Friday, January 17, 2014

The Tea Party: America Upended

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Valley of the other kings: Lost dynasty found in Egypt

Look at our timeline and these words from the referenced article: "in 1997, a Danish Egyptologist, Dr Kim Ryholt, deduced from a highly damaged ancient Egyptian papyrus, that a lost dynasty should theoretically have existed at Abydos between 1650 BC and 1600 BC - part of an era of political disunity known in Ancient Egyptian history as the Second Intermediate Period."

The timeline is part of the book GENESIS OF GENESIS  (Kindle & Print editions).
Note that the divided period in Egypt matches the period of Jacob & Joseph.  This is NOT coincidence, it is history.  The restored dynastic period is believed to have begun around the time the Biblical Joseph was born.  As an outsider, he fits the history of the restoration.  As the article tells us:
"n around 1550 BC, after at least 50 years of war, the southern kingdom defeated the foreign-originating dynasty in the north and succeeded in re-uniting Egypt. However the new archaeological discovery at Abydos now shows definitively that there was a previously unknown third state (the' Kingdom of Abydos'), ruled by the lost dynasty, which existed for a time between the native Egyptian south and the foreign-occupied north. It may have served as a sort of buffer state (controlling 100 to 150 mile stretch of the Nile Valley) - and its demise in around 1600 seems to roughly coincide with the beginning of the native South's struggle to liberate the North from foreign rule."