Thursday, June 27, 2013

Rabbi Yoel Schoenfeld – gains idiot status

Rabbi Yoel Schoenfeld, Rabbi of the Young Israel of Kew Garden Hills in Queens, New York, told Arutz Sheva that the decision Wednesday by the U.S. Supreme Court striking down key parts of the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), paving the way for greater acceptance of gay marriage, was a major step backwards for humanity that goes all the back to the Biblical Bila'am.”

Describing an action which honors biblical/Talmudic law as a major step backward … that is not something one would expect of a Rabbi … even an apparently, dimwitted one.

There is absolutely nothing in Mosaic Law which, in any way, attacks same-sex marriage.  There is one passage that rejects MALE bi-sexuality … a man cannot lie with a man as he would with a woman.  Buit there is nothing against a man laying with a man, if he abstains from such behavior with women.   Nor is there anything at all which prohibits a woman from being with a woman … or being with both men and women.

There later assertions which may, in some perverted interpretation reflect on gay behavior … but nobody follows the teachings of those idiots… and if someone wanted to accept their teachings, it follows that they must accept ALL their teachings … most of which are rejected out of hand by Jewish Scholars.

The Rabbi stated: “This is a generation as foolish and as silly as Bila'am was,” Rabbi Schoenfeld told Arutz Sheva. “When a donkey speaks to you, you don't get into a conversation with it.  You are supposed to take note that something extraordinary is happening.”

The question is… is anyone but the Rabbi the donkey?  If a donkey speaks, clearly “something extraordinary is happening.”

Could it be that the one who make Bushes speak, and all of Israel listen, might wish to converse via a donkey?   After all, when the bush which could not be consumed by fire started to speak to Moses, didn’t Moses speak to it?

Apparently the rabbi missed that portion of the Talmudic story of our Israelite origins.

Like the average Creationist Christian, the Rabbi talks of “thousands of years that man has lived with a traditional marriage” … but two thousand years ago the Emperor of Rome had a public ceremony in which he married a man.  Where are all the documents which report Hebrew Rabbinic outrage – is it denounced by Josephus, or any other historical scholar of the era?

NO!  Of course not.  Marriage was between two people and their families – it was not sanctioned by a filling of permission from the State … no town clerk needed to give permission for two people to be married … they needed only let it be known that they were committed to each other… state the were married … THAT is a TRADITIONAL MARRIAGE … the state has no place in it… if you wish to be traditional… for that matter, even Rabbis have no place in it.  But reality has no place in the fantasy world of right-wing idiots … and that world seems to be bleeding its way into the Jewish community.

DOMA IS THE STATE defining what applies for taxes to, and benefits received from, the State.  The Court is defining, in terms of what the State defined as the defining framework for all State definitions, what is legitimate and beneficial to “domestic tranquility”.

Of course, the Rabbi believes that the way HaShem makes people defines if they are superior, or inferior … but that is what Hitler believed when he defined Jews as inferior …

In the case of a  clearly troubled  Yoel Schoenfeld …



Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Defense of Marriage Act = illegal

OK, finally … after the dishonesty of 1996, and Clinton’s failure of spine as reflected in his signing of DOMA, rather than issuing a VETO!

If these DOMA characters really wanted to “defend marriage”, they would have declared marriage a religious function and  declared the terms “marriage, married” and any related terms, as they appear in Federal Law,to now refer to Civil Unions Licensed by the States.

A marriage would hence forth be a ceremony officiated over by a religious figure and subject to the laws of the religious institution officiating (Hence, Catholics could not get divorced, Jews would require Rabbinical ‘Get’, etc).

They would also make it clear that Religious marriages are fully subject to religious tribunals, and are outside the jurisdiction of the Civil Courts.  Qualification for any State decreed, or provided, benefits would be available to those joined through Civil Unions, or any Religious marriages, providing they are licensed.  Thus, one can ‘marry’ without filing for a license – but they would have no Federal legal standing.

Failure to adhere to a Religious judgment would be deemed a ‘breech of contract’ and prosecuted in Civil Court by either the religious institution, or respective parties.  Civil Divorce Laws do NOT apply in religious marriages … and cannot be applied in any civil action.

The DOMA people will therefore get what they claim they seek, a declaration that marriage is a Divine Act.

Of course, because the DOMA people are hypocrites and have only harm as their goal, they will reject this.

Saint Paul’s Joke establishes here is no Biblical basis for the rejection of Gay Unions – but there is a clear and explicit basis to reject bi-sexual activities or any act of deception (“passing” or being “in the closet”).

Saint Paul’s Joke also establishes – chapter and verse – that the average Christian violates Romans 2:26 and therefore violates the basis for their religious salvation.

But DOMA people are happy with going to Hell – they just want to take everyone else with them.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Book Promotional Results


Well, it’ clear that people wanted to know the reason behind the extraordinary ages of the Biblical Patriarchs.  Apparently they didn’t realize that there were two related books also being offered.

They also seem to have overlooked Charting OMER, the Patriarch 49.

OMER, is a number, a numeric count equal to seven time seven.  It is by far the most interesting, though least utilized of the biblical numbers.

In each case, we have connected to Stonehenge and Genesis – but that is to be expected, assuming you have read “Grandpa Was A Deity” and therefore know the origins and connections of Hebrew culture, and its calendar.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

The Book is working

New York Times, 15 June 2013, The Pope’s Gay Panic, By FRANK BRUNI.
Without acknowledging it, Frank Bruni is expanding on the words of Saint Paul’s Joke, and one of the failing of the Church which led Benedict XVI to resign and adopt a life of luxury before he must, like his predecessors, atone for a lifetime of sin.
In speaking of Francis I, Bruni stated: “What was clearer was his acknowledgment — rare for a pope, and thus remarkable — of the church’s worst-kept secret: a priesthood populous with gay men, even at the zenith. And that underscored anew the mystery and madness of the church’s attitude about homosexuality.” And then went on to state: “If homosexuality is no bar to serving as one of God’s emissaries and interpreters, if it’s no obstacle to being promoted to the upper rungs of the church’s hierarchy, how can it be so wrong? It doesn’t add up. There’s an error in the holy arithmetic.”
Saint Paul’s Joke, pointed out that Saul of Tarsus, St Paul, was very clear  in his mandate -- his followers were to abstain from sex, but if they were too weak to do so, they were to get married.  He did not say they were to marry and have children, and he did not say that marriage was restricted to a male and female – he did not even object to the idea of two men having sex.  In his day, even the Emperor of Rome publically, and with great fanfare, married a boy… and no follower of Jesus found cause to object.  Nor did any Jew have a basis to object.
There is one clause among the 613 Laws which deals with sex between two men – none which deal with it between two women – and that clause prohibits a man from having sex with BOTH men and women.  Either, or, but not both.
The design of Talumdic law is simple, if it is stated for one gender, it must be specifically stated for the other, or it only applies to the one.  Where  a law applies to both, the gender is expressed in a neutral manner (You/Thou shall not, as opposed to a man shall not, and/or a woman shall not). As pointed out in “The Genesis of Genesis”, Paul was rather specific:
In ROMANS {2:25} we are told: Circumcision profiteth indeed, if thou keep the law:  but if thou be a transgressor of the law, thy circumcision is made uncircumcision.
Therefore, if you are Jewish (only they and the Egyptian priesthood were circumcised) you still had to practice the law, or be deemed a pagan and be lost.
In ROMANS {2:26} we are told: If then, the uncircumcised keep the justices of the law, shall not this uncircumcision be counted for circumcision?
However, if you are a pagan who now followed Jesus, it was not necessary for you to risk your life in an adult circumcision, all you had to do was honor, obey, and adhere to the Law, and you would be counted among those who were circumcised – therefore be saved.
The beauty of the Catholic Church, and all of Christianity, is that they make it a point to violate the Laws – in terms expressed by Paul -- therefore none of them are subject to salvation.  When the Judgment day arrives – and Isaac Newton calculated it would arrive here within the next 20 to fifty years, a calculation agreed with in Saint Paul’s Joke --  something will happen and claim the lives and souls of Christians around the world… at least those who violate the law.  Who are they?  Start with asking about their Pork & beans Church functions, or bacon & eggs, or that bacon cheeseburger.  Of course, the real kicker comes with Christians who have sons... if they don't have a bris on the 8th day, they have officially screwed themselves -- the Law requires it, and Paul only exempted his converts, and only because of the pain and risks associated with adult circumcision.  But, to obey the Law meant the new born sons would  circumcised. 
Funny thing – Cheeseburgers are kosher.  The Law is, do not BOIL a CALF in its MOTHER’s MILK.   Abraham served the representatives of the deity meat and cheese and was blessed for it (the Haredim don’t tell you that, but they seldom understand the Law they are supposed to obey – look at their dating of biblical events and compare it to the Hebrew dates in “The Genesis of Genesis” … no Haredim knows, or could have published the facts you’ll find either in “The Genesis of Genesis”, or “Grandpa Was A Deity” ) .
Any case, pay attention to the news.  You will see more from “The Genesis of Genesis”, “Saint Paul’s Joke”, and “Grandpa Was A Deity”… though they might not provide the appropriate acknowledgement or citation.
Hold on to your hats…  al-Qaeda is planning an attack on Rome.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Judgment Day – approaching?

In his June 13, 2013 column entitled, "Religion and Inequality", DAVID BROOKS stated: "In the New Testament, Jesus blesses the poor, 'for yours is the kingdom of God.' But 'woe to you who are rich, for you have already received your comfort.'"

He didn't realize it, but he was stating the logic underlying the resignation of Benedict XVI -- who began his retirement plans, and preparing his villa, after Saint Paul's Joke was formally added to the Vatican Archives. Any comfort he would receive would be earthly, because he was destined to join all the other Popes among the rings of Dante's Inferno.

In other news, all the population projections released this past week agree with those inferred by the book's assertion that "all the souls who were ever born" would need to return before an possible 'Judgment Day' -- that is, the current global population would need to equal everyone who ever lived prior to the birth of the oldest person living at that time ... total reincarnation (or resurrection).

Graph showing actual and projected populations of China, India, Nigeria and the USA 1950-2100

Look at the chart.  Now consider the projection in Saint Paul’s Joke that the predicted end-of-days, or Judgment Day, is due between 2034 and 2064.  Recalling that this calculation echoed the one made by Sir Isaac Newton – though via a different method – we can see that the return of all those who ever lived  falls right in the middle of the Judgment Day timeline based upon the mathematics revealed in Genesis of Genesis.

Further analysis would require the projections to be made cumulatively, as opposed to regionalized.  When the total population is at a maximum, the Judgment Day process will begin – we will not know when that is, because we will only know the population is reducing after the reduction begins and has taken effect.

It is only then, in hindsight, that the survivors will see that there were indications.  The population will then continue to shrink, it will be necessary for it to contract to the sustainable levels of a global paradise… and it will be global – it is the Davidic Prophecy.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

American Racism

If you belong to al-Qaeda [or the KKK], which is noted for its racism toward Jews and Europeans, you really have to love their American brothers in the modern racist battle.

First they attack President Obama for being born in Hawaii – saying he was born in Africa or some such … since they obviously don’t know where Hawaii is, or that it is an American state …

And now they are attacking a young Texan – a talented kid named Sebastien De La Cruz – for being born in San Antonio and singing the National Anthem on TV.

Seems these idiots think San Antonio is in Mexico, and therefore an American does not have the right to sing his own Anthem… which the racists probably don’t even know.

There is something really neat about a country where people don’t  even know their own cities, states and territories.  Does explain a lot:

… explains Evangelical Christians violating their own scripture and actively promoting its violation [see “Saint Paul’s Joke”] among others who would seek some form of spiritual salvation/guidance.

… explains all the school shootings… they’re too dumb to be trusted with guns.

… explains the support for the Republican Tea Party; the opposition to providing the medical care that Jesus praised from the Good Samaritan; their opposition to education; their denial of damage caused by wasteful use of natural resources; their denial of climate change and opposition to wind and solar energy, but support for nuclear energy and construction of nuclear reactors [which they enjoy seeing explode or release poisons into the atmosphere].

Yep America … the land where many seek to cause:


Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Genesis of Genesis KINDLE version free for 5 days

As of 13th, Next book in promotion series, Genesis of Genesis (ASIN: B0089RDMEW) $6.00 [06/08/2012], is available for five days as free KINDLE eBook.  This is the first and largest of the Patriarch Date meaning series and, if you really want to understand the symbolism of the Book of Genesis  (and, to a degree, Exodus), it is a must have... though, to be honest, the paperback version is easier to read and use.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

???? Breast Cancer link to Tattoos ????

Interesting, Check out the photo gallery ... notice they all see to have Tattoos ... has anyone done a correlation between breast cancer and tattoos?

I need to ask a friend about her daughter -- her line carries the [Ashkenazi cancer] gene, and daughter just had double mastectomy ... OH SHAME ON FB for taking down these images but letting so many other TRULY offensive images just float around.

Cancer survivor urges Facebook to stop taking down post-mastectomy photos

Cancer survivor urges Facebook to stop taking down post-mastectomy photos

Scorchy Barrington launched an online petition against Facebook, urging the social network to stop taking down photos of men and women who have undergone mastectomies.


After posting this, I contacted the friend whose daughter (who I've never met) just had the double mastectomy ... BINGO she has Tattoos ... the names of her twin daughters and the date they were born.

OK, not scientific, but it made me remember that the Abrahamic Laws prohibit tattoos -- I thought it might be a matter of infection, but now I'm wondering if they didn't make a link between tattoos and tumors. They were smart enough to apparently know about Pork and Saturated fats causing heart attacks (as well as pork diseases). They knew about bathing as a means of fighting germs; they even knew that a large number people have beef allergies, and boiling beef in genetically related milk would amplify those allergies (roasting destroys the allergy protein, so the milk & meat restriction only applied to boiled foods)

It will be interesting to see if researchers are smart enough to check for a link between the components of tattoo ink and breast cancer... probably not.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Pope Francis: Even Atheists Can Be Redeemed

Actually they can be more than redeemed: 

The Vatican requested pre-publication copies of SAINT PAUL'S JOKE, in which it states "we need to recall the condition set in Romans 2:27, where the individual who is physically uncircumcised who obeys the law will condemn the Hebrew who is a lawbreaker."
Basically, Pope Francis I is correct in stating an Atheist can go to Heaven -- actually has a better chance than most alleged 'Christians'.
Those who are interested, the KINDLE version of the book will be a free download as part of the Month of June: 5 days Free - Five for Five over Thirty Promotion Schedule
offer ends Jun 04, 2013 take advantage of it at: