in every story… play up the other at a time when America is reviewing its immigrant policies and shipping work to other nations, because we refuse to allow their workers to come here (and build our economy with their skills).

Media – focus on the issue … another Christian mass murderer … not a Jew, Moslem, al Qaeda terrorist… or any foreign national who arrived her intent on killing… these are, by all accounts, otherwise good boys which America trained and educated… to kill strangers… no different than we have done in Vietnam, Afghanistan and Iraq.  In fact, the only difference is that the guys in Washington, and the corporations for mass murder, didn’t make a profit off of this.   

National Tragedy Perverted to Promote Jewish Conspiracy Theories by Arutz Sheva staff Tragedy Promotes Jewish Conspiracy Theories
The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) today expressed concern over the alarming number of conspiracy theories circulating online in the aftermath of the terrorist bombings at the Boston Marathon, including spurious claims that Jews, Muslims or the government were secretly behind the attack.
Anti-Semites, racists, bigots and extremists have exploited the attack, accusing Jews, Muslims and others of being responsible, even as law enforcement officials and the Federal Bureau of Investigation have warned against jumping to conclusions about who was behind the bombings, which killed three and injured at least 170 people as the April 15 marathon was entering its fourth hour.
“It is disturbing that once again extremists are taking advantage of a national tragedy to promote conspiracy theories rather than letting the hard and detailed work of the investigators take its course,” said Abraham H. Foxman, ADL National Director.  “America should come together in the aftermath of terrorism.  We should not allow the extremists and bigots to divide us.”
Just minutes after the attack, anti-Semitic conspiracy theorists took to the Internet and blamed Jews and Israel for the bombing, according to information compiled by ADL’s Center on Extremism.
For example, an anti-Semitic Web site called “NoDisInfo” published an article claiming: “Zionist Jews Strike Again, Murdering Three in Boston.”  The article alleged that Jews “control the security” and therefore will not be caught, but that if they were, “the diabolical schemes of world Jewry would be known to virtually the entire universe.” A day later, the site published a follow-up article claiming that pressure cookers, which were used to construct the bomb, are a “Zionist specialty.”
Anti-government extremist organizations and other hate groups also reacted to the attack with conspiracy theories stating the attacks were “false flag” operations orchestrated by the U.S. government to curtail civil liberties and impose a military state on American citizens, according to the ADL.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Francis I … will not outlast Benedict XVI

On Sunday 14 April 2013, Pope Francis said clergy and Christians must not betray the word of God with their actions or they undermine the credibility of the Catholic Church -- "Inconsistency on the part of pastors and the faithful between what they say and what they do, between word and manner of life, is undermining the Church's credibility.  Those who listen to us and observe us must be able to see in our actions what they hear from our lips, and so give glory to God!"

Effectively, in accordance with the words found in the New Testament, “You will know them by their deeds (actions).”   Those whose words do not match their actions are not to be trusted.

We all know of the Inquisition – and that the Pope has never excommunicated those who were guilty of those murders, that Holocaust.

Do priests get excommunicated, or do they receive pensions, when they engage in child molestation – or violate their solemn vows?

The Vatican has now ordered the LCWR, which represents 80% of US Catholic nuns, to revise its statutes and review its plans and programs.  Note that the LCWR's positions are those which favor female Priests, see homosexuality as a natural,  and birth control is a life-saving practice with true global ramifications … all of which have led to Vatican criticism.

The Vatican wants, and needs, the rampant population growth and dependence on faith as the only means of survival.   It needs us to have a population which outruns resources – but so does Islam and Orthodox Judaism.   To destroy society and increase reliance on superstition is a Religious Necessity.

Note that this has nothing to do with the existence of a Creator – an initial source for the Universe … a way of getting something from nothing … once you follow the creation process backward, there is a point where absolute nothing becomes the starting point.  It is at that point that we have the “Self-Begotten Beginning” which is how educated ancient populations referred to the primary creator that is not called the Creator, or the Father.

Look for more games from Francis I … on one hand he will seek to move toward the teachings, but on the other, he will ignore it.  He will even condone the violation of the teachings on a major scale.  It’s “Saint Paul’s Joke” … marriage for sex, without regard for gender of the parties.  In the Old Testament, the document that Jesus, Peter, and Paul all said must be followed, the only improper sex is bisexual men.  They can be straight or gay, but not bi-sexual.  Whereas females can be both – it is the only way they can have their same-sex relationship and produce children.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Social Security at 62 or 70/72?

Let's see: Life expectancy 76, at 62 (for ease of math) you get 1000/month; at 66 $1080, at 72 $1320. Therefore the choices are $168,000; $129,600; $63,360. Therefore, the difference between retirement at 62 and 72 is a gift to the government of $104,640... which, if they follow the Bush (Jr & Sr) model they will squander on WMD to kill third world women and children.
Look at the math ... strangely, heart attack or disability, may force retirement, but it would, in the long run, make you more money.
It certainly would have gotten you medical benefits -- and depending on your age at the time, you could have gone on disability... making a touch more .. plus medical coverage. Now you can turn your attention to the thing you wanted to do, but couldn't because you were a 9-5 slave.
Even if you retire at 70, they have stolen 62% of the retirement benefits you would have received had you retired at 62 and if you live to national average of 76. There are a host of secondary benefits which are not part of AARP calculators (any more than the lost income is included). The late retirement is as much, actually more, of a fraud as GW Bush's privatization idea was... it is a way for the Government to deny you the benefits you paid for -- which the GOP is now trying to find a way to steal from you.... all because they wanted to run up deficits (remember Reagan doubled the National Debt, Bush #1 was working toward doing it again, and Bush #2 actually did it -- yielding a national debt more than four times what it should have been had the GOP lived within its budgetary meant and just paid the interest/debt service like any responsible person is expected to do.)

The percentages used in the first paragraph are based on AARP calculations.  AARP provides a free Benefits Calculator, but it doesn’t take into account the reality of lost secondary benefits, or accumulated benefits.  In some states, the “income” determines a state subsidy for rent or property taxes – right there you can get the $80 difference between retirement at 62 and 66,  if you keep in mind your actual taxes might mean you get more than that difference.

Next, Medical care.  Remember, our GOP opposes life – they oppose government provided medical care of the type found in nations whose population outlives ours.

The reality is, for all their “pro-life” nonsense, the GOP is out to kill as many people as possible.   Even the core issue of the “pro-life agenda” is based on increasing the numbers killed – remember, if not for the Supreme Court, anti-abortion laws would include abortion that are done to save the live of the mother (usually because both mother and fetus [or child] will die before the fetus is viable, ie, tubular pregnancy).  Thus their real agenda is to terminate an adult and a fetus – not to ensure the life of the fetus.  Though they would allow the fetus to live, if it ensured the death of the mother – that is the pragmatic reality of the laws they promote.

Continuing with the “pro-life” example: Who is going to pay the medical bills for the fetus they did not want terminated?  Who will pay the medical costs for that child, and how will they get educated … remember, the GOP opposes paying for education and medical care.  If you put in a Bill to provide additional money for education or health assistance, the GOP will be the first, and loudest opponent. 

When have they ever, in recent history, advocated improving education in poor or rural communities?

When have they ever, in recent history, advocated improving medical care in poor or rural communities?

Identify any piece of GOP sponsored legislation WHICH WOULD HAVE DIVERTED MONEY FROM MILITARY KILLING MACHINES TO THE SUPPORT OF LIFE FOR THE LIVING.   Can’t be done – the GOP wants to kill people.  That is why push wanted to privatize Social Security – he knew the majority of Americans  would soon qualify, and if he could both privatize it and (while out-sourcing jobs, and so protecting the wealthy income streams) then causing the government to tank the markets, he could hurt the majority of Americans in one shot… with the next, or some subsequent, administration taking the blame.   To ensure the blame is passed to non-GOP administrations, the GOP is obstructionist with regard to anything that will benefit the people of this nation.

Look at Washington… show me where I’m wrong.  Show me a GOP Congressman who is actively working to help the average person, to put money in the hands of those who will spend it (the ultimate stimulus package) … those who are retired and and will be buying things to help their children, or put smiles on the faces of their grandchildren.  NO!  They are actively trying top take the disposable income out of the hands of that group --- to reduce them to marginal subsistence levels.

Marginal subsistence levels for any who are on, or are approaching, Social Security collection dates, is the perfect anti-stimulus program.  It achieves two goals, first it eliminates disposable income for those most likely to spend it, and second, it pushes more people to the levels at which they will qualify (and really need) welfare benefits.  Their goal is to suppress the economy while increasing costs to government.   That will ensure the collapse of the nation.



Hey, Destroy America, Vote Republican

It’s less messy than bombs… and more permanent.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

THE FORWARD muffles valid opinion

'Why Jews Are Evil Jews' Assignment Earns Punishment for 10th Grade Teacher Told Albany Students To Pretend They Were Nazis in 1930s

By Reuters Published April 12, 2013.

Read more:

Interesting context this:  The Jewish Newspaper, THE FORWARD, deleted the following comment:

“As a lesson, the next phase would be the significant one.
This teaches history ... and the statement, “Please remember your life (here in Nazi Germany in the 30s) depends on it!” provides context.
Having lost the European branch of the family (hundreds of cousins aunts and uncles) in the Holocaust, the topic could be disturbing.  But as a former teacher, one who liked to encourage critical thinking, I can see what the objective was.  Moreover, I really can't think of a better way to teach the context of World War Two than to have students justify an act because it meant their own lives were on the line... not because they believed what they were arguing.”

What is the Forward afraid of?  Are they fearful of people actually thinking about the fear that befell millions under the Nazis?  Are they afraid of people actually thinking about it and about having their lives depend on their ability to argue a position they believed wrong?  Does the Forward not believe there could possibly have been Jews in that tenth grade class?

Of is it that modern Jews have suddenly resigned their intellectual position in the world … have shed their brains in favor of being “politically Correct” to a standard that justifies illegal foreign “wars” … like Afghanistan?  Why illegal?  Because Congress has the Constitutional mandate to DECLARE – formally – al real Wars … and, as with Vietnam, the American Congress declined to take the legal route … instead, it just decided to, once again, commit illegal murders of foreign national…  But what do you expect of a Congress who declines to even provide medical treatment for it’s own people? 

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

History Repeats–Phase Two

“Colonel Dai Xu of the People’s Liberation Army wrote online that the new strain of bird flu hitting China, known as H7N9, is an American “bio-psychological weapon” meant to destabilize China. The rant, posted to Dai’s account on the Twitter-like service Weibo, had already been shared by more than 30,000 fellow users by the time that the South China Morning Post reported it on Monday. Dai now has a quarter million followers on Weibo, which is quite a platform.”  … as reported in the Washington Post “Chinese army colonel says avian flu is an American plot against China Posted by Max Fisher on April 9, 2013 at 3:23 pm”

China, Korea (call it Asia), anti-Semitism in Europe … one hundred years ago the events were the same.  That means open hostilities within two years, and a major war in five.  There are other elements at play, but split the difference for the two World Wars, and we have 2030 to 2034 as an effective replay of the last century.

Sit back and watch.  Zero Population Growth will have its affect on those nations with an aging populous – one which will soon see the death of the Baby-Boomers.

Monday, April 8, 2013

JUCHE: tenth most widely followed religion in the world.

From a sociological viewpoint, its 19m followers make JUCHE, the national ideology of North Korea, clearly a religion.  It has a comprehensive belief system, has holy places, and distinctive customs... moreover, it displaces other religions.  It does not take a sociological genius to see that the cult of the North Korean state's founder, Kim Il Sung, and of his son and successor Kim Jong Il, who ruled from 1994 to 2011, shares many features with established creeds. (claims Thomas J Belke, an American Protestant theologian)

The founder is a kind of god, and his successor as the "son of a god"—a formula that is every bit a valid as Christian theology … with the exception that we can prove these individuals lived.  More important, unlike Christianity, the North Koreans seem to actually follow the laws their deity sets down.  As we know, Christians are ordered, by Jesus, Peter, James and Paul,  to follow the Torah Laws – they are to avoid pork, shell fish, blood and fat.  When have you ever met a Christian who avoided these for religious (as opposed to medical) reasons?

Looking at Christian history, we see they would convert, or kill,   Jesus, Peter, James and Paul, for NOT abandoning their  Torah.  It is the key to the Inquisition and the now abandoned prayer for the conversion of the Jews.

The core principle of JUCHE is self-reliance: the idea that North Korea is under perpetual threat and must therefore pursue economic and military self-sufficiency so as to survive – and the greater the threat to the nation, the greater its need for a supernatural protector.

Mr Belke, the Protestant theologian, is more struck by the utter contrast between juche and Christianity, which spread throughout Korea in the early 20th century, thrives in the South and still survives in underground pockets in the North. In his view, the very existence of Christianity is a threat to the Kims because "nothing undermines totalitarianism more than the idea that the ruler, like everybody else, is accountable to God."

Read the ECONOMIST article,  then do your own research – or, as the Vatican did, read “SAINT PAUL’S JOKE” and discover why Benedict XVI had to resign, and why Pope Francis I is being so friendly to the Jews..

History Repeats... as it was a century ago.

There was a 30 percent jump in anti-Semitic violence and vandalism last year, topped by a deadly school shooting in France, and expressed alarm about the rise of far-right parties in Hungary, Greece and other countries.

After a two-year decline, the annual report on worldwide anti-Semitic incidents recorded 686 attacks in 34 countries, ranging from physical violence to vandalism of synagogues and cemeteries, compared to 526 in 2011.

A century ago, similar activity was occurring in Europe. As we know, it meant a wave of immigration to America and a wall of anti-immigration akin to the one we are now see being raised in Congress. As the anti-immigration forces played here, the forces of war went to work in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East .... again, we are seeing that.

As history repeats itself, 2014-2015 will be critical. By 2018, death should have a hold on many regions...

Not that our leaders... especially the right-wing Republicans ...really care. This is, after all, what they have been promoting ever since the Gulf War... with luck, the TOP will have its way... we deserve it for putting them in a position to inflict... as they like to do...


Friday, April 5, 2013


“I think it’s official. We have a dying country.” … why? … because people are going on disability … and unemployment was up due to the incompetence of the very politicians he supported.  

But the real thing is, he’s right: WE ARE A DYING COUNTRY!  Japan is a dying country … most nations are dying … it comes with zero population growth following a Baby-Boom.

Us seniors are are going to die soon… we started … read the newspapers… all those people that we watched on television are dying … all the greats … are dying … and nobody is there to replace them.

There will be people … new public figures … new stars … but they have yet to emerge.  A full generation will become adults without a like to their youth … all they will have is the internet…. and even that link will die … the pages they had as a child will pass … MySpace yields to FaceBook yields to ????

MySpace  was grade school and high school for those born between 1987 and 1997 … those born in 1997 emerged on FaceBook … what will those born after 2007 know and be a part of ????

The population will – around 2030 – suddenly drop … the last Baby-Boomer will be dying.  It is a reality, they entered before 1966, and will start exiting in 2031 (when they are 65).  Our life expectancies have leveled off at 76, so, by 2042, half of them will be gone.  Their older siblings will have already died.

There is nobody to replace them – we are … thanks to Rush Limbaugh Republicans … will not have any immigrants, or their children, so the population will shrink.

More important – as a military power, the nation will become weak … 65 year olds make horrible storm troops.  Any aggressor who has the slightest bit of patience and a growing, or youthful population, will walk right over America.

Rush Limbaugh Republicans will work hard to ensure we are a dead nation.

But who cares – my generation isn’t going to have to suffer through it … we’ll be dead.  It’s our grandchildren and great-grandchildren who will suffer.  But that’s the reality … Rush and his GOP will also be dead.


it is their justification for existence.