Monday, July 30, 2018

The path to a NATIONAL Democratic Victory in November

The path to a NATIONAL Democratic Victory in November is for them to become Trump.
Actually, it is for them to reclaim ownership of things which Trump has made central to his policies and programs.
Trump wants a WALL along the Mexican Border; he has praised the Australian National Health system as one worthy of emulating; he has also advocated targeted immigration based on merit, not a lottery or random chance.
Just imagine if Hillary Clinton were to be giving a peach and then do an "aside" where she deviated into describing how hard Democrats worked for things.  And then used the example of creating "What Donald calls a Wall" to enhance security along the Southern border.
She could then say, there are those who might remember the Democratic Parting fighting for such a wall in the 1970's when illegal border crossings and drug smuggling were at their peak.  They might also remember Ronald Reagan -- in 1980 -- being vehemently opposed to the Fence.
But Democrats "persisted"!
And finally, we achieved the 2006 SECURE FENCE ACT.  But, a third of the way through construction, Republicans blocked funding the work integral to that law (may or may not be provable, but rhetorically, in the Trump style, it works to make the point).
The SECURE FENCE ACT is what Donald Trump refers to when he calls for funding of a WALL.
There can be no disputing that, to asset otherwise is to be irrational.
Of course, Ronald Reagan and all Far Right-wing Conservatives would oppose the WALL.  We expect that.  They have no real regard for National Security or the health and welfare of our Citizens.
The President (or Donald) has made it clear that a core element of his agenda is to compete the Wall Democrats fought so hard to get into law.
We should applaud him for taking up this Democratic cause and fighting to see it through to completion.
[Boy would she get media attention for that line -- "a perfect play of a Trump [card]"]
As many know, since 1970, illegal entries into the nation have declined, and the immigration service now reports that more people of Mexican origin are returning to Mexico, or moving North to Canada, that are entering.  It may well be that the Mexican economy is showing signs of improvement and attracting them back to their family place of origin.
Or it might be that racist hostility combined with the Republicans efforts to depress the National economies in the same manner they have intentionally destroyed Red State economies [who can rationally argue Red State economies are better than Blue State one] are simply driving these people out.
But, since, without question, the economy of "Blue State California" is among the top in the nation, as reflected by the economic prosperity in Blue Counties within that state -- counties which overwhelmingly supported me [Hillary] in 2016 -- the explanation for the out-migration is either a superior Mexican economy -- which we know is not true -- the comparable economy and the superior National Health Care of Canada -- or it might be those factors combined with the racism associated with the neo-Nazi and KKK who are traditionally core Far-Right-wing members of the Republican Party.
As we know from the July employment numbers, for the first time in history the number of available jobs has exceeded the number of individuals seeking employment.  
This would seem to reflect the economic future of America caused by the loss of workers to Mexico and Canada.
It also provides a non-racist rational economic reason for the migrant outflow -- the available jobs are not compatible with the acquired skills associated with industries -- like the Auto Industry which was outsourced to Mexico and Canada in the 1970's and which now supplies the parts used in domestic car assembly plants.
The higher income evidenced by the Blue States and Blue districts within States demonstrates the economic effectiveness of Democratic Policies.  When we were in the White House {Husband Bill as POTUS}, the nation had no difficulty meeting its economic needs awhile still showing a budget surplus -- something unmatched by any other post World War Two American Administration and their related economies.
As we know, the President has praised the Australian National Health System -- and the Far right has called for revoking the Health Care program originally fought for, in 1912, by the historically recognized Republican President Teddy Roosevelt and the Roosevelt Family.  Clearly, the Far-Right opposes Republican Programs -- for what reason, and whose interests they really represent are unknown, but certainly, they do not represent the history of their party and best interest of its supporters.
But Donald Trump has told the American people, with his reference to the Australian system, that he is a Roosevelt Republican and that the nation deserves a National Health system which is at least equal to -- but this is America and we go better than -- the Australian and Japanese systems that have created lower infant mortality rates, fewer birth complications affecting the health and life of the mother, and a longevity of life which exceeds that of the average American by seven years or more.
That's seven years of enjoying retirement and time with your grandchildren.  (She can do a riff on her grandchildren which would also allow her to put in aplug for her daughter Chelsea's accomplishments.  That opens possible political doors for Chelsea and balances achievements by Ivanka.)
The President has said Repeal and Replace -- as with changes from Fence to Wall, what he is really;y saying is America need to improve upon ACA and make provide FREE American Health Care Services that are without question superior to any on the planet.
His Far-Right Republicans opponents are striving to create the Russian system -- one in which the Social Security retirement age is at least two years higher than the average life expectancy, and the funds provided fail to meet basic needs.
For those who are not aware of the Russian goal the far-right wishes to bring to America, the Average Russian man is dead by the age of 62 or 63.  
That is they are dead at the age when the America American worker is entitled to begin age 62 early retirement.  Moreover, the Average Russian female is already dead before the American maximum benefit retirement at age seventy -- and age at which the average Japanese could still look forward to fifteen years of healthy and happy retirement.
Does America want to be Russia? Thee Republican Far-right seems to believe so.  When I was denounced for use of the term "Basket of Deplorables" I was speaking of them -- those who want Americans dead before age 65.  I was not speaking about Trump's base demographic -- those who, like the President, are working hard to promote post World War Democratic objectives ... some of which, as with the National Health Care initiativwe begun by Teddy Roosevelt, began over a century agao and have seen us persist.  That persistance, as you all know, included FDR changing parties and becoming the longest served president in history -- dying in office after his fourth election victory.
Clearly, the Far-Right wants honest hard working Americans to believe that those they treat as slaves -- slaves they feel are undeserving of an above poverty minimum wage, or social security benefits whiocch do not require supplementation with food stamps and other assistance programs. 
Will they argue with me on this?
They will do anything it takes to distract from the fact they refuse to raise wages and earned benefits to levels comperable to Blue State minimums.
Benefits Americans dillegently work thirty and forty years to obtain, which the Far-right actively works to deny you.
In November, we get a chance to change things, because you have the opportunity to vote us the power to change things.
The Border Fence, authorize by law in 2006, can become a completed reality.  The President's suggestion that it also be utilized to exceed the Paris Accord agreement's environmental criteria -- that the hypocritical signatories have failed to meet -- can become a matter of consideration and possibly give the president his SOLAR WALL that can economically power a major potion of the Nation with clean and effient renewable energy.
The President has stated -- quite clearly -- that he wants DACA individual to have a clear path to recognition as American Citizens.  The Far-Right opposes this and therefore opposes Donald Trump.  Those who agree with the Far-right, those who want the average American to die by the age of 62 (like any good Russian), will oppose giving the President the legislation he has called for and will therefore promote the various Far-right openly neo-Nazis and KKK member candidates which the Far-right has placed on the November ballot.
{Hillary then returns to her other topic}
Barack Obama can take the same tactic -- ideally independently.  In his case, he can Praise the President for continuing the OBAMA ADMINISTRATION POLICIES, again take claim for and ownership of the SECURE FENCE ACT, and support the idea of America going solar -- AS TRUMP STATED HE WANTED when he suggested the Wall be a solar energy provider for the nation.
Obama can even take claim to the wisdom behind support for the coal industry -- pointing out that coal is used to make the coke that is required for steel manufacturing, and the importance of America returning to being self-sufficient in its steel production.
Thus, the Democrats support the Coal Miners and undermine any Republican claims.
Obama could also point out the Coal firms and workers who are shifting to Solar and Wind production because of the environmental damage their industry has been discovered to cause -- and so Obama can praise them for being GREEN and supporting Trump's SOLAR BORDER WALL by supporting the growth of the solar inductry.
Of course -- aint going to happen.
Far more fun to focus on impeachming Trump and trying to make the Theocratic far-right Mike Pence POTUS -- with the full support of people who back Trump, without realizing that Trump is promoting a century of DEMOCRATIC PROGRAMS and initiative which Ronald Reagan opposed. 

Thursday, July 12, 2018

TRUMP NATO claim July 2018 - the facts

On 12 July 2018, a number of media outlets have allegedly "fact checked"  the statements made by Trump at the NATO Conference.  However, they really didn't provide numbers -- Trump said 4.2% for 2018, they cited some people saying 3.something% ... but reality says we need context.
Context is the numbers from 2017 presented here, and whatever the percentages are -- the WHOLE USA Budget Deficit is explained away in terms of what the USA pays to NATO. 
So those who do NOT want a Federal Budget Surplus will argue to keep funding NATO.
America does NOT need Troops in Europe.  If any NATION is dumb enough to declare war on Europe (the EU NATO members), missiles launched from the USA can erase that idiot country from history in a matter of hours.  That was the idea of the Cold War weapons development -- no troops, just authorization to launch, launch, and the soldiers can go home for meals with their families.
If you LIKE seeing American soldiers die, if you want your neighbor's kids -- who are serving the nation -- to die, you'll complain we need "Boots on the Ground".
Otherwise, you will tell every hostile nation on the planet that you will not take their Jihadist/terrorist/aggressor crap and if, as a nation, they engage in it, as a nation they will cease to exist.
If we are talking about local terrorist acts -- each nation MUST take care of its own safety and law enforcement... Americans should not need to travel a quarter of the way around the world, to some foreign country, to do what their local police can and should do.
America is NOT the World's Policeman -- if it were, then the world had better pay for the service.

1. As derived from the 2016 Obama Era Republican Budget, "The federal government ran a budget deficit of $666 billion in fiscal 2017, the biggest shortfall since 2013. The numbers: The federal government finished fiscal 2017 with a budget deficit of $666 billion, an increase of $80 billion over the previous year."
2. Obama Era policies carried forward into 2017 resulted in The U.S. GDP increasing to about 19.39 trillion U.S. dollars in 2017.
3. In 2017, the United States accounted for 51.1 percent of the allies' combined contributions to NATO missions.
4. As for direct costs, the U.S. currently pays about 22 percent of NATO’s “principal budgets” that are funded by all alliance members based on a cost-sharing formula that factors in the gross national income of each country.
5. Of the estimated $946 billion on defense in 2017, more than $683 billion was spent by the U.S.

READ THE NUMBERS:  fiscal 2017 with a budget deficit of $666 billion and America paid $683 billion.  Eliminate NATO and the USA has a BUDGET SURPLUS of $17 BILLION DOLLARS

GDP $19.39 trillion, Trump said the cost was going to be 4.2% of DGDP, if he is correct that means, in terms of the lower 2017 GDP, at least $814.38 Billion -- or 20% MORE than in 2017.
Play the wiki game {} of what was requested/projected for 2018
federal government
2018 US federal budget
Submitted March 16, 2017
Submitted by Donald Trump
Submitted to 115th Congress
Total revenue $3.654 trillion (estimated)
Total expenditures $4.094 trillion[1] (requested)
Deficit $440 billion (requested)
GDP $20.237 trillion

If the Deficit were to be $440 Billon, then NATO is DENYING the USA a SURPLUS of $375 Billion