Monday, April 13, 2015

American character of failure.

America is a xenophobic nation of aggressors; it is driven to invade, but can never conquer.
In many ways, America is, or represents in practice, the rubbish heap of the aggression which drove the Roman Empire to expand and spread, but never unify.
China represents a somewhat opposite force -- invaded, it accepted the calendar and drive toward Wisdom, Knowledge and Understanding which brought about its culture; it then expanded to its natural borders and created a unified population which could still self-identify by geographical region of origin. in many ways, we can see China as a working model of the biblical THIRTEEN TRIBES -- the twelve tribes of territorial identity and the administrative/religious tribe of the nobility.
This same structure appears in the twelve temple districts of India ... again with an apparent expansion to natural borders and a cessation of Romanesque aggression.
Does this pattern apply to all nations?
Or is there another pattern emerging?
Africa seems to be a continent without nations, as does South America. These two regions appear to be very tribal without the driving aggression to unify; even where we see violent irrational aggression, as in Africa, it is just that -- irrational, misdirected, and ultimately suicidal in a manner associated with what is now seen as Arab/Islamic terrorism.
American and jihadist terrorism seem to be related irrational emotional outbursts in which both represent a form of personal emotional eruption -- the African-Islamist being that normally associated with criminal gangs; racist (KKK comes to mind) outbursts of the type associated with, and defining, the Inquisition; or the anti-intellectualism which sees the destruction of books and/or the architectural remains of ancestral civilization's. All are forms of individual human emotion lifted to a societal level and seen in every nation as a self-destructive explosion... in China it occurred in 300-200bce and again in the 1970s and 80s with "the ten bad years"; we saw it with the Nazis and Christian book burnings; we are seeing in with the Islamic State destruction of the great statues and cities of the early Middle Eastern region.
Many of us recognize the outburst, on a personal level, in past burning, or disposing of, creative works and compilations of books or libraries amassed by ourselves or family members.
For various reasons, we clear away the past to start anew. This can be either positive or negative - only time, and emerging regret for an irreplaceable loss, or unreliable damage, can reveal that the result is negative in nature.
On both a personal and societal level there is also the lack of regret, the lack of remorse, for an act of rage -- or planned intent motivated by subliminal rage, denied racism, or self-hatred -- this manifests in the spreading destruction which ultimately damages only the enraged individual, group, or nation/society.
America has reached that point in its history. More specifically, the American Confederate South has reached that point. In the South, race hatred combined with religious bigotry aimed at opposing the very religion they claim to follow, has brought on an expression of hatred which effectively targets themselves.
In the guise of Republicanism, we see assertions of "fiscal responsibility" followed by acts of waste and gross fiscal irresponsibility with the hallmark borrow and spend approach to life -- or living beyond ones means -- which characterizes the Nobelman in THE MERCHANT OF VENICE. We see the "evil Jew", the banker/moneylender as the titled character, when it is actually the high living nobleman who is the merchant whose multiple ships seem to spread the risk, until all are lost to different causes in the same period.
In America, those most depended upon the programs under Republican Tea Party attack are the constituents of the attackers -- those living in the Southern, and non-Southern, Republican States. As with the Nobel merchant, these States are dependent on a single asset - for him, ships, for them, oil.
The issue is one of survival. Failing to survive, it becomes an issue of the extent of secondary damage. When the nobleman adulterer and fell, he destroyed the Jew; when the South/Republican falls, he will bring down America.
Curiously, Shakespeare's Jew might well have emerged from the events, even though the court had seized all he had. The Jews of Spain and later Europe, survived by going elsewhere - Shakespeare would have know that, just as he knew all the noble houses which fell never to arise again.
America is on the brink of falling. In truth, it's world position was the result of it being isolated from the devastation of the World Wars. But it then made the mistake of thinking itself a military force -- yet we see that, when acting alone, or as the aggressor, America has yet to win any conflict... it exists because an ocean separated it from Britain, and because the British relied on Prussian mercenaries who had no desire to return to the oppression which marketed their native land. America did not win, Britain lost.
In the Civil War, the South was dependent upon the North - as it still is today - and so could not win. But the North was not really equipped to defeat the South; yet one had to win, so it was the one best equipped intellectually to survive ... and that was, and remains, the North.
America is still, in many regards, fighting the Civil War. It is a land divided against itself with a suicidal South matching the suicidal behaviors of Jihad Terrorism ... expressing bigoted anger via self-destruction.
Israel and Judaism represent the Messiah, in the South, as in Jihad, antisemitism and opposition to the text which is defining of the core belief, are driving forces.
Both Bible and Koran state a Jewish Messiah, worshipping the Jewish deity, is to be the leader, and Israel his nation.
Thus the Jihadists attack and swear to destroy Israel in service to the "king of Israel" and kill themselves so they can kill their own women and children and the faithful on the way to pray at the mosque.
The Southern Republican waves the Bible, which dictates feeding the hungry, supporting the poor, the aged, the orphaned, and caring for the sick ... they wave the Bible and then,attack all the programs designed to meet its demands. Moreover, the book warns that they who live by the sword will die by it, and that one should avoid debt, so, naturally, their fiscal program is based on borrowing to fund a military which cannot even keep children (much less terrorists motivated to do so) from crossing its borders.
Finally, the book says to welcome strangers into the land and treat them properly - as you would your own - so naturally, those waving the book attack immigrants and ignore the reality that theirs is a nation which canning survive, would not even exist, if it,were not for immigrants.
DEATH OVER LIFE, A PROPHECY OF AMERICAN DESTRUCTION which is also, apparently, in the book they wave.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Republicans HATE Families

It’s been decades since the Tax Code Marriage Penalty was identified, yet the Republicans have done nothing to alleviate it – in fact they have made it worse.

The fewest children, the smallest families, are found among the top 1% of earners – the very people given the greatest tax breaks.

These people do not support local business – the mom & pop stores and supermarkets – they spend their money on luxury items that are generally manufactured overseas and are sold by high end retailers.

It is estimated that it costs $250,000 to raise a child –- or about $12,500 a year.  That $12,500 is the amount which should be available as income tax deduction, but it isn’t.  Instead the full burden of supporting the government is shifted to those who have this child based liability.  NOTE that the same people who impose this burden on those who want children, also seek to impose that burden upon those who find themselves with an unwanted and undesired pregnancy -- because the condom broke, diaphragm  shifted, vasectomy didn’t take or pill failed … events that happen at least 10% of the time.

In addition, they seek to deny the medical insurance which would cover the cost of the pregnancy.

All of these things combine to be an attack on the poor and on families.  The “Defense of Marriage Act“ was intended to attack the one group in society that actually still values marriage.

As pointed out in "SAINT PAUL'S JOKE: 'The Punch Line's A Killer'", Christian scripture mandates marriage for both gays and straights.  Hebrew scripture condemns, for medical reasons related to STD transfer, bi-sexual males and the women who facilitate that behavior.  But Christians are forbidden to impose or adopt any part of the Law – unless they adopt all 613 Laws.  When was the last time you came across a Kosher Evangelical?

Republicans stand for THE MOST HARM TO THE MOST PEOPLE and promote fiscal irresponsibility – a fact established by the $605 BILLION dollar military budget which, by their own assertions with regards to immigrants and the Mexican border, cannot even achieve the first obligation of a Military … to secure the national domestic borders.

Even on immigration, the Republicans reveal they are anti-family.  They have devoted their efforts on immigration, not to the prosecution of REAL Criminals who create harm to citizens and their property … NO they reward the criminals by insisting resources be devoted to breaking up the families of American Citizens, and deporting one, or both, parents.  Why, not because the parents did anything wrong – but rather because of a backlog in the INS which has delayed issuance of authorized documents.

The INS is, because Republicans have refused to properly fund it, a decade behind in the issuance of the annual allotment of Green Cards and other documents.

The Republicans HATE FAMILIES, so the tax them beyond their means, seek to disrupt them, seek to force upon the costs due to product failures, and want to stop those who seek marriage from being married.