Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Is there HOPE of CHANGE

Do you realize how many self-destruct after they achieve the fame and fortune we are told we should seek?

Life is curious. Once achieved, success is run from. Those we see self-destruct are running into themselves, into drugs, into an unreal state in which the viewers, those who give the adulation, are the ones who eventually destroy them.

Those who are comfortable with success are quiet about its power and authority. They live lives of comfort which most ‘normal people’ do not understand. But ‘normal people’ tend to be dull witted and ill-informed. They also tend to be easily insulted ... especially when confronted by reality. The last thin people want is reality – they prefer magic, superstition, mirror and denial.

Look to Washington.
Look to leadership.
Look toward religion
Deny creation, reality, and the true power.

Enjoy ...