Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Obama Lead Narrows

Yep PEW RESEARCH has the lead narrowing because of the economy – apparently 86 percent of voters put that high on their reasoning list.

Lowest on list is the chief issue for Republicans: Gay Marriage (28 percent – the number of voters who are consistently anti-America).

So it comes to this … America can vote for self-destruction … which it did with Reagan and Bush 2.  It will be interesting.  How many times can we double the National Debt?  How fast can we consume all our petroleum reserves -------------- leaving Islam the only source and Al Qaeda as its master?

Monday, April 16, 2012

GOP wants us broke!

Senate rejects consideration of ‘Buffett rule’ tax increase for millionaires

WELL they have done it again: The Most Harm to the Most People means keeping the rich from paying for the services they demand of the nation.  The GOP is doing all in its power to continue to see our Budget Deficit and National Debt continue to grow.  That also means that they will seek to crash the Social Security System.  With the Baby Boomers going on SS – life could get really interesting.

Keep in mind – today’s 65 can expect to go to 78 … that’s three presidential terms.  Obama takes one – which the GOP will continue to sabotage in the same way that it has the nation as a whole since the days when Ronald Reagan yanked the solar collectors off the Whitehouse, and Bush Senior destabilized the Middle East by attacking Iraq – which as part of his goal to double the national debt, George W went out of his way to finish.

Remember, double the National Debt at the same time the Baby Boomers are leaving our economy, and you have a formula for destruction.  Ship basic jobs overseas, lower taxes on those who have the surplus money to pay them, and gee – double Debt again.  Then you get to yell poverty and slash Social Security, education, and medical care.

The Most Harm to the Most People

It’s the Republican way of life.


We’re in final countdown.