Saturday, December 19, 2009

United Nations Propagada - USA politics?

Pro-Life, anti-Israel, anti-Medicalcare Bill (currently before Congress) propaganda "census" claims UN recognition and infers their authority & approval.
They give extended biased speech, in the form of lengthy multiple part questions.
The questions offer no means of responding.
Therefore, the call is a fraudulent "census"
Time to deceive so that they can publish false conclusions or response data.
Ah the beauty of the Criminal Mind and -- if truly UN authorized -- the violation of American Law through interference in domestic political of Health Care

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Single-payer health care plan dies in Senate

America is doomed to paying twice as much as we should for health care ... the Republicans have won ... they won when they doubled the deficit under Ronald Reagan, they won when they doubled the deficit under Bush 43.

America cannot stand, cannot afford the Republican desire to waste our money.

We need politicians who are honest and willing to represent those who elect them. We need politicans who are fiscally conservative -- who can provide what Americans need and still (as Clinto did) reduce the deficit and provide annual budget surpluses.

Of course, Americans are self-destructive. They want, with all their hearts, to see an end to this noble experiment -- to put an end to this noble experiment... To see that this land becomes a wasteland dependent upon foreign energy until we are bankrupt and have no chance of establishing renewable resources. At that point our military power will become meaningless ... not military force can exist without energy to power its equipment ... and we will drain our resources ... the Republicans have made it clear they want use to drain our resources ... until we are a third world nation begging for assistance from the great powers of Europe and Asia.

Hey! Who cares? We baby boomers will -- for the most part -- be either dead or too old for it to matter.

In 2010 -- be sure to vote Republican. The more they win, the quicker this nation will die.

Constitution & Guantánamo

By HELENE COOPER and DAVID JOHNSTON: "WASHINGTON — In ordering the federal government to acquire an Illinois prison to house terrorism suspects who are currently held at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba, President Obama on Tuesday took a major step toward shutting down the military detention facility that its detractors say had become a potent recruitment tool for Al Qaeda."

This simple paragraph belies the real Constitutional issue -- one the detainees are on American soil the Constitution rules! And it requires that the detainees be granted all the rights of anyone under our jurisdiction!

Will the GOP fight to violate American Law -- or will they push for it to be honored?

If it is honored the detainess finally get their day in court ...

If dishonored ... America dies as a moral and ethical force (if it ever was one)

Monday, December 14, 2009

Legalize drugs & it will stop usage

News story shows legalization best control:
Dutch among lowest cannabis users in Europe
AMSTERDAM, Nov 5 (Reuters) – The Dutch are among the lowest users of marijuana or cannabis in Europe despite the Netherlands’ well-known tolerance of the drug, according to a regional study published on Thursday.

Among adults in the Netherlands, 5.4 percent used cannabis, compared with the European average of 6.8 percent, according to an annual report by the European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction, using latest available figures.

A higher percentage of adults in Italy, Spain, the Czech Republic and France took cannabis last year, the EU agency said, with the highest being Italy at 14.6 percent. Usage in Italy used to be among the lowest at below 10 percent a decade ago.

Countries with the lowest usage rates, according to the Lisbon-based agency, were Romania, Malta, Greece and Bulgaria.
- Source: Dutch among lowest cannabis users in Europe-report, Reuters, Nov. 5, 2009


The idea that you can force changes in behavior has long been proved false -- yet those who wish the most harm to the most people continue to promote the concept.

Roe v Wade legalization of abortion (c1973) actually reduced the number of abortions in the United States. Given time to think & choose, because they no longer had to seek an abortionist, many women decided to have the child -- thus there has been an increase in unmarried mothers. The legalization dramatically reduced the number of women who died from, or were rendered sterile by, backroom & self induced abortions.

Thiose whose lives are decvoted to inducing the most harm to the most people still call for a return to the old days. These people, generally members of the Republican Party, are evil incarnate -- they are proud of it ... but will lie about the pride they take in hurting their innocent neighbors. These people have counterparts in A; Qaeda and other terrorist groups -- they know, they aid, they abet each other at every opportunity.

If we want to stop illegal drugs -- we do not engage in border concerns. The goal is to remove the profit which comes from marketing the drugs, and the "coolness" of breaking the law. The Dutch have proved the point. Make it legal and available ... then people will think and decide. Most people will decide to favor their health and ability to function -- so they will turn from any activity which hurts only themselves. People, given the chance might try, but then will ultimately reject, anything which negatively impacts their quality of life. However, there still remains those whose enjoyment comes from hurting others -- or controlling the actions of others and denying them their God Given Right to freewill and choice ... those people invoke and live by a policy of the most harm to the most people.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A rational approach to energy

"If we prepare for climate change by building a clean-power economy, but climate change turns out to be a hoax, what would be the result? Well, during a transition period, we would have higher energy prices. But gradually we would be driving battery-powered electric cars and powering more and more of our homes and factories with wind, solar, nuclear and second-generation biofuels. We would be much less dependent on oil dictators who have drawn a bull’s-eye on our backs; our trade deficit would improve; the dollar would strengthen; and the air we breathe would be cleaner. In short, as a country, we would be stronger, more innovative and more energy independent."
--By THOMAS L. FRIEDMAN, December 9, 2009

Finally, a rational approach to energy.

Those who seek to destroy America want us to remain dependent on foreign fuels -- until they run out and there is no time to avoid disaster. From the military standpoint: Think Nazi Germany and their dependence on foreign fuels. When they needed fuel the most, when their tanks, trucks and planes were needed to defend against Allied forces, they had no oil. All their fine military mobility came to a halt -- no more blitzkrieg for them ... lighting war was now worm war ... they were crawling home on their bellies and being stepped on ...

America faces the same problem the Nazis did -- we need oil to reach the other guy's territory and keep him off ours. If we continue to burn more than we have, we will have nothing ... any idiot with a pipe bomb could attack us and we would have no defense ... certainly no ability to launch a battle in Afghanistan or some other far off point ...

By one estimate supplying troops in Afghanistan costs $300 per gallon of fuel used ... add to that the losses to the economy because we need to import $100/bbl oil ... and the current recession is a thing of our own making. Everything we import exports wealth and security. If we could generate renewable power, we could do things cheaper here ...

But screw it! There isn't a single American in a position of leadership who wants America to survive past their lifetime. They all want the bribes paid by lobbists from Islamic nations -- whose real goal is to weaken us for an Islamic Jihad takeover. HELL! Ben Laden has told us as much -- when he was telling Bush 43 to waste wealth and leave office with the Trillion Dollar deficit he left Obama. Like Bush 43, Major portions of American leadership take their marching orders from Al Qaeda.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Obama Turning Republican

OK so now our prez is going off the wall and becoming a Republican – you know the type … war at any cost.

We are going t0 have a major troop build up in Afghanistan – why?

The Republicans have issued the call for a Victory in Afghanistan pledge from all its members. Of course, nobody has any idea how to define “VICTORY” – so how the hell would anyone know when it has been achieved?

Think about it. How would YOU define victory? Stop terrorists? No feasible – they are everywhere but Afghanistan. Where are the suicide bombers? Where are they killing people? Who are they killing? Certainly they haven’t attacked us in recent years – but they have killed Muslims in Islamic nations. Yet where are the Islamic armies? Has any Islamic nation come forward to stop terrorists? Or are they funding them to kill their own people, and their fellow religionists in neighboring nations?

Yep … more troops into a nation run by the Taliban … so the Taliban can continue to oppress the people of that nation and the people can blame the USA for allowing it to happen. OR … pull troops out and get blamed for the Taliban taking over the killing and returning tom power. NO WIN for USA … hence NO VICTORY POSSIBLE.

On the other hand, it is a good jobs program – if handled correctly. And the demographic reality is, and has been, that, as of this year and for the next five years, we will need all the job programs we can get. Then we will still have another fifteen years before stability is reestablished. It’s call the baby boom retirement years – after decades of low birthrates and skimping on education to enrich the Ponzi scam types who own the Republican Party.

OK, so there is a practical basis for a troop buildup … it will pump money into the support sectors of the economy without killing too many of our children and grandchildren.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Watch and Count

Count the votes against Health CARE -- note the names.
Build a list of those who want Americans to suffer or die.
Wathc those who promote "The Most Harm to the Most People" self identify.
Note they will get away with it -- because most Americans would prefer to suffer.
If that were not true, they would not have elected Nixon, Reagan, or Bush.
Reagan doubled the national debt. Bush doubled it again.
Three-quarters of the current debt -- three-quarters of the $700 Billion in annual interest -- belong to two Republicans and the GOP who claimed fiscal responsibility while blowing the budget and sinking the nation.
There is a degree of magic associated with that $700 Billion in annual interest ... just one year and you pay for ten years of national health care ...

"The Most Harm to the Most People" - ignore it you are liable for all the harm it brings.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Have the People Spoken?

I have a habit of either predicting an outcome, or explaining why the outcome might have been wrong. On Tuesday, the voters of Maine decided that they were opposed to marriage.

Sounds strange to say a vote to repeal the right of same sex couples to engage in something deemed marriage – as defined in Civil law – would be a vote against marriage, but that is the ultimate effect. Granted, those with no religious knowledge or affiliation would not comprehend what I am saying, but the rest of us know that every theology shares a common doctrine – in Christianity, it is called ‘The Golden Rule’ of do unto others; in Judaism, the Sage, Hillel, phrased it as not doing to another what you don’t want done to you. For Hillel, it was the totality of scripture, with the text being simply explanation.

On Tuesday, the majority of Maine voters said they wanted the right to marry taken away from five, or ten, percent of their neighbors. Overwhelmingly, Washington County voters declared they wanted the right to marry taken away. It is a simple matter of doing unto others while wishing it was done to you – expect the reciprocity to be reflected by increased divorce rates among our children and their children. Moreover, we can expect the drop in marriage rates, and postponed first marriages, to increase for the very reason that we have made it clear that we oppose marriage for everyone. (Curiously, I seem to recall a Gospel where Jesus declares that everyone has the right to marry – and divorce is only allowed to three classes of ‘eunuch’: homosexual, neutered, and celibate. But that’s just one doctrine and it’s not common to all theologies.)

Constitutionally, equality before the law is an absolute right for all American citizens. If we deny tax deductions to couples who are otherwise willing to qualify for them, we are denying them equality. In Civil Law, the “marriage contract” bestows a range of contractual rights and privileges upon two consenting adults; it does so without any procreative mandate – that is, ‘eunuchs’, those who cannot, or choose not to, procreate are granted the same rights as those who select to reproduce. Furthermore, Civil Law makes no mandate for the termination of children where no “marriage contract” exists, and hence does not require the existence of the contract for procreation. Clearly, as Maine has declared its opposition to marriage for one class of individuals, it can easily declare marriage among all other all other classes to be null and void. The message of the vote is clear, as with elements across the nations, a class of Maine voter has decreed an eventual end to marriage as a civil option.
The very idea of the proposition and interpretation I have just rendered should anger a great many people – none more than those who somehow believed they were voting to facilitate the creation of families. But if the state, and influential segments of the nation, deem it unnecessary to sanction pair-bonding in the form of civil marriage – why form families, as opposed to forming transient pairings? Why would anyone want to engage in a relationship which is difficult to terminate? We have a society which seems – based upon divorce and remarriage rates – to prefer serial polygamy. Tuesday’s vote, has made a clear statement that, had modern society been given the option, it would never have adopted the institution of marriage to begin with. We know this because we have denied it to those who expressly requested it, while otherwise treating it as an obligation for those who express a preference for avoiding it – unless granted some economic benefit vis-a-vis having a spouse.

Given three child producing options – married & widow, non-marital, married & divorced – I would, from experience go with all available sociological data and assert the non-martial option is superior to the emotional and economic burdens of the other two alternatives. It is nice to see that Maine has decided to void, or prohibit, foolish people from subjecting themselves to emotional-economic cost of marriage. Granted, this was not the intent of those who voted YES and indicated their opposition to their neighbors being marriage – but it will continue to the psychological and practical reality of the future of marriage until such time as the people of Maine return to the ballot box to declare otherwise.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Idiots 101 - New York

Newly released campaign records show the mayor Michael R. Bloomberg, as of Friday, had spent $85 million on his latest re-election campaign, and is on pace to spend between $110 million and $140 million before the election on Nov. 3.

What Bloomberg is spending to run a city would educate 40,000 children -- school budgets are being cut and this jerk is wasting 140 million to get a nominal paycheck. By comparison, Steve Forbes poured $114 million into his two bids for president; Ross Perot spent $65 million in his quest for the White House in 1992 and $10 million four years later. Hence, running NYC is more important than running the United States. GEE now there is an ego boost for New Yorkers.

Of course, if NYC is not more important than all of America, the people of NYC will be governed by a money wasting idiot ... oh, right, they are governed by a money wasting idiot.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Deficit & Jobless

"More than a million jobless Americans are in danger of losing benefits by the end of the year unless Congress passes an extension of unemployment insurance. The House has acted, but the Senate, which has a better bill, has been bogged down by obstruction from Republicans." - New York Times Editorial 17 October 2009

The Most Harm to the Most People, has been and remains, the Republican agenda.
Will Americans realize this, or shall the persist in their self-destructive ways?

Out of Washington:
"The Obama administration said Friday that the federal budget deficit for the fiscal year that just ended was $1.4 trillion, nearly a trillion dollars greater than the year before and the largest shortfall relative to the size of the economy since 1945."

For at least four years you were informed that the Bush agenda -- the Republican Agenda -- was to create a Trillion dollar deficit. Bush gave us a Major Recession and we coasted into that Trillion dollar deficit.

Once again, it will be up to the American Citizen -- in 2010 -- to decide is they endorse policies based upon "The Most Harm to the Most People", or if they want to enjoy the benefits of a free nation and free economy grown by the intelligence of its people and not the manipulations of a few dishonest bankers & the Republican politicians they have borught and paid for.

Friday, October 16, 2009

How Moral is Pope?

A dynamic, handsome Franciscan friar in a brown robe serving as the spiritual director for the retreat and agreed to begin counseling Pat Bond on her marriage. "One day, she said, as she was leaving the priest’s parlor, he pulled her aside for a passionate kiss." For the next five years she and the priest, the Rev. Henry Willenborg, carried on an intimate relationship.

That relationship produced a son, who the Franciscans acquiesced to support, with the stipulation that she sign a confidentiality agreement -- that son is now 22 years old, and his story is now public.

Consider that this is the Catholic Church -- whose Bible dictates that anyone who has sex with a divorced woman is an adulterer. Therefore Rev Willenborg knowingly instigated an adulterous relationship which the Franciscan Order condoned and financially supported.

It turns out that Father Willenborg was also having an affair with another woman. Talk about respecting vows of celibacy. Over 25 years, an organization called Good Tidings had been contacted by nearly 2,000 women who said they were involved with priests, many who had signed child support and confidentiality agreements like Ms. Bond’s.

So, absent any evidence that these priests were excommunicated and evicted from their offices, we have a clear image of the true morality of the Catholic Church. Noting that none of this could occur without the approval of those in charge of the money -- it is clear that these violations of morality are condoned by the Vatican and a succession of Popes. Clearly, the whole organization is built on immorality and hypocrisy -- derived from a total disregard for the express words of Christ.

It's not even a matter of secondary interpretation -- the adultery violates Christ and is therefore anti-Christ; the celibacy violation is a direct violation of oath and imposed Church Doctrine. The beauty of it all is that there are millions of people who follow -- and financially support -- the anti-Christ practices and still believe they will receive some form of salvation.

Don't you just love human consistency?

Monday, October 12, 2009

Insurance companies Threaten America

News 12 October 2009: "Insurance companies aren't playing nice any more. Their dire message that health care legislation will drive up premiums for people who already have coverage comes as a warning shot at a crucial point in the debate, and threatens President Barack Obama's top domestic priority."

Gee ... if we cover everyone the way the Europeans do, the American Insurance companies will stick it to anyone too stupid to accept the coverage.

We know the Republicans are stupid enough to buy into Insurance company blackmail. This is especially true since those who vote against insuring Americans are being paid by those same Insurance companies. Now the question is ... Is Senator Olympia Snowe on the Insurance payroll or the American one -- double dipping or representing?

OK ... now who else could have been bought and paid for? Let's check the voting record -- past and future. Republicans and Democrats who vote against the European system are admitting, on the record, that they are dishonest and anti-American.

Who cares? You don't! You're remaining quiet and not demanding that there be honest and economical health care for all Americans ... As we know, this is a Christian Nation ... Do unto others that which will bring them the most harm. Screw your neighbor ... it is the American way. In the process, you need to screw yourself ... remember the saying in the 60's ... to hold and keep them down, you got to be down there with you.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Dec. 21, 2012 ... or ... ? is the end is near?

The Mayan Calendar records the beginning of the world in 3114BCE and counts 13 Baktun cycles of roughly 394 years each to end on the 21st of December 2012. On that day, the earth and sun will align with the center of the universe (actually, the Milky Way galaxy) and that which was will begin anew.

In a way, we can view this event as a Great Year. Great in the sense that it is an enormous year based on the Milky Way galaxy rather than old Sol ...

For the Mayan, the cycle begins 648 years after the Biblical Date of Creation -- that is, years counted from the birth of man. In their terms, the critical date for Biblical religion would have occurred in our common year of 1364. To the extent that April is the beginning of the creation year, it is significant that it was on 8 April 1364 that Charles V of France came to power -- due to his high intelligence, he was know as Charles the Wise. In that vain, it was the following month (12 May 1364) that The Jagiellonian University is founded in Kraków. Jagiellonian University produced Nicolaus Copernicus -- who is best known for the writing and discoveries associated with his hobby, astronomy.

Did the Hebrew world end in 1364? Should our world end in 2012? Or will we see the roots of a new world ... one based upon the laying of foundations of greater discovery and intellectual achievement?

It is said, predicted, by one who, for a thousand years, has been proven totally correct about such things: The name of the last Pope, but one shall be Benedict and his rule shall be the rule of the current Benedict. Thus, could the age of enlightenment be the death of this Pope and the short term rule of his successor?

The phrase "short term" relates to the final prediction about the final pope -- he will be run out of Rome and die in exile. Christianity, as we know its roots, shall come to an end in 2012. Thereafter there shall be judgment for the sins of Christians -- the torture of the Inquisition, the racism and Antisemitism which the evangelicals have sponsored, the acts of common folk who violated the scriptural teachings the profess to follow ... those who claim to be Christians but are not ... those who deny health care to their neighbors and so violate both the Christian commandment to tend the sick and the commandment top treat thy neighbor aS THEY WOULD BE TREATED ... those who have divorced against the specific teachings of Christ and who oppse his direction that ALL PEOPLE (including Eunuchs from the womb who we call gays or homosexuls) ARE ENTITLED TO MARRY.

To that last point: it therefore becomes significant that we should be holding the debate two years before the critical date of 2012.


Saturday, October 10, 2009


I just watched part of an action movie where they had armored cars chasing a motorcycle through some ex-communist city. Rockets took out building, machine guns were firing ... innocent bride was killed dancing at her wedding party ... a waiter took a bullet to the heart ... and there was no government interest.

How many people can be killed before the filmmakers believe even the godless communist would take notice?

How stupid are movie goers? How much more stupid the makers of these things? Do they make a profit? If so, HOW ?!?

Is it possible to have reality and action?
Thank god I have NetFlix Instant View ... If I had rented this, or was paying for cable and had this or the other 200 channels of lame programming rather than the choice to end and remove ...

The crap they produce ... irrational ... suitable only for the moronic element of society ... hum ... that must be how & why they make money ...

Rush Limbaugh has set standard for GOP

As predicted, The Republicans have begun their efforts to make this a war administration. Rush Limbaugh has set standard for GOP to follow ... blast the President and everyone who does not wish to murder innocent people.

How many millions must die before the GOP will be happy?

ANSWER! Every single one on the planet must die before they will be satisfied.

Reagan demonstrated it. Bush and then Bush demonstrated it. Sit back and enjoy ... first they will deprive Americans of Health care and Education ... then the sickly illiterates will be cared into the same type of suicidal war that al Qaeda sponsors.

Sit back and enjoy ... you certainly wouldn't want to stop the destruction ... would you?

Friday, October 9, 2009

Barack Obama Nobel Peace Prize

U.S. Republican Party Chairman Michael Steele contended The President won the Nobel Peace Prize based upon his "star power" rather than meaningful accomplishments.

List of American Nobel Peace Prize winners:
1906 -- Theodore Roosevelt, United States (14 Sept 1901 – 4 Mar 1909)
NOTE: He bailed from the Republicans to join the Progressives.
1912 -- Elihu Root, United States
1919 -- Woodrow Wilson, United States (17 Jan 1911 – 1 March 1913)
1925 -- Charles G. Dawes, United States
shared with Austen Chamberlain, United Kingdom;
1929 -- Frank B. Kellogg, United States
1931 -- Jane Addams, United States;
shared with Nicholas Murray Butler, United States
1945 -- Cordell Hull, United States
1953 -- George C. Marshall, United States
1964 -- Martin Luther King Jr., United States
1970 -- Norman Borlaug, United States
1985 -- International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War, United States
1986 -- Elie Wiesel, United States
2002 -- Jimmy Carter, United States (20 Jan 1977 – 20 Jan 1981)
2009 -- Barack Obama, United States
!!! Awarded less than Nine Months in to FIRST TERM !!!

From the looks of this, (unless they were adult Republicans prior to the Depression) the Democrats stand for peace and the Republicans for war. Note that the only Republican President to achieved "Star Power" bailed out of that party.

Guess that means no Republican has "Star Power" ... Republicans are all "B" Actors on the global stage who promote weapons build-ups and the killing of innocent people.

Now history tell us one thing -- Americans will turn their leadership to war and marginalize any President who stands for gets the Nobel Peace Prize. Of course, if we go by 1931, America gets a two-fer and some European or Asian nation will start a World War.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

CBO Says Senate Health Bill Would Expand Coverage, Reduce Deficit

NEWS 7 October "CBO Says Senate Health Bill Would Expand Coverage, Reduce Deficit"

Key Paragraph:
"The bill would cost $829 billion over the next decade, but would more than offset that cost by slicing hundreds of billions from government health programs such as Medicare and by imposing a 40 percent excise tax on high-cost insurance policies starting in 2013."

Interesting ... how long ago did I say this?

Didn't I include something along these lines in my open letter to Senator Snowe???

Here's the projected savings line: "All told, the package would slice $81 billion from projected budget deficits over the next 10 years,..." add to: "It would also expand coverage to 94 percent of Americans by 2019, the CBO said, up from the current 83 percent." GEE: THIRTEEN PERCENT increase (nominal 11 points on 83%) and WE SAVE MONEY!

Now the math is so clear that we know the Republican party must oppose it!

If it doesn't raise the deficit the Republicans cannot possibly support it. Doubt that ... Reagan & bush each doubled the deficits they took over when they entered office. Democrat Clinton decreased it and had a budget surplus. Republicans must borrow and spend -- and they must ensure the average citizen receives absolutely no benefit.

Being fiscally rational is to be anti-Republican practices, but pro-Republican rhetoric ... it is, after all, an irrefutable fact of history.

Americans are stupid. THey must prove it -- especially when it contributes to their suicidal desire for self annihilation ... therefore, guess we will not have rational healthcare.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Sarah Palin: We Must Win in Afghanistan

Sarah Palin says (on Facebook) "We can win in Afghanistan by helping the Afghans build a stable representative state able to defend itself. And we must do what it takes to prevail. The stakes are very high. The 9/11 attacks were planned in Afghanistan, and if we are not successful there, al Qaeda will once again find a safe haven, the Taliban will impose its cruelty on the Afghan people, and Pakistan will be less stable."

So what is the Palin definition of "WIN" -- al Qaeda being based somewhere other than Afghanistan?

Does Palin really believe the Taliban -- which runs schools and hospitals -- will tolerate an al Qaeda shadow government? OK, the schools teach things Palin doesn't like ... like the idea that their unmarried daughters should be virgins ... OK ... that's cool. But when did the Taliban ever threaten America? Or its neighbors?

Al Qaeda is run by a Saudi, funded by Saudis, and Saudis will be up front in the (behind the scenes) funding of the next Palin campaign.

Same problem ... DEFINE WIN!

How long will we be there?
The same as in Europe ... 65 years and counting?
The same as Korea ... 55 years and counting? OH THAT WAR? Technically we are still at war.
The same as Vietnam ... The North (bad guys) took over the South, and we declared victory then refused to talk to them.
Did we "win" in Iraq? Or will that be continued for the next half century?

Same problem ... DEFINE WIN!
Set a timeline for getting out after we declare victory.
Even better ... explain how we will pay for the war.
We pay for wars, other industrial nations pay to make the lives of their people better. They provide medical care -- Palin will build the hospitals and pay the doctors in Afghanistan ... and private insurers will raise the cost to those who want coverage here.
Education? We get to build schools there and pay their teachers ... while our kids learn to shoot guns and kill Taliban, or al Qaeda, or the terroist dejour .

Monday, October 5, 2009

top ten countries to live in

1 Norway,
2 Australia,
3 Iceland,
4 Canada,
5 Ireland,
6 the Netherlands,
7 Sweden,
8 France,
9 Switzerland
10 Japan.

USA is number 13 ... Every one of the top ten has universal health care without the games OR BULL associated with American care.

The Bullshit from the republicans and evangelicals would have you believe that the idea of living a long healthy life is somehow denied to those in the top ten ... but it is a long and healthy - stress free life -- which places them in top ten. Of course, their average incomes are also higher ... as are their educational levels.

But don't wory ... Niger and Afghanistan are at the bottom ... and if the evangelical-republicans have their way, we will be to the very bottom within the next decade ...

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

OPE LETTER to Senator Olympia Snowe

"The most harm to the most people" seems to be the Republican answer to all real world problems.

I have long be proud to have you representing Maine -- you seem to be someone who opposes anything which will impose "the most harm to the most people."

Healthcare is the issue before us ... the reality of it is that to continue what we have will continue to impose "the most harm to the most people".

America pay twice as much for care as any other industrial nation. Yet millions of people are without coverage, while the other nations cover everyone on their soil -- citizen or foreign (granted there is a use charge to non-nationals, but even that is only a fraction of the comparable cost they would pay in America)

We have Medicare, Medicaid (with it hoops and hurdles), and Veterans Hospitals -- so why not cover everyone and eliminate the costs of hoops and hurdles? Why not open veterans hospitals to everyone -- free of charge? Instead of having multiple programs and staffs, why not one program for all. Why not make people well -- instead of wasting funds making them qualify for the chance to get well (while they continue to get worse)?

Families which the insurance companies screen for a lack of probable need must pay $6000 for coverage they probably don't need -- Government coverage for them would cost nothing and add that $6,000 annually into savings and purchases. Purchases mean more profits and tax revenue. Savings mean more funds for economic expansion.

We can afford to give up the pennies in tax revenue from insurance executives making tens of millions. We need rational medical coverage. If we only equal the per person cost of England and France, we would cover everyone and have a surplus against our current costs.

Another Most Harm - Michigan

Here's the opening from the news story (30 September 2009):

"IRVING TOWNSHIP, Mich. – Each day before the school bus comes to pick up the neighborhood's children, Lisa Snyder did a favor for three of her fellow moms, welcoming their children into her home for about an hour before they left for school.

"Regulators who oversee child care, however, don't see it as charity. Days after the start of the new school year, Snyder received a letter from the Michigan Department of Human Services warning her that if she continued, she'd be violating a law aimed at the operators of unlicensed day care centers."

NOW! Here's what the law implies ... If you host regular play dates at your home, you are a criminal guilty of running an unlicensed day care center. No money exchanged -- still a crime. Now! Imagine the other parents provided snacks -- exchange of "compensation" ... serious crimes here ....

Want to be how the Michigan Senators voted on Health Care ... or where they stand on saving the life of a woman by aborting a tubal pregnancy?

THE MOST HARM TO THE MOST PEOPLE is hidden behind the misapplication of laws ... or their literal application in an otherwise irrelevant context.

TIME did a cover story this week (September 2009) about the destruction and ruin of Detroit Michigan -- In the 1960's it was the motor capital of the world, now it is a slum city whose population shrunk by fifty-percent during a period when the American population nearly doubled. All because Republican and big-business Americans argue for short term profits. They have no interest in the long term benefits to the nation -- or even in sustained benefits. The symbol of American intellect is Ronald Reagan removing the Carter solar collectors from the Whitehouse.

Saving energy saves money -- solar utilizes a free energy source ... the sun. Wind saves energy -- it utilizes a free energy source ... the wind. Tidal saves energy -- it utilizes a free energy source ... the daily ebb and flow of tides.

There was a time when saving money was VERY American. That was when this nation was formed and a clown named Ben Franklin was writing "Poor Richard's Almanac" ... think about the practical application of the phrase ... "A Penny Saved is a Penny Earned."

Republicans are anti-American ... but very pro "The most harm to the most people"

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Senate no on Healthcare

Senate Finance Committee votes against new government-run health insurance plan.

The Finance Committee voted twice Tuesday against the creation of a new government-run health insurance plan. The panel rejected a proposal from Sen. John D. Rockefeller IV (D-W.Va.) on a 15 to 8 vote, then voted down one sponsored by Sen. Charles E. Schumer (D-N.Y.) on a 13 to 10 vote.

Is this good or bad?

Consider these fact from Michael Moore:
1. Six of the biggest California insurers rejected, on annual average, more than one-fifth of all claims every year since 2002. Basically they are routinely denying the services they being paid to provide. That's FRAUD ... but it's California ... so nobody cares ... How about the rest of nation? Is the fraud rate greater or the same (we know it isn't lower).

2. Insurance companies continue to use marketing techniques to cherry-pick healthier, less costly enrollees. Basically selling a product they know the buyer will probably never need to use, thus is worthless to buyer ... Another form of FRAUD. But who cares.

3. Insurance company monopolies, like Anthem in Maine, are legal -- Free marketeers should be screaming about that ... but them thar Republicans a liars about their true beliefs ... and numerous Democrats are joining them.

4. There are no standards of care ... so die if you must ... so long as they make a profit.

As Moore says "We may be slow learners, but the rest of the industrial world has figured it out: Universal, single-payer or national health care systems. That's the reason why all those other countries cover everyone, have better patient outcomes, cause no one to declare bankruptcy or lose their homes because of medical bills, and spend less than half per capita on health care than we do."

"We could do it too, by reducing the starting age for Medicare from 65 to 0. There's still time to act." Which is to say, a third of the nation is already covered ... add those on Medicaid (eliminating that program and all the associated qualification paperwork ... and the real cost comes down to adding those who the insurance firms already know don't need to use the coverage ...

NOMINAL COST and real savings to those families paying $500 a month, or $6000 a year for nothing but the right to be denied coverage if they ever really need it before they qualify for Medicare ...

Abortion -- Most Harm group Grows

Abortion Fight Complicates Debate on Health Care, a September 29, 2009 Tomes article by DAVID D. KIRKPATRICK shows "The Most Harm to the Most People" advocates are growing in number. That bodes ill for America's future as a world power.

The issue here is abortion, but it affects everything associated with growing a population which is strong and health. Consider this quoted summary:
"Abortion opponents in both the House and the Senate are seeking to block the millions of middle- and lower-income people who might receive federal insurance subsidies to help them buy health coverage from using the money on plans that cover abortion."

And now consider the projected outcome:
"Abortion-rights supporters say such a restriction would all but eliminate from the marketplace private plans that cover the procedure, pushing women who have such coverage to give it up. Nearly half of those with employer-sponsored health plans now have policies that cover abortion, according to a study by the Kaiser Family Foundation."

Half of the free market choice the Republicans say they want ... would vanish. And for what? So a woman can die from a tubal pregnancy? Or so that fetus and mother can die because the baby is not viable, but if carried to term would kill the mother?

How about this? A woman wants an abortion because she knows the family cannot afford the baby (rubber broke, diaphragm shifted, that pill evidenced its 1% failure rate) and they were responsibly using birth control. SO! Because of an accident, or product defect, the family is to be saddled with an estimated quarter million dollar expense.

Who pays for the kid? By definition, they are too poor. OH Right, we give tax breaks to the rich, so the burden shifts to the middle class and poor. An estimated 1 million abortions a year (which, is actually reflecting a steady decline relative to population growth, and since ROE both an actual real number and percentage decrease in abortions).

Given social service costs and other costs ... the deficit will grow by a quarter TRILLION DOLLARS ... just to cover those kids ... THINK ABOUT IT! Extra Schools, welfare, special assistance for kids with medical and mental birth defects (the very ones that would be aborted) and YOU and your kids get to pay for them -- for the rest of their lives.

That's how the most harm doctrine works. Take an issue that seems harmless -- and appear to be interjecting morality -- and the net affect is to harm countless numbers over decades ... with no real benefit.

OK. Some are going to yell the morality bit. Question!
1. Is morality a decision for the individual, upon which their personal salvation depends? Or,
2. Is morality something which society determines for the individual and for which they have no personal responsibility?

The moral argument -- society imposed prevention of "sin" -- argues that there is no personal responsibility. The argument becomes, Society did not prevent it; therefore it was not deemed a moral question or responsibility; and therefore those who failed to make the law are moral culpable -- not I.

Think in terms of stealing ... is the individual responsible before or after the act? Think in terms of murder (when birth rights have been achieved by birth process -- as biblically dictated). Do we stop the individual (outlaw guns, imprison anyone with a gun, knife or other weapon which could kill) before the fact -- or wait for the action?

If abortion is murder, as abortion opponents claim, then those involved should be tried and sentenced as premeditated murders. Since they do not enact laws to that effect, they are admitting they are liars about the reality of the action. Again, biblically, the birth right begins at emergence of a limb from the womb -- abortion was well known in biblical times, but there are absolutely no laws related to it. Though there is a law dealing with violence against a pregnant woman that results in miscarriage (effectively an induced abortion).

The Most Harm To the Most People. proponents are growing

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Enjoy the Hypocrites

"The Senate Finance Committee rejected a Republican effort on Wednesday to delay a final vote on a broad healthcare overhaul as it slowly battled through a crush of amendments on its cost, size and timing.

"Republicans demanded more information on the bill's budgetary impact and called for the Democratic-controlled panel to slow its deliberations on Chairman Max Baucus's healthcare reform plan, which he hopes to bring to a final vote this week."


Think about this: Regean and Bush basically double the national debt with the "expert" economic assistance of the same Republicans whom are opposing healthcare on budgetary grounds.

In simple terms -- if it is good for the average American it is bad for the budget. If it helps to harm the average American, it is exactly what Republicans must support.

I love these guys ... more power to them and their doctrine of "The Most Harm to the Most People".

Monday, September 14, 2009

Medical reform snowe job

Latest News: Maine's Senior Senator pushes to keep Medical Costs high and deprive people of coverage. Basically, Snowe wants a medical reform Snowe job.

The private sector devotes 45% of its Medical Insurance income to the denial of coverage.
Necessary treatments and tests are routinely denied.
The goal of the denial is to ensure that the medical condition will worsen. Seems a bit counterintuitive to create a situation where the condition will worsen and costs of treatment will increase -- but when examined it makes perfect economic sense.
1. If a medical condition worsens, individuals covered under employer policies will reach a point where they cannot work. They will be terminated, or forced by their condition to quit. Once employment ends, the coverage ends -- insurance company is off the hook, the employee will be replaced and the related employee premiums associated with the job will continue. The Insurance Company gets the income with no payout requirement.
2. The undiagnosed condition (undiagnosed because the confirmation testing was denied) remains untreated. The condition worsens, and the individual dies. Once again, no need for a payout .
3. The condition worsens, the necessary treatment is provided at a cost (when all variables are considered) comparable to that associated with the preventative treatment. The Insuance company has lost nothing, has gained the interest on the unexpended money during the delay period, and has also gained, accrued premiums.
4. In every case, evidence of higher likely claims, or higher costs associated with the catastrophic care necessitated by the initial denial of services, justifies a risk increment being added to the policy. This increases the cash flow from premiums. In the case of employer coverage, the net effect is to increase ALL employee costs based on the single employee.

On balance, the private sector profits by NOT providing contracted health coverage.

Olympia Snowe therefore is taking the position -- shared by her fellow GOP members -- that Americans should be denied preventative or timely health care. As we currently pay twice that of any other industrial nation -- for a worse health care system -- Olympia has come out in favor of defrauding the people. In addition, her policy is to destroy the United States -- a logical result of a population which must needlessly devote funds to medical care which could otherwise be circulating t5hrough the non-insurance sector.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Abortion & Most Harm Doctrine

"Personhood USA is similar to anti-abortion campaigns before it, but it's taking a bolder approach. It wants to end all abortions, even in cases of rape or incest, by adding fertilized embryos to constitutional and legal definitions of humans." (Associated Press) Now, think on this: if a fetus is a person, and a citizen (Constitutionally) is one born or naturalized ... would a fetus be a resident alien? If so ...

Would they be disqualified for Medicaid & welfare? How better to punish people with limited resources that to saddle them with medical costs while in Congress people with related ideas are blocking Health Care? Promoters of "The Most Harm to the Most People" -- you know who they are.

If the fetus is a person, killing it is murder. If the mother will die if the fetus is carried to term -- knowingly withholding medical treatment is murder. If medical treatment is withheld, both mother and fetus will die -- thus a double murder.

A fetus as person means multiple homicides by medical professionals ... who will have to be charged and convicted based on hospital records & office records. How much harm is inflicted on the sick? How much on harm on society as a whole? How many doctors will avoid obstetrics -- or be forced to by the high cost of malpractice insurance necessary to defend against murder charges?

"The Most Harm to the Most People" ... and we haven't even touched on the range of possibilities associated with a fetus which will die within the first year -- due to birth defects. How much will spent on a person who is effectively dead from conception? How many hours of work will the parents miss to care for the dead child? What will be the emotional toll?

"The Most Harm to the Most People" ...
How many other issues that haven't been touched upon?

Republicans are a dead end party

"The outburst by Rep. Joe Wilson of South Carolina -- who shouted "You lie!" when Obama said his plan would not cover illegal immigrants -- was only the most egregious display of contempt." (Eugene Robinson Friday, September 11, 2009)

Well, it is always interesting to quote the opinion of a columnist. Point of fact: The reason the GOP opposes healthcare is the usual one -- The Most Harm to the Most People. The problem here is that they are also afraid that a successful Obama policy would ring in the end of their party ... or, at least, the party of Ronald Reagan and George Bush.

The Republicans are unique in history -- they are the only group which has successfully verged on destroying the nation. Reagan & Bush 43 ran up mindless deficits which brought no benefit to the american people. Now we see them opposing a $900 Billion program which promises to save the average family over $6,000 per year.

$90 billion vs $6,000 ... think about that. 15 million families will save money.

If Put it another way -- all the paperwork for medicare and medicaid will go away under a single payer system. Agents being paid to deny you the health care you, or your employer, pay for you to have ... will go away. Their jobs will suddenly be to see that you get full and immediate cover -- as opposed to seeing that you get sicker ,and possibly die, so their company does not need to shell out the funds associated with paying on the coverage you paid to receive.

Private insurance makes money by having you die before you get treatment. National coverage profits makes money by ensuring you stay healthy and working -- so you pay taxes. DUH. Preventative medicine ... every industrialized (or first world) nation but our has it, and each of those nations is economically better off. Those which one might argue are not better off are experiencing unrelated problems unique to their history ... yet, regardless of the argument made, factually they remain equal, or better off, on a family lifestyle level.

Think about this: We pay twice as much for worse care. If we simply paid the same as every other nation, twice the number of Americans would receive full medical coverage as they need it -- without diverting funds from the general economy to pay for staying health. WIN-WIN more tax revenue, healthier people, a stronger nation.

Republican approach? Sicker people, weaker economy, higher deficits. Their response to the higher deficits -- lower the tax revenues and borrow to waste money in foreign locations and Vietnam like involvements.

Be a "Good" American, join the Republican Party and destroy America.

Friday, August 28, 2009

The Emperor's Face

Many decades ago, I wrote a poem/story entitled the "Emperor's Face"

In a far off land, in a distant time, the people knew their leaders. We, in our narrow sense of being, might say they selected, or elected, those leaders. But that was not the case.

There came a time when the old emperor died.
As was the custom, the people made pilgrimage to see the new Emperor's face.

In a small village there lived a boy.
As the road outside his house began to fill with people,
he asked his parents where the people were all going.
"Why, they are going to see the new emperor," was the response.

"Are we going? I would like to see the Emperor's face." the boy said.

But the boy's parents were blind, and the trip was long and the roads rough.
So the told him they could not go; even if they did, it was their destiny -- they had known it their whole lives -- they would never see the Emperor's face.

As they spoke, the boy looked upon their faces ...
and was surprised at the manner in which they spoke.
It was an experience desired by all the people of the realm.
Yet ... in what others might see as loss, his parents seemed content.

The boy sat in his doorway and watched as the marching crowd grew larger.

He sat. He looked inside at his parents -- calm and content.
He sat but became impatient.
He had never disobeyed his parents.
They had said they were not going -- they could not go.
It was their destiny to never see the Emperor's face.

He sat -- and he thought.
He considered their words.
"They" could not go.
"They" could not see the Emperor's face.
"They" but did that mean, or mean to include, "he could not see?"
They could not see. But he saw just fine.

Thus it was that he determined he would see the Emperor's face.
He would leave his parents and journey alone.
He was going to see the Emperor's face.
So he announced his plan,
and without awaiting a response,
ran to the road and pushed into the crowd.

"Impudent Boy," shouted an old woman,
"do you know your place?"

"You're going to see the Emperor's face," he shouted.
"We're going to see the Emperor's face," he shouted.
"I'm going to see the Emperor's face," he shouted.
And with that he began to push his way ahead.

Watch it boy --
keep your place --
you'll be the last to see the Emperor's face.

He pushed to the edge of the precession ...
he ran along side ...
as he passed he could hear the shout:

Watch it boy --
keep your place --
you'll be the last to see the Emperor's face.

This il-mannered lad, ran out of place
He'd be the last to see the Emperor's face.

Across the hill, and rivers and streams ...
the boy continued to go where the people had gone.
He was going to the castle
He knew the place ...
the place where he would see the Emperor's face.

Rude boy, il-mannered tike.
the orderly people had never see the like.
For it was said, in this land of theirs'
everyone knew their place.
Mor eimportant,
they knew to keep their place.
Yet here was this boy ...
who passed them all ...
He was out of place ...
Determined to see the Emperor's face.

Watch it boy --
Learn your place --
You'll be the last to see the Emperor's face.

When he arrived at the castle he did not stop.
He passed the guards who saw his face.
This boy who didn't know his place.

Into the court yard he ran ...
ahead of him the High Imperial Stand.
Where is the man?
Where is his face?
Where would the Emperor have his place?

As he ran he heard exclaimed:
"We've seen the face.

The boy turned to the sound and then looked around.
Where was that place --
Where would he need to be ...
to see the Emperor's face.

He ran past the ministers who held their place.
He ran past the guards guards -- they kept their place.
As he ran he heard exclaimed:
"I've seen his face."

He ran to the stirs and to the highest place ...
He was now bound and determined to see the Emperor's Face.

Atop the stand he looked about.
He could see the people and pleased.
"I've seen the face." he'd hear ...
and he would see the people near yield their place ...
and each in turn would take that place ..
for the people were orderly and all knew their place.
The boy stood and examined each and every face.
He'd found a place, and held his place --
until each had seen the Emperor's face.

At home, his parents heard the returning crowd ...
Their destiny fulfilled ... they were made aware.
Their son had found his place,
He was the last to know Emperor's face.


Sunday, August 23, 2009

Bush's mess keeps growing

The way things are currently being reported, it seems that Obama will spend his first term cleaning & rebuilding the house that Bush tried to destroy.

For more than eight years (beginning with the musing comment to vote for Bush just so I can see if he'll be as bad as I was projecting) I have pointed out that George Bush worked for Ben Laden and his father worked for the Saudi. The Saudi wanted Saddam taken out -- Bush senior failed. Ben Laden wanted Saddam taken out and the United States to run a TRILLION DOLLAR DEFICIT -- Bush junior succeeded. Now Obama has to clean up the mess and take out Ben Laden (The leader of Al Quada and architect of the World Trade Center destruction who Buss2 declared irrelevant in the world of terrorists).

Now we also have the problem of Health Care -- the Republicans want older and poorer Americans to die ... GOP Christian Evangelical backers want these people to die ... they care nothing for the sick and aged ... their opposition to universal care shows that ... at least we can take solace in the knowledge that these people will never enter any Heaven run by Christ ... how could they ... they openly oppose everything the gospels profess he taught. Fortunately for them, their belief that Christianity is a crock and it's base are idiots is truth -- unfortunately for the rest of us, the fact that the Christian base is composed of idiots is what has gotten us into the mess that Obama must now correct.

sigh ...

Friday, August 21, 2009

Health Care - Not for America

America does not deserve health care. The Congress is proving that. What the nation deserves is what the Republicans -- with Democratic support -- have provided.


Most of the industrialized world has universal single payer health care. On average, that health care costs half of what Americans pay. The difference is found in paying people to deny care to those who pay for health insurance. The difference comes from the need foe extensive end-of-life catastrophic health care -- which would be avoided if timely primary care were not denied.

Of course, Americans do not live as long as those in the rest of the industrialized world -- the idea behind denial of basic care is to ensure that people die before they can collect of their insurance.

Curious fact. If we cut costs by emulating the rest of the civilized humanitarian world, we could pay for care for twice as many people -- and not spend a cent more than we now spend. In fact, we would actually save money over our current costs.


mandates that our leaders line their own pockets and provide themselves with care while denying us equivalent care.

Americans deserve what they get -- because people get what they deserve.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Palin ... satan follower?

stolen from

Snatch Granny From the Ice-Flow

Object of game: Sarah Palin’s grandmother was summoned to appear before Obama’s infamous Death Panel, made up of infamous Somalia Warlords that were made honorary citizens of the United States after solving the down syndrome problem via target practice.
Condemned to die on a shelf of ice made plentiful by global warming, Sarah Palin heads North with a dog sled team to save Granny who is in eminent danger of being eaten by polar bears. Sassy Sarah must leap from flow to flow to get to Granny before a hundred polar bears do.
One does not want to save Granny from any of the perils she encounters, because then she is no longer a Big Obama Victim. The player wants to use Granny as alligator bait in order to discover who is really behind the evil Death Panels. Could it be – Satan?

To make matters worse, Obama has employed Greenpeace Bounty Hunters after having a change of heart. Instead of wanting them to die a slow death, our President nows wants dear old Granny dead as a door nail. He is afraid Palin and her people might rescue the poor Grannys who are being protected by a legion of cute seal pups (sent by God) who must be clubbed to death in order to get to Granny.

Greenpeace Bounty Hunters need every dime they can get in order to stop honest Japanese Capitalist from making a living hunting whales.
Afraid of everyone, and not knowing who to trust, the object is to chase Granny further North, until she is swallowed by an Evil Killer Whale – and then spat out on the cold shore of Santaland! What is in a name? (Satanland)

After surviving an attack by sinister Socialist Tooth Fairies (who eat Christian babies in their sleep) that try to bribe the player into giving up with cold hard cash, alas one comes to the Red Ice Palace. Hearing jolly, but sinister laughter, Sarah knows she has found him, the biggest Red Menace of them all – Satan Santa!

Being a true Republican, who hates all giveaway program, Sarah knows it will take all the will power she can muster in order to refuse the fantastic free gifts Satan Santa puts before her in one incredible vision after another. Satan's Healthcare plan was a sight to behold! It included free Sex Slaves!

“It’s all yours – for free! If you and Granny just follow me!” bellows Satan Santa in a frosty voice. “You'll never have to work again in my Collective Commune! I will make you my Welfare Queen!” Ho-ho-ho-ho-ho! I will even make you my Empress on Christmas Day!"

Alas, the player has arrived at the Last Temptation of Sarah – the end game. Alas she understands why Satan Santa spreads his evil message on the day her Savior was born. Sarah must now assign chapter and verse to all the Biblical quotes that Satan Santa throws at her in order to trip her up. One wrong answer, and Satan Santa will be gnawing on Granny’s brittle bones.


Are you sure this is the kind of lesson you want to receive?

23Jesus turned and said to Peter, "Get behind me, Satan! You are a stumbling block to me; you do not have in mind the things of God, but the things of men."

{8} Again, the devil took him to a very high mountain and showed him all the kingdoms of the world and their splendor. {9} "All this I will give you," he said, "if you will bow down and worship me." {10} Jesus said to him, "Away from me, Satan! For it is written: 'Worship the Lord your God, and serve him only.'" {11} Then the devil left him, and angels came and attended him.

Washington, DC ( -- Former Alaska governor and possible 2012 presidential candidate Sarah Palin is not backing down from her charge that the House health care bill includes "death panels." Palin faced significant criticism after saying provisions in the measure could lead to euthanasia or rationing of medical care.

Last week, Palin posted a well-received note on Facebook saying she worries the health care bill will be paid for on the backs of the elderly and disabled, who could be pushed into euthanasia and assisted suicide via rationing of medical treatment."And who will suffer the most when they ration care? The sick, the elderly, and the disabled, of course," she said.

"The America I know and love is not one in which my parents or my baby with Down Syndrome will have to stand in front of Obama's 'death panel' so his bureaucrats can decide, based on a subjective judgment of their 'level of productivity in society' whether they are worthy of health care," Palin says. "Such a system is downright evil."

The Obama administration, joined by liberal groups and Internet activists, attacked Palin for the comments and claimed the bill did not contain such concerns.

In a response issued today on the popular social networking web site, Palin offered no apologies for her frank assessment of the problems with the bill.

"President Obama can try to gloss over the effects of government authorized end-of-life consultations, but the views of one of his top health care advisers are clear enough," she said.
"It’s all just more evidence that the Democratic legislative proposals will lead to health care rationing, and more evidence that the top-down plans of government bureaucrats will never result in real health care reform," Palin added.

The comments hearken back to her first remarks and pertain to Ezekiel Emanuel, an Obama advisor who works at the Office of Management and Budget and is the chief architect of the health care bills. He has come under criticism from pro-life advocates for views that are considered well outside the mainstream.

Palin's new comments are very analytical and they include 11 footnotes, linking to bill texts, government reports, articles and supportive commentary.

Palin's earlier comments and her rebuttal are focused on Section 1233 of the bill, which has been criticized as making it so physicians are given financial incentives to urge patients to hold end-of-life discussions with them that could pave the way for euthanasia or rationing.
"With all due respect, it's misleading for the President to describe this section as an entirely voluntary provision that simply increases the information offered to Medicare recipients. The issue is the context in which that information is provided and the coercive effect these consultations will have in that context," Palin writes.

That's similar to the views expressed by not only leading pro-life groups but Charles Lane, an editorial page writer for the liberal Washington Post.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Time to kill Americans -- Deny critical Health Care

The most harm to the most people ... let's look to Congress and start taking names for the execution squads ... that is, denying health care to any Congressmen who deny us health care.

NY Times: "U.S. health officials say swine flu could strike up to 40 percent of Americans over the next two years."

four in ten Americans will require health care in the next two years. Four in ten workers will not be able to work -- with the related economic effects due to loss of their services.

NY Times: "There have been 302 deaths and nearly 44,000 reported cases, according to numbers released Friday morning."

Seven out of every thousand who contract Swine Flu will die. A "The most harm to the most people" doctrine will therefore seek to achieve the death of at least 988,000 Americans. The Republicans in Congress -- who are blocking Universal Health care -- are seeking to murder a million Americans.

Now that makes for an effective use of their "most harm to the most people" doctrine -- how else can they kill so many Americans? Start a war? They did that under Bush 41 and again under Bush 43 -- and it failed to expand into any significant numbers.

Obviously, the Swine Flu and a lack of health care can ensure the death of six in every thousand uninsured. These guys are good ... and the Evangelical Christians are showing their concern for these lives -- for the right to life -- by supporting those who oppose Universal Health Care.

NY Times: "The World Health Organization says as many as 2 billion people could become infected over the next two years — nearly one-third of the world population." Obviously this means lots of dead people ... and even more if there are more diseases ... oh right ... there are ...

Shall we CHEER an Evangelical & Right-wing "Most harm to the most people" doctrine?

"WASHINGTON (AP) — Dissension within Democratic ranks over President Barack Obama's health care initiative all but paralyzed the House Friday, typifying just how many political land mines are littering the path to enactment." Seems there are Democrats who also support "The most harm to the most people" doctrine.

". The Republican National Committee has taken to issuing news releases headlined "Chaos" that highlight disagreements within the Democrats' ranks." And so the Republicans are already cheering the prospect of murdering over a half million Americans.

Let's start taking names -- finding out who is signing off on the death warrants and who are on the cheering squads ...

Let's start taking names ... so we know who to charge with murder when the Swine Flu, or some other deadly disease, begins to take its toll.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Sgt. James Crowley makes IDIOT OF MONTH

Sgt. James Crowley -- the Cambridge Mass cop who arrested a noted professor for disorderly conduct (professor was in own home at time and Crowley was supposedly there investigating an alleged break-in) -- has officially made it to racist asshole of the decade ... and idiot of the month.

Commenting on the story, President Obama said:
1. "I think it's fair to say, number one, any of us would be pretty angry.
2. Number two, that the Cambridge police acted stupidly in arresting somebody when there was already proof that they were in their own home."
3. And number three — what I think we know separate and apart from this incident — is that there is a long history in this country of African-Americans and Latinos being stopped by law enforcement disproportionately, and that's just a fact."

To which Sgt. James Crowley responded:
"I think he (Obama) was way off base wading into a local issue without knowing all the facts as he himself stated before he made that comment. I guess a friend of mine would support my position, too."

OK ... any racist would side with another racist. So Crowley is probably correct about his friends supporting his position.

But let's look at the reported facts ...
1. a call about a break in was received and Crowley responded.
2. The professor had in fact found it necessary to force his way into his own home.
3. had the professor been white, the officer responding would have knocked on door, and asked for identification -- first verbally then, possibly, asked for an ID document.
4. A white man probably would only have said -- I'm ... this is my house ...
5. Being black, the professor needed to produce two ID's and was pissed at being questioned in his own home about having to force his own stuck front door.

GEE WIZ WILLY WONKA -- I'd sue the damned police department if they pulled that insulting crap on me. On the other hand, had the officer been polite and asked for confirming ID in the proper civilized manner, I'd probably have thanked him for the prompt response and civility of his manner.

But, because Crowley obviously doesn't see that he did anything a civilized society might deem wrong; because he has steadfastly refused to make a public apology; it is clear he is a racist asshole who deserves to be booted from the force -- along with any and all cop friends who support his position.

FULL DISCLOSURE: Yes I am pissed at this kind of cop -- primarily because I have two children at school in Cambridge & Boston. I really am not happy with having obviously stupid incompetent and racist police officers overseeing the protection of my children.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Racism in Cambridge Mass.

Will cambridge Mass Police Sgt. James Crowley be demoted or fired for obvious racism in his abuse of Henry "Skip" Gates: Summa cum laude and Phi Beta Kappa graduate of Yale. MacArthur "genius grant" recipient. Acclaimed historian, Harvard professor and PBS documentarian?

Or will the racists on the Cambridge police force see to it that the Sargent is promoted?

Monday, July 20, 2009

Gop Joke is on GOP governors

Today's Health headline: "Governors Fear Medicaid Costs in Health Plan

Dateline, New York Times, BILOXI, Miss. — "The nation’s governors, Democrats as well as Republicans, voiced deep concern Sunday about the shape of the health care plan emerging from Congress, fearing that Washington was about to hand them expensive new Medicaid obligations without money to pay for them."

Now this is funny. The GOP and some long time Dems, have opposed single payer systems. Yet it is the lack of single payer systems which create the "unfunded mandate."

If there was one payer, than there would be a mandate to pay and the funding source would be that which funds the single payer. Anyone who wished to add a different and regionally specific program would, of course, fund their own program on a budget-to-budget basis which could also be locally terminated.

However. When it comes to basic health services for all -- does it really make sense to have state or county lines get in the way?

If you are a Republican -- the answer is a resounding YES followed by a declaration that only the rich are entitled to live and be healthy. If you are an idiot Democratic, playing to even dumber fundamentalists in your district, once again the answer is YES.

Fundamentalists, and Right-wing Evangelicals, have only one desire -- they want sole credit for any "good deeds" and want to keep those deeds known and specific enough to count. Doesn't matter if their deed harms more than it helps. Remember their doctrine: "The Most Harm to the Most People" allows them to say they helped "Joe" while making sure "harry, Sam, Jane, Jill etc" never had the opportunity for assistance. That's how the most harm policy works.

Think about it this way ... 1974 Oil/energy crisis ... California's GOP Governor -- then an actor -- made a big show of running out to buy a $100,000 gas wasting Hummer. The GOP Governor at the time went on to be President -- first act: Strip the energy saving solar collectors from White House Roof! For the whole world to see -- the GOP
policy of "The Most Harm to the Most People" went into effect on energy and global warming.

Now the issue, as it has been for decades, is one of -- do Americans deserve health care that is both economical and efficient? Or, do we deserve to be ripped off by "insurance Companies" whose sole desire is to take our money for serves they strive never to provide? Keep in mind -- 40% of your insurance dollar goes to pay clerks whose only job is to deny you the treatment the doctor believes necessary.

FORTY PERCENT? Yep ... We pay twice as much per capita for health care compared to single payer nations. We do not live as long, and require far more catastrophic healthcare in the final days leading to our death. "The Most Harm to the Most People" ensures torture of the population through policies which ensure catastrophic healthcare is the ultimate medical treatment for all. Those who advise and utilize waterboarding and other means of torture do not stop at torturing their own -- they just hide the fact behind terms like "socialism, or Socialized medicine"

Unfunded mandates (due to lack of centralization of payments) are another means of ensuring "The Most Harm to the Most People"

Friday, July 17, 2009

Homosexuals can marry in Episcopal Churches

Well, on Friday, 17 July 2009, the Episcopal Church officials decided to side with Christ and voted to allow bishops the latitude to bless same-sex unions. As Jesus proclaimed, Eunuchs from the womb (Matt 19:12)have a right to be wed and Episcopal Bishops are authorized to represent him.

Fortunately for those who oppose the teachings, there is no effort by the Christian right to devote efforts to declare those who are divorced, or marry those who are divorced, to be the adulterers Christ declared them to be (rest of Matt 19 as repeated in the other Gospels as well).

Granted, when it comes to ordained priests who are also gay, there is the Eunuch for Religion conflict with Eunuch from Womb conflict – but Jesus never said Celibacy was in conflict with Homosexuality; neither did he mandate that his followers be celebrate – if he had, Peter, the Rock upon which the Church was founded could not have been married and traveled, as we know he did, with his wife and, probably, their children.

NOPE! It is only those who oppose Christ who oppose Homosexual rights – the New Testiment makes that clear.

While on the subject of what the NT makes clear – let’s look to abortion.

The Old Testament – the laws which Christ clearly said he would not change, and did not intent to have changed – makes it clear that there are no laws against abortion. The OT makes it clear that Birth Rights start with the appearance from, emerging from, the womb – not in the womb (Check how Esau got his rights). In the time of Christ, abortion was common throughout the Roman empire – yet not a word.

That said, there is a lwaw which mandates death for any who ATTACK a pregnant woman and in that attack do anything which causes the loss of the child. OT law mandates the right to fulfill the First Commandment given humanity on the threshold of Eden – go forth an multiply. The Law punishes anyone who prevents an individual from fulfilling that commandment – it does not deal with those who have fulfilled it and have no desire, or ability to increase their families further. When a woman wishes to limit her family – the Bible allows her to make that choice. Similarly, when, as so many today are doing, people want to violate the First Commandment to humanity – and not have children – it is their right to select to sin. If one want to attack sin, then the Christian Right has the divine obligation to attack any who are childless by choice to violate the First true Commandment.

The Christian right, and their right-wing politicians, are clearly anti-scripture. We can see it in their disobedience to Christ on marriage, and their disobedience to His Father with regard to procreation. So please – follow the Right-wing and sin, then sin again. If you are married to one who is divorced, follow their teachings and commit thyself to a blatant disregard for the SPECIFIC teaching of Christ – be an unrepentant adulterer and see what salvation you can obtain. Or become Jewish, or become Islamic, and you will never have to worry about it. But as a subject of the Evangelical right-wing you are consigning yourself to eternal damnation. Enjoy.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

The most Harm doctrine institutionally applied

This is the nature of Southern American – Bible Belt – justice. Of course, it is the general morality of the Christian Right and Liberal Left across the nation. Immorality and dishonesty – disregard for evidence – persecution of the innocent and protection of the guilty. In summary, it is the conduct freely exhibited by the inhumanity of Human Service agents – “Man jailed for not supporting someone else's child”

The most harm to the most people is the doctrine which pervades our society. The innocent are prosecuted so as to reward the guilty. Isn’t that what happened when the Sub-prime Mortgage Bubble burst? Didn’t we get the call to bail out those who entrapped people into debt they could never, in the long term, handle? Did we cast the employees out on the street and imprison the management?

NO! Of course not. We rewarded all but those who placed their necks in the noose themself.

Consider this reality: “Frank Hatley, 50, had been jailed since June 2008 for not making payments, but two separate DNA tests in the last nine years showed he was not the father of the boy.”

Now which of the Georgia Department of Human Resources employees ionvolved in the case will be dismissed with full forfeiture of their pension right? Our will the people of Georgia be expected to support these crooks – these immoral – these dishonest – immoral civil servants for the rest of their natural lives?

Will the supervisors who signed off on the prosecution of an innocent man be terminated and forfeit their pensions and be branded for the immoral and dishonest folk they are?

No ... of course not. The civil servants will be rewarded ... doubtless promotions will be in order. We might even find that those associated with this travesty of justice will, in future, be elected to political office or appointed to some position of power where they can repeat their actions.

In a just world – all concerned would be fired and the head of the Georgia Department of Human Resources would very publically and formally apologize to Mr. Hatley. In addition, the money which would have been paid to support the dishonest and immoral Georgia Department of Human Resources employees associate d with the case would be paid to Mr. Hatley in partial recompense for what they did.

But that would be a moral Christian world – and we all know that the world of Christianity is governed by the immoral Right-wingers whose deeds betray them and theirs. What will happen – these folks will turn their attention to again bringing the most harm to the most people ... one person at a time.

Didn't the nation witness this with Charlie Chaplin? Wasn't it the same Right-wing moralists who were involved? Has nothing change in the last century? Will it ever change? Will the honest and moral people of the world ever come forward and put these immoral beings out of business?

HELL NO -- THEY ARE NEVER GOING TO GO! Enjoy what they do next ... its on the way.

OH ... and lest we forget ... the mother is, at the very least, guilty of criminal fraud -- for which she will, doubtless, never be prosecuted (especially not by the dishonest DA who prosecuted the father).

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

GOP proves How Stupid America is.

Republican Stupidity 101

Those who buy in to the Republican opposition to Universal Health Care have enroled in a course called: “Republican Stupidity 101"

One aspect of the course is to argue that taxes will increase on the wealthy and therefor those with incomes – those paying $6-12 THOUSAND a year for health insurance policies – which have deductibles and co-pays that are equal to, or exceed that amount – will see an increase in taxes.

“Republican Stupidity 101" requires the student to disregard the benefit derived from no longer requiring to purchase their own policies, or being locked into business associations specifically because the firm provides such coverage.

Consider: The top five percent of families have income over $250,000. Their health insurance could obligate them to pay – after taxes – ten percent of their gross before tax income. For them NOT to benefit from universal care, the increase in their taxes (assuming a actual tax rate of 25 percent) would need to equal a MINIMUM increase of seven percent of gross income before co-pay calculation. Or about fifteen percent after co-pay.

Now consider this – If you max out the co-pay and deductible on your coverage: First, you really needed the insurance policy. Second, you probably can no longer work; therefore cannot earn enough to either continue the coverage or meet the co-pay and deductible requirements. Once sick, your poilicy rate will increase, or you will be denied returning coverage with a new insurer for anything now classified as a pre-existing condition. In short – you will go into debt and have nothing to show for it.

In case you don’t get it, another name for “Republican Stupidity 101" is
“And how much are you willing to give-up to help them prove it?”

Remember the Right-wing Republican policy for America is basied on a doctrine which mandates
“The Most Harm to the Most People.”

“The Most Harm to the Most People” is Republican Party Platform

Once again, time to point out the intention desire of Right-Wing Republicans and their Fundamentalist pupet masters.

If you believe I’m being harsh toward American Right-Wing fundamentalists, I would point to a test I often cite in my newspaper column and editorials – When judging the overall morality of a position, ask which side proposes inflicting “The Most Harm to the Most People”?

Example, Bush attacked Iraq killing tens of thousands of innocents, while publically declaring Al Qaeda and Ben Laden irrelevant in his “War on Terror” – followed by plunging America into the worst recession since the Great Depression.
(FULL DISCLOSURE: In an October 2000 newspaper column, I invited those who wanted to destroy America to vote for Bush – specifically because I wanted to see if he would be a disastrous a president as I was projecting.)

A second example: Universal medical care. We now spend twice, per capita, what every other industrialized nation spend on medical care – with worse results. If we copied their “socialized medicine” programs, we would cover the twice the number of people without any increase in total expenditures – a simple mathematical reality. We would also have a healthier, thus more productive, work force – which infers a larger economy and lower over all taxes to achieve the same cash infusion to government programs. “The Most Harm to the Most People” test mandates that Republicans Right-wing fundamentalists, like their Islamic Taliban kin, will oppose anything which suggests an overall benefit to society.

With regard to Universal Health Care ... consider this: Of the excess we spend for health care, fully eighty percent goes to deny or delay health care to those who are paying for it. That's right! Eight of every ten dollars of one hundred percent excessive cost Americans incur for health care is designated to the sole purpose of delaying or denying health care to those who are paying for it. That is undisputed by the Insurance industry -- which works to maintain a “Most Harm to the Most People” business model. Interestingly, the denial and delay of services generally results in Americans requiring catastrophic health care for conditions which originally required minor treatment. This explains why other nations live longer than we do -- while spending less for medical care and more on enjoying life.

(FULL DISCLOSURE: For the last four years of the BBush administration, my newspaper column and related op-ed editorials, pointed out that Bush had been following the agenda laid out by Ben Laden prior to Bush entering office. Specifically, Ben Laden said he waned Saddam dead and the American government to run a TRILLION DOLLAR DEFICIT. Bush achieved both goals. The Trillion dollar deficit was achieved off budget and came on budget with the Obama administration's display of fiscal honesty.)

Friday, July 3, 2009

Sarah Palin

"Palin To Resign, Focus on Presidential Run" AND THUS proves she is unqualified for any elected office.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

GOP Redux ... consistent destruction of America

Date Line May 24, 2009

Ah the consistency of the GOP. Don’t you just love it?

Consider that the GOP is now threatening a filibuster – should President Barack Obama seek a Supreme Court justice who decides cases based on "emotions or feelings or preconceived ideas."

The general reason for their actions appears to be the one that controlled their votes under Bush – they oppose any preconceived ideas that aren’t theirs, and will vote affirmatively for any which are theirs. Preconceived notion – you attack civilians and destroy nations because of the act of a few hundred criminals ... who they decide to call terrorists. Hum. Think about it – has Bin laden done that much more (allowing for changes in technology) than Al Capone, Bonny & Clyde, or any of those criminals who were created by Right Wing fundamentalist policies in the 1920's & 30's?

Criminals are criminals and criminal nations house them. Iraq opposed them – so we attacked it. How many Americans died in the World Trade Center (Americans, not people) and how many American soldiers died in Iraq? The GOP or Al Qaeda – which killed more? How many Iraq men, women and children died from our invasion (preconceived by Bush et al before they were even elected) verses how many from Terrorists?

OK ... OK ... The terrorists love to murder Islamic believers and so target Mosques and Bazaars. If the followers of Islam don’t want to stop them, why should we get involved? Just because Bin Laden said we should? Just because he declared he wanted Bush & the GOP to take a Budget Surplus and turn it in to a Trillion dollar deficit? Is that why the GOP dislikes preconceived ideas? Because they are preconceived by true Americans rather than preconceived by foreign terrorist leaders?

YEP! That must be it.

Enjoy the fun and Games ... if the GOP has its way, this nation will not recover from the fiscal collapse it tookl the GOP eight years to create.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Seeking Data on Ben Lipton (Performer)

Interesting area of inquiry concerning:
Benjamin Leipshitz 26 Jul 1895-Apr 1964

1. He is reputed to have been a song & dance man who appeared in the original Broadway production of “No No Nanette.”
2. It is believed that he never married, and had no children – but this might be incorrect.
3. It is possible that he used the stage name of Stanley Lipton – whose name appears in the cast of:
a) “No, No, Nanette” opened at Globe Theatre, (9/16/1925 - 6/19/1926) Performances: 321
b) “The Dubarry” opened at George M. Cohan's Theatre, (11/22/1932 - 2/4/1933) Performances: 87 – where he would have worked with Vincente Minnelli – father of Liza Minnelli.

Here are the matches for LIPTON in the people category.
People Found: 21 ( 1 Page(s) )
1 Miss Lipton [Performer]
2 Albert Lipton [Stage Manager]
3 Ann Lipton [Performer]
4 Bill Lipton [Performer]
5 Blanche Lipton [Performer]
6 Bronna Lipton [Performer]
7 Celia Lipton [Performer, Producer] ( b. Dec 25, 1923 )
8 Clair Lipton [Performer]
9 Dan Lipton [Composer]
10 Dan Lipton [Musician, Musical Director, Composer]
11 George Lipton [Performer] ( b. circa.1917 - d. Mar 9, 1962 )
12 James Lipton [Producer, Writer, Lyricist, Performer] ( b. Sep 19, 1926 )
13 Logan Lipton [Performer]
14 Lynne Lipton [Performer]
15 Martha Lipton [Performer]
16 Michael Lipton [Performer]
17 Rose Lipton [Performer]
18 Sondra Lipton [Performer]
19 Stanley Lipton [Performer]
20 Celia Lipton Productions, Inc. [Producer]
21 James Lipton Productions [Producer]
© 2001-2009, The Broadway League, All Rights R

The curiosity, Stanley Lipton was also the name of the character in “No, No, Nanette” – and the family name was legally changed to Lipton in 1926/27.

When Ben died, intestate (in 1962), he apparently had amassed an after tax estate approximating a quarter million dollars – which was divided among the family. In today’s dollars, that amount comfortably exceeds one million – how did he amass that money; what other productions was he involved with?


Thursday, April 9, 2009

Augustine Was Right - his theology was wrong

Augustine was an ecclesiastical theologian who wrote letters, and delivered his North African sermons, in the years around 400CE. He is generally recognized to be one of the most intellectual religious thinker of his day. His Sermons and writings also reveal him to be one of the most devout Catholic Anti-Semites of his day. It is same to say, where he not such a great rhetorician, the Inquisitions and Holocaust might never have happened.

Once we get past racist stupidity, and blatant misrepresentation of fact, upon which he premised his oration – once we get past that – theologically his “defense” of the Jews was right. What was his defense of this race he branded as evil, as of the earth and therefore not worthy, and too stupid to comprehend their own scripture? What was his defense? THEY WERE NECESSARY for the spiritual to exist.

Those who aren’t familiar with Augustine should read the book – “Augustine and the Jews”. It certainly beats going through the millions of words which comprise his know letters and transcribed sermons (recorded by a church scribe as they were delivered). Catholic anti-Semitism of the second to forth century is abundantly clear – to the point where it was the basis of their, and the competing Christian, theology. With the exception of Judeo-Christians who followed the Laws of Moses, anti-Semitism was the order of the day – and, as we know, succeeding generations.

Where was Augustine right ... what did he get correct? Augustine, basing his views on Paul, focused on two elements of religion: Faith and Law. In his canon, Augustine identified these as Earth and Spirit. The Jews were of the Earth, the followers of his version of Christ were of Spirit. If we view it in spiritual terms defined by physical, or mathematical laws, he was right.

Consider Einstein’s famous formula where energy is equal to the square of the speed of light times matter. This is the basic law of atomic energy – and probably all of reality. And it is on that premise – that Einstein’s formula is the basic reality, thus the basis of theology as well as physiology – that I now see the truth which Augustine had, though actually blind to the real teachings, produced in his thinking.

Consider: Zero and infinity are the same point. Mathematicians know this without question. Multiply anything by zero and you get zero. Divide anything by zero and you get infinity. Divide anything by infinity and you have zero, Multiply anything by infinity and the result is a new order of the infinite. Now do the math with zero and infinity as the two functions. Zero time infinity is both infinite and zero. Mathematically that appears to be the very definition of G-d. The ancients viewed it as the serpent eating its own tail – no beginning and no end.

It is only in the realm of Mathematical Practicality that zero and infinity exist. In reality – our realm of existence – because neither can ever be achieved, neither zero nor infinity exist. Those who are there is such a thing as nothing cannot establish its existence without reference to something and therefore are actually saying that the something is not in a specific location (though, obviously, something else must be).

What we have is a universe which has either mass (matter) or energy. The universe – our reality – is measured, or defined, by the degree of the two as determined by their motion or speed. That’s what Einstein realized and codified. It is also the reality of Augustine’s arguments. The Spiritual is Pure Energy, and the Earth is Pure (stagnant) Mass. As the mass is slowed the energy decreases. Thus, as we are increasingly part of the theological earth, we too are of lessened motion and thus decreased energy (spiritual).

There must always be some motion and some mass. Without it – if nothing really existed – there could be no spirituality. The deity is the point where zero meets infinity – like the Kline Bottle of Topographic Theory, the deity has no inside of outside, but everything is relative to it as a constant surface.

If we think of the concept of Heaven and Hell. Heaven brings us closer to the deity because our energy increases and our mass declines. Hell is a torment where our energy is decreased to consciousness without the power of motion. There are no demons torturing those in Hell – those people have effectively become rock. Native Americans and others were correct – there is a spirit within the inanimate; it is the spirit of those who were sufficiently “sinful” as to lose their energy. Ghosts would be those whose energy levels have moved them beyond the physical, but not sufficiently to the spiritual – the accepted concept behind the mythology is correct.

All things can be explained in terms of Einstein’s simple formulation demanding motion and mass to produce energy. Augustine was on the right path. Of course, this than argues that there are rules which must be followed – laws to increase the energy levels – and those laws should be the theology which we follow. Those whose theology cannot demonstrably establish there is an increase in energy are, thus, students of a false theology.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009




Well, our governor is finally unencumbered by the Right-wing economics which brought us into the worst economy since the Arab oil embargo set the stage for initiating the Reagan-Bush voodoo economic policies. Finally, there is the possibility that we shall return to real economics – beginning with the proposals as put forth by Governor Baldacci in this month’s State-of-the-State address.

The governor has seen the wisdom of Wind Power as a means of making Maine both energy self-sufficient, and as a means of turning Maine into the energy source for New England. Can the average Mainer grasp the idea of being a Wind-OPEC? Or being masters of a an endless renewable power source? We in Washington County envisioned in nearly four years ago (MVNO July & Aug ‘05) when we understood these words:

“Wind is a sustainable economic force – the electric generated can replace oil, coal and natural gas. So why not capitalize on an abundant, safe and environmentally friendly natural resource?

“Wind power would not only contribute to our economic growth; it would enhance Downeast ‘quality of life’ in a manner which is environmentally friendly. Quality of life is something we can promote in a way which will both stabilize our population, and attract new

Isn’t this very similar to what the governor – free of the pro-Saudi Bush Administration – is now proposing? Isn’t this also what the Obama administration wants, but Bush opposed?

The Governor has proposed expanding the laptop program – making the machines available to every child, teacher, and parent; allowing the parents instant access to schools related data by insuring there is pre-installed software for that purpose. We know the political forces which opposed the internet and laptop program – and though they are still on the attack, still trying to disrupt lives and families in the name of THEIR idea of ‘family values’ they are now discredited by all who have eyes to see and ears to hear.

If you listened to the comments after the Governor’s Address, you would have heard our Republicans denouncing ‘Borrow & Spend’ governance – and using that exact phrase which we in Washington County, and across major segments of Maine, years ago recognized as the essence of Reagan-Bush "want-a-be-poor" Voodoo Economics (MVNO, Jul’05, May/Oct/Nov’06, Oct’08).

We have even noticed that Washington and Maine have both recognized the failings of No Child Left Behind and its insistence on punishing both teachers and schools for the failures of their predecessors, rather than rewarding them for overcoming the limitations imposed by diverting the nation’s wealth and human resources into the pockets of those who would see this nation fail.

Demographically, we all knew this day would come. We knew that there would be a flood of people leaving the work forces – we will, over the course of the next few years come to recognize that the high unemployment numbers were both transient and distorted. Why will we come to believe this? The one thing Bush got right – the baby boomers are at retirement age. Firms have announced they are going to terminate such-and-so many jobs over the next whatever period of time.

Sounds bad.

For those who are honestly laid off, it is bad. But many of those ‘to-be-terminated’ positions belong to people who were going to retire within the stated time frame anyway. Bush told us about it eight years ago – even a stopped clock is right twice a day. Reality check – as the Dow passed 12,000, you knew the market was topping. You also knew it had to periodically return to certain levels – we are now at those levels. If the Rush Limbaugh’s of the world get their wish that Obama’s programs fail – we could see 4,000 to 4,500. But by 2012 we will be heading up and surpassing where we were three years ago.

Regardless of what Rush and his Dittoheads want and hope for – we are at the greatest buying opportunity in history. We will see our schools improve; wind and solar will provide abundant energy for a shrinking population (shrinking because we are globally approaching zero population growth and the baby-boomers are beyond reproduction); all we need is an alternative fuel to power our aircraft – and the promised age will have arrived.