Friday, April 20, 2007

America Screws its Wounded Veterans

Date Line April 20, 2007

Bush and GOP wanted this conflict. John McCain wants this conflict. Both want to screw those who serve.

How do we know? Neither has done anything to ensure that wounded veterans and their families are secure. The biggest insecurity is the favorite GOP satanic stance – Health care. Wounded, heroic, veterans are being disqualified as a matter of routine.

Did you know about this? You would have known years ago; if you read the Shreknangst Blog, or my newspaper column, you knew and were silent.

If you didn’t know, it was probably because you didn’t want to know.

You are guilty of allowing our military to die after they return from combat. You are guilty of putting our veterans into debt for the treatment of wounds received in serving Bush and the Right-wing GOP.

Bush and the Right-wing, and all those happy red voters, are guilty of murder.

It is enough to make one want to believe that Christian scripture is true and will be as evangelicals say was written, or as they say it should be interrelated. All of them will rot in hell for all eternity.

Doesn’t that make your day? Based upon their own professed belief, they will all spend eternity in a realm of eternal torture.

Not to worry. They will change their beliefs to suit the times and protect their own butts. Hasn’t the Pope just changed the millennia old teaching on “limbo”?

Gee, suddenly a baby who is not baptized will not be denied salvation, but will stand the same chance as everyone else. But wait! If the baby has not had the opportunity to sin, than it follows they will be granted automatic salvation.

A baby? Hum ... does that mean a fetus? If, as the Church and Right-wing evangelicals believe, life begins at conception, a fetus is a baby.

If baptism is not necessary for a dead baby, it is not necessary for a fetus. If, because they have not had the opportunity to sin, a baby can gain complete salvation and is no longer threatened with limbo, any fetus which is aborted is assured a place in heaven.

Thus we now have the curious thing about Christian belief: If a parent wants to ensure that their child has a place in heaven, they should abort it. As an added bonus? If you assist a person in getting into heaven, if you assist them in gaining salvation, as evangelicals assert is their purpose, aborting her child will also gain the mother a place in heaven.

OH! NO! I can here the yells of protest. But if you save a person from a life of illness; if you save them from a life of poverty; if you, unlike what Bush and the Right-wing are doing to our children, make sure your child does not suffer, you are doing as Christ mandated.

Since the mother who aborts a fetus to save it from a life of illness or poverty is doing as mandated by Christ, the hypocrites can protest all they want; we already know they are sending our children to kill and be killed and so will never know their professed salvation.

The doing of evil, under false protestations of good, is the nourishment of the Right-wing and their satanic master. They have had no trouble convincing those who lack Wisdom, Knowledge and Understand; they have no difficulty gaining followers among those who are, in terms of scriptural definition, devoid of the Spirit of God.

Where do you stand. Tell your Senator and Congressman. Either save and serve those who served you, or join the damned. Cute choice.


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