Thursday, July 31, 2014

Sue Obama for being Chief Executive?

The Republicans have gone completely crazy, they are suing Obama for not implementing ACA (Obamacare) fast enoguh – while also trying to have the law repealed 54 times.

Sow which is it?  Do they want it implemented as fast as possible?  Or NOT implemented at all?

Next we have the idea of a lawsuit.  The House of Representatives is charged with IMPEACHING any president who violates the authorities associated with his office.  But how do they get STANDING to sue him?  Were they personally damaged by the speed, or lack there of, of implementation of Obamacare?

Also: If the lawsuit were to somehow pass basic Legal and Constitutional  muster, would there be some form of damages assessed?

We know they cannot remove him from office – that’s Impeachment and the case needs to be made in the Senate – not the civil court.

But let’s say damages were imposed:  Obama is functioning as the President, therefore the employer must pay; that means the Government; that means the House of Representatives must authorize the payment – if they fail to, they they would be in contempt of court for not authorizing payment to themselves.

?????? HUM ??????

Congress is suing itself for damages?

Is that Legally allowed – is it Constitutional? 

Wednesday, July 30, 2014


IDF Soldiers Killed in Booby-Trapped UN Building: Three IDF soldiers killed when explosives detonated within a booby-trapped UN building in Gaza. UNRWA yet to comment.

OK, there are missiles in the UN building and now boobytraps – when a UN school blows up – is it the UN that did it?

The UN is apparently anti-Israel … has been for decades … now we are seeing them get violent and, of course, blame Israel … but how do they blame Israel for killing its own troops with UN INSTALLED Boobytraps?

Hamas has also been using UNRWA schools as storage sites for its rockets – could they do that without full UN assistance?

Is the United Nations Relief and Works Agency a front for Arab Terrorism?  When a misfired Hamas Fajr-5 Iranian-made 100kg warhead destined for Israel struck a  hospital, the UN quickly blamed Israel – it is defending MURDER and, if they were a Nation State, War Crimes.  Note that the UNRWA has continued to hand the missiles back to Hamas, “endangering and jeopardizing Israeli lives.”  It is facilitating terrorism and murder – and apparently seeks to create World War Three and the eventual death of all Christians as well as all Jews.  If you doubt, why are Christians being attacked and killed within the nations openly boasting of sponsoring terrorism?

Congress Hates Americans

Look at this chart: Tobacco is ADDICTIVE, plus it causes lung cancer and emphysema.  But Congress wants it to be legal … and  It’s more addictive than Cocaine!

Marijuana is not only medicinal, but it is the least additive, least harmful recreational habit one can acquire (TV watching, couch potato behavior notwithstanding).

Why does Congress have no problem with and approve of Tobacco, and Alcohol?

OK!  So we know prohibition doesn’t work.

But with legalization, at least there can be, and are, social and legal controls.

Note they prohibited Alcohol – and sufficient intake can mess with the liver – but Tobacco has been associated with coffin nails ever since the cigarette was invented.

Congress wants to murder Americans – and deny them any medication and recreation herb which is harmless.   Note that Texas just destroyed a crop worth $175 million – a crop they could have harvested and sold legally in the state of Colorado.  Since the growing was illegal in their state, the state could have legally confiscated it.  That act, with the sale, would have done more to discourage the growing in Texas than anything else …



How the Tea Party Functions

Just came across an article on George Orwell and Gaza – specifically how Orwell would have seen the rhetoric about Gaza (or the Ukraine).

But realized author of article was describing The Tea Party – as I described them in The Tea Party: America Upended

Writing in 1946, George Orwell argued that political speech is largely made up of handy phrases that we reach for almost by reflex. These phrases, he argued, “consist largely of euphemism, question-begging, and sheer cloudy vagueness.” They don’t explicitly mislead. Instead, they halt the thinking. “Every such phrase,” he wrote, “anesthetizes one’s brain.”

“Orwell thought such phrases were necessary to “defend the indefensible,” and it makes sense that we turn to them so readily in times of war. Cliché implies the inevitable (“cycle of violence”); euphemism obscures the awful (“collateral damage”); question-begging absolves judgment (“it is necessary because there was no other choice”). Such phrases distance us from a world pre-made, unalterable. Amidst the horrors of war, they are a soothing balm.”

I also realized – all the calls for the destruction of Israel: If Israel doesn’t exist, then the Messiah cannot return.  The Messiah, per the Book of Revelation and the years in my calculations, as presented in the two books I devoted to it --  Death Over Life: Secret of Revelation: A Prophecy of America's Destruction and Biblical Prophecy: Are we in the Revelation Eracannot return if Israel is destroyed.

So prophecies in both the Koran and Bible are negated by the destruction of Israel.  Where are the screams from alleged  EVANGELICALS ?   They should be at the forefront – if they actually believed any of the shit they do scream.

Problem is, Evangelical Christians know they are the first to fail the Judgment, and will be accompanied by Jihadist in their journey to a Hell made especially for them.  Not the hell of eternal damnation, but the hell composed of non-existence and being totally forgotten.


If Russia Shuts the Energy Tap


Russia controls the European Economy – it has become the ultimate Capitalist monopoly.  Thus, the idea of sanctions against Russia is really a backdoor attempt to destroy the European economy.

Have fun …

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Malachy Prophecy

Seems the first stages of the destruction of Rome are beginning to take shape: “Anti-Semitic graffiti and swastikas appear across Rome in the wake of Israel's operation in Gaza.”

Given that the UN is assisting Hamas in protecting its missiles, don’t be surprised if those same missiles aren’t turned on Rome.

The head of Rome's Jewish Community, Riccardo Pacifici, was quoted by AP as having said, "Rome cannot become like Paris where Jews are assaulted, synagogues are surrounded and where wearing the yarmulke is a concrete danger."  LOL a statement made even more significant by fact the Pope & Cardinals and Bishops also wear yarmulkes.

More Missiles in UN School.

The United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) announced on Tuesday, 29 July 2014, that another rocket stockpile has been found at one of its schools in Gaza, Breitbart reported.

This instance marks the third time since the beginning of OperationProtective Edge that a weapons arsenal has been found at an UNRWA school in Gaza.

Siding with Hamas, UNRWA workers called Hamas to come remove the missiles, rather than having UN forces remove and take possession of them.

It is clear that the UN WANTS Hamas Terrorists to fire on Israel, and will ficilitate that – so long as their property is not damaged in the [process. 

The UN is attempting to start WW3.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Birther Problem for Congressional Republicans.

Since his election five years ago,the Birther movement has challenged Obama’s Hawaiian Birth Certificate – asserting he was born in Kenya.
Rationally, the thing they would seek to establish is that his mother was in Kenya in late July, early Augustl 1961.  Given that she would need a passport; have passed through Kenyan Immigration and Customs when arriving there; then passed through American Customs and Immigration when she re-entered with the baby Obama -- That would be simple enough thing to prove.
We can add to that the fact that, in 1961, Kenya was still a British Common Wealth nation and anyone born there would have British citizenship, the birth of Obama would have been recorded in Kenya and with the British Home Office.  So we have two points for a foreign birth record, and any immigration permits granted to allow him being brought into the United States.
Since it is impossible for the infant and birth mother to be in different countries – mush less 12,000 miles apart – at the moment of birth – wherever Mrs. Stanley Ann (nee Dunham) Obama was, that is where Barack Obama was born.
That is, unless she was NOT his birth mother – in which case she could be in Hawaii and Obama could have been born anywhere else in the world.
This raises a problem.  Obama therefore would have absolutely no legal and authentic documentation of his birth, parentage or nationality – he would be the ultimate illegal alien!
Here is where The United States Congress and, more specifically the  Congressional Leadership, has a problem.
If Obama is not the child of an American, and was not born in America, he is NOT American at all.  Therefore it seems the five year plus Republican refusal to impeach him means they have knowingly and willfully turned the slot of Commander in Chief over to an Illegal Alien.  They have unlawfully, and knowingly, given a foreign leader power over the USA government and military.
Since the Democrats never questioned the documentation, they have not committed and illegal action – and since they have never seen fit to directly challenge the assertion (beyond pointing out the fact that it is so stupid as to be laughable and without any merit), they are not guilty of any criminal misconduct.  Plus, the Republican House must bring the charges – not the Democratic Senate – so until the Republicans admit to five years of Treason and bring A Bill of Impeachment, the Democrats are powerless.
Of course, if Obama is a foreigner, or otherwise ineligible for office,  than none of the legislation enacted during his administration is legal.  Obamacare and everything he has signed goes out the window.  You would think that would be enough to get the Tea Party to submit the necessary Bill.
The problem is, The Tea Party is also guilty of attempted, or planned, violations of the Constitution.  Canadian born Ted Cruz has asserted he is legal because his mom was American – which underscore the importance of Obama not being the natural born child of Stanley Ann Obama. If he is, than he has a claim equally valid to the one made by Ted Cruz.
So the Birther problem: Are the Republicans in Congress traitor to America who willfully violate the Constitution on a daily basis (every day they fail to Impeach), or are the Birther’s, and The Tea party they represent , guilty of High Treason via the willful undermining of a Constitutionally valid and democratically elected Administration?
Someone has violated the Constitution, has lied to the American people and is actively engaged in what appears to be a criminal activity designed to undermine the United States.
In November 2014, the voters will decide – we can trust they lack the intelligence to vote wisely and therefore will bring about the predicted downfall of America in 2015.   

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Israel Gains– as Fatah Declares 'Open War'

Funny to say Israel gains because some idiotic cleric decreed a state of war, but Iran is Cleric run, and the various Terrorist controlled regions are Cleric run.

Thus when the Al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigade, the so-called “military wing” of Palestinian Authority (PA) Chairman Mahmoud Abbas’s Fatah movement,  declared an "open war" against the "Zionist enemy," he might have done Israel a favor: Rule of open warfare are considerably difference from rules pertaining to police actions against murderers and criminal.

Of course the net effect on Christians is neat:

Hamas etc have sworn to kill all Jews; the Koran holds that ISA (their prophet Jesus) will lead an Islamic army to kill all bad Christians; the Bible (what is now included in nature of SAINT PAUL’S JOKE) mandates that – to be a Christian one must first be a Jew, or a Convert to Judaism who follows ALL the laws.  When was the last time you saw a Christian who didn’t make it a point to brag about that Ham sandwich or pork loin – or maybe mention his first, second and third wife/husband -- effectively bragging about violating the LAW and being a BAD CHRISTIAN.

Thus, the Koran mandates the killing of all Christians … an when they finish with the Jews the Terrorists will kill the BAD Christians, and any who try to save themselves by being Jewish will be killed for that.  CAN YOU SAY: CATCH-22?    

Friday, July 25, 2014

Terrorist Iraq Joins The Game

Islamic State Blowing Up Iraq's Tomb Of Jonah the fun has really begun.

Recall the start of Hitler’s move to power – “the night of broken glass”  [kristallnacht] – Iraq has destroyed, has blown up, the tomb of the Prophet Jonah in Mosul.  This is a dual Holy Site for both Christians and Moslems.  We are talking “Jonah and the Whale”.  The Tomb symbolized: questions of justice, obedience, providence, fairness and divine mercy.  It’s destruction symbolizes the end of those goals throughout the Islamic World.

This action symbolizes that the powers in charge – those who are promoting Terrorism and the slaughter of innocent Islamists, is going to be one of “total eradication not just of their enemies but even of the possibility of people living together under their rule.”

In December 1997, Terrorist destroyed the 55-meter tall Buddha in Bamiyan, Afghanistan; In September 2001, they destroyed the World Trade Center; that same year the Taliban destroyed other Bamiyan Buddhas; Christians destroyed Mosques during the Crusades and brought on the Dark Ages and the division of Christianity into all the various sects and denominations we have today; before that, Rome murdered Jesus and destroyed the Second Temple Jerusalem and set the stage for their renamed, or redesigned, religion of Hercules to become Christianity, complete with their gift giving Saturnalia Holiday being now designated the birthday of one who was born in the Spring.

We are, if the Jewish prophecies are correct, now in the age described in the Book of Revelation – the age in which the Koran dictates an Army in White, lead by Jesus [ISA] is to rise up against the evil Arabs and Christians to wipe all of them from the face of the Earth.

A Third of ALL Life will vanish [including a third of all plant, insect, animal and human].

We can laugh at that – or take a page from Ted Cruz’s December 20013 rant about the American Affordable Care Act:  “IT’s WRONG, IT’s, It can never not happen, but we aren’t going to offer an alternative, we are going to stand by and let people die… we are going to let them die because it is wrong to attempt to provide them life saving healthcare, it is wrong to make an attempt to be a Good Samarian, it is wrong to say, “I see people suffering in the street and will make every effort  to help and care for them.”

Islamic Clerics, Hamas, the Taliban, ISIS, and Ted Cruz’s and the Tea Party Movement all agree, the innocent must die.  THE MOST HARM TO THE MOST PEOPLE must become the rule of law throughout the world.

It begins with the destruction of the symbols of peace – the destruction of a Buddha, a Temple, a mother and child in the marketplace – or a child at a border crossing.

  A combination photo of the 55-metre-high Buddha statue in Bamiyan, central Afghanistan in December 18, 1997 (left) and after its destruction on March 26, 2001. It has been ten years since the statue was destroyed by the Taliban on March 2, 2001. REUTERS/Muzammil Pasha, Sayed Salahuddin/Files (AFGHANISTAN - Tags: RELIGION POLITICS ANNIVERSARY)

Destroy the Buddha

Reduce a Temple or Shrine to rubble.

As reported in SAINT PAUL’S JOKE, an Irish monk named Malachy wrote a list of 112 popes – the last one possibly being the current Pope Francis (if Francis will walk in the footsteps, and assume the role, of Peter).  In the lifetime of the final pope, the 112th pope, Rome will be destroyed.

Is the destruction of this shrine and the attacks on Israel, the first in a series of steps which will see Rome in rubble?

Fortunately one need not believe in such nonsense – belief is not going to cause it to happen, nor will it cause it not to happen.  What will affect the outcome is the nonsensical way we chose to treat our fellow man.

Hitler was just one of the more recent ones to prove we chose to murder those who are more educated and in may ways more intelligent than ourselves… and almost anyone is more more intelligent than someone who will blow themselves up to kill their neighbors wife and child – and still assert there is a deity who will reward them for those murders.  DEATH OVER LIFE is the choice being made.


Iran Boasts of Murdering Children by supplying Hamas with Rocket Technology

Iranian parliament speaker boasts that his country provided Hamas with the technology it has used to rain down rockets on Israel to force retaliation that kills hundreds of innocents in Gaza.

While Tehran frequently boasts of the financial and material support it gives to Hamas and Islamic Jihad it is generally reticent to boast of its military assistance.  This would seem to indicate we are entering a new era of violence in the wake of the persistent denouncement of the American Government by those who assert Tea party Movement affiliations.  As a result, we are moving closer to the prediction of the fall of Washington DC as established in the prophecies discussed in DEATH OVER LIFE.

in 2012, The commander of Iran's Revolutionary Guards, General Mohammad Ali Jafari, LIED when he claimed it was not missiles that had been supplied but rather their technology.  Seems Iran enjoys lies as much as Ted Cruz and his buddies – any chance Iran is funding them too?



Hamas admitted Terrorist Organization

When faced with a ‘YES’ or ‘NO’ question, the answer now given declares the opposite answer to be true.  if you do not say ‘Yes’, the Answer is No, and if you do not say ‘No’ the answer is yes – and when you avoid the easily given  moral answer, the immoral is true.

Fox News set of “Hannity”, host Sean Hannity asked his guest,  Yousef Munayyer, a simple question: whether he thinks Hamas is a terrorist organization.  Yousef Munayyer is a Palestinian-American and  executive director of the Jerusalem Fund who makes frequent spokesperson appearances on the various networks.

Obviously, if Munayyer were to affirm that Hamas is a terrorist group, his organization – which is funding  Hamas operations --  would cease to get support.  Moreover, a negative answer would destroy his credibility when reviewed within the context of Iranian funding for Hamas terrorism … which is NOT covert, but is blatantly provided with the full public support of the Iranian Leader.

When he repeated failed to get an answer to a very simple question, Hannity demanded: “What part of this can’t you get through your thick head? Is Hamas a terrorist organization?”

Seeking to give a propaganda speech supporting the complete annihilation of the global Jewish population, and r rather than beginning his response with a simple ‘Yes’ or ‘No’.  Terrorism supporter Munayyer asked: "Do I get to say anything in this conversation?"

Hannity answered., “You get to answer the question; it’s a yes or no question. … you don’t get to filibuster. … Answer, is Hamas a terrorist organization?”

#LetFreedomRing has become Twitter hashtag code for promoting genocide and mass murder by Islamic extremist terrorist organizations who are devoted to inflicting THE MOST HARM TO THE MOST PEOPLE within the Islamic world.

Note their random fire – absence of military strategy – missile attacks on Israel.  Those attacks are designed for the sole purpose and goal of obtaining a violent response guaranteed to kill far more innocent Arabs than they could possibly inflict harm on Israeli military targets.  Obviously, any serious operation aimed at overrunning Israel would first, and exclusively, target both offensive and defensive military facilities – much in the same way Japan attacked Pearl Harbor, but with a planned land incursion follow-up.

NOTE that Hamas doesn’t even seek to create a ground operations force.  There clearly is no military purpose to their attacks – the sole intent is to provoke a violent and deadly  response aimed at the killing of innocents in the same way their terrorist suicide bombers have been targeting Arabs in marketplaces, at Holy Shrine, and in (or on way to) Mosques.

Jihadist Terrorists  want to kill ISA (which is their name for Jesus, or the true Messiah who will whip evildoers from the planet) – they wish to Kill ISA prior to his announcing his birth and presence and leading the true believers in their battle to whip out those individuals who are members of terrorist organizations in both the Arab and Christian worlds.  [European Anti-Semites have same goal toward Jesus].

Thursday, July 24, 2014

The UN and Hamas working together?

It now appears that there were Hamas Rockets Found in Second United Nations School.  An agent of the UN  has gone out of its way to attack Israel – despite Israel being the target of Hamas random rocket attacks.

It would appear that the UN has also been giving aid and comfort to the Hamas terrorists.  United Nations Relief and Works Agency schools in Gaza now appear to be serving as a front for the murderous Hamas terrorist organization.

Honest officials associated with the United Nations issued this statement (on 24 July 2014): “Today, in the course of the regular inspection of its premises, UNRWA discovered rockets hidden in a vacant school in the Gaza Strip. As soon as the rockets were discovered, UNRWA staff were withdrawn from the premises, and so we are unable to confirm the precise number of rockets. … The school is situated between two other UNRWA schools that currently each accommodate 1,500 internally displaced persons.”

So Hamas, with the aid of someone within the UN, placed the missiles in immediate proximity to 3,000 displaced and innocent Islamic individuals.

The terrorists are following a pattern  of either intentionally killing innocent followers of Islam via suicide bombings, or using them as human shield and then instituting actions which demand deadly force responses designed to bring about the death of innocent Islamic civilians.

Note Iran is being lead by an Islamic Cleric who has openly encourage continuation of these murders.  Now it is clear that the United Nations – which has condoned the Hamas attacks  via their verbal attacks on Israel – has been infiltrated by Hamas agents and is a party to the murders of innocent people.  The United Nations is actively involved in promoting genocide within the Gaza population – which means that the United Nations is sponsoring War Crimes and Human Rights violations that it is supposed to help stop.

Note that Hamas has attacked an IDF Field Hospital – and the UN has remained quiet about this gross violation of all international laws.  Naturally, since they are encouraging and condoning the Hamas genocidal actions in Gaza, they will continue to remain quiet – when they should be sending a UN Force into Gaza to subdue and destroy Hamas.

2015 is approaching – the final stage before the fulfillment of a major portion of Christian prophecy is upon us, and with that will come the motivation for the Islamic Clerics to call for the Jihad of the Koran.  All that is necessary is for an individual to come forward and be referenced as the ISA prophet – the returned Messiah – of the Koran.



Energy and Water Development and Related Agencies Appropriations Act

1. Slashes funding for renewable energy programs in the Department of Energy by more than $100 million, while boosting funding for coal.

2. Bars the Department of Energy from enforcing energy efficiency standards for light bulbs.

3. Prevents the Energy Department from using appropriated funds for its climate model development and validation program.

4. Forbids spending to "design, implement, administer or carry out specified assessments regarding climate change."

5. Slashes funding for a federal program that provides incentives for swapping low-efficiency toilets for higher-efficiency models.

The House passed it by a vote of 253 to 170.

Now we await November 2014 Tea Party victories, then they come into office in 2015 … and BINGO we see why DEATH OVER LIFE carries the additional title of “Secret of Revelation: A Prophecy of America's Destruction”.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

More on anti-Christian violence

Arutz Sheva


“There are an estimated 250,000 Christians in Iran's 76 million strong population.

“They all face torture, imprisonment or the death sentence under Sharia law for not observing Islamic religious festivals and dress codes.

“Christians are facing trouble in other parts of the Middle East as well. In Egypt, Coptic Christians have been targeted by violence from the Muslim Brotherhood, while in Syria, Al-Qaeda linked rebels have threatened to kill Christians who do not join the fight against President Bashar Al-Assad.”

The evil part of the Koran Jihad has begun.  Next we await Isa and the direction to kill the terrorists … 2015-2035 is the era as calculated from Revelation and published in DEATH OVER LIFE and

Biblical Prophecy: Are we in the Revelation Era


Cleric directs Palestinians to Kill the Prophet’s family

Yep, that’s right, and Islamic cleric has directed Palestinians to Kill the Prophet’s family.   The cleric is Iran's supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, and he has authorized the murder of Jews.

Those who know Islamic history, and have looked into the marriages of The Islamic Prophet Mohammed, know that his wife was a Jewess.  It is from her that he learned and adopted the Jewish history and traditions.

The Prophet fathered only one known child, a daughter by another wife.  But his Jewess wife had brothers and sisters who produced children who were the nieces and nephews to Mohammed.  We have every reason to know and believe that they had children, and we know The Prophet decreed love of family.  There is no reason to assert that he wouldn’t be angry at any who threatened the descendants of the parents of the woman he married.

Effectively, and knowingly, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has ordered the terrorists to murder the Prophet’s family.  This is consistent with other anti-Semites actively attempting to kill Jesus by killing any Jews they can.  Keep in mind, the killing of Jews is the Killing of the resurrected or reincarnated Jesus  -- who, in the Koran, is the Prophet leader ISA.  Thus we have Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, attempting to kill – in fact ordering the death of – their future Prophet Isa.

Without Isa, there can be no true Jihad, Isa cannot lead the Jihad and point out those who will fail the Judgment – no death to the evil Christians, and the corrupt Arabs .. among whom we find Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and his followers.

The Book of Revelation, and the Messianic Jewish and Islamic prophecies, mesh – with Revelation telling of the death of a third of all life (where in the original prophecy it called for half to die).

For those who believe such things, take heart – for it can be predicted that the Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, and all the current Terrorists, shall die at Islamic hands.

“So it is written, so shall it be.”

(to paraphrase “The King and I”)

Washington Post reports: Pro-Russian separatists shot down these Ukrainian aircraft

Ukraine has lost at least 10 military aircraft to pro-Russian separatist fire

Hum … day before the commercial jet is downed a military plane was downed … and the idiotic Dutch version of the American FAA were too stupid to order flights to avoid region?

Or was it the Malaysians who are the complete and utter idiots?  Will it turn out they wanted to save a few gallons of aviation fuel?

Of course, the even more dimwitted Tea party supporters want to yell at Obama … and they want to scream because FAA has told planes not to fly to Israel for a few days – yea, it’s safe, Israel knows how to manage its Iron Dome – but we also have the Koran violating murders in Gaza to contend with.  They’ll happily kill all the innocents they can – or use them as human shields while killing other innocents (or attempting to).

Israel in Gaza

Seems Israel is getting a lot of support – much of it from Conservatives.  So much so, it could almost make a Jew wonder if they are on the right side. (pardon pun)

Even the Conservatives have noticed what they term is a “liberal rebellion against common sense.”

The Gaza Idiots, otherwise recognized as very devout anti-Koran suicidal idiots, one supported by a population which is devoutly self-destructive, are seeking to have their nation erased from the globe.  Of course, anti-Koran Islamic terrorist clerics are promoting the attacks – their hope is to create outrage in the Islamic world and so bring about a Jihad which achieves the goal set down in both the Koran and The Book of Revelation, but which actively violates both.

The famous star of the Godfather series said, “I always enjoy coming to Israel. Israelis are warm, they’re energetic people. Forthright. Very smart. I always like smart people. They’re nice people, you know. Aggressive, and I respect that aggressiveness because you need it in their situation.”

Kind’a neat … the Israelis are smart – it is mandated in the Torah and Talmud … with one tribe specifically created to acquire education and be supported by a merchant tribe which could use it.

Curiously, America seems to be funding Hamas – true, it is not providing direct military funding.  Rather it is relieving the other burdens so that what resources would normally go to supporting the people can now be directed at the commission of murder.

Get ready folks – 2015 is around the corner and DEATH OVER LIFE is about to kick in.



According to: “Lupica: President Obama needs to take the lead and 'man up' against Russia and Putin over MH17 tragedy … Sen. Dianne Feinstein was the one to tell Putin to 'man up' over Russia's involvement in the downing of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17, but it's really Obama who should be stepping up given the evidence the government has.”

Get the headline and blurb, then read the story: Seems “…

the people to whom this President listens look like kids who have taken over the principal’s office, ones who apparently think they can treat the rest of us like suckers.”

Well maybe they are suckers – question is, is Lupica one of them or is he playing to an audience he knows to be suckers and idiots?

Consider this: Comparing current events to Cheney-Bush and “… their mission to take out another regional thug, Saddam Hussein, one who in retrospect looks no more unhinged or dangerous than Putin is presently.”

HUM, so Putin is equated to Saddam Hussein, and Hussein was attacked because he was holding down oil prices (which the Saudis didn’t like – and, in exchange for his Desert Storm debacle, after his term expired, paid Bush Sr. lots of no-show money through their Canadian operation).  Saddam was also holding the line against al-Qaeda, the other emerging terrorist groups and Iran – so George Jr put an end to that and we had twelve years of war, a doubling of the National Debt, excessive oil prices (again making Saudis happy) and Iran was free to explore the Nuclear Option.

Funny thing about the Saudis involvement with oil and the Bushes, the whole WAR ON TERROR was begun when Bush gave visas to 19 Saudis who then destroyed the World Trade Center, attacked the Pentagon, tried to attack the White House (funny how that was the plane that didn’t make it) and killed about 4,000 Americans.

Saudis pay Bush Sr., destroy WTC, amazingly fail in their alleged attempt to attack Bush Jr. and suddenly all the Saudis oil competitors are out of business – especially the one that was making sure oil prices stayed low.

Anyway, Lupica equates Putin to Hussein – and asserts “This doesn’t mean that Barack Obama should have threatened to start a war with Russia. He wasn’t about to do that any more than the sainted Ronald Reagan was going to do that when Russia shot a Korean Air commercial jet out of the sky 30 years ago.”

Lupica simply infers direct Russian involvement in the downing of a Dutch commercial airliner stupidly flown over a Civil War zone in the Ukraine.   Of course, Lupica fails to mention other Ukrainian war planes which were downed in the weeks prior to the event – or to establish that the airliner did all in its power to inform those in the ground that it was foreign, commercial and civilian – and not a high altitude Ukrainian bomber.

Hey – we need to beat-up on Russia in the same way we have for six decades, and exercise any excuse to hamper or otherwise diminish Obama’s ability to conduct foreign diplomacy is right in keeping with Right-wing political motives ultimately aimed at the destruction of America.

How do we accomplish the destruction of America?  Try destroy Europe!  Or any region upon which our economy depends.  Lupica would achieve this through this suggestion: “if the evidence is as good as we have been told, the President and his chief European allies must deliver the message that they are quite willing to bring down the Russian economy — and the billionaires it has produced, if necessary — if that’s what it takes to remove Russia’s president from power.”

Let’s see, we bring down the Russian economy, that removes Russia as a necessary allied power in ongoing Middle Eastern talks/negotiations with Iran.  If those talks fail, then we could see additional violence in the Middle East – compounding the Jihadist military actions in Syria and Gaza, while strengthening the ISIS takeover of Iraq.

HUM – so the Middle Eastern powder Keg explodes … and then, as Russia folds, so does 30% of the energy it supplies to Europe … GEE and the European economy goes where?

Compounding that energy stoppage with the stoppage of oil from Iraq, Iran, and  closing of the pipelines through Syria … how much of Europe’s energy vanishes?

And what of the Saudis?  Maybe the looming sectarian civil war that they have, to date, successfully prevented can finally be fought – the royal family can then flee to some ‘safe’ location and all of the world’s major oil supplies are suddenly in the hands of anti-American terrorist groups.

YEP Lupica is dead on in the wisdom of his suggestion and criticism of Obama’s handling of Putin – as Putin sits and watches developments in the Ukraine and takes the very threatening step of  authorizing a new Gambling District in the Crimea vacation resort area which has recently decided it prefers to be Russian rather than Ukrainian … and basically recognizes that it was Russian until Nikita Sergeyevich Khrushchev decided he didn’t want it.

So basically, Lupica is complaining because Obama isn’t forcing a continuation of a Communist Territorial decision that was made around the time Obama was born.

For that, Lupica, and apparently the New York Daily News as well, would like to see the world economy destroyed and the Jihadists move closer to fulfillment of the Koran mandate to kill all the “Bad Christians”.

Ah the fun.  


Tuesday, July 22, 2014

@KyleKulinski outs self as anti-Semite Nazi.

SECULAR TALK broadcaster, Kyle Kulinski outs self as Nazi Supervisor and closet anti-Semitic when attempting to refute Bill Maher in broadcast entitled “Bill Maher Fellates Israeli Attacks On Gaza”
Short version: Israel always wins against Arabs because America and other nations give it money – but deny that money to Gaza Terrorists sworn to destroy Israel and all Jews around the world.  Note that it was Hitler who set the standard which Kyle both advocating and using to belittle Maher.
According to Kyle – if we want equality – we either stop funding Israel, or provide equal funds to Gaza Terrorist.
1. Cut funding – Israel is over run and all Jews there are killed (roughly 1.5 million).  Then, in accordance with their charter and Constitution, the Gaza terrorists and their buddies attack every nation where there are Jews and kill all remaining Jews (about 5 million).  Those who read the Koran know it also mandates the killing of Christians – Kyle is a devout Atheist so would support that too.
2. Fund the Gaza Terrorists - Israel is over run and all Jews there are killed (roughly 1.5 million).  Then, in accordance with their charter and Constitution, the Gaza terrorists and their buddies attack every nation where there are Jews and kill all remaining Jews (about 5 million).  Those who read the Koran know it also mandates the killing of Christians – Kyle is a devout Atheist so would support that too.
Gee that was easy, cut and paste the same outcome.
It is clear that @KyleKulinski should be @KyleKulinskiNazi.
Addressing statements in @KyleKulinskiNazi broadcast:

Interesting -- KYLE is arguing for more money and weapons for the Arabs in Gaza so they can fulfill their NAZI CONSTITUTION -- Pure Hitler -- kill the Jews is their charter.
Gee... and it is hope it works ... dad or uncle launches missiles kid dies. Kyle specifically argued that if you committed murder and hid behind your sister, brother or father and kept shooting at the cops, it's the cops fault if your sister, brother or father died in the exchange which killed you. Kyle's argument is that you can hide behind your sister and kill as many people as you want.
Funny -- Gaza is a coastal "nation" with great beaches ... if they didn't spend their time and money being Nazis, (OK Kyle would be unhappy but) They would have one of the more prosperous tourist nations on the planet ... they have the sun, beach and proximity to ancient Biblical sites and are on the Friggin' Mediterranean and get tourist ships from every prosperous nation in Europe (except Germany).
OH and according to Wikipedia -- Bill was wrong -- Arabs got six Nobel's
► Egyptian Nobel laureates (4 P)
► Palestinian Nobel laureates (1 P)
► Yemeni Nobel laureates (1 P)
As for Jews, Wiki states they got 28 times as many (170): "Nobel Prizes have been awarded to over 850 individuals,[2] of whom at least 20% were Jews or of Jewish descent, although Jews comprise less than 0.2% of the world's population,[3] (or 1 in every 500 people). Overall, Jews have won a total of 41% of all the Nobel Prizes in economics, 28% of medicine, 26% of Physics, 19% of Chemistry, 13% of Literature and 9% of all peace awards."
So 2% Jewish, vs 5% of the world Arab world population in region around Israel -- Islamic population? 23 percent of the total global population of 6.8 billion. So ten times as many Islamic -- they should have won ALL the Nobel Prizes and been owed an equal number more... instead, apparently by accident, they got SIX.
Bill Maher Fellates Israeli Attacks On Gaza
ADDED NOTE: at 8PM EST 22 July 2014, Kyle posted this to Facebook:
 "Secular Talk Radio - The Kyle Kulinski Show Rats, I knew people would eventually find out I'm pro 'Nazi Constitution' (& murder)"

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Republicans do NOT want a secure border

Republicans do NOT want a secure border.
They made that clear when they refuse to appropriate the money for the judges needed to process the children who have been crossing in from Mexico.

It's all well and good to rant about security ... but these false Christians are spitting on Jesus via their deeds. He did say you will know them by their deeds and not their words.

I they wanted secure borders, they would appropriate the funds to secure them. Reality, given what we see happening between Gaza and Israel,decrees a border protection system that will detect tunnels ... one that will have eyes on every square yard of surface... fences that work ... and coastal protection for the tens of thousands of miles of coastal borders ... or don't they remember the Cuban boat people.

Granted, it is easier to bitch than appropriate the tens of billions of dollars which would be needed annually for the first few decades ... but security is their issue.

Plus we need background checks on anyone seeking a visa ... foreign born wives and future spouses of Americans often have to wait years for a visa ... certainly terrorist like those who executed 9/11 should not be welcomed and allowed in on first class flights ... they should, at a minimum, have to wait until the honest spouses and future spouses are all in residence here. So what if it takes some Saudi murder a few decades ... are we in that much of a rush to see Americans murdered that,we give them priority over refugee children escaping to America for their lives?

But then, America is,the nation which turned away Jewish children escaping the Nazis, while Prescott Bush -- father and grandfather to two Republican Presidents -- was funding the Nazi death machine.

Republicans like to see children die ... they attack healthcare, school lunches, and food stamps ... why not directly murder children who cross the border ... naturally, always remembering to always welcome the terrorists.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Hamas? What’s the point?

News story, 17 July 2014: “The Israeli military on Thursday said it thwarted 13 Hamas terrorists who slipped into Israel through a smuggling tunnel armed with rocket-propelled grenades and a slew of other weapons less than 2 miles from an Israeli community.”

Hamas wants to destroy Israel – are its people in Gaza living that well that they can manage the extra territory?

REALLY!  Think about these colossal assholes – they have this great coastal nation, and all they want to do is violate the Koran and kill innocents.  They indiscriminately blast areas with rockets – in other regions their fellow suicide bombers blowup themselves in Muslim marketplaces while Muslim women, accompanied by their children, are doing their grocery shopping, or they blow themselves up among pilgrimage faithful on the way to pray at some significant Mosque.

What’s the deal?

All they want to do is kill, kill, kill.  They’re doing the same thing in France – with the help of asshole French.

Why isn’t Gaza prospering?  Why hasn’t it become the tourist destination of the region?  Why aren’t they building schools and hospitals – instead of relying upon Israel for medical treatment?

The answer seems simple – Arabs are idiots and grossly incompetent … if it weren’t for them sitting on pools of oil, they would still be living in tents and among the poorest of the poor.

They once were smart – or, at least the Hg-R1a Muslim’s were smart – then the idiots went to war with them and destroyed what would have been an Arab world power at the very time when France was spreading its stupidity across Europe.  But idiots will always prevail.

Idiots will always prevail – except in Bible where we are told the goal is “Wisdom, Knowledge and Understanding” – meaning understand that Arabs are self-destructive, self-defeating idiots and it is up to you to gain the wisdom necessary to use your knowledge and kill off the terrorist elements so that the decent folks can shop and pray in peace … and little Muslim children will be free to play without fear that their neighbors will launch murder missiles that will result in pinpoint defensive retaliation and disrupt their neighborhood.

NOTE: as with the blowing up of a car on the Gaza streets – a car containing four terrorists – Israel will kill those who are evil, without doing harm to those who are innocent … unless the innocent are put in harms way by those who are evil.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Top Republican say Tea Party Irrelevant.

According to top Republican leader, those who promote impeachment are irrelevant and no serious Republican is even considering such action.

Of course the idea of House Leader suing Obama is nonsense ... and illegal ...the House needs to Impeach ... if the violation of Constitution were,a fact.

However, that will not stop post election efforts to bring down Washington so they will have fulfilled the Revelation Prophecy... and,world war can be initiated by Islamic,Terrorists ... to have their role fulfilled.

DEATH OVER LIFE ... prophecy 2015

Thursday, July 3, 2014

True Leadership shows–In OBAMA

"Middle-class families can't wait for a Republican Congress to do stuff," Obama said in a speech on Tuesday, criticizing the legislature for failing to address the United States' infrastructure problems. "So sue me. As long as they're doing nothing, I'm not going to apologize for trying to do something."

The Republicans are really troubled by a president who will go down in history as actually doing the job to which he was elected – while the Republican Party enmass ran away from responsibilities, decisions, and most important the enactment of those things they (liars they are proving to be) proclaimed they stood for.