Wednesday, October 31, 2012

More support for Malachy

SAINT PAUL’S JOKE speaks to the prophecy that Italy – specifically ROME – will be destroyed.  Now we have a fundamentalist based logic for that destruction and the end of the Vatican.

Article by Giulio Meotti, Italy EXPOSÉ: Italy, Land of Islam … “Last week Italian education minister Francesco Profumo proposed that Islam be taught in public schools alongside the traditional teaching of Catholicism, while Bishop Mariano Crociata, secretary general of the Italian Episcopal Conference, announced that the Vatican is in favor of building new mosques in Italy.”

Meotti provides these facts: “Twenty-nine of the suicide bombers in Iraq and Afghanistan came from Italy.” & “Eight of the terrorists jailed in Guantanamo Bay are Italians.”

“Young children are disappearing from Italy. According to the U.N.'s Population Division, by 2050 they will account for a mere 2.8% of the Italian population. "Democracies are governed by demography”, explained James Vaupel, director of the Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research in Germany. “If birth rates stay low, Italy’s population could be 10 million at the end of the twenty-first century”, a sixth of the population today”

Now consider, SAINT PAUL’S JOKE contains a timel8ine which begins on 21 December (two months from now) and ends in 2064.  The demographic decline falls in 2050 … and we can expect it to be echoed around the world… wherever negative or zero population growth prevail.  To that decline we can add negative effects from natural disasters.  All begin within two months.

The fun aspect will be the effect the election has on America’s place in prophecy.  The children of Moses were black (their mother an Ethiopian) … Mormons are traditionally racist … does that mean anything?

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Anti-Allah … Anti-Mohammed

In Nigeria we find the typical anti-Allah, anti-Islam, organization.  It is called Boko Haram, and claims to represent Islam  … but represents militants who are immoral and deliberately violate the Koran.

Recently, they organized a suicidal Church bombing.  But attacks on Christians are only authorized AFTER Isa returns.  And then, only against evil Christians.

Suicide is forbidden… self-sacrifice is acceptable.  the difference is basic, in suicide you knowingly go into a situation with the intent to die.  You also, as in the Nigeria instance, or the attack on the World Trade Center, seek to murder innocents – which is also forbidden.

Evil leaders, priests, who are supposed to enforce the Koran’s teachings show their anti-Islam posture by making up rhetorical justifications for violations.

As we see in SAINT PAUL’S JOKE, Rome is due to be destroyed, within the next generation.  The Book of Revelation – some translations – identify the Church of Rome as the Church of Satan.  An Irish Monk, 1000 years ago, predicted all the Popes, including the next & last one – Petros – who will oversee Rome’s demise in a period of tribulation.  Will he finally be wrong?

If he is not, then it follows that the Islamic prophecy is to be fulfilled then – without the aid of these evil people, who will fall with the rest of the evil ones … and that their families and supporters with them.

Of course, those who do not believe in religion – like the Islamic Militants who has dem9onstrated their disdain for the Koran – shall ignore the warning.  It is, in the end, SAINT PAUL’S JOKE.  What is written vs what is practiced in the name of that which was never written, or intended.

The Church dies, the militants die, they all fail the final judgment.  Or, there is no judgment and they are doing what is allowed – because there is no deity to set the rules.  So, there is no reason for us.


Sunday, October 21, 2012

Disarm America

Mitt Romney wants to disarm America -- and Media is too dumb to figure it out.
He wants to produce more oil, consume more oil, than Obama.
But our reserves are limited, our navy, air-force and ground forces cannot function without petroleum -- Mitt want to drain it to keep gas price low.
Short term -- no help to economy. Low term -- we are at the mercy of Middle Eastern Jihadists.
Reality, we need wind and solar in every corner of the nation.
Provide rural communities with free electric (& covert them to electric heat) in exchange for allowing enough wind and/or solar to provide five times the community needs. That eliminates their use of fossil fuels, and the fuel to supply them with their fuel. They be encouraged to use electric cars -- further decreasing rural demand and increasing electric for urban areas.

Same-Sex Marriage

Responding to an article in the BANGOR DAILY NEWS, on Sunday, 21 October, entitled  Why these sisters are voting ‘No’ on same-sex marriage I wrote:

“When people say they don’t see how it’s wrong, I say to them if you can
show me in the Bible where God says it’s right, then I will agree with
you,”... The problem with that idea lay in the fact that the Bible tells us what is WRONG, not what is right.   Once we get past the First commandment, the idea that "Thou shalt NOT" dominates the discussion.

Nowhere in scripture is there a condemnation of Homosexual behavior [either really study the Old & New, or see book "Saint Paul's Joke" (2012, Kindle & Amazon etc),  for specifics].  What is in the New text, is the idea that Gentiles who become Christians should NOT MARRY at all (1 Corinthians 7).  But it also says they are, like the Hebrews, and followers of Peter, required to keep all the laws.  So it follows that these sisters are either Kosher, or bigoted hypocrites -- they cannot base their bigotry on a scriptural view and ignore what scripture requires...  Jesus only gave, and  required obedience to,  TWO commandments: The First of the Ten, and that we treat others as we would want to be treated.  If we wish to be denied the right to marry who we love -- as blacks & whites who loved each other were once  forbidden marry -- then, and only then, should we vote to deny loving couples the right to marry.

they say “We are Christians and we are commanded to love"  -- as you would be loved ... Jesus' second commandment.   They go on to say, "we don’t have to accept same-sex marriage as normal and natural.” Yet, if Jesus' time, even Caesar married another man, and neither Jesus, nor any of the Apostles took issue with it ... with the exception of Saul (St. Paul) who said do not marry at all ... remain single as he remained single.... unless your flesh was weak and only then should you went -- rather than burn.  Which infers a commandment to allow same-sex marriage by the man responsible for nearly half the New Testament teachings and interpretation ... and the only person who was appointed by Peter & James to give those teachings to non-Jews.


“Saul (St. Paul) who said do not marry at all ... remain single as he remained single.... unless your flesh was weak and only then should you went -- rather than burn.  Which infers a commandment to allow same-sex marriage by the man responsible for nearly half the New Testament teachings and interpretation”

SAME-SEX MARRIAGE is preferable to sex without marriage, and without marriage, sex is, in a sense, forbidden.  Saint Paul commanded that his Gentile followers remain single – as he was – and that those who had been married, but were now widowed, should also remain single.  They could only marry if their spirit was weak and could not tolerate celibacy.

Jesus said that any who were divorced, and had subsequently married, were  guilty of adultery.  So, if you are divorced and remarried, you have already spit in Jesus’ face … do you want to do it again?  He did say you had to allow others to be treated as you wanted to be treated.  If you want the right to marry, then you must allow it to others.

November 6th will have those who have forsaken any chance of Christian salvation self-identify – they will be the ones voting against same-sex marriage.

Those voting to allow it will be happy to be done with those sinners – after Judgment Day.  Those who are opposed to same-sex marriage are also those who support anything that imposes


Saturday, October 20, 2012

Mitt Romney Symbol

Well, actually it was posted to FaceBook, but it does describe the Republican approach to government.

govt symbol_1454150449_n

In November, we get a chance to make this real.  Last could, Romney 52%, Obama 48% … which is the reverse of what I predicted in a newspaper article back in August.

Just think how nice it would be, the New York Supreme Court has said opposition to Gay-Marriage is discrimination and serves no public interest.  So, if all goes well, the GOP will win and discrimination will rule.

Roe v Wade set aside abortion – saving the lives and reproductive ability of 300,000 woman annually. (based on pre-Roe statistics)

Back then, there were half as many women of reproductive age, and 1.5 million illegal abortions a year.  The GOP wants to return to that.  They also want to outlaw all abortions – even those designed to save the life of the mother.

Post Roe, out-of-wedlock birth increased … meaning those who would have rushed to get an abortion, given time, and no pressure, decided not to abort.  In theory that should have pro-lifer’s cheering … instead they want to return to the old days … killing both mother and child.

But we know why, they don’t want to pay for education, healthcare, or anything else their “pro-life” stance would logically require.  It is much easier to yell pro-life and murder both mother and child…. OH … they are anti Condom… except when it symbolizes the reality of their position.

Ah YES! … can we get a chance to have Romney-Ryan in the Whitehouse … double the National Debt, send jobs to China, borrow money from China, deplete our oil, buy oil from Arab terrorists, so they can have the funds to attack us… can we … please…

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Court enforces Golden Rule

A federal appeals court in Manhattan ruled on Thursday that the federal statute defining marriage as a union between a man and a woman unlawfully discriminates against same-sex married couples by denying them equal federal benefits.

The point I have been making for years has now been affirmed by the Federal Appeals Court.

Gay marriage, same-sex marriage, in Maine should pass.  But we need to understand the extend and full scope of bigotry – it will always seek to deny others the rights the bigot claims for themselves.

The majority opinion stated that the federal law was “not related to an important government interest,” concluding that “homosexuals are not in a position to adequately protect themselves from the discriminatory wishes of the majoritarian public.”

Now, how will the states react?  Will they act against the public good, or will they follow their obligation to promote it?  Clearly, Republican states will demonstrate the degree to which they are bigots, and also the degree to which they are anti-Christ, and anti-Torah … that is, the degree to which they will violate the Golden Rule which Jesus set as the Second Commandment of only two which people must obey … and Hillel decreed was the summation of Torah, with the text being mere explanation.

Prepare to DOUBLE National Debt

Obama & Romney appear to be in a near dead heat in a poll by Politico-George Washington University, with Obama at 49 percent, and Romney at 48 percent.

However, Gallup Poll Gives Romney Biggest Lead Yet … the consulting firm reported, more than half of likely to prefer Romney for president, with only 45 percent backing Obama, the Washington Post reported Thursday.

This reverses my August prediction numbers, and is likely to mean a doubling of the National Debt will be the hallmark of 2012-2016, & 2012-2020, era.

To affect the doubling, the nation will need to go into a full blown recession… but not before a period of record growth related to increase borrowing.   The Social Security system will, naturally, collapse.  But that will affect only those currently under the age of 55…. who turn 65 in 2022.  At that point, the economy will be in a shambles.  Worse, we will be without Gasoline and alternative energy sources.

There will be more wind-farms, probably more solar, but it will not be on a scale designed to alter the reality of our dependence on the Middle East and the oil controlled by Arab extremists.  Though, in terms of “Saint Paul’s Joke”, it is possible that we will be in a state of war.  Any petroleum resources will be diverted to combat requirements. More important, the nature of the conflict should remove the Middle Eastern reserves from access.

Rome will be destroyed – according to the ancient Malachy prophecy.  (Feel free to reject prophecy, but it is worth considering, since all of Christianity and Islamic culture is based upon it.  Without it, neither religion, nor their related cultural effects, have an justification for existence.)  Assuming that happens, the causes are natural (Earthquake activity) or manmade (War and/or Terrorism).  In either even, the region will be in turmoil.

Assuming Terrorism – Jihad – it follows that the oil fields will cease production.  That alone will remove the United States as a military power … no oil, no ships or planes to transport men and equipment to the region.   Also, no domestic transportation that is not electrical, so an increased demand for coal powered electric will emerge … with dirty air… an increase in climate change … raising of sea levels and these invoke the Edgar Cayce prophecy of the Great Lakes flowing into the Gulf of Mexico.  There will also be an earthquake in the region where Ohio and Indiana touch Missouri/Kentucky.  That should kill a million people and destroy the economy for a third, or more, of the nation. [1816 example, at that time the region was empty and the R8.9 quake rang bells in Boston… and caused damage throughout the southern states.)

All by electing a Mormon & Right-wing Christian

who believe in


Monday, October 15, 2012

Killing Americans – following Religion

PAUL KRUGMAN summary: “The Romney-Ryan position on health care is that many millions of Americans must be denied health insurance, and millions more deprived of the security Medicare now provides, in order to save money. At the same time, of course, Mr. Romney and Mr. Ryan are proposing trillions of dollars in tax cuts for the wealthy. So a literal description of their plan is that they want to expose many Americans to financial insecurity, and let some of them die, so that a handful of already wealthy people can have a higher after-tax income.”

In the debate, Candidate Ryan said: “Our church should not have to sue our federal government to maintain their religious liberties. And with respect to abortion, the Democratic Party used to say they wanted it to be safe, legal and rare. Now they support it without restriction and with taxpayer funding. Taxpayer funding in Obamacare, taxpayer funding with foreign aid.

Translation: The Federal law, the laws of secular society, should be directed  -- along with its monetary resources -- to reflect MY religious values, and not those of the rest of the nation, or how it complies with a UNIVERSAL Golden Rule… providing other nations with the Good Sumerian assistance we would want them to provide … if we needed it.

BIDEN said: “My religion defines who I am, and I've been a practicing Catholic my whole life. And has particularly informed my social doctrine. The Catholic social doctrine talks about taking care of those who -- who can't take care of themselves, people who need help.  With regard to -- with regard to abortion, I accept my church's position on abortion … I accept it in my personal life. … I do not believe that we have a right to tell other people that -- women they can't control their body.”

Translation:  The Church governs personal choices of a religious nature.  The Church interpretation DOES NOT govern secular choices, nor do its rules of behavior, or interpretations of doctrine, over ride the specific  example of the Good Sumerian … who, if he had left the wounded man to die, would have been following his churches traditional doctrine, and not the will of his deity.

Golden Rule:  If you want the right to control your body, do not deny that right to others… nor allow them to usurp your right to control yours.

RYAN: “The policy of a Romney administration is to oppose abortion with exceptions for rape, incest and life of the mother.  Now, I've got to take issue with the Catholic church and religious liberty.”

So!  Ryan has issues with the religion that he professed to follow, and effectively agreed with the Biden position.  So?  What was the meaning of the first bit that objected to Secular Funding or secular action?

Ryan goes on to advocate majority rule – a rule he is effectively setting aside when he defines it in terms of his religious Catholic minority.

Now, what will Romney do in terms of his religious minority – whose doctrines declare the sub-human status of a significant segment of the nation?

It will be interesting to see how many are willing to find out.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Absentee Governor to Absentee President

“During Mr. Romney’s four-year term as governor of Massachusetts, he cumulatively spent more than a year — part or all of 417 days — out of the state, according to a review of his schedule and other records. More than 70 percent of that time was spent on personal or political trips unrelated to his job, a New York Times analysis found.”

Gee, this is exactly what America needs – someone who will not be there to run it.

OK this is unquestionably partisan: “I thought he gave up on his job,” said Phil Johnston, the chairman of the state Democratic Party while Mr. Romney was in office. “Romney was quite popular at the beginning of his tenure. The relationship between him and the Massachusetts electorate really soured.”

After all, they would have known if he had quit, rather than was just incompetent and too friggin’ lazy to really do his job.  We really do need this in Washington. [Not being facetious, or sarcastic here]  We really do need a President who ignores his responsibilities.  Imagine if Bush 43 had not involved himself – the National Debt would not have doubled… and if it had gone up, the average person would probably have had something to show for it.  Now extend that back to Bush senior and Reagan … we know that Clinton lower the deficit and debt … so we would actually owe less.  We’d be richer; our EDUCATIONAL SYSTEM WOULD BE BETTER but now … we want to have a hands on Romney – so education will be gutted, the rich will ship money out of the country, we are already a third world nation – as defined by a nation whose foreign trade is agriculturally based – and, with luck, we will become a true third world nation … which means China will start opening cheap labor facilities here.

Yep … Let’s elect a no-show president.  It appears it is what the public is starting to lean toward …  THEY LIKE the way Romney looks in front of a camera … so long as he keeps his mouth shut, or opens it in a centrist manner, they’ll be happy … and America will be open to destruction …

Welcome to the Age of Aquarius

It is no longer dawning … it is here.

Taliban Murderers … a thing to enjoy

“Taliban’s shooting of Malala Yousafzai, a 14-year-old education activist who was critically injured, but militant commanders in northwestern Pakistan reiterated their intention to kill the schoolgirl or her father.”

Read a related article with a CARE empowerment ad on TV.  The Taliban is waging war against CARE!

  • Who does the Taliban represent?
  • Who allowed them to come to power?
  • Who allows them to stay in power?
  • Do they represent Islam?  The Hindu?

Taliban supposedly mean meaning "students" in Pashto… what do murderous idiot students study?  The murder of children?  The slaughter of culture?

It is interesting it enforces strict interpretation of Sharia law, while leading Muslims have been highly critical of the Taliban interpretation of Islamic law … but who cares?  Do you?  Do people of Afghanistan and Pakistan support the Taliban?  Do they … do they support it they way the Germans supported Nazis, or the way the Church supported the Inquisition?   It is important to know … if they do, then the Taliban will be with us as long as the Western Christian Church, or as pernicious as the neo-Nazi movement.

First take over the Indian Nukes, then attack the West … as the Oil nations of the Middle East recognize them, and support them … with the full knowledge that, by the time the Taliban achieves its ends, the gas guzzling, anti-wind and solar Western leaders – most notably America’s Republican Right – will have run their nation(s) dry, and be easy pickings for anyone with the fuel for its warplanes.

“Saint Paul’s Joke” provides the rough timeline and initial indicators of the violence and tribulation which will rock the West.



Thursday, October 11, 2012

Pope acknowledges but misses point.

"In these years, we have seen that there is discord in the vineyard of the Lord, we have seen that in the net of Peter (St Peter, the first apostle) there are bad fish, that human fragility exists even in the Church," said  Pope Benedict.                           

It is rather funny: Vatican received “Saint Paul’s Joke” three months before publication; now, four months after receiving it, it becomes obvious that nobody had the nerve to tell him what it said.

Poor Pope – he’s one of the “Bad Fish.”  He believes Jesus was Hercules, and the God of Israel is Zeus.

Granted, Hercules was the only foreign deity that Romulus allowed in Rome, but, to Jesus, Peter and Paul, Hercules symbolized the Pagans.  So, naturally, the Pagans converted Jesus into Hercules.

"Recent decades have seen the advance of a spiritual desertification," he said in his sermon of a morning Mass, opening a worldwide "Year of Faith".  But, 1600 years ago, Christians deserted the faith so that they could follow the ignorance of a rhetorician named Augustine – who they raised to Sainthood … in accordance with a Roman tradition of declaring mortals to be deities.  This is a "Year of Faith".  It is the last year of the Hindu & Mayan era, and end of the Mayan Calendar.  It is the start of the Golden Age.  But it will, according to a sainted Irish monk – whose predictions have held for 900 years – see much tribulation in Italy, and the destruction of Rome … along with the LAST POPE.   

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Paul Collins Broun – Congressional Idiot.

Paul Collins Broun, Jr. (born May 14, 1946)[2] is the U.S. Representative for Georgia's 10th congressional district, serving since 2007. He is a member of the Republican Party and the Tea Party Caucus.

Broun stated: "You see, there are a lot of scientific data that I've found out as a scientist that actually show that this is really a young Earth. I don't believe that the Earth's but about 9,000 years old. I believe it was created in six days as we know them. That's what the Bible says."

But that isn’t really what the Bible says.  We know, from the Mathematics of the Bible -– revealed in the book, “GENESIS OF GENESIS” (2012) available on – and the Hebrew Calendar.

Interestingly, Rep Broun is a doctor.  That raises questions about the quality of American Education and the competence of the medical school which issued his degree.  Keep in mind, this man is on the   House Science, Space and Technology Committee, he is therefore influencing the future of America and its place in the modern world.  Everything which defines the science he passes judgment on also defines a world which extends back millions of years.

"God's word is true," Broun said, "I've come to understand that.”  So, God’s word says do not eat pork, blood or shellfish – but, would you really bet that this man abstains from his pork suppers?  NO!  He spits in God’s face … he, like all fundamentalist Christians, is a hypocrite … a devil worshipper, who belittles scripture … turning to it only when it suits his evil purposes.

You doubt that?  Read “Saint Paul’s Joke” and learn what Saul of Tarsus, Apostle to the Gentiles – as appointed by St. Peter and James (brother of Jesus) – really said was the obligation of those Gentiles who would follow Jesus.  As with “Genesis of Genesis”, you can obtain “Saint Paul’s Joke” at  Both books are available in Print and Kindle formats.

Learn why Jesus proclaimed that there would be Gentiles whop would come in his name, but he would not know them.    Rep. Paul Collins Broun and his followers are among those who Jesus will reject and deny salvation – best read “Saint Paul’s Joke” an learn … or you too might be among them.

The NEW AGE begins in 21 December 2012 … after that, Pope Benedict XVI will, given his age, naturally die.  He will be replaced by one who will be known by, or related to, the designation PETER.  It will be a time of Tribulation and Rome shall be destroyed … just as the Romans destroyed ancient Jerusalem nearly two thousand years [1942] ago.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

A Generation to Go ... bye-bye

Date Line September 30, 2007

The various studies, peer-review papers and monographs, contain inferred information – things which are not expressly stated, but are obviously taken as a premise or given.

WATER: The relationship between glaciation and desertification has, or reveals, an inverse ratio of available vegetation to glaciation. The system infers a finite and balanced ratio of water to climate condition. Thus when there are glaciers there is desert and low vegetation.

As each takes time to develop, it follows that there is a timescale for any change from desert to forest which exceeds the life-span of any one tree.

More important, since there is a fixed quantity of water under all conditions, it must be located somewhere at all times. Seems obvious. If deserts are increasing, and glaciation is decreasing, the amount of surface and sub-surface water must increase.

Sub-surface water is a lubricant – as has been discovered in oil drilling regions – which releases fault-lines locks. That is, where two earth plates meet, seeking to overlay, friction holds them against pressure from systemic movement. Add water, and the plates will slip, the straining pressure will be violently relaxed through an event defined as an earthquake. (Gas and magma pressure cause same affect in volcanic regions.)

If sub-surface water is not allowed to accumulate, and so does not allow for lubrication of the tectonic plates, eventually the plate pressure will grow to the point where the slightest lubrication will cause a major slippage.

If sub-surface water is not allowed to accumulate, accumulation will still occur in the atmosphere or surface reservoirs – lakes/oceans. The atmosphere has a limited absorption capacity, made more limited by those conditions associated with desertification.

Ultimately the seas take on the job of retaining the balance, and levels rise while land area becomes dryer, or is submerged.

One can easily see how the preservation of natural balance serves to eliminate elements of life which might be disruptive to that balance. Desertification forces life to consolidate into a narrower habitats; and to consume food while restricting opportunity for its replacement.

Curiously, this could favor modern humans. There would be an obvious division between those who lived in remaining habitat and those who created desert habitats. The deserts would require the creation of closed environmental systems to be maintained over a minimum of multiple centuries, and possibly several millennia.

The result could be genetic drift, and mutation toward creation of several new and separate species of hominid.

Conversely, humanity could move into currently uninhabited areas. A population decrease would be necessary; and thus an increase in disease would be anticipated (necessitated by natural balance and mutation opportunities for microbes which have not been exposed to human hosts prior to occupation of the empty territories).

Reproductive success remains, as it has in the past, the only criteria for general accomplishment. Reproductive success will be defined as both the ability to produce children, and the intellectual ability to adapt the needs of humanity to the natural world.

Given history, as defined by the past five thousand years, and as also evidenced in the record for the past two hundred thousand years, about fifty-percent of the world population will die with one generation. When the count for, the first day of, that generation will begin cannot be defined now; but it will be sometime in this century.

Sea levels are rising, a northern-passage has opened in the arctic, and the deserts are expanding. In addition, ground water reserves in those regions prone to earthquake activity are being steadily depleted, and expelled water is being contaminated in all regions.

Dates – years – which are cited, on a recurring basis, include 2012, 2030 and 2050. There is a convergence of actions emerging around, and involving, these time frames. We are, by current projections, one generation away from the onset of a new era of mankind.

Stupidity of Hasidim

I was thinking about things in “Saint Paul’s Joke”, which means thinking about the Bible, and religious traditions.  Inevitably, that means thinking about idiots who can never make it past any Davidic test for Resurrection.

The Hasidim have a test for Jewishness: The mother must be Jewish.  So, if we accept that, how do they know she is Jewish?  Or consider this:

  1. If the girl’s mother was not Jewish, could the girl be Jewish?
  2. If the girl is not Jewish, because her mother was not Jewish, could her daughter be Jewish?

It is for this reason that the Hasidim have customs which seem to follow, or apply, female conversion rituals to  every woman when she marries.

The Hasidim do not know what the mother was.        Hence, they must convert the female to ensure she is “Jewish”.  At the same time, they do not like, or make it is for, converts.

The Hasidim are NOT Jewish.  They are converts.  But they are too stupid to understand that.  Therefore, we find that, as a group, they are also the poorest of the Jewish communities..  

Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Real Romney

Romney’s debate statement made it clear that he would eliminate government funding for PBS, even though he likes Big Bird; this clearly indicates that Romney would not hesitate to hurt those he likes – in the name of short term gain, or profit.

Think about  who he would hurt: The sick, those in need of medical care – more important, those who should have preventative care that private insurers ALWAYS deny.  When did ever hear of a private insurance company ever mandate, as a condition of coverage, that it’s medical insurance patients have an annual – and fully paid for – check-up?

Private agents know that they must let you die – it’s profitable… even if you have a major illness because they set you up, it provides them free “good hands” advertising that they paid for the care (which failed), after having denied the test, or medication, which would have prevented the need for critical care.

Romney knows this.  He also knows that his ‘plans’ would increase the National Debt … double it … plus.

Romney knows where his profits are.  They are not in saving and growing the America economy.  They come from destroying it, then buying the remains at less than dirt cheap prices.

If you are going to be over 62 (or were born before 1954) within the next four years, then Romney is targeting your ass… he becomes President, and that will be done from point-blank range.     

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Saint Paul’s Joke

Kindle Edition of Saint Paul’s Joke ($6.00)is available at

Print Edition of Saint Paul’s Joke ($14.95) is available at

Vatican Archivist sent a nice Thank You – dated 4 September 2012 for the two copies that they had requested – which were send in July.

This is probably the only chance for those who believe in Christian Resurrection to make sure they meet the basic requirements.  It seems Fortunate, for many of us, that most Christians are really anti-Christs … they just will not learn that before they stand before the Judgment Bar.  Though they should have realized it from reading the Gospels.  Comical aspect, those who never read the Gospels  actually have an advantage in gaining salvation.

I love it