Saturday, September 22, 2018

Christine Blasey Ford has 'DEEP STATE' and Russia connection

On page 46 of NO TRUMP CARD, readers are told there are "photographs of the ongoing meetings between the Russians and  Democratic Senators and Congressional leaders. 
Those meetings date back to Hillary’s first campaign and would infer grounds for a Clinton-Russian conspiracy to discredit Trump’s administration after an unexpected victory. After all, prior to the actual election, Hillary was the odds-on favorite, and she did take the majority of the popular vote, even though she lost where it counts – in the Electoral College. Of course, if they were rigging the election for Hillary, Russians might not have considered the ramifications of the Electoral College in Republican states."

On page 164 of The Swamp Fights Back, we were made aware of the fact that "Victor Kekselberg and other Russian oligarchs have contributed to The Clinton Foundation. Plus, the Foundation received $2.35 million from Uranium One, which is owned by the Russians and controls 20% of the American uranium deposits – the purchase was a 2010 deal which required State Department approval, and, coincidently, Hillary was Secretary of State from 2009 to 2013."

We, therefore, have ample evidence of connections between the Clintons and Russian money and tit-for-tat services.  But now we have Clinton marginalized and a new player coming in -- Christine Margaret Blasey Ford.

Ford is a Ph.D and apparently an expert on the use of psychology in politics -- given the false photos and other items allegedly meant to "discredit", we actually see, when they are immediately shown to be false, a standard method of adding credibility to a witness whose testimony is vague and unprovable.  In Dr Ford's case, her accusation of being "attacked" by Brett Kavanaugh, some 36-years ago,  at a Teenage BOOZE party when she was about 15 and he about 17.

The focus is carefully diverted from the fact she was 15 and unsupervised and running with a crowd composed of drunken teenagers who somehow managed to routinely find homes where they could have their drunken orgies.  It is also ignored that her parents either turned a blind eye or otherwise didn't care about an allegedly upset and possibly drunk daughter coming home in the wee hours of the morning.  So there is the self-confessed problem which is being ignored -- one which includes a blatant lack of corroborative evidence from the period.  The only third party knowledge apparently being a statement Dr. Ford made to a marriage counselor three decades after the alleged event -- apparently used to provide a PTSD style psychological excuse and defense for her behavior toward her husband.

Is this Bullshit?  Or Real?  The piece goes on to say "the CIA’s black operations monies being controlled by Ralph G. Blasey Jr." who is Dr. Ford's father.  And, in theory, it should be easy enough for Senators to confirm the connection -- they should also be able to confirm the connection of Dr. Ford's brother, Attorney Ralph G. Blasey III to employment at the Washington law firm of  Baker & Hostetler LLP, and whether or not, that firm paid the commercial research and strategic intelligence firm of Fusion GPS $523,651 in the pre-election period of March 7 to Oct. 31, 2016.
As stated on the Fusion Wikipedia page, "On March 30, 2017, Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa called for a U.S. Department of Justice investigation into purported connections between Fusion GPS and Russia, and an inquiry as to whether Fusion GPS was acting as an unregistered foreign agent.
It is also known, and contrary to alleged 'collusion' that Fusion has been dedicated to smearing Trump.
It would follow that Ford's attack is intended to keep the SCOTUS without its ninth member and thereby disrupt its operations at the same time the Russians are attacking both Trump and the Democrats in an effort to create a Constitutional Crisis that would effectively neutralize America -- which infers Christine Blasey Ford is one of their paid agents....either having received payment upfront, or later planning to see money through an upfront payment disguised as a book deal.

But, the cited connections to the CIA, Washington insiders, and a Russian backed firm dedicated to "Global research, Political analysis, Strategic insight", would infer we are watching another aspect of the drive to create THE MOST HARM TO THE MOST PEOPLE by bringing down the Democratic system... remember, it is not about impeaching Trump -- that call began with the election and even pre-election had nothing to do with anything the POTUS has actually done.  Also remember, Comey was part of the 'Deep State" and, as FBI Director, broke protocol to undermine Clinton at the very last minute... so they really don't care who won, so long as they can attack the victor.