Wednesday, March 25, 2009




Well, our governor is finally unencumbered by the Right-wing economics which brought us into the worst economy since the Arab oil embargo set the stage for initiating the Reagan-Bush voodoo economic policies. Finally, there is the possibility that we shall return to real economics – beginning with the proposals as put forth by Governor Baldacci in this month’s State-of-the-State address.

The governor has seen the wisdom of Wind Power as a means of making Maine both energy self-sufficient, and as a means of turning Maine into the energy source for New England. Can the average Mainer grasp the idea of being a Wind-OPEC? Or being masters of a an endless renewable power source? We in Washington County envisioned in nearly four years ago (MVNO July & Aug ‘05) when we understood these words:

“Wind is a sustainable economic force – the electric generated can replace oil, coal and natural gas. So why not capitalize on an abundant, safe and environmentally friendly natural resource?

“Wind power would not only contribute to our economic growth; it would enhance Downeast ‘quality of life’ in a manner which is environmentally friendly. Quality of life is something we can promote in a way which will both stabilize our population, and attract new

Isn’t this very similar to what the governor – free of the pro-Saudi Bush Administration – is now proposing? Isn’t this also what the Obama administration wants, but Bush opposed?

The Governor has proposed expanding the laptop program – making the machines available to every child, teacher, and parent; allowing the parents instant access to schools related data by insuring there is pre-installed software for that purpose. We know the political forces which opposed the internet and laptop program – and though they are still on the attack, still trying to disrupt lives and families in the name of THEIR idea of ‘family values’ they are now discredited by all who have eyes to see and ears to hear.

If you listened to the comments after the Governor’s Address, you would have heard our Republicans denouncing ‘Borrow & Spend’ governance – and using that exact phrase which we in Washington County, and across major segments of Maine, years ago recognized as the essence of Reagan-Bush "want-a-be-poor" Voodoo Economics (MVNO, Jul’05, May/Oct/Nov’06, Oct’08).

We have even noticed that Washington and Maine have both recognized the failings of No Child Left Behind and its insistence on punishing both teachers and schools for the failures of their predecessors, rather than rewarding them for overcoming the limitations imposed by diverting the nation’s wealth and human resources into the pockets of those who would see this nation fail.

Demographically, we all knew this day would come. We knew that there would be a flood of people leaving the work forces – we will, over the course of the next few years come to recognize that the high unemployment numbers were both transient and distorted. Why will we come to believe this? The one thing Bush got right – the baby boomers are at retirement age. Firms have announced they are going to terminate such-and-so many jobs over the next whatever period of time.

Sounds bad.

For those who are honestly laid off, it is bad. But many of those ‘to-be-terminated’ positions belong to people who were going to retire within the stated time frame anyway. Bush told us about it eight years ago – even a stopped clock is right twice a day. Reality check – as the Dow passed 12,000, you knew the market was topping. You also knew it had to periodically return to certain levels – we are now at those levels. If the Rush Limbaugh’s of the world get their wish that Obama’s programs fail – we could see 4,000 to 4,500. But by 2012 we will be heading up and surpassing where we were three years ago.

Regardless of what Rush and his Dittoheads want and hope for – we are at the greatest buying opportunity in history. We will see our schools improve; wind and solar will provide abundant energy for a shrinking population (shrinking because we are globally approaching zero population growth and the baby-boomers are beyond reproduction); all we need is an alternative fuel to power our aircraft – and the promised age will have arrived.