Saturday, October 24, 2009

Idiots 101 - New York

Newly released campaign records show the mayor Michael R. Bloomberg, as of Friday, had spent $85 million on his latest re-election campaign, and is on pace to spend between $110 million and $140 million before the election on Nov. 3.

What Bloomberg is spending to run a city would educate 40,000 children -- school budgets are being cut and this jerk is wasting 140 million to get a nominal paycheck. By comparison, Steve Forbes poured $114 million into his two bids for president; Ross Perot spent $65 million in his quest for the White House in 1992 and $10 million four years later. Hence, running NYC is more important than running the United States. GEE now there is an ego boost for New Yorkers.

Of course, if NYC is not more important than all of America, the people of NYC will be governed by a money wasting idiot ... oh, right, they are governed by a money wasting idiot.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Deficit & Jobless

"More than a million jobless Americans are in danger of losing benefits by the end of the year unless Congress passes an extension of unemployment insurance. The House has acted, but the Senate, which has a better bill, has been bogged down by obstruction from Republicans." - New York Times Editorial 17 October 2009

The Most Harm to the Most People, has been and remains, the Republican agenda.
Will Americans realize this, or shall the persist in their self-destructive ways?

Out of Washington:
"The Obama administration said Friday that the federal budget deficit for the fiscal year that just ended was $1.4 trillion, nearly a trillion dollars greater than the year before and the largest shortfall relative to the size of the economy since 1945."

For at least four years you were informed that the Bush agenda -- the Republican Agenda -- was to create a Trillion dollar deficit. Bush gave us a Major Recession and we coasted into that Trillion dollar deficit.

Once again, it will be up to the American Citizen -- in 2010 -- to decide is they endorse policies based upon "The Most Harm to the Most People", or if they want to enjoy the benefits of a free nation and free economy grown by the intelligence of its people and not the manipulations of a few dishonest bankers & the Republican politicians they have borught and paid for.

Friday, October 16, 2009

How Moral is Pope?

A dynamic, handsome Franciscan friar in a brown robe serving as the spiritual director for the retreat and agreed to begin counseling Pat Bond on her marriage. "One day, she said, as she was leaving the priest’s parlor, he pulled her aside for a passionate kiss." For the next five years she and the priest, the Rev. Henry Willenborg, carried on an intimate relationship.

That relationship produced a son, who the Franciscans acquiesced to support, with the stipulation that she sign a confidentiality agreement -- that son is now 22 years old, and his story is now public.

Consider that this is the Catholic Church -- whose Bible dictates that anyone who has sex with a divorced woman is an adulterer. Therefore Rev Willenborg knowingly instigated an adulterous relationship which the Franciscan Order condoned and financially supported.

It turns out that Father Willenborg was also having an affair with another woman. Talk about respecting vows of celibacy. Over 25 years, an organization called Good Tidings had been contacted by nearly 2,000 women who said they were involved with priests, many who had signed child support and confidentiality agreements like Ms. Bond’s.

So, absent any evidence that these priests were excommunicated and evicted from their offices, we have a clear image of the true morality of the Catholic Church. Noting that none of this could occur without the approval of those in charge of the money -- it is clear that these violations of morality are condoned by the Vatican and a succession of Popes. Clearly, the whole organization is built on immorality and hypocrisy -- derived from a total disregard for the express words of Christ.

It's not even a matter of secondary interpretation -- the adultery violates Christ and is therefore anti-Christ; the celibacy violation is a direct violation of oath and imposed Church Doctrine. The beauty of it all is that there are millions of people who follow -- and financially support -- the anti-Christ practices and still believe they will receive some form of salvation.

Don't you just love human consistency?

Monday, October 12, 2009

Insurance companies Threaten America

News 12 October 2009: "Insurance companies aren't playing nice any more. Their dire message that health care legislation will drive up premiums for people who already have coverage comes as a warning shot at a crucial point in the debate, and threatens President Barack Obama's top domestic priority."

Gee ... if we cover everyone the way the Europeans do, the American Insurance companies will stick it to anyone too stupid to accept the coverage.

We know the Republicans are stupid enough to buy into Insurance company blackmail. This is especially true since those who vote against insuring Americans are being paid by those same Insurance companies. Now the question is ... Is Senator Olympia Snowe on the Insurance payroll or the American one -- double dipping or representing?

OK ... now who else could have been bought and paid for? Let's check the voting record -- past and future. Republicans and Democrats who vote against the European system are admitting, on the record, that they are dishonest and anti-American.

Who cares? You don't! You're remaining quiet and not demanding that there be honest and economical health care for all Americans ... As we know, this is a Christian Nation ... Do unto others that which will bring them the most harm. Screw your neighbor ... it is the American way. In the process, you need to screw yourself ... remember the saying in the 60's ... to hold and keep them down, you got to be down there with you.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Dec. 21, 2012 ... or ... ? is the end is near?

The Mayan Calendar records the beginning of the world in 3114BCE and counts 13 Baktun cycles of roughly 394 years each to end on the 21st of December 2012. On that day, the earth and sun will align with the center of the universe (actually, the Milky Way galaxy) and that which was will begin anew.

In a way, we can view this event as a Great Year. Great in the sense that it is an enormous year based on the Milky Way galaxy rather than old Sol ...

For the Mayan, the cycle begins 648 years after the Biblical Date of Creation -- that is, years counted from the birth of man. In their terms, the critical date for Biblical religion would have occurred in our common year of 1364. To the extent that April is the beginning of the creation year, it is significant that it was on 8 April 1364 that Charles V of France came to power -- due to his high intelligence, he was know as Charles the Wise. In that vain, it was the following month (12 May 1364) that The Jagiellonian University is founded in Kraków. Jagiellonian University produced Nicolaus Copernicus -- who is best known for the writing and discoveries associated with his hobby, astronomy.

Did the Hebrew world end in 1364? Should our world end in 2012? Or will we see the roots of a new world ... one based upon the laying of foundations of greater discovery and intellectual achievement?

It is said, predicted, by one who, for a thousand years, has been proven totally correct about such things: The name of the last Pope, but one shall be Benedict and his rule shall be the rule of the current Benedict. Thus, could the age of enlightenment be the death of this Pope and the short term rule of his successor?

The phrase "short term" relates to the final prediction about the final pope -- he will be run out of Rome and die in exile. Christianity, as we know its roots, shall come to an end in 2012. Thereafter there shall be judgment for the sins of Christians -- the torture of the Inquisition, the racism and Antisemitism which the evangelicals have sponsored, the acts of common folk who violated the scriptural teachings the profess to follow ... those who claim to be Christians but are not ... those who deny health care to their neighbors and so violate both the Christian commandment to tend the sick and the commandment top treat thy neighbor aS THEY WOULD BE TREATED ... those who have divorced against the specific teachings of Christ and who oppse his direction that ALL PEOPLE (including Eunuchs from the womb who we call gays or homosexuls) ARE ENTITLED TO MARRY.

To that last point: it therefore becomes significant that we should be holding the debate two years before the critical date of 2012.


Saturday, October 10, 2009


I just watched part of an action movie where they had armored cars chasing a motorcycle through some ex-communist city. Rockets took out building, machine guns were firing ... innocent bride was killed dancing at her wedding party ... a waiter took a bullet to the heart ... and there was no government interest.

How many people can be killed before the filmmakers believe even the godless communist would take notice?

How stupid are movie goers? How much more stupid the makers of these things? Do they make a profit? If so, HOW ?!?

Is it possible to have reality and action?
Thank god I have NetFlix Instant View ... If I had rented this, or was paying for cable and had this or the other 200 channels of lame programming rather than the choice to end and remove ...

The crap they produce ... irrational ... suitable only for the moronic element of society ... hum ... that must be how & why they make money ...

Rush Limbaugh has set standard for GOP

As predicted, The Republicans have begun their efforts to make this a war administration. Rush Limbaugh has set standard for GOP to follow ... blast the President and everyone who does not wish to murder innocent people.

How many millions must die before the GOP will be happy?

ANSWER! Every single one on the planet must die before they will be satisfied.

Reagan demonstrated it. Bush and then Bush demonstrated it. Sit back and enjoy ... first they will deprive Americans of Health care and Education ... then the sickly illiterates will be cared into the same type of suicidal war that al Qaeda sponsors.

Sit back and enjoy ... you certainly wouldn't want to stop the destruction ... would you?

Friday, October 9, 2009

Barack Obama Nobel Peace Prize

U.S. Republican Party Chairman Michael Steele contended The President won the Nobel Peace Prize based upon his "star power" rather than meaningful accomplishments.

List of American Nobel Peace Prize winners:
1906 -- Theodore Roosevelt, United States (14 Sept 1901 – 4 Mar 1909)
NOTE: He bailed from the Republicans to join the Progressives.
1912 -- Elihu Root, United States
1919 -- Woodrow Wilson, United States (17 Jan 1911 – 1 March 1913)
1925 -- Charles G. Dawes, United States
shared with Austen Chamberlain, United Kingdom;
1929 -- Frank B. Kellogg, United States
1931 -- Jane Addams, United States;
shared with Nicholas Murray Butler, United States
1945 -- Cordell Hull, United States
1953 -- George C. Marshall, United States
1964 -- Martin Luther King Jr., United States
1970 -- Norman Borlaug, United States
1985 -- International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War, United States
1986 -- Elie Wiesel, United States
2002 -- Jimmy Carter, United States (20 Jan 1977 – 20 Jan 1981)
2009 -- Barack Obama, United States
!!! Awarded less than Nine Months in to FIRST TERM !!!

From the looks of this, (unless they were adult Republicans prior to the Depression) the Democrats stand for peace and the Republicans for war. Note that the only Republican President to achieved "Star Power" bailed out of that party.

Guess that means no Republican has "Star Power" ... Republicans are all "B" Actors on the global stage who promote weapons build-ups and the killing of innocent people.

Now history tell us one thing -- Americans will turn their leadership to war and marginalize any President who stands for gets the Nobel Peace Prize. Of course, if we go by 1931, America gets a two-fer and some European or Asian nation will start a World War.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

CBO Says Senate Health Bill Would Expand Coverage, Reduce Deficit

NEWS 7 October "CBO Says Senate Health Bill Would Expand Coverage, Reduce Deficit"

Key Paragraph:
"The bill would cost $829 billion over the next decade, but would more than offset that cost by slicing hundreds of billions from government health programs such as Medicare and by imposing a 40 percent excise tax on high-cost insurance policies starting in 2013."

Interesting ... how long ago did I say this?

Didn't I include something along these lines in my open letter to Senator Snowe???

Here's the projected savings line: "All told, the package would slice $81 billion from projected budget deficits over the next 10 years,..." add to: "It would also expand coverage to 94 percent of Americans by 2019, the CBO said, up from the current 83 percent." GEE: THIRTEEN PERCENT increase (nominal 11 points on 83%) and WE SAVE MONEY!

Now the math is so clear that we know the Republican party must oppose it!

If it doesn't raise the deficit the Republicans cannot possibly support it. Doubt that ... Reagan & bush each doubled the deficits they took over when they entered office. Democrat Clinton decreased it and had a budget surplus. Republicans must borrow and spend -- and they must ensure the average citizen receives absolutely no benefit.

Being fiscally rational is to be anti-Republican practices, but pro-Republican rhetoric ... it is, after all, an irrefutable fact of history.

Americans are stupid. THey must prove it -- especially when it contributes to their suicidal desire for self annihilation ... therefore, guess we will not have rational healthcare.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Sarah Palin: We Must Win in Afghanistan

Sarah Palin says (on Facebook) "We can win in Afghanistan by helping the Afghans build a stable representative state able to defend itself. And we must do what it takes to prevail. The stakes are very high. The 9/11 attacks were planned in Afghanistan, and if we are not successful there, al Qaeda will once again find a safe haven, the Taliban will impose its cruelty on the Afghan people, and Pakistan will be less stable."

So what is the Palin definition of "WIN" -- al Qaeda being based somewhere other than Afghanistan?

Does Palin really believe the Taliban -- which runs schools and hospitals -- will tolerate an al Qaeda shadow government? OK, the schools teach things Palin doesn't like ... like the idea that their unmarried daughters should be virgins ... OK ... that's cool. But when did the Taliban ever threaten America? Or its neighbors?

Al Qaeda is run by a Saudi, funded by Saudis, and Saudis will be up front in the (behind the scenes) funding of the next Palin campaign.

Same problem ... DEFINE WIN!

How long will we be there?
The same as in Europe ... 65 years and counting?
The same as Korea ... 55 years and counting? OH THAT WAR? Technically we are still at war.
The same as Vietnam ... The North (bad guys) took over the South, and we declared victory then refused to talk to them.
Did we "win" in Iraq? Or will that be continued for the next half century?

Same problem ... DEFINE WIN!
Set a timeline for getting out after we declare victory.
Even better ... explain how we will pay for the war.
We pay for wars, other industrial nations pay to make the lives of their people better. They provide medical care -- Palin will build the hospitals and pay the doctors in Afghanistan ... and private insurers will raise the cost to those who want coverage here.
Education? We get to build schools there and pay their teachers ... while our kids learn to shoot guns and kill Taliban, or al Qaeda, or the terroist dejour .

Monday, October 5, 2009

top ten countries to live in

1 Norway,
2 Australia,
3 Iceland,
4 Canada,
5 Ireland,
6 the Netherlands,
7 Sweden,
8 France,
9 Switzerland
10 Japan.

USA is number 13 ... Every one of the top ten has universal health care without the games OR BULL associated with American care.

The Bullshit from the republicans and evangelicals would have you believe that the idea of living a long healthy life is somehow denied to those in the top ten ... but it is a long and healthy - stress free life -- which places them in top ten. Of course, their average incomes are also higher ... as are their educational levels.

But don't wory ... Niger and Afghanistan are at the bottom ... and if the evangelical-republicans have their way, we will be to the very bottom within the next decade ...