Saturday, December 20, 2008

Yea Dixie Chicks --

Date Line December 20, 2008

In 2003, during their “Top of the World Tour” a statement was mad denouncing Bush’s war on Iraq and the lies he and his people were making about Saddam Hussein and his government. Bush, siding with Bin Laden and his terrorist Al-Qaeda organization, was determined to remove Hussein and plunge Iraq into disaster.

The statement was: “Just to let you know, we’re on the good side with y’all. We do not want this war, this violence. And we’re ashamed that the President of the United States is from Texas.”

For that that the Dixie Chicks were vilified by right wing idiots bent on the destruction of the United States. More idiots took up the challenge and destroyed their CD’s.

Well, I was one of the people denouncing the war, and the effect it would have on the nation and economy. I was doing this – in print – when Bush first started his lies, and continued throughout the Bush administration.

When the Dow was passing 12000 I warned of the need for an immediate correction ... and called for one ... when it did not happen, and the Dow went to 14000, I warned of disaster. Now we are in a recession. It is a Bush Recession. It is a Republican Recession.

It is a Recession which 33 percent of the states (based on Electoral College count) not only wanted, but wanted to see worsen. It is a Recession which 40 percent of the voters (those living in the Electoral College States) wants. It is what the Right-wing Christians and Republicans want and are fighting for.

The end of the United States is a real possibility ... not now ... not necessarily under Obama ... but it is something which they will fight for. It is something the Rush Limbaugh types want; it is what the ditto-heads want – they have no brains, just say ditto – It is what the Right-wing Christians and Republicans want .

Well ... they are not going to have it. The Dow will stabilize where it is ... there will be another small downturn ... not as bad as we have seen ... and then the markets will run. The economy will refocus – if we want it to run far – and we will see a boom in solar and wind power. We will see troops coming home. We will see a move toward balanced budgets and national health insurance – nobody can afford $500 a month coverage with 20 percent co-pay and a requirement for prior approal of emergency and necessary treatments. The nation cannot afford to pay double the real cost of medical treatment. The nation cannot afford to take money out of the economy to feed Insurance Company greed and dishonesty. More important, the nation cannot afford the cost of sick workers – made sicker by the obstacles placed before them by what amounts to high-school dropout insurance clerks.

YES ... four in ten of your neighbors want the nation gone, want you sick, and want your children hungry or dead. Four in ten hate you – they worship a divinity who hates you. They call upon that divity to interfere with your life and the lives of your children ...

Funny thing ... history tells us they will – eventually – win. Evil always does – especially when it invokes divine evil. Watch, learn, and be silent ... it will ensure their victory ... mostly be silent when people like Bush tell you to kill those who have done you no harm ... and, as Bush did with Bin Laden, declare those who have harmed you irrelevant.