Monday, November 30, 2015

Ted Cruz – article reprint

Elspeth Reeve

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Republican senators think it would be just as bad for Ted Cruz to win the nomination as Donald Trump.

But it’s possible their view is skewed by having worked with the guy. Cruz, who infamously did not come to Washington to make friends, has not won endorsements from his colleagues in the Senate. “Mainstream elected Republicans now see Cruz as a bigger threat than Donald Trump or Ben Carson to clinch the nomination—but equally damaging to their party’s chances of winning the White House and keeping the Senate next fall,” Politico reports. So many are backing Cruz’s rival in the Senate, Marco Rubio.

Cruz has publicly explained that his campaign strategy is to unite three “lanes” of GOP voters: evangelicals, libertarians, and tea partiers. But Republican Senator Dan Coates is openly skeptical, saying of Cruz’s attempt to find a middle ground on national security between libertarians and hawks: “I don’t think you can split that baby.” Senate Majority Whip John Cornyn and Senator John Thune also hinted Rubio was the better pick. But many GOP senators won’t endorse Rubio while Senator Lindsey Graham is in the race. For now, it seems, they’re sticking to an un-endorsement of Cruz.

Yep, seems everyone is catching on.  But not really paying attention :

"President Ted Cruz: The 2016 Election and America's Future"

Sunday, November 29, 2015

“City on the Hill” America–Winthrop, Roosevelt, Kennedy, Rev 6:04

The focus is a build up to applying the prophecy which reads: "Babylon The Great City has fallen."
Franklyn Delano Roosevelt used a city reference in the rhetoric of one of his speeches.
Roosevelt’s address has been called a sermon -- the “City on a Hill” sermon -- and reflected that given in 1630 by John Winthrop.
Keeping in mind that Winthrop's sermon was delivered long before the United States came into being.
The image was also used by John F Kennedy.
By its detractors, Washington is often referred to as Babylon -- but, for Winthrop, the "City" image refers to the Nation which was to be built.

" Consider that wee shall be as a Citty upon a Hill, the eies of all people are uppon us;
soe that if wee shall deale falsely with our god in this worke wee have undertaken and soe cause him to withdrawe his present help from us,
wee shall be made a story and a byword through the world,
wee shall open the mouthes of enemies to speake evill of the wayes of god and all professours for Gods sake;
wee shall shame the faces of many of gods worthy servants, and cause theire prayers to be turned into Cursses upon us till wee be consumed out of the good land whether wee are going: "

And, if these words resonate through time, the eyes of the world were upon US. And, did we deal falsely -- denying aid to the poor, and food to the hungry?
Did we deal falsely in arguing against health care for the sick?
Did we deal falsely by building our budget around a life by the sword -- and giving preference to the construction of Weapons of Mass Destruction of the needs of the many?
Did we deal falsely by proclaiming we were "pro-life" and killing those who provided, or sought, medical aid with regard to the coming of new life and the saving of existing lives?
Did we deal falsely by insisting that people life with the consequences of a failed conraceptive device, a rape, or a birth defect that will cause them to love one who will die within a brief time of gaining life?
Did we deal falsely by insisting that those who sought to escape a burden they could not afford, shoulder that burden -- while we do all we can to deny them the assistance to handle that burden which we insisted they be saddled with?
Did we deal falsely by insisting we have the right to invade and murder with impunity -- just because we don't care for the free choices other make?
And thus do we cause our prayers to be turned into Curses upon us, and condemn us to be consumed and removed from the good land that is Now the modern Babylon -- a "city-nation" which will fall in the eyes of the world, and be cursed as being beneath the heel of the most immoral of the terrorist kind.
Evangelicals have wished for it to be so, and their people only have until 7 October 2016 to make it so.
If they fail -- even in the slightest detail -- the real prophecy will come to pass ... one based on Climate Change and a simple and natural passing of life.
Well, a third of humanity pass in violent war? Or in the old age that befits a baby boom generation which, for a brief period of time, distorted the natural demographics?
That will be decided and locked into place in November 2016.
Either way, the prophecy will be fulfilled -- and the schedule held to.
Look at the image that heads this page, what significance has the Red Horseman and the years 1939/1977/2001/2015?
Were those dates in the News for any Red Horseman [WAR or military death] related events?

"Death Over Life: Secret of Revelation: A Prophecy of America's Destruction"

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Economist article in College Grades

The Economist Magazine carried an article: Ivy League grade inflation Grade expectations

Once again, the media demonstrates that we are in the age of HALF INFORMATION.  The article shows a chart establishing grades have gone up -- but it makes no mention of the college population demographic reality.
USA population in 1950 was 152.3 million; in  321.2 million.  Thus the population more than doubled over this period. 
In 1950, we had a heavy post and pre-War European refugees population. 
Plus a wealth of first generation Americans who went to college because it was made possible by the GI Bill; while motivated, they lacked the modern preparation.
"For those 18 to 19 years, enrollment rates increased from 29.4 percent in 1950 to 61.2 percent by 2000."  This indicates a larger pool of applicants fo the target universities to select from.
At Harvard: "Financed by the G.I. Bill of Rights and admitted through special College entrance exams for veterans, ex-servicemen swelled the Class of 1950 to 1,645 members, more than double the past year's size."
In 2015, Harvard College admitted 1,990.
Gee, the American population more than doubled and Harvard class increases by a bit more than 20%.
NATURALLY the grade point averages would increase -- [pardon mixed metaphor] they have removed the deadwood and kept the cream-de-la-cream.
Go through the record for the other TOP schools displayed on the chart, and you'll discover the same demographic reality.




Thursday, November 19, 2015

ISIS here’s what the plan is.



The idiots that the Tea party (read: Koch Brothers et al) are pandering to are too stupid to understand those two Arab/Islamic concepts.

Obama has the advantage of having spent considerable time in the Islamic world (for which the devout, habitual, liars in the Tea Party routinely attack him)

When you represent the World, and are in conflict with an Arab group, the idea is to DIVIDE the cousins, not give them a reason to bond more closely together.

Trump, Cruz and the rest  would kill their women and children -- thus give the cousins a reason to bond tighter against their common enemy.  If France promotes broader attacks and does not stop with its destruction of  the destruction of the ISIS buildings,  the problem will escalate

Of course, I am betting that the idiots in the red states will promote escalation.   They need to.  Their clock is ticking and they need to destroy Washington before 7th of October 2016 -- so they can win in November.  (Yes there apparently was a reason for the idiotic eBible Fellowship book -- mostly to get you to ignore the pre-election threat.)

Ideally NOBODY CARES.  We actually want World War Three, or something approaching it.  Asia will sit it out -- China already has a 60 million man surplus that can be devoted to soldiers and thus defense.  So China, which is developing its production capacity and a solid capitalist base by lifting its poor our of poverty, is immune.

America (read: Tea Party,  Koch Brothers et al) is pushing its Middle Class into poverty -- with attacks on Social Security and Medical Care at a time when the Baby Boom is turning 70 and will expect the services/income it paid for.

How is the 7 October date derived?  It is the Day After the end of the current Hebrew Year -- a year that mathematically suggests the fall of Babylon the great city, in a system that already corresponds to 1929/Hitler, 1939/WW2, 2007-8//"Great Recession" and other dates/events we can test against.
The system is explained in: "Death Over Life: Secret of Revelation: A Prophecy of America's Destruction"

Watch the attack on refugees expand into a reinvigorated attack on immigrants in general -- anything which can serve to weaken America.  The Saudis, who funded BUSH 41 & 43 also fund the terrorist groups -- bin Laden was one of their's, and from one of their most powerful families -- have worked hard to manipulate oil prices so America would deplete its reserves and thus have no fuel when the time comes (like German, when the tide of war turned because they had no oil access).  NOTE: They also oppose solar and wind or any form of renewable energy development -- all the better to weaken and disarm a nation that spends all its money on weapons systems which will, ultimately, be dependent upon Middle Eastern Oil reserves.

The long game for to 2030 -- so 15 years more ... assuming the Republican right-wing can both hold and enhance its current power position.  If the nation moves to the left, then the plans are worth less than burnt toast.  Just saying that ensures the push to the right ...

Yep.  The allies are The Tea Party and ISIS.

They are aligned with the BUSH clan to bring down America (remember Prescott Bush loved the Nazis and helped fund them, and the Saudis provided the Nazi oil until Allied forces cut the supply lines).

History is revealing.   

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Tea Party, Nazi Party and ISIS … is there a difference?


Are we going to repeat 1929?  And 1933?  Then repeat 1939 and 1944/45? 

Or is America going to set aside the idea of WMD’s and spending more on military murder machines that the next seven highest military spending nations combine?

Self defense is one thing, murdering elected leaders and instituting destructive “regime change” for short term corporate profits is another.

Look at the HAND … Hitler held down, Cruz Stops … Cruz says “It’s Bad” but never gives any reason, and certainly never provides anything which can be “fact checked.” 

In 2013, Cruz stopped Government by reading Dr. Seuss into the Senate Congressional Record – seems that’s all the Republican Senate is good for … reading Children’s Stories.

Cruz, a Natural Born Canadian – whose Cuban father loved America so much, he chose to become a Canadian Citizen until his son decided to use POTUS as a means of defrauding Campaign Donors – is in the process of asserting the Constitutional eligibility clause null and void.  But that’s OK – Donald Trump said, he would negate Freedom of Religion and the Establishment Clause, by closing all Mosques.

Didn’t Nazis do that with the Synagogues?  But Trump is pandering to the New American Nazi Party – called the Tea Party – so naturally he would be an advocate of their policy objectives.

ISIS KNOWS, it need only kill a handful of people (ten percent of the number that American police have killed in the first ten months of 2015 alone), and that is all its Tea Party buddies need to justify murdering tens of thousands of innocent Muslims Women and Children.

"The Tea Party: America Upended"

"President Ted Cruz: The 2016 Election and America's Future"

"Death Over Life: Secret of Revelation: A Prophecy of America's Destruction"

The Hebrew Bible tells the story of Solomon discovering that what he thought was correct behavior to honor God was actually wrong – from that was derived the RULE OF SOLOMON:

You sin,

when you are told your actions are wrong

and you still do them.

You’ve been told.

Monday, November 16, 2015

Terrorism: For the record and the future “You Were Told” reference

WikiLeaks cables portray Saudi Arabia as a cash machine for terrorists

After he left office -- having used DESERT STORM to attack the Saudi Enemy, Saddam Hussein -- Bush 41 received, via a Canadian-Saudi Corporation, millions in no-show consulting fees.
Basically, the Saudis rewarded Bush 41.
"Saudi Arabia is the world's largest source of funds for Islamist militant groups such as the Afghan Taliban and Lashkar-e-Taiba – but the Saudi government is reluctant to stem the flow of money, according to Hillary Clinton."
Bush 43 knew of the 911 attack and when it happened, showed that knowledge in his lack of reaction or distraction from reading children their stories.
Again, ignoring the Terrorist funded by the Saudis, Bush 43 attacked Hussein and opened the door to the current problems.
We are told terrorists want to attack the United States. But, in reality, they will only do so if there is a POTUS whose first reaction is to KILL. And in so doing, push America further into debt, and further deplete resources which could improve infrastructure and the lives of common citizens. It's a matter of "Death Over Life: Secret of Revelation: A Prophecy of America's Destruction" and they MUST achieve their objective by October 2016 -- having it affirmed by the November election.

To fail Judgment, America must, once again, vote for HATE and its own destruction.

Rule of Solomon: You must be told, so you can be held accountable.  Consider yourself told.

I know those who post the "Jesus saves" stuff don't get it.
They don't read their scripture, so don't understand "SAINT PAUL'S JOKE".
They don't understand that it teaches to look at the DEEDS actually performed, rather than praising the words describing actions never taken.
We have until October 2016 to make the final judgment as to our own fate, then, in November, the deal is sealed.

10 of the Worst Terror Attacks by Extreme Christians and Far-Right White Men

Someone who, unlike those Trump is pandering to as the Republican base, actually gets it.
"The attacks in Paris are not about the murder of 150 innocent people. Hell, that many die nearly every day in Iraq and Syria. The true test for France is how they respond to the terror attacks in the long-game — that’s the king in all this. America failed this test post-9/11; yet it does not sound like France understands anything more than America. “We are going to lead a war which will be pitiless,” French president Hollande said outside the Bataclan concert hall, scene of the most bloodshed."

The attacks are about forcing irrational vigilance on the scale of the BUSH 43 response. It is about getting criminally psychotic murderers recognized as a government against which conventional warfare can be applied.
Nobody seems to understand the game -- they insist on Chess or Checkers, when the game is "giveaway", a game in which each player works to lose the most pieces.

The pieces in question are those that define the culture. America has lost trillions of dollars, gone into (created) debt that will span generations and is now at the point where it is willing to starve its own people, deny the everything, through them back into the Depression Era, so that it can increase that debt and spend more on WMD's that are used without effects beyond the killing of innocents.

Fun part, this allegedly Christian nation, and the evangelical Republicans, talk of JUDGMENT DAY, and don't understand that this is it, and they are failing the test.

As with the French, who failed the first test with Charlemagne, and the Inquisition, their Revolution, and again in the cited response, America is threatening to choose DEATH OVER LIFE ... not realizing it is their own death they are choosing.

The book title, "Biblical Prophecy: Are we in the Revelation Era", has no question mark ... the seeming question is rhetorical. We have been in the Revelation era since the players were assembled in 1917. Will it be 2017 when the reality is brought home?

America, "Babylon the great city", has, in the eyes of Donald Trump, already fallen ... and so must be made "great again". But America has until October 2016 to decide if THE DONALD is correct. He does not want to be POTUS, he's just the messenger pointing to the things which Mark the possible evidence of that fall.

Those who killed in Paris killed in NYC; they killed in Kenya ( the alleged land of Obama's birth, per those who chose DEATH IN RESPONSE TO DEATH); they kill in their own marketplaces and they kill their own people as they go to their places of High and Special worship. They win when the response to death is prompt more Death Over the morality of Life.

The judgment has begun. The worm is on the hook, now who shall take the bait?

Paris: You Don’t Want to Read This – by
Peter Van Buren

129 white French, versus “147 dead in terrorist attack on Kenya college” back in April and "148 people were killed by al-Shabab militants who stormed the dormitories of Garissa University College in a siege that lasted 15 hours."
.... did anyone know about it? OR CARE?
Seems we know where the media bias is.
Consider this -- Charlemagne, also known as Charles the Great or Charles I, was King of the Franks ... a FRENCH KING murdered Islamists and Jews ... converted people in what is now Demark, Baptized them then murdered them and set the pattern of behaviorbehaviour that culminated in the Holocaust.
Or we like to say it did -- but Bush 43 declared Holy War against Saddam Hussein and also declared the 911 architect, Bin Laden, to be "IRRELEVANT" to the alleged War on Terror and gave him a pass for murdering more than 3000 Americans.
Yea! Bush 43 did declare Bin Laden "wanted dead or alive" -- until congress gave him the authority to murder Arabs. Immediately, Bin Laden became irrelevant and was able to spend years in a villa overlooking the base used by US Forces in Afghanistan.
Now, if we do it right, in November 2016 we will elect another guy who loves his wars and murder. He will not care about Africa -- because ISIS will make him a gift of ROME's Destruction. And they will use the American weapons Bush shipped to Iraq and left (along with all the munitions needed).

Among social media’s Eiffel towers and peace signs, a months-old story of a terrorist attack in Kenya

Donald Trump wants everyone to have a gun (DUH makes it easier for bad guys to get one) but the facts are these:
"An FBI report detailing 160 active shooting incidents from 2000-2013 found that only one incident was stopped by a concealed carry permit holder, and he happened to be a Marine. (Four others were stopped by armed guards, and two more by off-duty police officers.) By comparison, 21 active shooters were stopped by unarmed citizens — good guys without guns."

Thus, a GOOD GUY with courage and the correct attack location, is far better than a nobody with a gun -- a police officer or soldier ... well then, we're basically taking a good guy who also happens to have a gun and is trained to use it in combat situations.

The Numbers on Arming College Students Show Risks Outweigh Benefits

AGAIN:  It’s the Rule of Solomon, and has nothing to do with your religious belief or disbelief – it is a factual approach to personal moral responsibility:

1.  If you know what you are doing is basically wrong, or ill-advised, YOU are responsible.

2.  If you do not know, those who do know have the obligation to inform you.  You must be told, so you can be held accountable.

3.  Consider yourself told.  And prepare to live with the consequences of your actions and the actions of those who deny reality and favor lies; those who hate and value violence.

Be prepared for decades of a world run by right-wing extremists – be they in the USA, or call themselves the Islamic State.  Maybe they are holding power in European nations.  No matter.  YOU will vote them into the power that will be used to kill you and your children.  Their weapons are economic deprivation, and “the sword” – they are supported by bigotry.

Consider yourself told. 

Friday, November 13, 2015

REVELATION: the backstory Part 1

You all have a rough idea of the prophecy, or prediction, known to the world as the biblical Book of Revelation.  Now it is time for the story you do not yet know.  It is the story of the fulfillment of that prophecy.

We’ll skip the first portion, the events known to have occurred at the end of the first millennium, and focus on the events which are now unfolding.

Our story begins with a young orphan, a boy whose life was to have been devoted to the fine arts -- a pursuit for which he was actually quite suited.  But he was born at a time which marked the dawn of an era of Judgment and rapid change.  He entered life in a time devoted to war.

A brave lad, whose temperament was suited for the saving of lives, he joined in the conflict and served in a medical unit.  Unfortunately, it was a unit which was assigned to a brigade of the damned; he had been assigned to help those who had been judged to die.  He too died.  But it was the death of the undead – his eyesight was taken and he was faced with a choice of a life without the career he had dreamed of, or death.

But to die was not his fate, it would be his choice.

He could recover and follow a path which would lead to “eternal fame” beyond the normal scope of the expectations of a young aspiring artist, or he could remain blind.

But, there was, of course, a catch.  His fame would not be that of an artist – though his art work would endure and be prized.  Rather he would be the counterpart to another artist, one whose fame would also endure  and be interlocked with his own.  Neither man being known for his art, but rather for their opposing leadership.

The boy, which it would later be revealed was Jewish and of the same genetic blood  as one of the greatest scientific minds of the Century, was offered the position of the White Horseman of the Apocalypse.

He would be reviled, hated, revered and quoted.  he would be a “Man of the Year” and a force that would live in history.  He would be the one to bring about the RAPTURE.  But, as significant as it was, his role, and the true nature of the occurrence, would go unnoticed for a century from the time he decided that the fame offered was better than the obscurity of a blinded artist.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Voting Shows the End of Amrica

Just voted for the 50th year straight (counting a few absentee ballots_) ...
Town has 1001 residents and over 750 registered voters ...
Sounds good -- until you think about it.
75% of the town is OVER voting age ... there are very few kids ... in a normal population, only 40% of the population are adults.
Bodes poorly for the survival of the District Schools (located here in Town) -- our town has the largest population of any of the communities serviced by both the elementary and high school.
And Maine is losing children.
In a decade, the population will reflect there being nearly none at all.  In three decades ...
Guess there is a solid reason for being anti-immigration.  Why would we want children?
Why would we want anyone under the age of 60?
An ideal reason to undermine Social Security.
Why would we want people to retire?
Why would we want people who are selfish enough to retire to have money to spend to keep local stores and industries afloat?
  "The Tea Party: America Upended" ... they understand ... upend America, empty it out, destroy the economic structure ... all the easier for the Islamics to conqueror the nation.
Why Islamics?  Haven't you seen the reports?  The mean temperature in the Middle East is expected to reach 165 -- it's expected to become uninhabitable (as is the mean is approaching 115-130 (and we all know safe faucet water temp is 120).  Certainly they will need a place to live -- and the Tea Party has decreed it should be America (but its voters are too dumb to understand that).

Now Consider this:
The 2015 Military Budget for America is approximately $600 BILLION and represents nearly 20 times the amount devoted to Social Security (which the elderly funded).  By way of contrast, China spends $129.4 Billion annually, it's population is for times that of America and that means the per capita cost reflects what Americans spend on their daily Coffee  -- China is the next highest military budget, then Saudi Arabis spending $80 Billion, and the "bad-and-nasty" Russians at $70 Billion. Clearly, America is overspending.
If America cut the military budget by 5%, it could double ALL Social Security payments, enhance the economy from the bottom  (raise all boats by raising the tide from below the hulls).  But that would mean the Republicans deciding to make their actions fit their slogans, and we all know that will never happen.
But place the Miltary Budget in terms of an Islamic takeover of America.  If all the factors remain the same, spending on the military will INCREASE and spending on a growing Social Security population will DECEASE.  As a result, the Arab takeover of America will see them inherit the largest military machine in the history of the planet -- exactly what they will need for the JIHAD which Sir Isaac Newton said would happen in the period around 2033/5.      
The beauty of it all?  AMERICANS are voting to achieve their own destruction and create the Global Islamic State.

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Trump rephrases REVELATION

STRANGE THOUGHT: Did Donald Trump intent to pander to the Evangelicals, by taking a statement from Revelation, tweaking it, then using it as his campaign slogan?

"Make America Great Again" 

To make something “great again”, obviously it had to once be great – maybe a “Babylon the Great City” type greatness.  As you might have noticed on some TV programs, quite often, The City of Washington is referred to as “Babylon.”

Does that mean: Donald Trump’s Campaign formally declares “BABYLON THE GREAT CITY HAS FALLEN”?

Thus Trump is fulfilling Revelation?  Does that make any sense at all?

Is America the modern and symbolic Babylon of the ancient text?

In his paper, “METAPHORS IN THE BOOK OF REVELATION: A STUDY OF SELECTED SEVENTH-DAY ADVENTIST (S.D.A.) LAY LEADERS’ INTERPRETATIONS”, Stephen Ogana wrote:““Babylon the great, the mother of harlots and abominations of the earth” (Rev.17:5). Babylon symbolizes an apostate Church full of wicked followers.”  Which is a fair description of Evangelical Bible Belt America.  It is something revealed by Paul’s Gospel to the Gentiles, as covered in "Saint Paul's Joke: 'The Punch Line's A Killer'".

“And he cried mightily with a strong voice, saying, Babylon the great city is fallen, is fallen, and is become the habitation of devils and the hold of foul spirit, and a cage of every unclean and hateful bird” (Rev. 18:2 KJV).  Look at this representation of that ancient assertion – it describes a conditional reality which might well be applied to Washington.  Where else do people work to deny medical care to others; to deny medical research; to deny the obvious that we see associated with Climate Change; to deny a worker the right to a minimum wage that removes them from the slavery of poverty; to attack those who are in poverty and forbidden any escape by their attackers?

Slaves get “FREE STUFF”; taxpayers buy what they receive; the wealthy steal from their slaves.  

Babylon was the symbol of Jewish Slave Captivity, America is the symbol of African Slave Captivity – and now it has a POTUS who is both descendant of “Kenya” and the Founding Fathers.  (Obama is a Cousin to George Washington and numerous others who were Founding Colonial settlers.)

As cited by Ogana, “Horn (1979:109-114) says this concerning Babylon: It is called Babel in Hebrew and Aramaic languages and Babulon in Greek. It was a city in the Mesopotamian Valley which was one of the first cities founded by King Nimrod. In the Holy Scriptures (Genesis 11:9), the name means confusion based, evidently, on the fact that the Hebrew verb balal means to confuse. A number of prophesies were directed against Babylon, predicting that the city would be destroyed and become desolate or an uninhabited place. (Isaiah 13, 14:1-23, Jeremiah 50:51). This prophesy, has gradually been fulfilled (Cyrus the Great took it in 539 B.C.). In the Bible (Revelation 18:1-3), Babylon implies a religious organization which teaches false doctrines and therefore, it is bound to fall.”

Imagine Right-Wing Evangelicals actually believe their often irrational superstitious interpretation of scripture. [as opposed to using it as a means to bilk the ignorant of millions in donations to support the televangelist top 1% lifestyle.]  Could, as implied by Horn, and stated by Jesus (when he denies he will know those who come in his name), could Babylon be the Christian Church?  In his Prophecy of the 112 Popes (the final one, in a thus far basically accurate series, being the current Pope Francis I), Malachi is on record as saying Roman is destroyed while Pope Francis (returned Peter) travels.

The timing Evangelicals have is general -- there are two phases, each one after a period of thousand years; the first was the Viking age in which Charlemagne murdered non-believers; the second is the 21st century when they often say the world ends.
[We know the prediction describes an end of modern, rampant, post-war, human population growth and the effects of Climate Change. We have very reason to believe the "prophecy" was a rational prediction of known cycles combined with a rational projection of observed human cultural patterns.]
If the Evangelicals believe a certain number must die, could they be trying to manipulate those deaths?
Could that explain their attack on health care and the elderly (through attacks on Social Security); could that also explain their devotion to excessive military spending?
Is it possible they believe murdering others, sacrificing others, will somehow save them from the inevitable extinction associated with their historic self-hatred and bigotry?
We have, possibly, uncovered the secret behind the timeline. Uncovered the rational reasons why the specific dates and times were said t be unknown:
1. We were denied knowledge of a fixed starting date;
2. We lost the accuracy which comes from proper use of the cyclical calendar system they applied;
3. They knew irrational Pagan/Roman thought patterns would prevail for most of the period - it was even part of the prediction and marked the events which would define much of the second interval. If WISDOM, KNOWLEDGE and UNDERSTANDING define a divine spirit, ignorance and superstition would, in part, define evil. But then too, there is the ignorance which blindly dismisses that which is not clearly understood -- an intellectual equivalent of the Fox declaring the grapes sour.
Mention the Bible and the reaction is to call it myth and dismiss it -- even as the dismissive individual acknowledges the scientific wisdom of its laws and obeys (promotes) it's rules for fundamental hygiene and social behavior.
Are we in the Revelation Era? Of course we are -- the end of that era was fixed to be two thousand years from the writing of the predictions.
Part of the problem: which writing?
Both being versions of the same prediction, the latter appears to be meeting a more detailed expression of the former -- with the KORAN describing the soldiers who would comprise either THE ARMY IN WHITE, or the ultimate army of evil to be destroyed before the more civilized age can begin. It begins with those who choose, or prize, "Death Over Life: Secret of Revelation: A Prophecy of America's Destruction".

Many have interpreted verses in many ways.  But in all, it would appear that America, or its cities, are seen to be the hub that is Babylon.


There is the “???” because Christians see the dead as Christian, Muslims see them as Muslim, the dead of The Rapture – the 144,000 – are, without question, stated to be 12,000 of each of the Twelve Hebrew Tribes of Israel.  And so stated, even though, at the time of the Prophecy, the only means of identifying those individuals was via their DNA ... a means that only emerges in the 21st century, when the Holocaust settled the matter through the expedient method of simply killing all Jews.  NOTE the Nazis were working on, and dedicated to, the study of genetics which we now do via DNA.  Could it be that the Holocaust was the Rapture without the proper tools?

Now that really messes with the Evangelical source of income – the one promise they consistently make to the rubes they con on a daily basis.