Thursday, September 29, 2011

Free Preview of “Grandpa Was A Deity”

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Southwest Airlines anti-couples

Apparently, Southwest Airlines deems itself a “family airline” … meaning: If you are not legally married or related by some other genetic & legal bond defined as “Family”, they don’t want your business.

Case in point, Actress Leisha Hailey and her lover were kicked off a Southwest Airlines flight becomes they were openly affectionate.  Had they been a “family,” they probably could have been invited to screw in the aisles … but they aren’t married, just living together, so, Southwest Airlines holds that they  should NOT be allowed to kiss.

Consider this: last year, Director Kevin Smith was asked to leave a Southwest Airlines flight last year because he was too obese for the seat.  So it appears Southwest Airlines only approves of people who are are thin … but they must also be devout family types – not live-ins.

One Southwest Airlines Flt. attendant made it clear that the policy specifying it to be a "family" airline also extended to a prohibition against kissing.  Kissing is NOT OK on Southwest Airlines – apparently even among family members.  After all, it doesn’t comply with their definition of “Family” – which is apparently code for non-emotional, non-affectionate … or downright COLD HEARTED .

So if you are a heartless android – who is married – you are welcome on Southwest Airlines … otherwise, STAY AWAY from their boarding gate!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Is this for real?

Got this political e-mail today, 25 Sept 2011:


“Hey friend -  The House GOP is driving us toward a government shutdown, again. This time they’re holding disaster funding hostage, demanding job creation programs be gutted in return. The Democratic Senate declared it DOA, fortunately. But it’s absurd to sacrifice Americans in need, while tanking the economy in an effort to pin it on the President. But welcome to today’s Grand Old Party.

“We are updating records this weekend and I noticed that your online support this year was still pending (copy/pasted your supporter record below). Can you help stop the Tea Party from taking over Congress? The GOP House’s actions are a good reminder of how important this razor thin, four seat majority is in the Senate. Without this firewall there would be no way to stop them.

“The FEC deadline is 6 days away and we have $423,000 to go. If everyone gets on board with a $5 contribution, we’ll get there. But if we don’t meet this goal, we will concede states. And we can’t afford that with only a four seat lead.”



!!!!! AGAIN & STILL !!!!!

Ok, so a third of the nation just fails to face reality.  They fail to see the real Republican political agenda.

Not that it matters.  After all, isn’t it time America committed suicide?  Why do we want to be the world leader?  Why would we want to continue as world policeman?  Except that the “policeman” or military force question is the only one that furthers the GOP goal of eventual world genocide – and Evangelical goals to establish a KING in place of Democracy.


Sunday, September 18, 2011


In her September 17, 2011, New York Times article, Egghead and Blockheads (By MAUREEN DOWD WASHINGTON) … Why do Republicans want to be the STUPID PARTY.  Specifically she says: “The Republicans are now the “How great is it to be stupid?” party.”

Of course – The Most Harm to the Most People doctrine which rules the GOP is the answer.  But it will be years before Dowd and the other columnists realize what you have been reading here – for years LOL.

Dowd tells us: “

Having grown up with a crush on William F. Buckley Jr. for his sesquipedalian facility, it’s hard for me to watch the right wing of the G.O.P. revel in anti-intellectualism and anti-science cant.

Sarah Palin, who got outraged at a “gotcha” question about what newspapers and magazines she read, is the mother of stupid conservatism. Another “Don’t Know Much About History” Tea Party heroine, Michele Bachmann, seems rather proud of not knowing anything, simply repeating nutty, inflammatory medical claims that somebody in the crowd tells her.

“So we’re choosing between the overintellectualized professor and blockheads boasting about their vacuity?

The occupational hazard of democracy is know-nothing voters. It shouldn’t be know-nothing candidates.”


GOP to win – because of Blockhead Voters.

America to fall – because of Blockhead Voters.

It is time … Mayan & Vedic 2012 approaches and the apocalyptic evangelical forces are working on their self-fulfilling prophecies and satanic agendas.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

American Stupidity – California Style

From the Associated Press, Published: 16 September 2011, “Former student midwife who delivered baby on her own gets 3 years of probation in Los Angeles”

Consider this – the supervisor could not be reached, the student delivers the baby.  Had she been a cab driver, or policeman, or a passer-by, she would have been a lauded hero.  But in the warped mind of the DA’s in LOS ANGELES, she is put on trial and then convicted.

The people of LOS ANGELES  are clearly IDIOTS!  They are hatful and bigoted, and consistently so.

Think back to the OJ Simpson Trial.  There are three witnesses who place OJ at home when his former wife was murdered.  THREE WITNESSES!  Who saw, spoke to, and knew OJ.  Yet the DA prosecuted him and pocketed a $4 million advance for a worthless book in which she could only bitch about the fact he was found not guilty.

Subsequently, a bigoted jury decided that he should still pay the Goldman family for the death of their son.  They did so in the face of evidence that the  vehicle allegedly used – the Bronco – was NOT there while OJ was.  It was not inside the gates, nor was it outside … there are THREE WITNESSES who affirmed that. 

We also know, as the Bigots on the jury did, that Arnelle Simpson – OJ’s daughter - was at the movies with friends.  She had driven herself there, and was inside the theater at the time of  the murders.  So we know she didn’t do it.  But HER CAR was parked inside the Rockingham gates – Parks and Kato not only affirmed it, but affirmed OJ’s proximity to it, and OJ’s Limo (second car), when he retrieved some things before heading to the airport.

If Arnelle’s car was at home, and OJ’s car was at home, how did Arnelle drive herself to the movies?

As for the rest of the case – the lead officer pled guilty to reduced perjury charges and wen on to make millions off his book deals.

THAT IS the level of honesty and rationality in LOS ANGELES … just how Republican are the people of LOS ANGELES?  Must be very … only then can we explain their utter stupidity and bigotry.  Only then can we explain why they would punish a student for doing what was necessary when her teacher was absent… instead of just sitting there and watching the baby emerge (possibly bringing about the death of birth mother and child – which is what “pro-lifers generally sought when they opposed abortion in the case of tubular pregnancies and when the mother’s life was in danger).


Is it a requirement for living in LOS ANGELES?

Friday, September 16, 2011

Bachmann Joins Most Harm Club

News, Friday, 16 September 2011:

“Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann a told story about  woman who claimed that her daughter suffered "mental retardation" after receiving a vaccine against HPV”

“Two bioethics professors have offered to pay more than $10,000 for medical records that prove the anecdote Bachmann told after Monday night's Republican presidential debate is true.”

Making things easier for those seeking the reward, U of M bioethics professor, Steven Miles, offered $1,000 for release of the medical records for the woman from Bachmann's story.  Those records would provide a basis for the claim – if not direct causal evidence.  Wonder How much are the odds makers setting for bets that no such records will be forthcoming?

HPV, Human papillomavirus (a sexually transmitted disease) can cause cervical cancer -- Texas Gov Rick Perry, in 2007, ordered all sixth grade girls to be inoculate against it.  The Texas legislature objected and the policy was never implemented.  HUM… Texas girls are sexually active and the legislature wants them exposed to STD’s?  STD’s like HPV are common enough in Texas to warrant such an order – but the legislature would prefer the gals get cancer (is it because the are immoral sluts who deserve to die?  Or so holds the Legislature).

While she has repeatedly asserted the story (as fact), Bachmann admits she had "no idea" if it were true.  So she stood up at the debate and willfully lied to placate  the Most Harm Group – she is, by act and word, promoting the spread of an STD.  And she is using a falsehood to stop timely implementation of preventative measures.  Guess she also opposes the Polio Vaccine and Flu Vaccines … and any or all other medical care options.

YEP – This is the GOP at its best.


Wednesday, September 14, 2011

More GOP Doctrine Examples

This time from New York Times, September 13, 2011
Is It Weird Enough Yet?” By THOMAS L. FRIEDMAN

First the quotes for context:

1. “Gov. Rick Perry of Texas and Representative Michele Bachmann of Minnesota talk about how climate change is some fraud perpetrated by scientists trying to gin up money for research.”

2. “Remember the first rule of global warming. The way it unfolds is really “global weirding.””

3. “when a storm comes, in many cases there is more water available in the atmosphere and rainfall is heavier. When a drought comes, often temperatures are already higher than they would have been 50 years ago, and so the effects of the drought are magnified by higher evaporation rates.””

4. “There is only one effective, sustainable way to produce “green jobs,” and that is with a fixed, durable, long-term price signal that raises the price of dirty fuels and thereby creates sustained consumer demand for, and sustained private sector investment in, renewables. “

Harkin Back to Ronald Reagan:

5. “The G.O.P. has blocked any price signal and fought every regulation. The result too often is taxpayer money subsidizing wonderful green innovation, but with no sustainable market within which these companies can scale.”

The Solution since Carter & Oil Embargo:

6. “The easiest way to do all of this at once is with a gasoline tax or price on carbon. Would you rather cut Social Security and Medicare or pay a little more per gallon of gas and make the country stronger, safer and healthier? It still amazes me that our politicians have the courage to send our citizens to war but not to ask the public that question.”


There is a bit about the “sins of the fathers” lasting into the third generation.  The Sins of the Reagan Whitehouse and GOP anti-American policies extend from the 1970’s (fathers) to those born in this millennium.  We will feel and know the sins for 50 to 70 years before they will be address.  By then, our oil reserves will be gone and we will be at the mercy of any Hitler-like OPEC lord who wishes to extend his power to global domination.  Since we would need his fuel to power our defenses, he would not need to risk lives, just turn off the oil faucet and we are on our preverbal knees.

Evangelicals will cheer – they work and pray for an end to democracy and the coming of a messiah that universal Lord … ISA (Jesus) … whose soldiers in white will crush everyone who opposes them … It is in their Book of Revelation and in the OPEC Koran … 

But that is still the “long-term” objective for the GOP & Evangelical Tea-Party types.  Short term it is all about the choice expressed in quote #6:

“Would you rather cut Social Security and Medicare or pay a little more per gallon of gas and make the country stronger, safer and healthier?“

A few pennies on the price of fuel and we get cleaner air, slow global warming, fund Social Security (so that the Baby-Boomers can enjoy their old age with a degree of security) and fund medical coverage (so people can live rather than die).  OPPS – forgot – TEA PARTY CHEERED when it was said that those who could not afford to, or chose not to, buy medical insurance should be allowed to die if they need emergency health care.  

!The Right-to-Life types CHEERED killing real people!

Remember, the Right-to-Life types are those who want unplanned for, unwanted, children born so they can be deprived of education and medical care … the Right-to-Life types want to inflict harm on those who have yet to exist by forcing them into existence so as to be able to deprive them of anything that would make that existence meaningfully productive.

The GOP & TEA PARTY are in the business of torture and murder – and they want to ensure it continues.  If you doubt that, look who promotes WAR!  And is very careful to make it wasteful of human life – by destabilizing nations.


it dominates their every action

You shall know them by their Deeds/Actions!

??? Isn’t that the warning & guideline ???


Monday, September 12, 2011

South Remains Anti-Marriage

Oh today is so nice … new headline: “NC House passes anti-marriage amendment”

In this case, the region which traditionally opposed interracial marriage is now officially  opposed to same-gender marriage.  You will note that this is also a region of the country noted for out-of-wedlock births.  After all, The South is historically and devoutly Anti-Marriage … regardless of justification or excuse applied in any given era.

Actually, Southern idiot bigots can do whatever they want about marriage – the real issue is what the tax code recognizes.  Then too, there is what are allowed in inheritance laws – which will govern where people decide to live and the amount of tax revenue a state or municipality can expect to collect.  Since the south is also anti-education, they certainly do not need funds for that; they do not wish people (couples) to live there, so they don’t need roads … gee … they can be as poor and backward as they wish.

THE ECONOMIST missed the reality

Remembering9/11                                       Becoming less American                              Sep 11th 2011, 14:17 by J.F. ATLANTA

“Osama bin Laden did not succeed in his loony goal to unite the world under a Muslim caliphate. But he did succeed in dragging us into two wars in the Muslim world.”

But the stated purpose of Osama bin Laden was two-fold: 1. Bankrupt America (run the National Debt up to a point where there would be a Budget Crisis of the type we saw last month)   2. Saddam Hussein must die.

Both were stated goals in the 1990’s -- achieved via Bush after 2001 … consider this statement from the article: “Between the Patriot Act, the establishment of the Transportation Security Administration and the Department of Homeland Security, Americans are subject to far more surveillance than a free people should be.”

Not only did Osama bin Laden achieve his two stated & publicized goals, but he also managed restructure of the American Society in preparation for the Islamic nation of the future.  Idiots believe that everyone in the world thinks as short term as they do.  In reality, there is a long-term Islamic view ….. one which is reflected in the Koran and it’s model – the Book of Revelation.

That’s right!  The Christian Fundamentalists wrote the model for the Koran belief that there would be an “end-of-days” army dressed in white.  It would be guided by Jesus (Isa) to kill the no-believers and those who were corrupt.  This is the origin of the Jihadist movement – Apocalyptic Christianity!

When Pat Robertson and the other Evangelicals call for adoption of the “End-of-Times” theology, they are calling for the Islamic Jihadists to come and kill.

Why do you think they backed both George Bush Presidencies when they acted in a manner to carry out the goals of Osama bin Laden?  Why do you think they were, and remain, supportive of the Tea Party and its agenda to destroy America?  All are supporting


as dictated by their Apocalyptic Gospels

Gotta Love this Quote

Barack Obama (FaceBook page) Quote of the day: “The bottom line is, when it comes to strengthening the economy and balancing our books, we’ve got to decide what our priorities are. Do we keep tax loopholes for oil companies—or do we put teachers back to work?” – President Obama today on the American Jobs Act

Now we know where the Republican priorities are – Bush & Bush were oil men … and the Saudis are -- either directly or indirectly -- funding the GOP.  OPEC owns the GOP, therefore tax loopholes for oil companies are the ultimate political priority.

In a defense oriented world – one in which long term vision trumps short-term personal gain – America would be favoring the use of foreign oil over the depletion of domestic reserves. 

When we run out of oil, our cars, trucks, tanks and planes screech to a halt and those who have oil can overrun us.

All we would have for defense is missiles – but only those which do not require petroleum products for their manufacture or operation.

Think of it this way:  A devout Jihadist devotes all his efforts to playing terrorist threat games with no real implementation necessary.  Maybe a half dozen, a dozen, suicide attacker die every few years … spread that over two decades … in 2032 America has gone dry … our oil depleted so we can have our SUV’s … and poorly insulated homes.

Then the games begin … the child born this year and in the years to come are trained for Jihad … OPEC has its oil and the Jihadists have taken over the governments that control the oil fields … albeit without revealing their true nature and intent … and the fun begins.

The oil embargoes of the 1970’s are repeated … those were just test runs for the real embargoes … and our nation grinds to a halt.  The war-equipment we have sold to the oil nations are now aimed at us.  We have no defense, because we have no fuel to use and so cannot mobilize or deploy our forces.

Those who survive will quickly learn to face Mecca.

Social Security Funding will not matter – there will be none unless the Jihadists wish it.  But those who live, under the Jihadists, in those days can proudly boast that their grandparents drove SUV’s.

On the other hand – since the teachers have gone – there will only be memories and the things Jihadists want us to know … Look to their nations today … look at their women and children … the last time Islam had a “Golden Age of knowledge” was in the second century after its appearance … and then, only because they imported scholars from what is now Afghanistan … There are no longer any scholars in Afghanistan … there are only Jihadists and their victims.

YEP!  Time to get our priorities straight.  Want to take a wager?  The priorities which will prevail will be those that favor the GOP and


Thursday, September 8, 2011

Texas Gov. Rick Perry = ! IDIOT !

Well, Texas Gov. Rick Perry decided to call those who believe in basic accounting and economics liars.

Rick Perry does not believe Social Security can cover those now paying into it.  Of course, as you’ve read in past blogs, the reason there is any possibility of problems with Social Security is derived directly from the Republicans efforts to destroy it – and the American economy.

Social Security stores its funds in US Treasury Notes – inflate the National Debt and you devalue those reserves.  Reagan, Bush and Bush doubled and redoubled the National Debt – with cheers from the Republicans.  Now the Tea Party candidates – including Rick Perry, Mitt Romney and the rest of the current stable of horse for the next GOP Presidential Race – want to cut taxes from those who have money & taxable income and raise them on those who don’t have taxable income.

The goal of the GOP is to destroy Social Security – but, to do so, they must first destroy the American economy.  Remember, the recession we are now recovering from was the deliberate result of George W Bush policies intended to damage the nation – we knew that when he first proposed them … and you’ll probable find that in my newspaper column or blog from 2001 … That Bush intended to do this was made clear prior to his election – which is why My Column clearly invited people to vote for him – SPECIFICALLY (as I stated) to see if he would do as much damage as I was projecting.  As we now know, he did!

-- The Most Harm to the Most People” --

It is the Republican way of life.

Monday, September 5, 2011

MING SHAO -- Actress

If a biography of my life were ever filmed, this is the gal I’d love to have play my daughter, Samantha Bryl:

Ming Shao – she had a walk on in 30 Rock, appears in multiple beauty product commercials, and has her degree from Fashion Institute & a NYC Real Estate License :-D

5_Ming Zhao (Capture)

She will also be in two 2011 movies – with some of my favorite actors.  Should be interesting to follow her career…

7_Ming Zhao (Capture)

OH to be a century younger … I would give serious thought to stalking and seducing this Beautiful Lady.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Who WAS in charge? (when we were robbed)

From Washington Post, 3 September 2011: “Wage earners who do not have Social Security numbers and are not authorized to work in the United States can use what the IRS calls individual taxpayer identification numbers.”

Americans lost $14.5 trillion in tax revenue due to undocumented workers –- who were trying to obey the law -- using taxpayer identification numbers in place of the Social Security Numbers they were not allowed to obtain.

“Changes to tax law are partly to blame for the explosion in refunds for additional child tax credits in recent years, auditors found. Before 2001, filers needed to have three or more children to qualify — and to owe more Social Security taxes than earned income credits.”

OK, who was in charge in 2001?  What President was elected in 2000?  Wasn’t it the same Bush Jr. who added $6.5 trillion to the National Debt and doubled the Debt which Clinton had been reducing after Reagan & Bush Sr. doubled it?

Let’s put it another way:  If George Bush and the Republicans had NOT changed the law, and if they had paid attention to the improper use of taxpayer identification numbers in place of the Social Security Numbers, the National Debt would have been paid off and we would now hold a $2 trillion surplus which would have secured Social Security (which is part of the Treasury Notes making up the National Debt) and provided sufficient funds for universal health care – which would pump more money into the economy by making a healthier workforce and removing insurance payments from household budgets and free that money for spending and savings.

But remember the Republican objective:


Friday, September 2, 2011

2012 Election – preview of reality

OK it is now September 2011 … we have a year and two months before the next presidential election.  Now, from the Washington Post we get this:

“Bush and Cheney remind us how we got into this mess” By Eugene Robinson, Published: September 1

Yep it has begun – intelligence has finally begun to raise it’s head and maybe it’s voice will become loud enough to be heard by the illiterate masses.

We are reminded that: “Obama is tackling enormous problems that took many years to create.”  In 2012, we are going to be told Obama is the problem and we should put those who rally caused the problem back into the Whitehouse –- so they can make it worse.  ! DUH !

Isn’t it bad enough that the self-destructive, nation destroying, idiots are gaining ground in Congress.  Do we really want to allow them the power to total out the American Dream?  How many people do they want to murder?  We spend more on murder, and the preparation for murder, than we do on Education and Healthcare and all Social Programs combined.

We are a nation which values harming others above all things.  It is not a matter of self-defense.

Rationally, we could tell the world – if you launch an attack, or allow one to be launched from your soil, or finance such an attack – we will NUKE you out of existence.  It will take only a few days … cost none of our citizens their lives … and ensure those who are responsible are immediately terminated.

What did Bush do with Bin Laden?  He withdrew the forces that were closing in on him and used them to kill Saddam Hussein – who was allied with us and a stabilizing force in the oil region.  Of course, Bush Sr. had said to Saddam that it was OK to expand, and then attacked him for expanding – what we call the GULF WAR.  The Bush family want to destroy oil, because they are in the oil business.  So they will murder as many people as possible – their wallets need filling.  Sr. received mullions from the Saudis for stopping Saddam.  Jr. seems on track to also receive a few blood pennies.  Which other GOP member, and candidate in 2012 – or now in, or planning to run for, Congress – is now on the Saudi payroll?

“… wars and the tax cuts have cost the Treasury between $4 trillion and $5 trillion”  Bush Jr. added $6.1 Trillion to the deficit.  GEE wonder if he and his cronies pocketed the rest?

“Reagan, in his eight years as president, raised taxes 11 times” and also doubled the national debt.  What did he squander the money on?  Whose pockets did he line?  Can you honestly say our lives were improved by his cutting Grants to Higher Education?  Did he improve our lives, environment, or economy – did he reduce our dependence on foreign oil, or environmentally destructive coal?  He tore the solar panels from the Whitehouse roof!   He opposed everything we now are trying to restore – thus setting us back half a century … while the Europeans moved forward.  Even the Arabs, with all their oil, saw the logic of solar and wind – which Republicans still deny.

“Republicans don’t pay attention to conservative economists anymore. The Republicans’ idea of a cure for cancer would be to cut spending and cut taxes.“  In reality, The Republicans are the very cancer that is spreading through the economic body of America.  They are the problem, and in no way can they offer a solution.

But thirty percent of Americans are way too dumb to understand that reality.


It is the mantra they live for.