Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Global Population, Bible Mathematics and related Prophecy – Count OMER in with Fibonacci Sequence.

There is no exact means of establishing a starting date, and in this case the final year seems to be off by the number of Hebrew Tribes.

The Fibonacci Sequence depicted in the image is 7.8 Billion people in the year 2008 (it would be more accurate with possible adjustments, but there is neither practical, nor purpose, for that level of enhanced accuracy – after all, even the population numbers we use are just estimates).


Charting OMER, the Patriarch 49: The importance of Hebrew 49 and other matters

OMER is a number count 7x7 years with the 50th year as the celebration.  The Book of Revelation modified the Davidic Prophecy so that the original loss of half of all life became the loss of a third.  If that is true, and the reports from the scientific community would seem to support it, then we can expect the population to peak at 12.6 Billion and then reduce to around the 8.4 Billion mark.

We need not believe in mystical powers to assert there is a scientific and mathematical basis for the calculation.  It doesn’t matter if you are religious or a secular humanist – the reality seems to support the idea that the prediction is proving accurate.  We need to wonder about the Evangelical types who are not onboard with it – after all, it is what they have said they believe.   Why are they acting as if they don’t believe their own book?

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

POTUS Genealogy – random reality

Vet the POTUS – why are they cousins?

Random selection decrees they should not be related – but, with one (or possibly two) exceptions, they all are cousins.  Obama is a cousin to George Washington – as an example … but he’s also cousin to the Bush clan. 
Take them from diverse areas of nation ... still cousins?  Why?
Random voice ... pick 45 people and show they are related … have two groups select two people using any criteria apart from kinship, and have third group select between the two – repeat 44 times.  Are they, the ones finally selected, related via a common grandparent?

Based upon the KINSHIP in November 2016:   
Trump out.
Walker out
Sanders out
Clinton in.
Cruz out.
Bush in.

Only Sanders has a chance at being the exception – but that is the subject of my next genealogy book.  Just consider this for Herbert Hoover:


Monday, August 17, 2015

Revelation 6:6

The Book of Revelation -- and a rational dating of the symbolic events to occur in our current era – is focus of "Death Over Life: Secret of Revelation: A Prophecy of America's Destruction" 

Prophecy is, to many, nothing more than irrational superstition.  PREDICTION, based on observed events occurring in a pattern we can verify and project forward, is called science.

In "Death Over Life: Secret of Revelation: A Prophecy of America's Destruction", we take note of the idea that “nobody will know the exact date and time” for the events.  But that is, in reality, a factual statement that can be attributed to the basic reality that there is no starting date for any prediction.  If you don’t know when the clock starts, how do you definitively know when a fixed about of time has passed from that starting point?

In "Death Over Life: Secret of Revelation: A Prophecy of America's Destruction" we assume that the clock is running on the Hebrew Calendar, rather than the modern calendar which was created 525 years after the fictional event its inventor used as the justification that marks its start.

Look at these Biblical assertions:     

Revelation 6:6 And I heard something like a voice in the center of the four living creatures saying, "A quart of wheat for a denarius, and three quarts of barley for a denarius; and do not damage the oil and the wine."

Matthew 24:7 Nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. There will be famines and earthquakes in various places.

Revelation 7:3 "Do not harm the land or the sea or the trees until we put a seal on the foreheads of the servants of our God."

Revelation 7:3 refers to the Holocaust, the 144,000 who are taken from the 12 tribes of Israel, along with many of their fellow tribesmen/kinsmen.  the action, or Rapture, is structured in a manner that ensures it “goes unnoticed.”  A perfect magician’s trick or deception -- It is done in plain sight and in a way where knowing of it is inescapable.  Yet nobody actually sees what they have witnessed.

That was 1945.

From 1945 to now, how much damage has been done to the land sea and trees?   Is it enough to assert the major force in climate change?

Here’s a horror to distort your mind – in 1917 & 1918 Hitler should have died.  At one point, the record shows that he was wounded and recovered … even getting a metal for saving the lives of others.  Then, on the second occasion, everyone with him was killed by chemical weapons; he was blinded – a horror for an artist – yet he recovered, wrote a book that detailed what he planned, came to power and achieved that plan – he came to power in 1929, the calculated date for the WHITE HORSEMAN (THE ANCIENT SYMBOL FOR GERMANY), and the world went to war on the second calculated date, 1939 – the date for the RED HORSEMAN (WAR).

2007/8 is the date/time associated with the words of Revelation 6:6.  We can look at the Great Recession, but the ECONOMIST has an article in which this is pointed out “Poor harvests and low stocks of grains in 2008 combined with a host of other factors to produce a spectacular price rise in cereals, with a UN index of prices peaking at 2.8 times higher than it was at the turn of the millennium.”

The factual data supports the prophecy.  It would seem they were able to make a cyclical prediction with great accuracy.

2015/16 is the next point of interest.

It would seem that Bernie Sanders might be the tool for fulfillment without the destruction of America … but we know the right-wing is, as it is in many nations, working hard to make things as violent as is possible.  THE MOST HARM TO THE MOST PEOPLE is their goal and they represent a third of the population in their respective nations … a third of the population is scheduled to die.


LOVE IT -- Yet another way emerges for there to be the declaration that "Babylon [Washington] the great city has fallen" to be true.
Those who actually read the Bible (as opposed to waving it about while invoking, and swearing allegiance to a Pagan Roman deity) might want to remember that there is no actual repercussions to the Babylon fall.
In 2007/8, the Great Recession -- symbolized by a distortion in basic commodity prices (grains and such, which also are associated withdrought and climate change) -- didn't have any cited repercussions.
How would Washington fall in the eyes of the highly vocal FoxNews media?
What would get the right-wing and FoxNews to assert Washington has fallen?
Could it be the election of an individual who focuses on issues and the people's needs?
Could it be the election of a 75-year old Jewish Socialist whose grandparents were killed in the Holocaust ... a Jew who actually follows the teachings of another socialist Jew ... one who taught the Law some 20 centuries ago and quoted his teacher, Hillel ... a man who said the sum of Talmud (the Bible) was to avoid doing to someone else that which you'd find repugnant if done to you.
WOW Bernie could fulfill the prophecy in a way that would see America grow and prosper while the rest of the prophecies play out to the detriment of a third of the world.
And that would be a positive way for interpretation in "Death Over Life: Secret of Revelation: A Prophecy of America's Destruction" to be proved accurate.

NAH -- Republicans wouldn't be happy unless it was fulfilled by imposing THE MOST HARM TO THE MOST PEOPLE.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Trump attacks Constitution

Donald is out Republicaning the Right-wing with his attack on the Constitution.

Donald Trump Releases Immigration Plan, Including Ending Birthright Citizenship

If we end Birthright Citizenship, it might be possible to disenfranchise the children of immigrants.

Certainly the Constitutional “Natural Born Citizen” clause would be impacted.  If you are NOT a citizen at birth – via a Birthright Citizenship – you are not eligible to be POTUS, nor are you entitled to a range of of things …

That would impact immigration.  Why would someone want to come to the USA, and have children, if their children are not citizens during the immigration and naturalization process.

Ah the delights of destroying America.

There are many ways to undermine it, and true to the Republican agenda – Donald is proposing things that will really mess with the nation’s future. 

Friday, August 14, 2015

Reproductive Patterns–a formula?

A thought which emerged from the article:

Science Has Wonderful News for Young People Who Don't Want Kids You're not alone.  MIC.COM|BY MIC

In working on the POTUS genealogy connection, I noticed some lines progressively die off.

Allowing for Homosexual males (NOT gay females who can continue to reproduce), and other factors, we get the question: could a multi-generational or multi-sibling progressive decline in children represent a genetic factor ... one which represents itself as depression, or unhappiness? Not just the hormonal one already identified in some women, but also in males?

Maybe manifesting early in sibling rivalry that takes extended duration. The opposing manifestation would be observed closeness of siblings from birth ... inferring those who would themselves have multiple children.

If so, then there might also be beneficial genetic traits in those who are close to siblings, exhibit no unhealthy rivalry, and so represent an element of natural selection which effectively halts the continued progression of negative traits.

If that were true, than it could allow for calculation of a "critical mass" in population which would result in a sharp and predictable decline in reproduction -- a trait observable to those focused on animal husbandry in restricted pastoral populations. If so, that would explain the apparent global shift in population growth.

In the case of the continued up move in Africa, the hardship level related emotions would mask the reproductive depression ones and allow, or promote, continued high reproduction rates. Disease response, like HIV IMMUNITY observed in Nigeria, might also be a factor ... the positive trait needing to reach critical "universal" levels before the population can eradicate the negative traits through a reproductive decline. In some ways, this would also add to population bottleneck occurrences or characteristics ... one of which appears to explain the POTUS connections.

NOW, if we used a weird calculation, we might find for many animal species:  A population of three offspring, each of whom produced three offspring, would – excluding accident and death via some external force (war/murder/etc) – grow at an exponential rate limited only by the availability of non-related mates.

The years marked by each generation need not be those marked by observational data for humans – the key is the number of generations required to achieve the environmental (or global) resource limit that would support that population (so it can be a bacteria, virus, or any species).  If we assume three per generation, raw math extrapolation yields the  current human population in 21 generations.

Naturally such raw math needs to be refined to allow for reintegration of the same genetic line due to a limited external resource line.  But, only for the sake of discussion, we will use 21 generations.  (we will also hold to the ancient and recently proven idea that the adult is established by age 8).

To ensure the pattern is maintained, the parent would need to live (in human terms) until their grandchild is 8 years old and has been fully trained in the basic traits they will demonstrate as adults.

If the first child is produced when mom & dad are age 16, and the first grandchild when they are 32, then they need only live to be age 40.  If the first child is produced at the female outer limit of 40 – with grandchild 40 years after that -- then they need live to 88.

Assuming an outer limit of 50 for child production by a female, the upper age of a parent would be 108 … if we take the Biblical 120, then can assert the grandparent status at age 112 and parent status at 66 (which fits the male pattern and adjusts for children killed in accidents, or by war/murder, or prove to be homosexual).

If we utilize the Biblical “Sins of father unto third generation” assertion … than the 120 minus 8 yields the great-grandchild, and the math adjusts to an average which has the three children per generation define a generation as a child every 37-years and 3-months.

Thus, consistent with the encoded math system revealed in GENESIS OF GENESIS – the Bible formula infers a human generation every 35-years and 8-months (based on adulthood at age 13); and every 33 years if, per both the Hebrew and western custom, a man should marry at 21.

We therefore have basis for a formula which might yield the critical mass limitation on population for any species or organism on the planet.  Thus allowing a maximization of resources and revealing how the prophecy in the David and the Revelation forecasts were made.  (Davidic called for 50% die off, Revelation reduced that to 33% and introduced a time frame which falls in the current Climate Change & Global Warming era.)

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

SNAP & Fiscal Responsibility

Difference between Right-wing Republican and Leftist Democrat.
If both are on SNAP.
The SNAP buys the Democrat bug repellent and bug/ant killer.  the Republican has to steal cash to buy the same things.
This also applies to many all-purpose household cleaners.

Why the difference?
The right-wing Republicans believe in harming the planet and using dangerous and costly chemicals.
The left-wing Democrat is "Green", believes in saving the planet and using things which are safe for the environment.
Therefore, the Left-winger uses coffee grounds and vinegar and various other foodstuffs to address common household issues -- all of which can be bought on SNAP using the EBT card (they also eat better because they don't buy expensive Pork [loaded with deadly and brain/intelligence killing saturated fat] instead they buy cheaper nutritious food ... which saves money for things used to do the household stuff).

Funny thing there -- the money the right-wing non-SNAP recipient wastes on chemicals and bad foods also goes to hurting hurting their health ... but they oppose, and therefore are without, health coverage ... so pay to hurt themselves, then pay again to treat the hurt so they can continue to hurt themselves.

Meantime, the left-winger discovered that many veggies they buy on SNAP can be eaten and, if properly prepared, yields seeds and roots that will grow, providing more food (free) without impacting their SNAP budget.

HUM "Fiscal Responsibility"  right-verses-left.  Who'd have thought.    

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Coined new term for Urban Dictionary: MMD

MMD  -- Made My Day

It seems to be something lacking in the cyber-world.

Made May Day – something positive in the here-and-now world where everything seems to focus on the negative and destructive politics of hate.