Friday, January 29, 2010


GOP lawmakers accused Obama of brushing off their ideas and driving up the national debt. WHAT STUPIDITY! Do Americans really buy any of that? Bush, with the help and support of those same lawmakers, ran up more deficit debt in eight years than the nation accumulated in its whole history.

Bush left the nation with a $1.4 Trillion deficit -- and not a damned thing to show for it. Do we have the medical care that Europe has? Do we have their economic stability? Under Obama, the GDP grew more in the past quarter than at any time during the last six years of the Bush debacle.

What has the GOP offered America? What, beyond sinking us, our children and their children, into a quagmire of debt? Where is the fiscally responsible Republican? We all know there are none -- they have proved it ... time and again they have proved it.

The Republicans lie and obstruct progress. They want you to die broke -- to ensure that they make sure you will be indebted to those who provide healthcare. They aren't going to see you healthy -- they want you dead. They want your children uneducated -- they want to milk school budgets and deny proper programs for children. They want to force children to be born to those least capable to support them; ideally also force children to be born who will die within weeks, or at most a few years. They will ensure the death of those children through the denial of universal health care and through withholding research dollars that might find cures for that which will kill those children.

Keep in mind -- the GOP has held Bin Laden to be irrelevant ... at the same time it has gone out of its way to provide him with everything he needs or wants. He wanted a Trillion dollar deficit; they gave him $1.4 trillion. He wanted Saddam dead and his oil fields immobilized ... he's dead and no more oil. Bin Laden wanted medical care ... he has it for himself ... he need dialysis ... that requires very visible medical equipment ... yet the GOP "army" cannot find or trace that care facility ... Bin Laden now tells the world that America should be stopped -- its economic engine brought to a stop ... and what is the GOP doing? Why they are channeling our resources away from any venue which could assist the nation ... starting with National health Care ... everyone knows, even those stupid enough to fall for the Republican rhetoric -- everyone knows that a sick worker, or a worker worried about providing care for a loved one, is not going to be focused on, or even able to, work.

Cheer up ... one more decade, possibly two, certainly not three, and this nation will be at the bottom of the third world -- no renewable energy (because the GOP is actively blocking every alternative); no workers (because the GOP is blocking immigration, and thus blocking the arrival of the young workers this nation needs as its baby-boom population retires); no healthcare so those who should be able to work and save will be forced to divert monies to meaningless private insurers who hire people to deny claims rather than pay what is honestly due; finally, war ... we will see the GOP bring about war where there should be peace ... not this make believe war against suicidal criminal murderers, but real, nation vs nation, conflict.

You've been warned ... now sit back and let it happen ... or kick the GOP out.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Bin Laden endorses failed attempt

Classic bullshit bravado:
"CAIRO – Osama bin Laden endorsed the failed attempt to blow up a U.S. airliner on Christmas Day and threatened new attacks against the United States in an audio message released Sunday that appeared aimed at asserting he maintains some direct command over al-Qaida-inspired offshoots."

Note the classic example of taking credit where none is due: bin Laden steps in and endorses, as an after thought, the stupidity of those who would kill themselves for no purpose. ISuch an act has one result, the myth of bin Laden remains alive.

Unfortunately. bin Laden is only a myth. A failed leader of those without futures for whom suicide is the only possible means to gain their fleeting fifteen minutes of fame.

Does the mythical Jihad achieve anything -- aside from the death of suicidal misfits and semi-educated idiots who lack the brains to achieve anything meaningful?

If we examine thier actions in terms of the Koran, we find that they violate every specific prohibition of moral conduct. They kill innocents. They kill themselves. They are not soldiers -- for they lack a defined leader, a chain of command which defines an army and nation or national status. There is no goal, or objective beyond random pointless murder. Even the most incompetent criminal has a goal. These idiots have none.

There are only a few more stupid, more incompetent, more self-destructive than al-Qaeda ... they are those who say we are at war. There is no war. War's are between nations ... not between police, or policing authorities in the form of martial law enforcers, and criminals. Without a doctrine, a nation, a constitution or charter, al-Qaeda and other terrorist -- or, more properly, anarchist -- groups are and shall remain a passing annoyance to the civilized world. They are barbarians and vandals in the most derogatory sense of those terms.

Friday, January 15, 2010

"fiscal Conservatives"

In 2001, President Bill Clinton had left America a $236 billion budget surplus.
All the Republicans could focus on was Oral in th Oval.
These GOP "fiscal Conservatives" were given a projected 10-year surplus of $5.6 trillion to work with.
They could have paid off the National Debt!
That would have been the ultimate demonstration of "fiscal Conservative" --
A "fiscal Conservatives" has no debt, lives well within their means and dosen't borrow more than they can pay off during you administration.

The day Bush administration left office, it handed President Obama a $1.3 trillion deficit.
The projected ten year deficit: $8 trillion.
BUSH BLEW $13.6 TRILLION - that's the Rush Limbaugh & GOP idea "fiscally Conservative".
The Bush administration passed two major tax cuts skewed to the wealthiest Americans -- that is they and their friends opened the vault and robbed the bank they were charged with managing.

NOW! 2010 is expected to bring more GOP "fiscal Conservatives" into Washington.
This nation cannot afford to be "fiscally Conservative" -- it clearly costs us too damned much.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Jihadist route to Hell

In a video, Humam Khalil Abu Mulal al-Balawi declares "We will always demand revenge for him inside America and outside. It is an obligation of the emigrants who were welcomed by the emir."

Note what The Koran says about those who seek revenge:
Surah 9:74. Repentance, Dispensation.
"They swear by Allah that they said nothing (evil), but indeed they uttered blasphemy, and they did it after accepting Islam; and they meditated a plot which they were unable to carry out: this revenge of theirs was (their) only return for the bounty with which Allah and His Messenger had enriched them! If they repent, it will be best for them; but if they turn back (to their evil ways), Allah will punish them with a grievous penalty in this life and in the Hereafter: They shall have none on earth to protect or help them."

What part of this phrasing do these leaders of Islam not understand? Look at it again:
"this revenge of theirs was (their) only return for the bounty with which Allah and His Messenger had enriched them! If they repent, it will be best for them;"

Revenge, in Islam -- explicitly stated in the Holy Koran -- is something to repent of. The failure to repent of this means "Allah will punish them with a grievous penalty in this life and in the Hereafter"

Humam Khalil Abu Mulal al-Balawi, 32-years-old, was a Doctor, CIA informer, who blew himself up in a Dec. 30 CIA meeting, killing seven including the CIA's base chief.

The only happy thing? ... If there is a Hell, Humam Khalil Abu Mulal al-Balawi is in permanent residence and suffering an eternal revenge that only Allah can inflict. Thus is the fate of all who claim Jihad when they are only engaged in the prohibited murder of innocents, or equally prohibited acts of revenge.

Another happy thought ... the average suidide bomber kills -- at most -- ten people, generally innocents who are then granted immediate entrance to Heaven, as their murderer begins the eternal tortures of Islamic Hell. Think about ten to one ... these clowns, who are noted for killing their own, will kill themselves off without inflicting serious harm to anyone in the civilized world.

One wonders at an educational system which produces a doctor who is such an idiot.