Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Crystal Night Redux

Well, we are off to the races presidential. Obama picks Joe Biden – a name and personality known to world leaders and all those who have not been in a cave for the past twenty years. That is, with the exception of Bin Laden – whose cave is probably better equipped than either most hospitals and/or the average Maine home.

In response to Obama acing out Clinton, McCain picks an unknown Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin – who happens to be a mother of five and five months pregnant with number six; as of this writing, no word on just how pregnant her unmarried seventeen year old daughter is. Of course the Gov is a Right-wing fundamentalists determined to ram her concept of morality down the throat of every woman in the nation – I guess that reduces to, “become, or raise, an underage unwed mother”. Naturally she is an advocate of gun ownership rights – how else could there be a shotgun wedding?

Good move for a party that touts it’s concept of morality in the context of a total absence of choice. And there’s more.

Shades of another GOP VP – Theodore Spiros Agnew – Governor Palin is has needed to hire a representation in the face of a range of possible ethical, or criminal, violations ... all committed in her brief two years as Alaskan chief executive. No matter.

Speaking of Agnew: One must recall that he was associated with Nixon; and Nixon was associated with the police brutality at the Chicago convention. Is it really six degrees of Presidential Convention contact? Hum. That was 1968, during the final days of an irrational and unpopular war, and here we are in 2008, with another unpopular and irrational war – one which now threatens to bankrupt America and reduce it to some level below “third world.”

Regardless. It seems St. Paul, Minnesota authorities decided the recent convention was to be preceded by “pre-emptive” police raid in which nationally known reports were handcuffed and – in violation of both the Constitution and Supreme Court decisions – their cameras confiscated. Other reporters were interfered with as they attempted to cover the breaking story.

As in 1968, those attacked by police were associated with the term “hippie” and represented individuals seeking to exercise their civil right to protest an illegal war based upon lies, deceit and the abuse of presidential war powers – not to mention actions which threaten total dissipation of the youth, wealth and honor of the Nation. Of course, no actual crimes had been committed. The basis of the pre-emptive strike was the possession of common household items – like kitchen knives and boy scout hatchets.

In view of the claims made by the law enforcement officials responsible, it strikes me that there is an alternative motive behind the GOP support and promotion of gun. If you own a gun, the government can, on a whim, break down your door and arrest you – as a pre-emptive act to stop you from using the gun to commit an undefined or determined crime. Given the current administration’s disregard for Civil, or Constitutional, Rights – and McCain’s support of the administration’s positions in that regard – it would appear that the government is testing alternative methodologies for the eventual abolition of the current government. Remember, though many forget, that things must be done legally – despite the 1938 KRISTALLNACHT, the night of the broken glass – even Hitler was elected in a democratic manner consistent with GOP politics.

As those familiar with my views might recall: Prior to Bush’s election I pondered if he would be as bad a president as I believed the record indicated. Then, eight years ago, I didn’t mind people voting for him – I wanted to see if my analysis was correct. I’m still waiting for the shoe to drop on Iran; but otherwise I seem to have underestimated the American willingness for, or drive toward, self-destruction. This election will most certainly establish the extremes we will go to in our desire to restore the age of kings and dictators, and so end this most “grand experiment.”

To close with a reminder of what McCain has promised: 1) we could stay involved in this ten billion dollar a month Middle Eastern debacle for one hundred years; 2) we can free ourselves from dependence on foreign fuels by depleting our own reserves – which are a third to a tenth of what Iraq, Iran, Saudis and Russians hold; 3) if we used our oil reserves to create a short-term reduction in energy prices, we could be dry before the next president leaves office; our military requires oil far more than private consumers – without secure domestic oil resources, our tanks and planes cease to function. Taken together, the GOP plan seems to be total and irrevokable unilateral disarmament concurrent with the bankruptcy of the nation.

That irrefutable reality indicates that, come November, the vote will be pro-America for Obama-Biden verses those who join the third of the population actively seeking to destroy this nation.