Monday, September 30, 2013

Love this News–Egypt oppose ALLAH

News for 30 September: “An Al-Qaeda-linked group based in the Sinai Peninsula has denounced the Egyptian army as “an enemy of Allah” because of its crackdown on Sinai terrorists.”

Effectively Al-Qaeda has declared war on Egypt.  Thus the sides are attacking each other before the “THE END OF TIMES”.

Who will win?


Cut Graph of US DEBT

OBAMACARE pass as the stimulus package took effect, and the debt falls.  The Republicans take power in HOUSE and debt climbs – a shutdown is averted – debt falls.  Sequester act has debt fall and USA credit rating falls.  America does fine – until this nonsense by the Republicans and then the debt spikes.

Republican actions cause a rise in National Debt.  Obama policies cause a decline.  So destruction of America – irrational accrual of debt – is a Republican policy result and goal.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Heritage Foundation got the message

Well, been saying it all along – Republican deficit spending is not the way to go, and people instinctively know it … or they would be spending in the same way.  Now the Heritage Foundation has put it into graphic form:


NOTE: That $312,000 debt is NOT a mortgage on an asset which increases in value every year, while being used every day.  It is wasted money – money spent on stuff you don’t want to use, store away, then discard.

Ronald Reagan preached conservatism and doubled our debt; Bush 1 nearly doubled the debt, but was voted out after his first term; Bush two did double the debt.  So, in total we are roughly seven times a deep in debt as we were under Carter – who had the oil embargo to deal with – and they still call themselves “Conservative” and yell about having fiscally conservative policies.

Note, their policies include building weapons of mass destruction that even the military doesn’t want, while depriving the people of health and education.  Bush even used irrational testing to justify cuts to education – he tested different successive groups and argued the second should be equal to the first or the school fails.  Never mind that the test subjects are unrelated and have not direct connection to what was being taught in any given school in any given year… or even the baseline educational fitness (IQ, physical or mental problems, or domestic environment ) of the test subjects.



Friday, September 27, 2013

Sequester Showdown … 2013

YEA REPUBLICANS do what the British (1812), Japanese(1941) & Germans, then Russians (cold war) couldn't ... bring America to its knees ... REPUBLICANS get your act together and you can make al-Qaeda happy, and totally destroy America … and all because you don’t want people to have healthcare.

more on climate change ... nothing new.

New climate chandelier... humans the cause. A BBC story states: "In the summary for policymakers, the scientists say that sea level rise will proceed at a faster rate than we have experienced over the past 40 years. Waters are expected to rise, the document says, by between 26cm (at the low end) and 82cm (at the high end), depending on the greenhouse emissions path this century."

So, it appears we will ten to thirty inch rise in sea levels ...Not too bad ... lots of coastal regions will vanish into the sea ... population centers will shift. But otherwise no big deal for people who are comfortably above sea level ... and no real problem for the baby boomers.

2034/5 looking good for the start of fun and games ... baby boomers are basically gone by 2064/5 ... so they represent the souls facing judgment day ...if you believe in such nonsense. You will note that religious,affiliations are on the decline SAINT PAUL'S JOKE has no real audience ... anyway, those who should read it are basically illiterate and the cause of global problems.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Sequester Takes Uneven Bite From Agency Budgets

U.S. Research Spending Sequester Takes Uneven Bite From Agency Budgets Adrian Cho et al.

For nearly a year, research leaders have been warning that the 5% budget cut known as the sequester would have dire consequences for research. But as the end of the 2013 fiscal year approaches on 30 September, it appears that—in many cases—the bark was worse than the bite. Still, scientists remain very worried about the future, as political wrangling makes it unlikely that Congress will undo cuts any time soon.

Taken from AAAS publication SCIENCE,

27 SEPTEMBER 2013, VOLUME 341, ISSUE 6153

Republicans HATE progress in America … otherwise they would promote it, rather than imped it.  That’s OK, foreign nations will reward them.

Fanned official errors.

Write a book, "SAINT PAUL'S JOKE", in which the math says 2035, and then the next year climate change gets pushed back from 2035 to 2350: "The errors are in a 2007 report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, a U.N.-affiliated body. All the mistakes appear in a subsection that suggests glaciers in the Himalayas could melt away by the year 2035 — hundreds of years earlier than the data actually indicates. The year 2350 apparently was transposed as 2035."

Looks like the world ends ... without ending ... and the Himalayas keep their ice. Does it matter? Are we really going to make three centuries without a devastating world war?

OH WELL... we have our eye on the destruction of Rome and end of the Vatican.

That comes when the al Qaeda guys decide they need another western milestone... and that is during the reign of this, or the next, Pope.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Preaching “false religion” calling others false

On Sunday, 22 Sept, E.W. Jackson, a pastor -- who is also the Republican candidate for Virginia’s lieutenant governor -- preached a sermon at the Restoration Fellowship Church in Strasburg, VA. in which he said non-Christians are engaged in a “false religion.”

Obviously he hasn’t read “Saint Paul’s Joke”, so the joke is on him and all who accept his bullshit.  Of course, without recognizing it, Jackson is fulfilling a Biblical requirement known as ‘the Rule of Solomon,’ which states that a person must first be told they are wrong before they can be held accountable for any act which is wrong.

Jackson complied with this requirement, when he said: “Any time you say, ‘There is no other means of salvation but through Jesus Christ, and if you don’t know him and you don’t follow him and you don’t go through him, you are engaged in some sort of false religion,’ that’s controversial, But it’s the truth.” … or so he was quoted in accordance with a recording first reported Monday by the Washington Post.

Of course, the Christian Bible tells us that Jesus was, and remained, a Jew. … History tells us that, until the time of St. Augustan, anyone who followed Jesus had to first become Jewish. … As explicitly stated in the Bible, and as quoted in “Saint Paul’s Joke”, before anyone can criticize a Jew (which falls in the ‘non-Christian’ group) – even one who ignores THE LAW, a follower of Jesus must obey ALL THE LAWS – E.W. Jackson enjoys his pork and therefore is disqualified from speaking with any Jesus, Peter, or Paul, based authority.

But we can pardon Jackson’s ignorance – he is, after all, a Republican and therefore represents the values we expect from the Republican government he proposes to lead.  Jesus stood for helping the poor, feeding the hungry, and providing medical care to the sick – Is there anyone who can look at recent Republican actions in Washington and believe they represent these values, or goals?


It is the Republican idea of Christianity.

and E.W. Jackson personifies it. 


Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Virginia Republican Apologizes for Jewish Joke

John Whitbeck, the chairman of the party in the state’s Tenth Congressional District, said in a statement posted Sept. 20 on its website: “Earlier this week, I made a lighthearted attempt at humor to which some have taken offense, it was certainly not my intent to offend anyone and I sincerely apologize to those who were.”

OK the delivery was awful... he really needed to apologize for that ... but as a Jew who can count THE RASHI as his 25th great-grandfather (thus connecting to a claim that King David an ancestor), and one who has written multiple books on the Hebrew and Christian scriptures ...
I'm wondering: "What's the big deal over handing the Pope the bill for the last supper?"  It's already nearly 2000 years overdue ... and as pointed out in “Saint Paul’s Joke”, (as well as calculations by Sir Isaac Newton) it had better be paid before 2034/5 -- when they face judgment.
If 900 year old prophecy of their St Malachy is correct, Rome and the Vatican are due to be destroyed with this, or the next, Pope ... at that time they'll be too broke to pay it, and the accrued interest.

Apparently, Southern Republicans forced an apology – appears they fear a loss of Jewish voters.  But, given the real world screw-ups of Republicans, their desire to close down the government, cripple Social Security, deny people health care, and divert enormous sums to the murder of innocents in foreign lands, should they really worry about a poorly delivered joke?  Or is this just another example of how out-of-touch-with-reality they really are?

Monday, September 23, 2013


“FREE TO BE HUNGRY” is a neat title for a New York Times, Paul Krugman, article published 22 Sept. which deals with Food Stamps – which address “the third of his famous Four Freedoms — freedom from want — seems to have been turned on its head. Conservatives seem, in particular, to believe that freedom’s just another word for not enough to eat.”

The Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program (SNAP) – formally known as Food Stamps – is a key element of economic growth.  You didn’t think of that, but it is reality.  People make spending choices, and when the choice is between food and consumer products, food wins.

Think about that in terms of “economic stimulus packages”. if the money is given to the rich, they use it to buy luxury items; donate it to foreign charities, or charities operating in foreign countries; they us it to expand their foreign business operations, or sit on it – buy stocks in companies that are already operating and therefore nothing is added to the national economy.

If we save people from diverting their limited resources to a buying of basic food stuffs (which are produced locally, therefore supporting the local economy), then their limited resources can support other local businesses and products.  Limited resources are not diverted to foreign luxury products.  SNAP is a true stimulus – it provides local economies with seven to ten times its local amount.  Every dollar in SNAP introduced to a local economy circulates seven to ten times … only then does it exit the local economy to enter the next provider economy … that economy is the domestic wholesaler’s locale.

Fortunately, the Republicans understand this; they have economic knowledge and advisors to tell them how the economy works – people who finance their operations and guide American resources into the realm of outsourcing.

The Republicans understand that (as al Qaeda has often stated) the destruction of America cannot be achieved with the destruction of its economy.  To destroy the economy, first money must be diverted from the bottom, the local communities where the average person lives – not the “manufacturing” communities, and certainly not the wallets of the people who are outsourcing all our economic potential.

The Republicans understand that they must starve the lower classes, must deprive them of medical care, must make their lives miserable and take away their hope for a secure future – that will, if nothing else, set the stage for rebellion.  Rebellion is good for those seeking the destruction of a nation – during the Cold War America sponsored many rebellions … but never took proper advantage of the result.  But again, that was REPUBLICAN administration policies.


it begins with abuse of the poor.

it begins with those who do the day-to-day chores.

“Saint Paul’s Joke” takes many forms to be achieved.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

More on Population Shift

On 22 Sept, THE ECONOMIST published an interesting article on Sex-selective abortion.  It seems they are looking at what we have been examining ever since China instituted its one-child policy.

When it comes to gender representation, it is normal to have 105 boys born for every 100 girls.  But there is a bias toward males whenever families are placed in a position where gender selection is necessary.  In an age when we have population concerns that have placed an emphasis on limiting reproduction -- and in an age where abortion is safe and contraception is a matter of going to the local pharmacy, it is possible to limit the number of children – determining the gender of those that are born is the last step.

Parents, not the government, have the final say in whether sons or daughters are born, with normal ultra sound and other testing allowing them to have a choice of gender.  The bias toward boys is moving to 150 for every 100 girls – ideal for regions which will be the centers of military action in 2035.

In Armenia, among first children, there are 138 boys for every 100 girls.  When the first child is a daughter, 61% of second children are sons.

Keep an eye on the regions around Turkey and into Italy.  Keep an eye on regions which expelled the Jews – they will have the highest growth, or ratio, in males over females.  They don’t see it, but “Saint Paul’s Joke” and the Malachy prophecy are at work – they are being prepared for a war of extermination which will become evident in 2035.

It would be nice to be wrong.

It would be nice to know the people of the world will become rational in my lifetime … but that argues against history.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Syrian Plot Thickens

OK, now there is a purported video of the ones who used the Sarin Gas.  The poor-quality videos show men standing around an artillery vehicle, wearing what appear to be gas masks, with the cannon's barrel draped in large black flags bearing Islamic symbols and the name of rebel group Liwa al-Islam. 

In the video, the men chant "Allahu Akbar", or "God is great".  Liwa al-Islam eventually released a statement declaring the videos to be "completely fabricated" and blaming the Assad government which, it says, is the only force in Syria in possession of the weapons shown in the video.  “The videos contain jihadist paraphernalia which is perhaps a little too obvious, such as the large black flags and constant chanting," said BBC Monitoring's Mohamed Madi.

OK, so we have a staged boast film, or a real boast film.  In either case, it raises issues as to who was responsible for the gas, and why no rebels were among the dead.

Now the question is… IS THE VIDEO LEGITAMITE?

Those who want to bomb Syria will yell NO; those don’t want to bomb will yell YES; those with open minds will want to err on the side of caution – right now there is seems to be a stalemate and bombing Syria sides with the Rebels.  Is it that America want to side with Jihadists?

For those who want to bomb – as Bill Maher pointed out, for the past decade, we have been using drones to bomb Yemen, and they haven’t done a damned thing.  Americans like to murder people, and murdering Arabs is every bit as religiously correct now as it was a thousand years ago – be good Christians, murder as many people as possible.  If the Judgment period begins in 2034/5, then better get it out of your system now … Koran says Islamists are going to kill the “BAD CHRISTIANS” … “Saint Paul’s Joke” … eat pork and kill innocents … and you’re among the ones HE isn’t going to know, even though they claim to come in HIS name.

Of course, “Saint Paul’s Joke” might be wrong … after all, you are betting your life on your right to violate THE LAW.



Thursday, September 19, 2013

Did Pope Francis attack “Saint Paul’s Joke”?

Recently, Pope Francis said: “If the Christian is a restorationist, a legalist, if he wants everything clear and safe, then he will find nothing. Tradition and memory of the past must help us to have the courage to open up new areas to God. Those who today always look for disciplinarian solutions, those who long for an exaggerated doctrinal ‘security,’ those who stubbornly try to recover a past that no longer exists­—they have a static and inward-directed view of things.”

What is “Saint Paul’s Joke” – aside from the book requested by the Vatican while still in the prepublication stage, and a book which was studied for two months, and then added to the Vatican Archives concurrently with Pope benedict deciding to retire and prepare his retirement residence?

“Saint Paul’s Joke” is legalistic – it focuses on what the Bible tells us should be attributed to St. Paul (Saul of Tarsus) as the criteria for conversion and post conversion behavior … Words which tell us that, if there is a Hell, the vast majority are destined to experience it.

 “Saint Paul’s Joke” is everything clear and safe in THE LAW, and so, like George Bush dismissing the importance of Bin Laden and al Qaeda (in favor of murdering Saddam Hussein), The words of St. Paul are dismissed; the beliefs of Peter are dismissed; the words and teachings of Jesus are dismissed.

We can wonder who Francis was pointing at with the words “look for disciplinarian solutions, those who long for an exaggerated doctrinal ‘security’…”  That is NOT a part of  “Saint Paul’s Joke”, but is the essence of the teachings of St. Augustine – the father of anti-Christ anti-Semitism.

The definition of “doctrinal ‘security’” has been the disobedience to THE LAW, for 1700 years.  THE LAW is security … it is in both our health and criminal codes as undisputed universal necessity.  THE LAW is the present and future of humanity; it has nothing to do with clinging to a bygone era... Of course, Evangelicals and all Orthodox types within Abrahamic Religions cling to the past without regard for the reasoning behind, and the transient justification for, their traditional doctrines.

As has been pointed out in “Saint Paul’s Joke”, the Hasidic view of “Mama Know, Father maybe” – which, for several hundred years has defined a Jew by the mother, when scripture utilizes the father – comes from a time when Jewish woman were routinely raped by those who called themselves Christians and followers of Jesus, but were, and are, in reality only Pagans.

  “Saint Paul’s Joke” indicates that this Francis is an anti-pope, one filling time before the pope of St. Malachy’s prophecy – the final pope known as Peter.  Though it is possible, as has been pointed out, that Francis the son of Peter, is the Peter who will witness the destruction of the Vatican and Rome.

Where NOT to live in America

Violent crime dropped in the Northeast and the South (Graphic credit: Federal Bureau of Investigation)

Check the crime rates – if you want your house robbed, or property destroyed – then move to the Confederate States of America.  Any region that bemoans the loss of slavery, promotes anti-Semitism or the KKK … obviously makes the ideal place to live.

Forget the climate – you can get that out west… which is second in crime.  NORTHEAST is the safest place … has the least violent crime and fewest property crimes.

Of course, the south is also a Republican stronghold.  So what do you expect?  There is a reason they want everyone to have guns – they want to make the crimes easier to commit.

Naturally, the Democratic stronghold is the safest.



Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Media is waking up to economics

In an article entitled U.S. debt outlook still dark, the Washington Post has finally caught on to what this blog has been saying for years – The Republicans are trying to bankrupt America, and they are doing it in accordance with the al Qaeda decree made public, in the mid-1990’s, by Osama Ben Laden.

Specifically, the link states and Illustrates:

Despite multiple deficit-reduction deals during the past three years, the national debt is projected to swell to 100 percent of the economy by 2038, due primarily to the enormous cost of caring for an aging society. Making matters worse: tax cuts for the vast majority of Americans made permanent during last year's fiscal cliff showdown. If the tax cuts had been allowed to expire, projections showed the debt dropping to 52 percent of GDP during the next 25 years. Read related article.

U.S. debt outlook is still dark.

Note that Republican economic policies (with regard to tax cuts) ensured American debt would be 100% of GDP – more important (given a stated 2035 critical deadline) it will happen by 2038.  It will happen sooner, if we can set the al Qaeda Jihadists on the path to attacking Europe, America, or just Israel and Saudi Arabia.  

Wants To Ban Circumcision

In Denmark, Leftist Social Liberals Cite Children's Rights as the basis for a ban on circumcision.  If we carry their logic further, just a bit, all vaccination like procedures violate a child’s rights.  For that matter, forcing them to wear clothing also violates their rights.

Debate has grown over ritual circumcision in Denmark, normally known as a bastion of tolerance.

The Social Democrats party, a left-wing Danish political party is seeking to outlaw ritual circumcision in Denmark. The fact that they are targeting a RITUAL act means we can ignore the idea of it being expanded to medical procedures –-- though it could be argued that clothes are a ritual element.

On the other hand,  Lene Rachel Andersen, a Danish Jewish author and journalist, said, in an Op-Ed following the August 15 vote, that  any ban would mean the demise of Danish Jewry, and that “within two to three years, religious Jews will move away move from Denmark.”

Of course, if religious Jews demonstrated the intelligence Jews are noted for, they would turn to their doctors and the procedure would continue as a medical one – akin to vaccination – utilized to prevent the child, as an adult, from contracting an STD.  If nothing else, the procedure has been proved to reduce the likelihood of contracting an STD (it isn’t 100% effective, but is as effective as many of the common medical practices, such as contraception and vaccination).

The practice would be conducted on the the eighth day – the first day when the clotting factor is finally established in a infant.  Simply put, the ritual becomes medical and the ‘RITUAL BAN’ becomes meaningless – unless you count the lack of a non-medical Mohel.  But, in reality, given the occurrence of disease transfer which has recently been reported, the circumcision should be carried out by a medical professional.  There is absolutely NOTHING in scripture which prohibits a doctor from performing the circumcision, or which mandates that a specific person perform it.  At best, given that the ritual was mandated to a father to perform on his son, the Mohel is, in reality, a violation of the literal mandate.

If anti-Semites wish to ban a ritual – they cannot ban a practice.  But, in accordance with “Saint Paul’s Joke”, they define themselves as anti-Christ in terms of Paul.  We already know that any violation of LAW is directly opposed to the mandates of Jesus and Peter. This means they and all their followers are screwed – at least, if we go to war by 2035.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Still More Syrian Fun

Turkish prosecutor indicts six jihadists for alleged attempts to acquire chemicals with intent to produce sarin – how solid is this article?  And does it explain why no rebels died in the alleged sarin attack?

Of course, it would be nice to start a war in the Middle East – that would then justify the terrorists expanding operations in Europe, and give rise to more insurrection and instability in Southeast Asia … which will benefit China.  Remember China has already benefited from American outsourcing, and their standard of living has, over the past two decades, skyrocketed to the point where China, not America, is looked to as the standard for foreign tourism and monetary exchange.

We Westerners have a very real problem – aside from our ability to kill any who try to leverage against Chinese interests, we no longer serve a global purpose.

All we need now is the Apocalyptic Prophecy to be fulfilled – that has a dual benefit (for those who actually know it and have considered its ramifications): it eliminates all Christians and Muslims by a full and complete extermination of all who do not follow the biblical, or Koranic, teachings ... “Saint Paul’s Joke” as echoed by the Prophet Mohammed.

Those who claim to be Christian, but are not, are to be killed by the Army in White, lead by Jesus (Isa of the Koran); the definition of bad Christians – as defined by Jesus, Peter, and Paul, they are any who do not follow the Biblical Laws … Hebrew Laws.  It then follows that anyone who uses PORK, or pork products, as their dietary staple, will be doomed – especially those who claim to have read, or follow the Bible.  The RULE OF SOLOMON: If you do wrong out of ignorance you are, or can be, forgiven, but once you are told what is right, if you then do wrong, you are fully guilty and shall be punished… “Saint Paul’s Joke” … you are told what is expected of you if wish to follow Jesus … first is to convert, next is to adhere to ALL THE LAWS.  You are even forbidden to criticize a Jew – even a Jew who ignores ALL THE LAWS – unless you yourself follow ALL THE LAWS.

One law is to circumcise your sons – ideally on the eight day.  Only a new convert is exempted from undergoing that ritual … but he is NOT exempted from applying it to any sons born after conversion.

Syria, and the future programs like it, are the beginning of the end for the false Christians.  If you are rich, follow the example of Pope Benedict … retire and enjoy the privileges of your wealth now, because, when you reach the other side, you’re destiny has been locked and loaded … you’re screwed by your own actions, you have, through the teachings of your Church, and satanic agents referred to as evangelical, fallen victim to “Saint Paul’s Joke”

more Syrian fun and the Machiavellian scheme

While those,who want to bomb are pointing to UN REPORT indication probability of Syrian government responsibility, nobody is explaining why no rebel fighters were among the casualties. If it were a government attack the rebels would have been the target. But, if it were a jihadist attack, the killing of civilians would fit their normal MO... As seen in the marketplace, mosque and other terrorist attacks. Makes sense fir them to stage a sarin attack on civilians to use for the propaganda value against Assad.

In the USA, Syria is a Machiavellian scheme situation -- if we attack Assad, that makes the Rebel victory the result of American actions... they owe us an it will be hard for the Jihadist forces to turn the true Syrian populist rebels against us. The Republicans know that, if we refuse to help, when the rebels win they will attribute it to the majority Jihadist force among the rebels -- that allows the Jihadist elements to rally the people against America ... thus ensuring widespread war... First in Lebanon, and against Turkey ... with eventual attacks on Israel -- when Egypt is stable enough to join in.

The second part of the scheme is to nominate Ted Cruz for President in 2016. This will precipitate a Constitutional Crisis in which the candidate is undeniably a Canadian by birth, who spent the first four years of his life as a Canadian citizen. The specific language of the Constitutional qualification clause will come into play if Cruz is either the Presidential, or vice-Presidential, candidate (or worse, nominee elect). That could paralyze the "Commander-in-Chief" position long enough to ensure an opening for the Jihadists to wage their war.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Answers to Long Standing Questions

“Charting OMER”

Charting The Patriarchs

 “Genesis of Genesis”

“Saint Paul’s Joke”

“Grandpa Was A Deity”

Defining Syrian Rebels

Advance word of the study appears in Monday’s edition of Britain’s Daily Telegraph:
Of the Syrian Rebels: 30,000 to 35,000 are hardline Islamists whose philosophy is similar to the jihadists, but are focused purely on Syria rather than an international revolution; at least a further 30,000 moderates belonging to groups that have an Islamic character.

Some 25,000 to 30,000, belong to secular groups with a democratic or nationalist orientation. In other words, between 25% and 30% of the total rebel force consists of groups considered friendly to the West.
Western diplomats who estimate that less than one third of the opposition forces are “palatable” to Britain, while American envoys put the figure even lower.

The dominant forces among the hardline factions are two Al Qaeda-linked groups, the Al-Nusra Front (Jabhat Al-Nusra) and the Islamic State in Iraq and A-Sham (or Iraq and the Levant).
According to yjr main author of the study is Charles Lister “Because of the Islamist make up of such a large proportion of the opposition, the fear is that if the West doesn’t play its cards right, it will end up pushing these people away from the people we are backing,” he said. “If the West looks as though it is not interested in removing Assad, moderate Islamists are also likely to be pushed further towards extremists.”

HUM – this sounds like exactly what I have been saying here.  If the West assists the Rebels, it is assisting those who hare the West; if it lets them fend for themselves, it is allowing us to get a step closer to the St. Malachy Prophecy and 2035.

“Saint Paul’s Joke” rules the inevitable outcome.  Those who say the are Christians, but ignore the teachings of Jesus, Peter and Paul, (which is 99.99 percent of them) are among those Jesus declared he would not know.  Of course, until they read “Saint Paul’s Joke” they aren’t going to get it.

As for Jews, the Hasidim appear to be among the screwed… they lack the requisite basis - “wisdom, knowledge and understanding” – to understand the scriptures and therefore had better read “Genesis of Genesis”, and to get their dates straight, maybe toss in two subsequent books: “Charting the Patriarchs” and “Charting OMER”.  At least they will then get their dates straight, and learn why the FIRST TEMPLE –- which was designed under King David – wasn’t built until the fourth year in the reign of Solomon … they year, not the King, was the controlling factor; to construct the TEMPLE again, they will need to know the reason it was build at that specific time … thus they can determine when its new foundations are due to be laid out. 

Of course, all the aforementioned books (“Saint Paul’s Joke”, “Genesis of Genesis”, “Charting the Patriarchs”, “Charting OMER”) require people to understand reality – as opposed to being lost in unfounded beliefs … those who prefer pagan beliefs are welcome to become CREATIONIST … they’re doomed anyway.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Wildfires expected to double by 2050

Ok, yet another thing that is converging on 2050... wildfires like those in Yosemite over the past month.

Article ice melt, wild fires on land, the Bible timeline which has the Messiah or some such nonsense start in 2035 ... described in "SAINT PAUL'S JOKE" and in the calculations by Isaac Newton ... twenty-two years to as if "SAINT PAUL'S JOKE" is correct... Thirty-seven to see how the scientific estimates do.

Now all we need is some,way to day the Koran war bit... goes with Revelation, the Arabs,in white would be the army in white... LOL which means Christians are screw three ways ... first by their Bible, and then by SAINT PAUL'S JOKE, and finally by the Koran.

don't ya love how this stuff seems to work?

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Prophecy Update & Prophecy Answers

If you have interest in the true meaning of the Bible, and the meaning behind the prophecies – in terms of dating – you really need to read the books:

“Saint Paul’s Joke”


“Genesis of Genesis” 

It is said you will not know the time, but that is because the ancients knew that, when you are told, you would not pay attention.

Of course, the message will not be accompanied by great fanfare, or an intensive advertising campaigns.  The reason those who received the message of their ignorance would be ignorant?  It is simply that they will not accept anything which is simple and straight forward.  They need the hype.  They the charlatans promoting the ancient deities with a coat of new paint … the same thing, with different names.


Wednesday, September 11, 2013

MORE 2035 … starting in 2025

Things we might see in the next decade… but which will be established within two:

Ray Kurzweil, a U.S. computer expert predicted in 2008 that computers will have the same intellectual capacity as humans by 2020. With nanotechnology on the horizon, this is a real possibility. The fact that the transistor count will keep on increasing (using nanotechnology) despite the eventual failure of Moore’s law is testament to the belief that computers will be more capable than the human brain sooner than you know it. One other area of research is the use of computers directly through your brain using implants. Intel is on it so expect good results soon.

Imagine a computer this thin, and more computing power than any existing machine: 

computes 10 Ways the Next 10 Years Are Going To Be Mind Blowing

Next, imagine the variations as they fit inside a USB memory.

Think about a brain in your pocket.  Think about Intelligence which has the ability to connect to the Internet, to Cloud Storage, to any system … possibly even any human brain.  Si-Fi becomes real.  More important for the “Faithful”, Religious prophecy becomes real.

Think about heaven:

NO CRIME … we all know what potential criminals are planning, so how can they commit a crime?  NO VIOLENCE – same reason.  NO DEATH – we become like DAX in Deep Space Nine, our memories, and our experiences/knowledge, passed on to the next generation.

WE WILL NEED FOOD, … but will we need fuel?  We can travel by thought; timeshare bodies in other lands; experience shared.

See those movies and Ads showing holographic pop-ups everywhere? That is not very far away actually. Google Goggles for example does visual search; you take a picture of some object in your mobile and it will search for any information regarding it on the web. The object can be some landmark, some book or a barcode even.

   interface 10 Ways the Next 10 Years Are Going To Be Mind Blowing

Although solar cells are on top of the list in future energy sources, there are some amazing and bizarre sources for energy that still are in their infancy. For example in the future, sugar might be the fuel running our cars and bacteria lighting our houses. But, it is solar energy that has the lead for now and is expected to fuel the world in the near future. In fact, solar energy is not very far behind from meeting the world’s need for energy and technologies emerging everyday pave a path that can only lead to success in the future. A company called Sandia has produced solar cells which are made of 100 times less material than the current top solar cells while operating at the same efficiency.

What’s in store in the field of medical for us is nothing short of miraculous; artificial organs. A company called Organovo has developed the first commercial 3-D bio printer that builds custom organs cell-by-cell. The printer uses different cells based on the recipient’s own body, thus significantly lowering the chance of organ rejection. Organovo claim that the technology will advance far enough to print out arteries and veins for bypass surgery within five years, with complex organs like a heart or a liver possible within ten. And other than this, we understand the DNA ever more with the passage of time and this makes cures for disease such as ‘aging’, yes aging, possible.

YouTube is a prime example of how lives can be changed in no time; viral videos get millions of views and the owner gets thousands of dollars. As a whole, it is the internet which has made this possible; today people don’t need to take out a loan to get their business started, you just need to have a worthy idea and the internet will let people find you. In the coming years, it won’t be surprise if suddenly Facebook is overtaken by some other previously unknown phenomena.
Read more about the 10 Ways the Next 10 Years Are Going To Be Mind-Blowing at REALITY POD. 

Read “Genesis of Genesis” or “Saint Paul’s Joke” – learn what you have not been told, or taught, about our past, and our future.  You will learn why the Davidic Prophecy says the Jewish Way is best.

Media Catches On – finally

Elmore Leonard has written 45 books, and some have been turned into movies or TV shows.

When the ONE CHILD policy was instituted, I wrote that China, with its bias for males, would have a surplus of men and a standing army larger than any other in history.  All those males are going to need to be utilized.

It now turns out that these “Leftover” males are also the least productive – therefore the most likely to be used as canon fodder.


  • Nine out of 10 men in China think women should get married before 27
  • Sixty per cent say the ideal time is 25-27
  • One per cent believe the best age for a woman to get married is 31-35

For reproduction, 25-27 is a reasonable maximum age for any first marriage and first child.  After that, bad habits start to damage the body and reproductive ability – pass 35 and females face problems.  For men its different, all they need do is shoot sperm – there are no other physiological systems involved beyond that.

In 1986, Newsweek carried an article which said women who weren't married by 40 had a better chance of being killed by a terrorist than of finding a husband.  Allegedly, Newsweek admitted it was wrong, and that two-thirds of the single, college-educated American women who were 40 in 1986 had married by 2010.  !!! BUT !!! That the point is it focused on college-educated woman – in 1986 few women had graduated college.

What we don’t know in the study: How about the 40+ women without college?  How about the husbands?  Where these second marriages?

At the time, in 1986, we were just learning half of all  marriages were to end in divorce.  That means the husbands were on their second wife – a wife who had to fit into the economic culture of the successful college graduate … a man who had already had his children and really wasn’t looking for a family… just a decent shag who could engage in a serious conversation.

So let’s rephrase: women who weren't married mothers by 40 had a better chance of being killed by a terrorist than ever having their own family.  They would, however, be candidates for step-mom.

In China, this doesn’t matter – the one child policy means recycled women.

Remember the IDIOT of 9/11/01 He and his associates would go on to kill one American Soldier for every 9/11 victim – while declaring the designer of the event irrelevant to the event.  It would take Barack Obama to actually nail Bin Laden (who was living, in the lap of luxury, within eyesight of Bush’s military the whole time).





Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Is it about OIL?

Glenn Beck explained that there are two oil and natural gas pipelines that have been vying for access to Syria, one of which would go through Iran and Iraq, the other of which would go through Qatar and Saudi Arabia.  The latter was denied by Syria, Beck said, much to the dismay of Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia offered to pay for a U.S. strike on Syria.  “It’s all about money and oil.  They want a pipeline, and they are prepared to do anything to get the pipeline that benefits them as opposed to the other pipeline.”

GEE… Iran and Iraq to Russia, or Qatar and Saudi Arabia to the West.

And what strike could America possibly make which would not result in troops feet on the ground?  What tempered strike would not result in a mess which cuts the flow of oil?

Monday, September 9, 2013

It gets better...

Seems the old gun was legally blind and somewhat deaf.

so firing the gun... he couldn't hit anything because he couldn't see it...

he,was in his bedroom, at night, being harassed by two unidentified people... he probably just wanted to sleep... so for that he gets murdered by SWAT.

could he hear who they were? He couldn't see who they were... did he even know the two who were harassing him,were gone?

Wonder where Obama, McCain, Rumsfeld, and all the Democrats who want to murder Syrians will be on the murder of a blind, deaf, 107 year old man in his bedroom after cops gased him.

pumped gas into the room..

SWAT officers "pumped gas into the room," police told KARK. When Isadore became aware of the gas, he allegedly started shooting at the SWAT team through the window.

think about that... maybe you're in bed ... gas enters room... you have gun... you shoot window... was window open or closed? if open, how stupid are cops to think gas would matter in a ventilated room? If closed, the gun serves as the most efficient way to get ventilation... unless there was actually a cop visible to him through the window... but that is unlikely... why would a cop threaten a old man through a window when they are trying to induce respiratory failure?

Monroe Isadore ... 107 murdered in his bedroom.

"Gun-toting Monroe Isadore fired at cops who surrounded his bedroom and shot tear gas and stun grenades inside."

Now that's a neat opening to the news video.

Nobody was hurt... so they kill an old man in his bedroom. They couldn't wait... there was no immediate threat to anyone... they couldn't wait, they had to go in guns blazing and kill the old guy.

Place your bets... the cops,who did it walk away ... probably with pats on the back ... I bet the real criminals are laughing their heads off ... after all, when was the,last time you heard of an Arkansas drug dealer, kidnappers, or murderer being gunned down in their bedroom by the cops ... for that matter, when did you ever hear of Arkansas cops shooting a real criminal?

Democrats get violent

Seems the Democratic Party of America has become the war party. A new BBC depot of the voting preferences shows the Democrats are strongly in favor of bombing Syria, killing as many Arabs,as possible and making it easy for al Qaeda to assume control in Syria.

Of course they wouldn't phrase it quite that way, but that is,what they seem to want. In the meantime, in Arkansas, police based and shot -killing him- a 107 year old man. Seems,America is taking on the habit of murder.

Naturally, the police claim the old guy was armed and allegedly threatening two people. But why we're they at his home to be threatened? How did this old guy move fast enough to get,a gun? Or did he keep the gun with him as he moved around his home?

In any case, seems we are more concerned with the deaths in a foreign civil war than we are,about the cops in America killing a guy who managed to live for a century - a guy who out lived nearly everyone born in the year he was born...those he failed to outlive can be counted on the fingers of one hand ...without use of the thumb... and the warmongers based him, then shot him to death.

Where's the morality in that? Really should look into his surname... Issadore or something ... sounds Jewish ... that would go with Congress backing the side that produces suicide bombers to attack Israel ... oh well, maybe I'm just reaching LOL or maybe there is a pattern developing.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Syrian Vote Scorecard


To reiterate the basics:

Syria is not a signatory of the Chemical Weapons Treaty, therefore they are not violating a recognized legal duty.

Syria has not utilized its chemicals beyond the confines of its borders, nor have they drifted beyond those borders.

Syria is engaged in a Civil War – foreign nations have no legal basis for engaging in actions which benefit one party over the other … unless they declare their support.  Any attack on Assad has the effect of supporting the Jihadist or al Qaeda elements in the Rebel camp.

Supporting the Jihadist or al Qaeda elements in the Rebel camp, which supports those who engaged in 9/11, and the attack on American cities and citizens, is a clear act of TREASON against the American people.  Note that 36% have declared their wish to see America attacked again – this is clear by their willingness to strengthen al Qaeda.

Destroy Assad and assist the combined Jihadist/al Qaeda elements … the effect will be an al Qaeda takeover of the region and the eventual destruction of Saudi Arabia … with it our access to Middle Eastern oil.  That would then ensure the collapse of America in the same way that depriving Hitler’s Germany of that oil helped bring them down.

Remember, the Republican Party has been steadfast in its opposition to American Energy Independence and the use of – along with the expansion of – renewable energy resources.  OIL $$$$$’s have lined their pockets at the cost of American long term security.

Consider the timeline we can glean from history.

Al Qaeda takes over Syria, and, with the blessing and devout thanks to the Republicans and George Bush, has a strong foothold in Iraq.  Now, with the support of Iran, the Persian Empire is being rebuilt.  Lebanon will be the next target, and they are already active in Egypt.  Israel can be overrun… out comically, they might ignore Israel.

Historically, Turkey is a better target … that means an expansion into the Ottoman Empire and north into the Pale of Settlement to join their Russian supporters.  This would involve a decade, maybe slightly more.  If, in that time, America has a two term Republican President, they would either be attacked – in any region they have not yet taken over, so as to weaken the way for them – or we will see concerted efforts to increase American debt and energy vulnerability.

The move westward would begin with the death of Pope Francis and election of the next and last Pope Francis I(born in 1936, so now 76 with a life expectancy under a decade).  Thus the fun begins in 2024 to 2032.

Given 2035 is both the opening date for the St. Malachy Prophecy and the Biblical Cycle projection established by Sir Isaac Newton – and independently in “Saint Paul’s Joke” … as based on the Biblical math as revealed in “Genesis of Genesis” – there is no question that forces of destruction are pushing us into a countdown designed to inflict


Saturday, September 7, 2013

Chemical Weapons – reality

It’s not that chemical weapons are more lethal than conventional ones, they’re just more grisly and less discriminate.  Chemical weapons are poorly targeted and subject to the vagaries of the wind and so are inherently a threat to civilian populations – or, to be more specific in terms devised during their early use in WW1, they come back on your own troops.  Thus, the civilian population argument is one which masks the reality of the potential damage they can do tot those who use them.

If you intend to use chemical weapons, you must use them on civilians and the enemy … while making sure your forces are far far away.

If you are a Western Power, and the “enemy” is Middle Eastern or Asian, the idea is to use conventional weapons and say “opps” when they kill the civilians.

As has been said, “The ban on chemical weapons, in other words, is proof that humanity can make war a little more decent. Consequently, its continued success is vital to all future efforts to make war a little more decent. There is a kind of beauty in that, but much less so when you recall the 100,000 Syrians killed by nonchemical weapons.”  [Washington Post, 9/7/13] Which went on to say, “we should imagine that “it’s 2035, and this-or-that dictator is thinking of using chemical weapons. Do you want them to say Assad used them on a large scale in August of 2013, nothing happened, …””

Gee 2035 cited in the Washington Post … where have we seen that date before … could it be in the posts below, or maybe in “Saint Paul’s Joke”?

As the WP concedes, we have a bit of a problem with the use of chemical weapons by Syria: “almost every country on Earth has signed the treaty against the use of chemical weapons; Syria is a rare holdout.”  If Syria has NOT signed the accord, then we have no legal grounds for holding them to the terms of the accord.  They are not part of the treaty system and are therefore free to use any weapon they wish INSIDE THEIR OWN BORDERS!

To use any weapon outside their borders is would be an act of war against the nation whose territory they are used on.   If any nation attacks Syria, they are declaring war on a sovereign state – they are the aggressor.  I am reminded of the ancient Oracle: “The first one into the war will lose.”  That is, the nation who attacks is the one who will ultimately lose the war.  Doubt that?  Look at Korea, or Vietnam.  Look at Germany in the first and second world wars.  Pick the point in history you wish to focus on – how many times has the aggressor ultimately won?

2035 – the year when Judgment Day begins.  Do we make it happen, or do we work to avoid causing that stupid calculation to be correct?

For now, it seems we are doing all in our power to make it a self-fulfilling prophecy.  Does it matter that it is based on math that is three thousand years old?   Or the math as interpreted by Sir Isaac Newton?  Or the math displayed in “Saint Paul’s Joke”?



Almost every country in the world has agreed to ban chemical weapons.


Friday, September 6, 2013

Kill Arabs or Help average Americans?

The Bush Regime never had respect for the Constitution -- which specifies that Congress Declares War.
Call it a "WAR" and Congress has to authorize it.
Being "Commander-in-chief" and running that "war"kicks in after that declaration.
America has no business "punishing" the rulers of other nations -- of course, if we wish to assume that role, then we MUST apply that authority to ALL nations.  Selective application of arbitrary rules of morality are, in themselves, immoral.
The only consistent aspect between Iraq and Syria is that American military action serves only to aid Jihadists and al Qaeda.  It in no way has, or will, aid the average person within those nations.
Moreover, this intervention pulls resources from those things which most serve people -- things mandated by the the Text which is supposed to govern western religions.
Limited action in Syria will cost one BILLION dollars every two days ... what if that, apparently available to waste, money were directed to rural educational needs, or to ObamaCare (or a better medical program of Republican choice), or to making Social Security stronger?
Or, since the budget has that money to waste, why not a BILLION dollars every two days to reduce Income taxes for either the very rich, or by raising the low end amount where tax liabilities kick in?  After all, we seem to have the money to spend to kill Arabs -- why not use it to make life for the average American better?

pick a side: Assad or al Qaeda

"Members of Congress, during two days of occasionally combative hearings on Syria earlier this week, have pushed for the president to make a more direct case to the public before the United States punishes Syria for using chemical weapons."
so goes the news story on Obama trying to push his case for attack to the American people.

Problem... attack one side, help the other. The case Obama makes MUST address the,question of,why America should give the rebels - Jihadists and al Qaeda - free air cover. That is, after all, exactly what we would be doing.

Of course, if you follow the news, you know that certain Arab states would be happy to foot the cost of an all out attack... one that destroys Assad and gives the Jihadists control of the region and the ability to erase Israel from existence. It would seem Obama and McCain want that. So Obama needs to establish exactly why he wants to set the stage for the destruction of Israel and Democracy in the Middle East.

Chemical weapons can be dealt with when the civil war is over ... a war crimes, or crimes against humanity action can be taken and Assad can be stood against a wall and shot...
and the UN can handle it.

Why the rush to assist Jihadists? Will the tea party types be proved right... does Obama really support them Bush supported Ben Laden?

Stay tuned... the fun is about to start.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Democrats for Destruction of World

According to a Huff Post article today (15 Sept), we can look to theses Demoncrats (Democrats) to support the wholesale murder of innocents.  Only 15 votes:

No on Iraq / Expected yes on Syria

  • Sen. Boxer (D-Calif.)
  • Sen. Cardin (D-Md.)*
  • Sen. Durbin (D-Ill.)
  • Sen. Leahy (D-Vt.)
  • Sen. Levin (D-Mich.)
  • Sen. Menéndez (D-N.J.)*
  • Sen. Stabenow (D-Mich.)
  • ====================
  • Rep. Becerra (D-Calif.)
  • Rep. Hastings (D-Fla.)
  • Rep. Langevin (D-R.I.)
  • Rep. Levin (D-Mich.)
  • Rep. Moran (D-Va.)
  • Rep. Pelosi (D-Calif.)
  • Rep. Rahall (D-W.Va.)
  • Rep. Sanchez (D-Calif.)

Fifteen votes doesn’t do it.  But they also have these warmonger votes:

Yes on Iraq / Expected yes on Syria

  • Sen. Carper (D-Del.)
  • Sen. Feinstein (D-Calif.)
  • Sen. Nelson (D-Fla.)
  • Sen. Reid (D-Nev.)
  • Sen. Schumer (D-N.Y.)
  • ===================
  • Rep. Deutch (D-Fla.)
  • Rep. Engel (D-N.Y.)
  • Rep. Hoyer (D-Md.)
  • Rep. Israel (D-N.Y.)
  • Rep. Pascrell (D-N.J.)
  • Rep. Sherman (D-Calif.)
  • _____________________ Eleven Demoncrats
  • Sen. Burr (R-N.C.)*
  • Sen. Toomey (R-Pa.)*
  • Sen. Vitter (R-La.)*
  • Sen. Chambliss (R-Ga.)*
  • Sen. Flake (R-Ariz.)*
  • Sen. Graham (R-S.C.)*
  • Sen. Isakson (R-Ga.)*
  • Sen. Kirk (R-Ill.)*
  • Sen. McCain (R-Ariz.)
  • ====================
  • Rep. Boehner (R-Ohio)
  • Rep. Rogers (R-Mich.)
  • Rep. Ros-Lehtinen (R-Fla.)
  • Rep. Cantor (R-Va.)
  • Rep. King (R-N.Y.)
  • ___________________ Fourteen Republicans


The Killing Innocents is prohibited in the Koran – al Qaeda types don’t care about the Koran, nor do those Jihadists who impose the strict Sharia Law.  In the Koran, The Prophet declares the necessity for Women to cover themselves.  TRUE… But He states it is because the males are too immoral, too godless, too despicable to allow a woman to walk the streets without fear.  ARAB MEN ARE ANIMALS in the eyes of the Koran and The Prophet.

Thee is a harsh reality:  The average loud mouthed fundamentalist – be they Orthodox Jewish, Evangelical Christian, of Sharia spouting Islamist – violates their religious text at every opportunity.  It is “Saint Paul’s Joke” made universal – so as to ensure that the Prophecy is fulfilled (of course, the fundamentalists are discarded at judgment, they are a demonic waste of space and unfit for any place in Paradise).




They were NO on Iraq / but Expected YES on Syria

  • Sen. Boxer (D-Calif.)
  • Sen. Cardin (D-Md.)*
  • Sen. Durbin (D-Ill.)
  • Sen. Leahy (D-Vt.)
  • Sen. Levin (D-Mich.)
  • Sen. Menéndez (D-N.J.)*
  • Sen. Stabenow (D-Mich.)
  • ====================
  • Rep. Becerra (D-Calif.)
  • Rep. Hastings (D-Fla.)
  • Rep. Langevin (D-R.I.)
  • Rep. Levin (D-Mich.)
  • Rep. Moran (D-Va.)
  • Rep. Pelosi (D-Calif.)
  • Rep. Rahall (D-W.Va.)
  • Rep. Sanchez (D-Calif.)

Fifteen more votes … bringing those wishing for a Third World War … or Islamic Jihad that destroys Rome …

This means there are FIFTY FIVE people in power, in Washington, who want the world to end… or are working to destroy this nation.

It might be interesting to have a close look at their voting record.


Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Royal Society Publication confirms, and amplifies on, 2012 “Genesis of Genesis” dates

Those who have purchased "GENESIS OF GENESIS" might realize that Wednesday's issue of the Proceedings of the Royal Society A (4 Sept 2013) has filled in and explained the time between the Birth of METHUSELAH and that of his son LAMECH. It represents the first eight Pharaohs from the establishment of Egypt as a State.

The story was reported by NBC News as "Who Ruled Egypt When".  The actual article is at "Researchers rewrite Early Egyptian timeline".



But we already knew that, apart from the astronomy, there was a correlation between those dates and Egyptian history. Isn't nice to see that the specifics are being published in peer review journals... ? LOL 

Have you read "GENESIS OF GENESIS"

Coincidently, effective 4 September 2013,  Amazon has a new promotion – buy the print version and receive the Kindle version at a deep discount, or possibly free.   And the dating chart, from Adam to Noah, is now on our "GENESIS OF GENESIS" Facebook page

Monday, September 2, 2013

blame Israel for any act toward Syria

President Obama referred to Israel in his Rose Garden address, saying that leaving the use of chemical weapons by Assad “endangers our friends and our partners along Syria’s borders, including Israel, Jordan, Turkey, Lebanon and Iraq.” He repeated this message on Sunday, too.

ok so Syria endangers our friends... but the border is the thing... if no gas is used along the border, then it is none of our business ... at least not until conflict is over and war crimes trials can begin.

if we use the danger aspect... then America,and Russia need to be destroyed! those two nations hold weapons of mass destruction, and their willingness to attack nations and people (who did not attack them) displays a clear disregard for human life. China in Tibet means China should also be destroyed.

Congress is free to wage any war it wishes ... naturally... the guiding force will be

it is our way... is it not?

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Assuming ASSAD responsible

Well, media loved to assume Hussein had WMD’s and now it will assume Assad used Sarin Gas.  With any luck, he actually did use it.

Why want Assad to be the user of Sarin Gas?  Because that means al Qaeda does not yet have it to use.  Of course, if we destabilize Assad’s regime, and the result is another Iraq, then the Bush, Bush, Prescott Bush family line will have won … Prescott funded the Nazis, the Bush combo gave us “Desert Storm” and then a decade years of budget busting military action in foreign lands – one which killed more Americans than 9/11, and also slaughtered tens of thousands of good, God fearing, Islamic citizens in various nations.

Of course, their ultimate goal is the one stated by Ben Laden – cause the financial collapse of America.  Bush achieved Ben Laden’s stated objective of killing Hussein.  Bush’s actions also strengthened al Qaeda, but the Republicans have more to do – if they are to destroy America.  They, the Republicans, have nothing to lose – they have already outsourced our manufacturing and basic services, so their income is now elsewhere.  Look at the Chinese economy, the life of the average city dweller … in the past two decades it has soared to heights never before dreamed of in China.  The Chinese, the first destination for outsourced jobs, are becoming “bloody rich” at our expense.  What did we get?  The right to renege on promised Social Security, Medicare, and basic services.

What this chart does not tell us – that we are the biggest producer of WMD’s and Sarin Gas in the world … in their preparation for global destruction, the Republican Party (through multiple administrations, beginning in WW2) ensured that.  We are now two decades from the time when we, under a Republican President, outdo the Nazis.     


sarin gas and syria ... minor consequence LOL

Premise: "Syria is known to have extensive supplies of chemical weapons.

Evidence: "UN experts have been in Syria gathering evidence to determine whether chemical weapons attacks have taken place on various occasions. They have now arrived in the Netherlands with samples for analysis.

"The biggest and deadliest apparent attack took place on 21 August in east Damascus. The US says more than 1,400 people were killed."

" Mr Kerry implied that the US evidence was supplied by its own sources, rather than via the UN inspectors.

"In the last 24 hours, we have learned through samples that were provided to the United States that have now been tested from first responders in east Damascus and hair samples and blood samples have tested positive for signatures of Sarin," Kerry said on NBC's Meet The Press."

Problem: Kerry is acting like,a prosecutor who has already gone to trial, rather than one who is examining the evidence to see if a trial is warranted.

Look at the premise... the Sarin exists in storage... therefore it need not have been deployed... only the storage location need be destroyed, or robbed and the stolen goods exploded... both of which point to the rebels, or those,who most profit by the fall of Assad's government... al Qaeda and jihadist types.

Interestingly, British media has begun to assert the benefit of an attack goes to the jihadist movements who are the greatest threat to international peace. The actions of America under Bush have already given them a power base in Iraq and Afghanistan ... now we are talking about giving them Syria.

It is now the basis of Democratic thought.
World War Three... the Apocalypse ... twenty-two years away and counting down.

SAINT PAUL'S JOKE is in play.