Friday, April 27, 2018

Well Korean War finally end -- as the book predicted?

Book proved CORRECT BK-2nd 56-days:

Took just short of a year from publication of the second book in the Trump Card series to be shown correct.
Think back, look at the media, and everyone said they were playing toward nuclear war and Trump was the problem. The books argued he was the solution.

In The Swamp Fights Back: The Third Fifty-six Days After Babylon the Great City Fe (Trump Card) (Volume 3) Paperback – July 8, 2017 -- as the cover said -- we saw the Swamp Denizens on the Left doing the bidding of their Right-wing counterparts... and they still are. But Trump ignored them and, with an understanding Kim Jong-un, a game was played which will allow North Korea to join the modern Capitalist World (just as Russia and China have) -- and to do so in a manner which "SAVES FACE" for all of the Asian community.

The "schoolyard pissing contest" game played out -- as pointed out in book 4 of the series:

Now we enter the new period of change and global improvement -- or, if Americans so decide, destruction -- which brought us to the analysis which gave us:

Look back, week 57 was a week of peace and quiet to prepare America to enter the second 56-week period. The one which includes the November midterm elections and an American choice -- Right-wing national destruction; Left-wing national destruction; or the election of new people will and ready to move America into a leading role in the Twenty-First Century ... marked by the nation adopting the best National Healthcare system known to man, and raising both the Minimum Wage and Social Security to above poverty and thereby removing the Retired and full-time entry-level workers from Welfare... dramatically reducing that budget item.
It will be a time when DACA children become citizens... or it will be a time for none of these improvements which would make America Greater than at any time in its history... the extremists of Right and Left will win, and America will be thrown into the dark ages.
How can we afford the programs? That's explained in
... IF ALL GOES WELL and as predicted, before the 2018 election The Korean War ends. The Trump-Kim strategy (backed by China) has proven itself ... or might, in the coming months, be proved to have proven itself,

Things are going to get Interesting...

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Federal Attorney undermines legal right to legal privacy & ACLU loves it.

NY DA has made a major step to end Lawyer-Client confidentiality.
We have no way of knowing what client documentation has been stolen under the guise of an allegedly valid warrant -- but, certainly, information on ALL Cohen's clients and contacts have been stolen.
We have entered the era of "Big Brother" as a shadow figure not subject to honest laws -- it is well known that the District Attorney in NY runs a dishonest office ... in the days prior to the legalization of marijuana, NY-ADA's were sending people away for years, or decades, for having less pot then the NYADA's were themselves growing in their own apartments -- and, in many cases, distributing.

Raid on Trump’s Lawyer Sought Records of Payments to Women

GEE -- payments to women -- for what? How many women? Divorcees, mistresses, sexual harassment cases, child support ... what else? What information on legal cases are they invading?
Mueller has given the Manhattan federal attorney’s office open season to invade the privacy of anyone, anywhere.  We now have a basis for the Federal attorney's office to violate privacy around the nation... and the ACLU is ominously silent. 

We are finally entering the next stage -- all that remains is to remove Trump, install a Theocratic Right-wing POTUS and we have an absolute loss of freedom in America.
it is what America wants -- and that will be proved in November when Russia promotes Democrats who will attack Trump and so install a totally Right-wing government that will continue and increase the BORROW & SPEND policies designed to bankrupt the nation.  We will also see the repeal of Obamacare -- by Executive Orders which restrict or hamper the delivery of medical services.

Have fun -- you are getting the nation you want.