Saturday, March 11, 2017

Washington and the Republicans -- doom of their Conservative Party [the books on religion that say it]

FOUR YEARS HAVE PASSED Since this FB posting:

W. Lawrence Lipton
Seems NBC News is getting on the SAINT PAUL'S JOKE bandwagon... today they did an article on Malachy and Nostradamus each predicting this next Pope is the last.
In THE PROPHECY NOTEBOOK ... back in late 70's ... I covered this, and the one objection they pointed out about Malachy prophecies only being released in 1590... when they were labeled a fraud... nice to note, debut they neglected to mention that we have a 423-year record of that charge... and the author has been correct every time...
Should be fun to see how conclave plays out...
Bye-Bye Christianity ... or, at least, Rome... Judgement Day is here... now, with that, we await conclave, outcome, and maybe a mess of doomsday evangelicals hopping on the SAINT PAUL'S JOKE bandwagon.
That means Five years have passed since the Vatican requested, received and studied then added to the Official Vatican Archives, the pre-publican copies of  "SAINT PAUL'S JOKE" {Amazon, September 2012} they requested when I happened to mention [on the internet] that I was working on a book dealing with the history of Israel's Christian Period and the actual Gospel To the Gentiles as set down by Paul under the authority of Peter and John.
That book became "SAINT PAUL'S JOKE" {Amazon, September 2012} and, when it was studied, and they discovered I had mentioned a prophecy, the Pope [Benedict] decided to retire -- it is widely believed, both inside and outside the Church, he wanted to alter the prophecy.  In any event, he announced his retirement concurrent with the scheduled publication of the book. 

A year later, a possible solution to the dating of The Book of Revelation was published using the Hebrew Calendar mathematical system the Jewish authors would have used.

But of course that would be theoretical and any similarity in timing of now past events could be coincidental. The scientific method required a test. The theory behind that test being human behavioral events follow a pattern that is predictable. When multiple patterns come together, their interaction is also predictable. In the case of the prophecy, having declined to provide the FOUR STARTING DATES, and due to the assumption calendars would become more accurate (thus alter the date system) the "actual dates" were reduced to eras of common or concurrent years.
As it happens, one future year, the Hebrew year equivalent to our 2015/16 election period, dealt with people discussing or declaring the fall of Babylon the great city -- in our time, Washington had routinely been referred to as the modern Babylon, and it did hold that modern equivalent status as a "world power". So, 26 days later, a test book was published to test the dating system.

As we now know, "MAKE AMERICA (Babylon) GREAT AGAIN" became the campaign slogan of the party predicted to win the 2016 POTUS election... and they won, sweeping over sixty percent of the states with percentage numbers that echoed those used for the calendar system and prophecy calculation... to take the White House and both houses of Congress.
In scientific terms, the test was a rousing success. It does not assert mysticism, or some Evangelical Pat Robertson style nonsense. It only asserts and seems to demonstrate another area where human and social behavior is predictable.
Because dates associated with the United States also appeared in the calculations, and the 4-year POTUS cycle was at a point where it too coincided with the Hebrew calendar method first noticed/used in the construction of STONEHENGE, the opportunity to explore that cycle again was taken with the book published for Inauguration Day 2016:

As the title states, the book is centered on the cousin kinship of the POTUS and the fact that every POTUS can be seen as related to an earlier one via a common set of grandparents. Those grandparents being either the leaders of the original colonies or, where sons of a common parent went to different colonies as leaders (as with families in Virginia and their kin on the Mayflower). 
 The idea is not new, a 13-year old girl in California discovered all the President, but for three, were descended from King John who signed the Magna Carter. I simply tightened the connection by about 400-years.
If a name appears to be important today, the individual is probably a POTUS COUSIN ... statistically, a status held by a quarter of the nation, but all of its important leaders in Congress, on the Supreme Court, or as POTUS. There are three POTUS who are not cousins. 
 One is in the family, but being a homosexual, never married (his lover was a POTUS Cousin who had also been a VP).
Then we have Andrew Jackson and Donald J Trump. Jackson married, as second husband, the bigamous wife of a Potus Cousin and was step-father to Potus Cousins; Trump is the father of a Potus Cousin.

As for event cycles, as the recent book shows, they hold for American history as well as global history. The fun comes in watching if and how the remaining critical years unfold to reveal the predicted events. For those rare individuals familiar with Revelation, it predicts a thirty percent drop in global population EXACTLY corresponding to the demographic projections associated with the aging baby-boom and negative population growth. 
Sorry Dooms Day types, no apocalyptic end-of-world scenario required. Though the likelihood of another war in Israel, at the place called Armageddon (Golan heights, on the Syrian border, to you) is likely. First one was called the six days war and gave Israel the disputed territories.
As for evangelicals: SAINT PAUL'S JOKE has you dead with no salvation... as does that Bible you refuse to obey, and make it a point to violate. But that only matters if the "prophecy" is true. The Davidic one said the hygiene laws would be followed... do you clean house and wash? If so BINGO! Back then, Gentiles were as filthy as pigs.