Monday, February 10, 2014

kill America ... the GOP goal

the pattern continues: House Republican leadership met heavy resistance from GOP members after presenting a plan on Monday that would extend the debt limit for one year.

Seems too members are anti-budget.
So we can look forward to more problems. in this case, no budget if cuts to military pensions are lifted ... so risk your life for the nation and get screwed by GOP.

or is it screwed by the tea party ... ????
New book ... should be ready in month or so ... on prophecy and it says these are the end of days... with hop trying hard to make it so.

Monday, February 3, 2014

We need serious answers to to Illegal Immigration

This is why we need immigration reform.  But it also tells us that Congress can rant about illegals and devote a fortune to building fences, but refuses to put money whee it will really achieve the immigration goal -- ensuring the laws are upheld.
An immigration judge said in testimony before Congress about the job,  it is “like doing death-penalty cases in a traffic-court setting.”  He was expected to hear 1,500 cases per year while federal judges decided 440. It was sharing one law clerk with other immigration judges while each federal judge had four clerks of his own. It was being scheduled to sit on the bench for 36 hours a week and listen to asylum cases that detailed people’s escapes from gangs, rapes, beheadings, human trafficking and torture; and then having to objectively ask those people for the documents, for the scars, for the proof; and then making a judgment about the character of those people, first through a video feed and then through an interpreter; and then judging the merits of their cases in the shifting landscape of immigration law; and finally taking a deep breath, synthesizing so much information, and rendering a lawful, smart, artful, confident decision on the spot, because the schedule allowed little time for reflection or written decisions before the next case began.  
Illegal Immigrates understand reality.  Congress does not consider them enough of an issue to properly fund and staff the Immigrant Court System.  So the next time some idiot rants against immigration, remind them that the Republican controlled House appropriates the funding and they have decided it is a non-issue.