Friday, March 29, 2013

Seatbelts? Really?

Seat belt enforcement raises question: Saving lives or setting ticket quotas?

By Naomi Schalit and John Christie, Special to the BDN -- Posted March 27, 2013, at 5:22 a.m.


Maine seatbelt fatalities – worn vs not worn.  OK not wearing a seatbelts in an accident that could be fatal will up the probability of fatality.  But look at the chart for the past five years.

Notice the worn and not worn are effectively even when the accident level is below 100.  That would see to indicate that the cause of the accidents might be that those wearing seatbelts are the cause of the accidents.  They just happen to walk away from them.

Why blame those with the seatbelts?  Because it makes sense… the normal probability of an accident  has no knowledge of seatbelt usage… but a seatbelted individual will be both more comfortable, and more more careless because of it.

National Debt is attributable to George Bush

Iraq, Afghan wars will cost to $4 trillion to $6 trillion, Harvard study says By Ernesto LondoƱo, Published: March 28

Think about it.  If we were not paying for the Bush Wars, we would be a debt free nation.  OR, we would have had the option of improving our energy resources, improving our educational system, improving our health care system, and they would not be talking about touching Social Security.

OH THAT’S RIGHT…. Bush wanted to privatize Social Security and make sure that people would lose their retirement when the markets plunged … as they did at the end of his term.  Those who voted for him must really be pleased with themselves … they have gotten what they wanted … the nation in debt and the young men being killed in foreign lands … all to make the world, and America, less secure.



Sunday, March 24, 2013

Cities go dark for 'Earth Hour' – Net Affected

AP reported a voluntary rolling blackout: Communities around the globe are going dark for an hour on Saturday evening as part of an initiative called "Earth Hour," to raise awareness of climate change.  More than 7,000 cities and towns across the planet, millions of residents are turning off their lights for an hour from 8:30 to 9:30 p.m. local time to show their environmental concern.

The effect was interesting... subtle … but interesting.  As the blackouts occurred, various nodes on the internet were affected.  The process of rerouting communications – which is basically integral to the automatic programming which defines internet communication  -- appears to have caused a disruption in certain areas.  Most notably was the video streaming elements of services like SKPYE, Netflix, and HULU.

Images were either not transmitted, or they were continually rebuffing as servers switch off and on in an effort to maintain communications.

Note that the disruption was subtle, and many people in major cities would not necessarily have noted it.  But more rural regions did note it as a major annoyance – which some assumed was a hardware problem … at least until they found that it was affecting multiple devices.

In reality, as a political statement,  the outages were, for the most part, meaningless.  Climate change means new sources of power – not a reduction in usage.

More important, unless we change everything that defines the global society, climate change will not be affected until humanity is reduces to a more reasonable, and more caring, level.   We don’t care about each other … if we did there would be no terrorism, and Palestinians (as an example) would focus on building a productive society where they are – rather than seek to destroy a productive neighboring one. 

Thursday, March 21, 2013

More on Same-Sex Marriage

On 21 March 2013, The American Academy of Pediatrics announced its support for same-sex marriage as well as full foster care and adoption rights for same-sex couples.

It appears that the research has established

1. Gay couples, in contrast, generally have to plan to have babies, overcoming biological limits to adopt, find surrogates or sperm donors, or use in vitro fertilization methods
2. More than half of gay men and 41 percent of lesbians in the United States would like to adopt. That's a huge number of potential parents, far dwarfing the more than 100,000 adoptable kids stuck in foster care today.
3. Kids raised by gay and lesbian parents say their upbringing taught them open-mindedness and empathy.
4. Kids of gay parents appear to do well academically
5. An upbringing in a same-sex household can give kids a boost of confidence -- the kids of lesbians were more confident than the kids of straight parents.

So, in terms of families. it would seem that those who oppose same-sex marriage are really opposing the creation of confident, educated, and stable children.  They are also in favor of foster care as opposed to children having loving parents.  It would therefore seem to follow that the Catholic Church and various Christian denominations would lie about what is in scriptures and use those lies to oppose same-sex marriage.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

FORWARD – moving backward in history

A few days ago, I just commented on Real Non-Violence Doesn't Look Like This – Forward Thinking –

The article, March 18, 2013, 8:52am Real Non-Violence Doesn't Look Like This By Jane Eisner

Carpet Bomb the Palestinians who promote throwing rocks & if the Arab OPEC nations complain and when they cease to exist, take over their oil fields -- the Forward editors are so repulsed by the idea that they shut me out.  Reality -- Ain't never going to happen.  But that is what the rock throwers recognize.  If it were accepted as a possibility, they would think twice about picking up even the smallest pebble.  Reality -- toss a rock and any response appears excessive.  So the bad publicity goes against the defender ... the one who wishes not to have their head cracked open.

Another reality:  The rock throwing will continue, as will the suicide bombers.  Why?  Because Israel and the Western Nations are powerless against them – and they know it.

We are powerless because they can spin any response to be an excessive response.

However, I you broadcast that your only planned response is, by definition, excessive, any response that is not the planned one becomes a sign of moderation and is beyond the scope of their media spin-doctors.

If the discussion involves a primary response that focuses on carpet bombing, then rubber bullets, or real bullets are moderate responses.  They can,. of course, be denounced – but the answer remains that they were a sign of restraint applied to those who would exterminate the aggressors … who are the ones with the rocks, and the ones sending in suicide bombers.

As a child I learned when dealing with bullies … smash them squarely in the nose with everything you have … and keep smashing until they bleed.  Funny thing about that, you need only do it once, and they leave you – and your friends – alone.

The key is, a bully cannot escalate things to the point where they do bodily harm for which they will be held accountable – the Palestinians cannot launch a military aggression against Israel … they cannot come off as an army, a recognized and defined aggressive structure, one with governmental backing, against which military defensive force is always justified (and it is justified to attack their allies).

But the FORWARD does not understand that – they want the people of Israel to go quietly into the Gas Chambers.  They want another Shoah … they would be happy with another Holocaust … it would allow them to sing their hands and moan …

Think about IRAN and their Atomic Bomb:  When they have one that works, they could use it as a first strike weapon.  But that would make them the aggressor and the world would turn on them.  But, if Israel were to move against them – as it has once before – they could use it … they would invoke the logic that the United States used to end the war with Japan … detonation of the bomb over a small, but violent, nation would save lives.  The bomb prevents a protracted war in which many innocent people would die…. granted, it would destroy Israel … a mile over Jerusalem, or Tel Aviv, a nuclear blast would be devastating and put an end to the government.

Israel would be destroyed.

But the Arabs know that Israel must make the first violent move – and rock throwing, or terrorist suicide bombers, do not constitute violent actions on the part of a nation.

But, again, THE FORWARSD editors are far to stupid to understand reality … they would rather the nation quietly walk into the “Showers”  …

Give it time, you’ll see I’m right. 

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Marriage Morality Concept…

The Washington Post, 15 March 2013: “Study: Delaying marriage hurts middle-class Americans most” … a few findings:

“The study found a large educational and class divide. College-educated women typically have their first child two years after marrying. The high school graduates as a group have their first child two years before they ­marry.“

“The study said 58 percent of first births to women who have graduated only from high school are out of wedlock.”

Here’s a thought: “When they can’t get the white picket fence, and a certain level of stability,” they defer marriage and have higher rates of nonmarital births. That in turn fuels more poverty, and takes them further away from the white picket fence.”

Given that, “The Knot Yet study says economic and cultural forces are responsible for current attitudes toward marriage.”  We can look at the reality associated with the opposition to Same-Sex Marriage … sounds weird, but you were warned (in previous posts) … When you oppose any marriage, you oppose all marriages.  Marriage is the way in which society creates a cohesive unity between diverse family lines … in the past it connected clans and nobility (thus nations) … deny it and you create a group of outsiders, an other, which will attract membership by virtue of retention of the initial status we all have … that of being unwed.

Now, when we add in a marriage penalty, a reduction of goods and services allocated on the basis of single or wed, we make it ridiculous for anyone seeking economic improvement to want to marry.

Consider the effect of server medical illness – in Europe, with its universal health care, anyone who is sick ids treated free; in America, to get government coverage, and reduce the drain on family assets, couples divorce – with the healthy person receiving all the accrued assets.  That is, the lack of universal health care is an attack on marriage.

OK… what does this seem to mean?  We know birth rates are down, and we are headed to zero, or negative, population growth.  It also means that those who are born will continue be to the least educated segment of the population.  It also means that the marriage institution will be weakened further … this will weaken religious institutions. [The marriage sacrament is the only real world service they offer.  The Deity they represent is represented by child molesters, bigots, thieves and liars … individuals who take your money and provide nothing in return.]

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Read What St. Pauls Gentiles should be doing

Saint Paul's Joke: 'The Punch Line's A Killer'

“SAINT PAUL’S JOKE” it isn’t really a laughing matter… it is what Paul required of HIS Christians … and it is most certainly NOT what is practiced by the average Christian.

With one small exception for the initial convert, it isn’t any different from that which Jesus required… or, what was practiced by Peter and James.


If you think you are a Christian, and Jesus saying that ‘there would be those who would come in his name, but he would not recognize’  does not apply to you … think again.


Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Further Thoughts on Pope Francis I

Pope Francis was born to Italian parents -- who ran from Italy when the Axis powers unified.  His father's Italian name is the equivalent of the English Peter ... no immediate record of his being from Rome ... but that connection, in terms of you are who your parents were (as applied to Jewish at the time Francis I was born) might be applied.

The real key is Rome -- it was known as The City of the Seven Hills, and is the only city in antiquity to which that designation was common ... especially in Europe and therefore for Malachy to use.  Will the Vatican be destroyed?  That is the destruction of Rome in terms of the Rome as it existed in  Malachy's age.   That would mark the end of the RC Church... at least effectively... especially if the cause was an earthquake whose destruction was complicated by flooding associated with global warming, or a relatively permanent population shift ... the relocation of the Papal Throne to another nation or city.

Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio of Argentina elected pope, takes name Pope Francis

Well, seems Malachy was thwarted – Pope after benedict XVI is Pope Francis (as in the talking mule).

The new Pope is 76 years old, and the first Jesuit elected to the Papal Throne, … obviously, this should be a fun few years.

One opinion: “It’s a non-Italian, non-European, not a man of the Roman government. It’s an opening to the Third World, a moderate. By taking the name Francis, it means a completely new beginning.”

Watch that “new Beginning” – the prophecy called for an ending… you can’t have a new beginning, unless the old comes to an end.

Of course we cannot force the prophecy, or make the reality fit … but now the bets go down … will this Pope outlive Benedict?  If he fails to, then the prophecy still holds…. the Papal throne only passes – legitimately – if, or when, the previous pope dies.   But, as it now stands, the 115 voting cardinals had elected the 266th pontiff and the 112th in the Papal list attributed to St. Malachy.

Neat move … the Vatican requests several pre-publication copies of “Saint Paul’s Joke”, then the 111th Pope resigns so that there will immediately be a 112th to thwart prophecy … this Pope is as far removed from a “Peter the Roman” as one can imagine … a New World Pope…son of Italian immigrants to Argentina – born in Buenos Aires 17 December 1936 – he holds  a degree in  chemistry, was ordained in 1969 … he is also anti-homosexual and is on record as being opposed to both  same sex-marriage and the right of gays to adopt.

In many ways, he epitomizes the Christian Christ stated would come in his name, but he would not know … he certainly is in violation of the Judgment Day guideline mandates set down by St. Paul, and described in  “Saint Paul’s Joke”.

Now for the obvious connections to Malachy … before anyone else plays this game:  St Francis was the son of Pietro Bernardone – or Peter Bernardone – This new Pope Francis I is the son of Italians… but where were his parents from?  If Rome … the game is afoot LOL.  St. Francis, originally named Giovanni, and that name could also expressed as Jorge.

As a Jesuit, he belongs to a society engaged in evangelization and apostolic ministry in 112 nations on six continents … so the 112th Pope in Malachy’s line belongs to a group that has 112 ministries.


But I guess we might see a lot of that … Real question?  Which shall it be:

1. Will Rome be destroyed by an Earthquake?

2. Will the Vatican be destroyed by Terrorists?

3. Will that cause a destruction of the Vatican and Rome?

4. Will Benedict XVI die, Francis I continue in power for another 12 years … in either event, will the next pope be the Peter that Malachy predicted?

Regardless, we are still working a timetable which marks 2030/34 to 2060/64 as key transitional dates ….  in that time, will Global Warming have an affect on events?




 “Saint Paul’s Joke”


Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio of Argentina elected pope

Neat, a 76 year old elected within 24 hours … what are the odds that he will outlive Benedict XVI ???

Now we need a name … the Latinos have a Pope … he is not Peter of Rome … ?or is he?

File:Card. Jorge Bergoglio SJ, 2008.jpg

He looks like a Jewish Tailor.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Black smoke signals no pope elected at first conclave vote

The voting has begun and the validity of the Malachy Prophecy draws near to vindication … if the prophecy is based on a living Pope be succeeded by a new Pope.

If this new choice does not  rule as Pope under the name PETER, than the Malachy prophecy might still hold validity … for this Pope could die either before, or, reasonably in proximity to, the Death of Benedict XVI … and his successor could be the Peter.

Of course, given that the Vatican has several copies of “Saint Paul’s Joke”, it is possible they seek to invalidate the prophecy … in which case … it is NOT the name Peter, but the destruction and judgment which is to be the critical element …

Could the Church be seeking to evade its destruction by avoiding the name, but invoke an anger, or judgment, that will destroy a major city?

Remember – the very foundation of both the Church, and all of Christianity, is the Davidic Prophecy of a Jewish King of the line of David

It is NOT a “Son of God”, or a birth to a virgin, or even the use of the Solomon Temple blueprint to construct the Sistine Chapel … it is that a Jewish King, and Jewish Law, will be followed throughout the world.  No matter how many Yamakas they wear, they negate the prophecy by eating pork… no matter how many symbolic elements they include in their rituals, they negate the prophecy by failing to be circumcised.

“Saint Paul’s Joke”, not Augustine’s fantasy and anti-Semitism!

Black smoke signals no pope, white smoke the beginning of the end – for if the prophecy is false, so is, or might be, the faith founded on it.  Only time will tell … and that time falls, according to Sir Isaac Newton, between 2030 and 2064.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

“Little People”

Have you noticed the TV series ... "Little People" are no longer relegated to munchkin roles ... we have matured enough to recognize fine actors regardless of their physical stature. Hindu's idea of a Golden Age might really be emerging in the post 21 December 2012 era (or our 21st century) ....

Friday, March 1, 2013

GOP wants return of Great Depression

"The pain will be real." President Obama predicted again that the cuts will cost 750,000 jobs and slow growth, and vowed to reach out to senators and representatives in the weeks to come.

That is, half our labor force goes.  Of course, if they cut Social Security, we will be in a worse situation.  Remember, the GOP tapped Social Security to underwrite their doubling, and redoubling, of the national debt.  So what we are paying, for not following the Clinton payoff the debt policy, is enough to stimulate our economy for the next century or so … that is, well past the Baby-Boom passes into history.

Enjo: “Saint Paul’s Joke” … the evangelical GOP MUST destroy this nation, to ensure that the next Pope will reign through a time of Tribulation…. All we need is for his name to be Peter.