Sunday, December 29, 2019

President and their kinship to five sisters

There are five sisters who are the direct ancestors of every president and their ancestor rules Europe.
Every POTUS can have one dot to be in the family -- represent the Ruler Ancestor and then they have the dotes from the sisters -- each sister is a color,,, their names don't matter, the color tells it all.

The LEFT column is the President Number then his colors, then his birth date.
Abraham Lincoln is A-List, POTUS 16, one Ruler-DOT then four sister-DOTs for 5-DOTs.  
Look at Johnson-Nixon-Ford 36-37-38 5-DOTs;
 then Carter & Reagan & Clinton 39-40-42 were three dots (2-sisters);
 GHW Bush-GW Bush-Obama 41-43-44 brought back the 5-DOTs.
JFK was a 4-DOT POTUS who followed Ike, a 3-Dot POTUS, who followed the 4-DOT Truman who took over from a 5-DOT FDR.

Bernie Sanders would break the historic pattern... but then, if Trump were Impeahed and convicted by the Senate, Mike Pence would also shatter the pattern.
We are in an interesting time in history.  An age when the era of the POTUS COUSIN might come to an end:   

Friday, December 27, 2019

DNA cultural evolution book GRANDPA WAS A DEITY gets more hard data

We now, 15 years after GRANDPA WAS A DEITY was published, are getting more detailed data on the founders of western and Chinese civilization.
It comes in the form of a research paper The phylogenetic and geographic structure of Y-chromosome haplogroup R1a where the line we're interested in is shown in figure1, under branch Z93 sub-branch M780.

As with all my books over the past 40-years, it takes time for the research to fill in the grey areas and confirm the obvious.  In this case, eventually the connection will be made to the Hebrew Levite and, if we ever get proper data from China, to the founders of that civilization as well.

Monday, December 23, 2019

Pete Buttigieg could be POTUS -- he's a POTUS COUSIN

Researching Pete Buttigieg has revealed he is a verified POTUS COUSIN.
What that means is, in terms of American History, he would fit right in with all the other Presidents -- more important, he conforms in terms of the criteria used in the 2017 book Jonathon's POTUS Cousins" {Amazon, January 2017}

As of this writing, which is the same day NEXT 2020: Avoiding Reality Choosing the Wrong One (Trump Card) Paperback – December 23, 2019 went live on AMAZON,  we can be assured that Joseph Biden is no longer viable ... unless the nation wants a President who is a sure-fire impeach and convict.

The issue now?  Look closer at Mayor Pete.

Warren is viable, she's a POTUS COUSIN married to a POTUS COUSIN -- but there is something about her that is problematic.

As with Tulsi Gabbard, and another highly viable candidate, Mayor Pete has served in the Military -- the two could be a nice ticket.  And then we have Deval Patrick -- a POTUS COUSIN who is the product of a marriage between two POTUS COUSINs.  The three offer an interesting historical opportunity... the First Female, a Military Major; The 2nd Gay POTUS and 1st openly gay one; the 2nd, African-American and the affirmation of an end to racism in America.

With Impeachment in Limbo until Pelosi delivers the necessary nonsense to the Senate ... and Christmas two days away, the Second Day of Chanukah has now begun, and so we move forward into the year of FUN.  Which Candidate -- other than Trump -- can keep the longest economic expansion in history going, will build a border control wall/fence to address the problems of Climate Migration, and all the other issues which MUST be addressed over the next four years?

Sunday, December 8, 2019

Americans are STUPID & The TRUMP IMPEACHMENT Proves it.

Something is very wrong in America.  Supposedly educated individuals are complete idiots.
OK!  In the past, we could laugh at those who fell for easy cons.  Things like PT BARNUM hanging a sign that said, "This way to the Egress" among all the exhibit signs which also said " This way to the... ", knowing that most of his audience did not know "egress" meant "exit".
 The crowds which were so captivated by the exhibits would then exit and thus make room for more paying customers waiting to enter the exhibit areas.
Today, the House Leadership have become the modern Barnums and IMPEACHMENT is the exhibit, with terms like "quid pro quo" and "bribery" serving as the modern "egress".
We are told there is "bribery" and "self-benefit" in asking someone to "do a favor" and "obey a treaty signed by our two nations."
According to Pelosi, Schiff, and Nadler, following a twenty-year-old treaty to share information discovered in criminal investigations is "a personal benefit for political gain" and not a simple acknowledgement of an international anti-crime or anti-corruption agreement between nations.

 Yet, it appears that telling a foreign head of state that they will not receive military support promised and authorized by Congress, and signed into law by the President of the United States, unless they fire the head of a major branch of government is OK.
The fact that Congress and the President placed no such condition on the life-saving assistance is irrelevant.  As is the fact that people were dying and the assistance was intended to stop the death of more.
On some levels, it wasn't even "real" assistance -- it was the equivalent of co-signing a loan so the nation under attack by an aggressor nation could buy weapons to defend itself.
Threatening the survival of a free nation in the face of an active attack on that nation is acceptable practice -- if it means the political removal of an official other foreign officials don't like and cannot control.
Some help the official was corrupt, so corrupt that his continued employment justified allowing millions to die and a nation to be enslaved by a power recognized as your political and military enemy.
There seems to be no problem using Mafia Don tactics, saying your people did if this person is not gone in six-hours.  Oh, and it's cool to replace them with someone more long as the replacement is "solid" and follows MY orders.  After all, I have the power to overrule Congressional Legislation and  Presidential signature -- just ask the President ... And the clock is ticking.
There is nothing criminal or improper in such a Mafia Don declaring he controls the government and its elected leaders.  This is exactly the person we want -- especially when the alternative is someone who "asks a favor" that the law embodied in a treaty be followed and information shared.
Image we were talking about one of many treaty agreements to share scientific discoveries -- regardless of whether they affirm or refute a theory of causality -- would it be a crime to ask that a copy of the report be sent your head scientist?
Would there be personal criminal benefit in knowing and being able to say that there is or isn't a causal relationship between two events?  
Maybe knowing how a common substance is related to a disease...
Apparently, acquiring such knowledge as agreed it was to be shared is a crime.
But there is no crime in denying lifesaving medicine to a nation that's dying unless a clerk is fired immediately -- overriding the directions of a chief medical board and it's leadership -- is ok and the sign of good leadership.

Oh, in terms of treaties and lawful behavior.  The same Mafia Don is on record declaring he had the power to nullify the First Amendment of the American Constitution.
He could, according to his own words, legislate away all of America's basic freedoms and rights.
This man people want as President.
Because they believe a President who terms it a favor to have a lawful treaty followed is nothing more than a fascist dictator.  And it certainly helps their case that the nation is more prosperous than it has been in fifty years, and that minorities and women have more economic or social equality than at anytime in the national history.
Clearly, that is wrong and just be corrected.
We need the Mafia Don who said he could take away all our rights, the rights of women, minorites, and institutions -- like those of journalists or the media -- with simple legislation (and the appointment of justices who were "solid" and would obey him and not the law of any standard of ethics).

Will the 2020 Democratic nomination establish the people want their Mafia Don?  And then, will the election affirm it?by

We have another comic idea.  That the Book of Revelation was accurate -- now that is something the Mafia supporters would reject, if only because the dating system as applied has proved to be objectively accurate.  
And we know the Mafia Don has said we are to accept "Truth over Facts" -- his truth, the truth the masses accepted in the children's tale of THE EMPEROR'S NEW CLOTHES.l

Avoid these book...Avoid all the books by this author, one who has been a WHO'S WHO IN WRITING author since the first year (1981) the exclusive journal was compiled.  That he was also listed in similar works in FINANCE AND INDUSTRY before anyone heard of Donald Trump -- and TRUMP might not even be considered worthy of listing ... Though they do, naturally share listing in Who's Who in the World.  But such listings are, of course, meaningless... Or so says his oldest son who, since his childhood days attending school and playing people like the once famous actress known as Mia Sara, or kids who's parents were all listed too... And today looks at those he deals with or represents on a daily basis and sees such compilations as just another client listing -- albeit one that happens to include multiple family members as well.A

And YES!
Why not boast and brag a bit?A

If the timeline holds, the European economy folds in 2027, the Third World War is recognized by 2035, and we already have scientists telling us that, by 2050, a third of all current life will be dead or extinct.

So Shush...keep quiet...don't tell anyone the Emperor is Naked -- it's important for world events and the death of America that we stay quiet.
Though it's equally important that we be on record as Warning people.
As the Bible says (Rule of Solomon) they cannot be held accountable unless they have been told.
There is no need for them to listen...they just need to be told.

CONSIDER YOURSELF TOLD -- even if you didn't actually read this far!

Friday, November 1, 2019

Impeachment of Trump means an end to Biden

Schiff opens a can of worms.  Either he's a total idiot, or his true intention is to bring don Joe Biden and open the door to Elizabeth Warren.  And so long as Warren refrains from taking a position on the Impeachment -- and focuses on more revelations of detailed plans for funding programs -- she can win.

Bernie Sanders, has age, a heart attack, and he's foolishly taken a position attacking Trump and siding with Schiff -- when, if he wants to be an attack dog, he should have attacked Biden over the 2014 Ukraine threat and the 2018 BOAST of his "quid pro quo" Ukraine blackmailing.

As Biden told the viewers on 23 January 2018, he successfully threatened the Ukraine President:  "I'm leaving in six hours, you've got six hours.  If you don't fire that prosecutor, United States will not give you $1 Billion in Aid" they said he didn't have the authority.  As he told it, he implicated Obama in the blackmail by saying, "if you don't trust me call the president."

So, here we have Biden implicating Obama in what Schiff says in an impeachable crime.

No wonder Obama would not endorse his own Vice President... his VP implicated him in Blackmail using US Loan guarantees ... and did it with a hard deadline -- the worst possible form, but most classic, of blackmail.

Biden set out to boast of his criminality and destroy Obama's Legacy... and Schiff is going out of his way to assist in the destruction of that Legacy.  Schiff is setting the stage for Obama being branded a criminal -- a blackmailer -- and the historians will have a field-day exploring every deal made by the Obama Administration made. 

Did Obama buy Saudi backing or did they buy him with delayed payments -- Did he do something for which the multi-million dollar book deals were actually a delayed payment that laundered the money (who owned the firm that gave him the money and who were their partners ... the ones who might have funneled the money as "book royalty advances")?

Maybe Pelosi avoided the form,al Impeachment Investigation because she was a party to the Obama Administration criminality -- how did she get so rich?

 Trump said he'd drain the swamp ... now it looks like the Swamp Denizens are doing the job for him.

23 January 2018 CFR Meeting Transcript portion:
JOE BIDEN, 23 JANUARY 2018: And that is I’m desperately concerned about the backsliding on the part of Kiev in terms of corruption. They made—I mean, I’ll give you one concrete example. I was—not I, but it just happened to be that was the assignment I got. I got all the good ones. And so I got Ukraine. And I remember going over, convincing our team, our leaders to—convincing that we should be providing for loan guarantees. And I went over, I guess, the 12th, 13th time to Kiev. And I was supposed to announce that there was another billion-dollar loan guarantee. And I had gotten a commitment from Poroshenko and from Yatsenyuk that they would take action against the state prosecutor. And they didn’t.

So they said they had—they were walking out to a press conference. I said, nah, I’m not going to—or, we’re not going to give you the billion dollars. They said, you have no authority. You’re not the president. The president said—I said, call him.


I said, I’m telling you, you’re not getting the billion dollars. I said, you’re not getting the billion. I’m going to be leaving here in, I think it was about six hours. I looked at them and said: I’m leaving in six hours. If the prosecutor is not fired, you’re not getting the money. Well, son of a bitch. (Laughter.) He got fired. And they put in place someone who was solid at the time.

Monday, October 28, 2019

House to vote on Impeachment inquiry 31 October 2019 -- FOR THE RECORD they are going to tank the economy.

The House of Representatives is going to take a formal vote on Thursday on whether to continue the inquiry into impeachment. If the vote is in favor, what are the next steps in the inquiry?
If the vote is in favor, the Stock Market {DJIA 27,090.72 on 28 Oct, possible top 27400 prior to vote announcement} will have made its top for the next two or three months. It will drift downward to about 24500… the DJIA rise on 28 October is due to the announcement of a BREXIT extension and vote on 12 December.
The House controls the Recession — which has just impacted Hong Kong and is placing pressure on China to reach an agreement with Trump — but the Thursday Vote would impact that too.
SO … when the BREXIT should have determined the fate of the economy … Pelosi decides to reverse and allow America to cause the recession. Californa Representatives will uniformly vote in favor — as will New York City House members… all other Democrats are placing their re-election on the line … those who wish to retire or be removed will vote in favor.
Recognize that the charges against Trump are the very charges Biden has BOASTED he was guilty of — and implicated Obama in… the current vote is just a LEGAL investigation to replace the fraudulent one being conducted by Schiff.
After the vote, either the matter will be wisely dropped — or the economy will begin the downward journey. Then there is the actual impeachment vote … an inquiry can delay matters to coincide with the BREXIT pre-XMAS vote. The Democrats are being driven to political suicide so that California can gain power … but we’ll get into that in book seven of the Trump Card series.

Thursday, September 12, 2019

Thomas Boone Pickens Jr. (May 22, 1928 – September 11, 2019)

Thomas Boone Pickens Jr. (May 22, 1928 – September 11, 2019)
There are many reasons why the man should be known and be a success.  But one of the key elements of leadership is the fact he was a POTUS Cousin.
Being a POTUS Cousin is to be important to the nation.
The 2020 election should be interesting -- POTUS COUSIN WARREN against incumbent COUSIN TRUMP.
Beware of Next 9/11 anniversary -- 9/11/2020
19 years, 19 terrorists
We need an 18 or 19 to finish the numerics
But then, nobody believes in such things, though the wise mystic would profit from finding the missing link -- the third number to make the total eith 56 or 57 ... instead of just 38...

Saturday, September 7, 2019


On 7 September, in the middle of the nonsense over Hussicane Dorian, the AP wire carried a story entitled: U.S. House panel poised to spell out Trump impeachment probe.

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler is trying to find a basis for impeachment of Trump, knowing full well that such an action would crash the Stock Market by 20% or more, and any probability of a conviction would know the current 26,500 down to 13,000.  Moreover, if the Democrats show they can win the Senate while retaining control of the House, such a crash would be assured.

New York Representative Jerrold Lewis Nadler is a REAGAN-DEMOCRAT dedicated to the destruction of the nation, while also basically declaring or boasting that the Democrats cannot win the Oval Office through honest election means.

Monday, August 12, 2019

2020 Election is based on Genealogy determining survival of the Nation

Those who have read "Jonathon's POTUS Cousins" [JPC] {Amazon, January 2017} have seen the basic post-colonial kinship relationships between the Presidents and First Ladies.
Now we are moving back past the 1575 cutoff used in the book.
EVERY PRESIDENT (an exception being Marin Van Buren for whom we lack the necessary data) has been a descendant of Charlemagne 'Charles The Great' Emperor of The West & King of The Franks' and they filter through William 'The Conqueror' King of England & Duke of Normans.

But the focus here begins with five sisters shown on the FTM list.  Each of those sisters is a POTUS ancestor, and several, as the colored dots show, are common ancestors.
Hillary Clinton was married to a Three Dot JPC but is not otherwise related to the family.   THAT'S WHY SHE LOST.  
Donald J Trump is a Four Dot JPC; his Daughter Tiffany is a Six Dot JPC.  
Which places Tiffany with Washington, Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, FDR, Ford/Nixon/Johanson, the Bush family, and Barack Obama.  Truman and Kennedy were Five Dot.

Joseph Biden is a Three Dot 
William Floyd "Bill" Weld ' 68th Governor of Massachusetts' is a Republican who suggested he would challenge Trump for the 2020 nomination -- he's a Six Dot, but, as a Republican, he is not a credible challenge to Trump.
But, were Trump to be successfully Impeached, Weld could easily defeat Pence, because Pence is NOT part of the family.  Pence cannot become POTUS -- which means Trump cannot be successfully impeached.
Biden is a foot-in-mouth idiot without a strong JPC connection -- he cannot win the nomination, but if the Democrats were dumb enough to nominate him, Trump would destroy him.

Tulsi Gabbard is the Candidate -- she's intelligent, can navigate international politics, wisely spend the military budget -- she's a Major who has been stationed in the current conflict war zones -- and, she is a SIX DOT JPC  

Wednesday, August 7, 2019

2020 ELECTION -- why isn't this REALITY spoken about?.

While working on Chapter four of Book 7 in the TRUMP CARD SERIES, I found myself writing this:
For now, the opposition generated garbage and the related messes represent a far greater issue than the factual reality that whoever wins in 2020 will likely be a one-term POTUS or die in office and elevate their Vice President to occupancy of the Oval.

NOBODY has mentioned the fact that the leaders in the current Polls are all so ancient that they will be over eighty when they come up for re-election.  Even Elizabeth Warren just turned 70, and so would be about 76 in 2024 -- if she made it through two terms, would exit at about age 80.

NOBODY is concerned that, based on average lifespans and expectancy, for the first time in history, the 2020 election could be about electing a Vice President as POTUS.

With six months until the anticipated February 2020 contest, a Suffolk University/Boston Globe poll released Tuesday found former vice president Joe Biden the leader among likely Democratic primary voters with 21 percent. In second, Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont had 17 percent, and, in third, Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts had 14 percent.  In fourth place is Senator Kamala Harris of California at 8 percent, followed by South Bend, Ind., Mayor Pete Buttigieg at 6 percent and Representative Tulsi Gabbard of Hawaii at 3 percent.  To secure a spot on the stage, a candidate must have at least 130,000 individual donors and reach 2 percent in four sanctioned polls (The Suffolk/Globe New Hampshire poll is not one of them).  58 percent polled said the most important thing for Democrats is to nominate a candidate who can stop Trump.

Saturday, July 20, 2019

Russia controls the DEMOCRATIC PARTY

It seems curious that the Russians hacked where there was the Internet.  That was where Clinton did the best... and when they started hacking she did BETTER'

Comically -- either Russia was backing Hillary, or the hackers were grossly incompetent.  Trump won because they couldn't adjust for the Electoral College.

NOW Sanders and Warren are attacking the Electoral College -- they want it gone so Trump can not win again... but Russia wants it gone so its propaganda will be successful.

Fortunately, Americans are idiots and will happily destroy themselves.   They adhere to the classic line, "to hold a man down in the mud, you must get in the mud with them."

Thursday, July 4, 2019

Arte Johnson CURIOUS FACTS -- does he really have a twin, and where was he really born?

It's a bit curious.  Supposedly Laugh-In's Arte Johnson (20 Jan 1929-03 Jul 2019) was born in Brent Harbor, Mich and has a twin brother named Coslough "Cos" Johnson who outlived him.
Yet, do a search and a curious fact emerges -- the date and birth certificate are in Chicago, Illinois {Certificate Number: 2350 Illinois, Cook County, Birth Certificates} and there is no mention of a twin by any name ... there is a brother, Howard Leonard Johnson, who was born on 08 Nov 1931 {Certificate Number: 45677}.

Does the twin exist?  Or did Howard pass himself off as a twin brother?  Or maybe, Arte used the twin to "moonlight" as a writer.   In any event, where is COS?  are there photos that are post-Arte's death -- maybe at the funeral? 
Since Arte just died, we will see in a few days ... Arte's family are Russian Jews, so the funeral should be down within three days or so.

 UPDATE 5 JULY 2019 -- 
This appeared as a correction or addition (after 4 July Notes from Shreknangst (49080548))  on FIND-A-GRAVE: "Edith Johnson, nee Goldberg, beloved wife of the late Abraham, loving mother of Arthur “Arte” (Gisela) of California, and Howard “Cos” (Mary Jane) of California; fond aunt and great-aunt of many. Service and interment Wednesday, 11 a.m., at Westlawn Cemetery, 7801 W. Montrose, Norridge. Contributions to the charity of your choice. Info, The Weinstein Brothers Chapel, 312-761-2400.  —Chicago Tribune, 8 Oct 1996, SW_A8 
It would seem the Arte Johnson award-winning "TWIN" mentioned in WIKIPEDIA is really his baby brother.
More inconsistencies are emerging.

Thursday, June 20, 2019

Obama has killed Biden's chances.

Ok, BIDEN is a professional Washington politician and at it since 1972.  You would think, if he were eorthy, he'd have been endorsed the moment he annonced...But he's already a two time loser ... Three strikes is assured.

Eight years as Obama VP and Obama did NOT endorse him immediately... But is actually looking at everyone BUT uncle joe.

Joe is dead meat.  Obama knows it!  He knows Joe's secrets...And background...And knows it's crap! 
Of course the media loves the crabby feely Biden.  They love traditional predictable incompetent politicians -- makes for easy, lazy, coverage and lots of screw-ups.
Her $1.5 BILLION from China!  The laws JOE has supported that harm Americans...just the guy to replace Trump...a guy who will provide a factual basis for attacks, rather than the phishing speculations surrounding Trump.

Oh, did you notice Joe promised to cure cancer -- actually said he promised... But then, when Trump said they were going there, it suddenly became a Trump promise!?! 

Biased take news is fun... If America buys it, it will deserve what it gets.  If we want to get rid of Trump. TULSI GABBARD is the history making soldier,  COMBAT MAJOR, who deserves the job.  Draft Dodger Joe will get ua into a war...TULSI knows war and will avoid an unnecessary one, while winning any that prove necessary!

A next-gen phone we need

Cellphones have revolutionized life and caused the demise of the corner payphone.  But now we need the next generation WIRED PHONE --
Just as touchtone replaced the dial which replaced the partyline and central switchboard, we need the next-generation hard wired phone in the home...a phone which looks like a cellphone or smartphone... Has a screen, apps, and can be used as a wireless hotspot to serve the computers and tablets.
Phone companies already provide DSL and router boxes that work on the same kind as your standard traditional phone. 
But now they should combine the two and add the goodies that a smartphone provides -- which would include blocking apps to screen those idiotic robot-dial con artist.
It would also serve the in-home purpose/use of a smartphone...stuff you really don't need a computer for...But would like to do at a desk.

Thursday, May 23, 2019


Shout it from the rooftops ... we've caught up and are ready to explain how the LEVITES represent reality.
Genetics: CLASS, marry-up, be part of the higher class even if you are supposedly lower class.

"Jonathon's POTUS Cousins" {Amazon, January 2017} [ the eBook is free via Kindle Unlimited]

Friday, April 26, 2019

Joe Biden is Running and cannot win

Book six is LIVE 
POTUS COUSINS become GRANDCHILDREN of a common individual... and the final chapter yields those who can best survive the Democratic Sorting Process.…

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Echo Chamber - The Second 56-weeks of POTUS 45

BK06 Echo Chamber - The Second 56-weeks of POTUS 45 is soon to go live.  The eBook version is in pre-order and will be live on 1 May 2019.  
The final chapter deals with the Democratic Candidates and the ones who have no chance ... unless the violate history.

Warren is shooting herself in BOTH FEET -- as a viable candidate, she's dead meat, unless the Democrats decide they really do NOT want the Oval Office. 

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Cathedral of Notre Dame Fire

56-week cycles ... 6 and 7 are key numbers in -- six days in a week, seventh the day of rest.
Count 56-weeks from the 6 November 2016 election and strangely the end of the 6th crossing into the 7th is marked by the burning of the Cathedral of Notre Dame.

It would seem the timing was perfect.
  • It was the uS Tax Day -- when all taxes must be filed by;
  • last week of Catholic Lent
  • It was, on Monday, often designated “Great Monday”, that the Cathedral of Notre Dame caught fire.

Tuesday, March 12, 2019


OK, to be POTUS you must also be a POTUS COUSIN.
NOPE!  It's not in the Constitution, and the average person has no idea of the subliminal reality that has ruled the nation for 230-years.
But that does not change things.
Even when Nixon got the boot before he did, his non-POTUS COUSIN Vice President was removed and sent to jail... and a POTUS COUSIN took the office so he could slide into the role, with the proper subliminal qualifications.
Biden also has the benefit of his wife also being a POTUS COUSIN.
If Elizabeth Warren were added as his Vice President, the historic weight or FORCE would be with them.
Elizabeth Warren is a POTUS COUSIN who is also married to a POTUS COUSIN.
Poor Donald John Trump is a POTUS COUSIN ... but a weak one... he does have the proper ancestral link to William the Conqueror, but his strongest link is via his daughter Tiffany -- in terms of the book, she was his only link.
Of course, John Wright Hickenloop is eligible, as is William Floyd "Bill" Weld -- but the rest of the announced field is clearly out of the game.  That means we will NOT be "Feeling the Bern" -- Bernie Sanders might be the Senator we need but as a POTUS the current wave of Antisemitism, combined with the anti-Socialist mindset that has defined the Cold War mentality and indoctrination that Americans have been subjected to since the 1950s.
Were they to run they would lose; if the people are so suicidal as to want to break what would be a 232-year tradition, then they can enjoy the Crash of America.
Weak POTUS COUSINS have always enjoyed the same type of reactions we have seen directed at Trump.  The opposition wanted them Impeached or -- as in the case of Lincoln -- DEAD!
Of course, were Trump to be removed, or assassinated, that would yield POTUS PENCE... and Mike Pence is NOT a POTUS COUSIN... though he is a religious hypocrite and -- in the explicit condemning words of Jesus -- an Adulterer.
Wouldn't it be delightful to once again have an Adulterer in the Oval?
That is what the people want... and it is what several Democrats have asserted they want.  Impeach Trump, install Pence, or, at the very least, crash the economy by 50% and send the Baby-Boomers into bankruptcy (along with the Nation, which would no longer be able to service the National Debt). 
AH, the JOY.
How much do you suppose Russia was willing to pay those who are pushing the impeachment?   How wealthy have they become, or will they become? 

Saturday, February 23, 2019

President Trump is accurate about the crime statistics in El Paso, Texas

Was President Trump inaccurate about the crime statistics in El Paso, Texas?
A fun question to spin… it all depends on comparison period.
Looking at a crime rate chart for El Paso since 2000 — when illegal border crossing apprehensions peaked and serious talk of a wall began in conjunction with 9/11 — Crime rates had peaked and were well above national averages.

As apprehensions fell with the discussion of the wall and the tightening of security after 9/11, we see the crime rate fall and bottom with the Wall Legislation of the 2006 Secure Fence Act.
Then we see the upturn — when it was realized that the Fence was focused on the California Border and would run from the Pacific Ocean 650 miles east.
Now let's look at a border map with the above chart:

It would appear that during construction, there was an upturn, but when the construction as completed the crime rate went down. Thus, based on the crime statistics presented at, Trump was telling the truth. Which does not conflict with the alternative comparison stated on the same page: “Many people assume that El Paso is a dangerous place to live based on its proximity to Juarez, Mexico, which has a reputation for gang violence. Just like any major metropolitan area, El Paso does experience crime. But the region's rate of violent crime is lower than the national average and the rate of property crime is significantly lower.
Gee… the Rate went from HIGHER to LOWER — first when security after 9/11 was tightened, and then again when the wall was completed. Trump’s comparison was to the wall and not to the other regions in the nation which are not in proximity to the wall or directly affected by border crime.

Thursday, February 7, 2019

Pelosi appears to have early stage alzheimers

Alzheimer's is the most common cause of dementia, a general term for memory loss and other cognitive abilities serious enough to interfere with daily life. Alzheimer's disease accounts for 60 percent to 80 percent of dementia cases.
In the case of Nacy Pelosi, the disease is manifesting in her inability to distinguish between Bush and Trump.
Under Bush, in 2006, she opposed the Secure Fence Act... that is manifesting today in her opposition to the next stage in funding the Fence -- something Trump has referred to as a wall.
Pelosi is still arguing against Bush -- she has lost about twelve years.  She does recover, but the gaff is consistent with a level of mental degradation which raises serious concerns over her competence to be in Congress, much less be Speaker of the House. 

Sunday, January 27, 2019

TRUMP'S SHUTDOWN TACTIC was revealed in book published 17 May 2017

As with the rest of the Trump Card Series books, it takes time for events to reveal the technics being used.  This is proving the case with page 8 of Seeking a Trump Card: The Second Fifty-six Days After Babylon the Great City Fel (Volume 2) Paperback – May 17, 2017, where the reader was told of an event which happened at the law firm Trump approached, in the early 1970s, when he entered the Manhattan Real Estate Market.

The Shutdown tactic involved was one used to disclose that which is concealed from view -- and was described on page 8 of “Seeking a TRUMP CARD”, where we are told of Real Estate CEO of the Law Firm known to the president, who, at the time consulted them in preparation for entry into the Manhattan real estate market, solved a problem by saying “Turn it off, and see who screams.”
As the readers of the May 2017 book were told:
The idea of disrupting a system which had been in use for as long as anyone could remember, violated a principle known to all lawyers – ‘Never ask a question to which you do not already know the answer.’  In this case, no one was aware of the possible ramifications or disruptions and that made everyone nervous.  But they knew better than to argue with an individual who had turned multiple losing investments into significant profit makers.
The historic Government Shutdown resulted in screams from TSA which, just prior to the 25 January temporary armistice, had begun to cause major airports to cancel flights and even begin preparing for the possible process of closing down.  This helped flag an area of interest to “small government Republicans” – like the prison system, TSA is another area that lends itself to being privatized.

We also had the most interesting coincidence where the Governor of New York signed into law legislation granting illegal immigrants financial assistance and full college scholarships if they had attended High School in N.Y.S. for at least at least two years.
NOTE, American Citizens in NYS do not get full scholarships that free them from the prospect of huge student loan debts.  But then, this change of heart would explain when the Senator from NY, Chuck Schumer, has suddenly come out in opposition to the 2006 Secure Fence Act he voted for during the Bush Administration and touted throughout the Obama Era.

NOTE the cover image of the book which revealed the tactic:
Note how Trump is going two ways at once -- also note Melania, who, coincidently won her libel suit against The Telegraph newspaper in Britain -- which not only paid her a hefty judgment but issued an itemized apology for its FAKENEWS story entitled “The Mystery of Melania”.
In 2017, Melania won two other cases where the Daily Mail and Mail Online agreed to a settlement that included significant damages estimated at under $3 million to settle a lawsuit.
If people had been paying attention, they would understand persisent Trump mention of FAKENEWS -- his wife is winning cases related to it, and he's cheering her on, while also attacking those he, as president, cannot sue.

Monday, January 21, 2019

Senator Kamala Devi Harris-Emhoff -- announces as POTUS CANDIDATE

Senator Kamala Harris is now officially running for the 2020 Democratic POTUS nomination.  Unfortunately, she's dead in the water -- she is not a POTUS COUSIN... not even close.

Her only hope is that one of her parents has ties back to the British Nobility.

Unlike Trump, Harris has no child and therefore has no child who is a strong POTUS COUSIN.  But even here, Trump himself shares an ancestral grandparent with ALL the past presidents (except Van Buren and Eisenhower -- but their genealogies are limited and do not extend far enough back to confidently declare they are not also part of the ancient founding family).

Eisenhower had married into the POTUS CLAN -- Mamie Eisenhower as a direct descendant of the progenitor of the ancient founding family that has ruled the successful nations of both Europe and America for over a thousand years.

Harris' Democratic Ticket competition, Elizabeth Warren, not only is a POTUS COUSIN, but is also married to one.  As such, Warren has a stronger ancestral claim than Trump, and so, in a head-to-head contest, Warren should easily defeat Trump.  She should -- unless the Democratic Leadership acts in a way that casts doubt on the Democratic Party.  In that regard, Nancy Pelosi has gone full-on Ronald Reagan by opposing the Fence/Wall and supporting Amnesty, along with what can only be Open Border politics which would have Mexico treated like Canada. 
Not a bad idea, if not for the fact that Mexico has a long history of Criminal Cartels, and just saw the death and injury of a hundred people when,  what is common in Mexico, the theft of gasoline directly from pipelines resulted in the explosion of that pipeline.   Just imagine the open border bringing those thieves to the KEYSTONE XL pipeline and causing an explosion which contaminated the largest farming aquifer in North America -- bringing an end to American Agricultural dominance.
How important is the POTUS COUSIN EFFECT?
Consider the attacks on POTUS-45, Donald John TRUMP, and why they have, after two solid years, gone nowhere.  Could it be because, where he impeached by the House and convicted by the Senate, the result would be POTUS PENCE?
Mike Pence is NOT a POTUS COUSIN -- neither is his wife -- and America has a hard time dealing with people who are not part of the Ancestral Leadership Clan.  In the case of Pence, it would mean the end of the Nation. 
Harris might not be that bad, She rightfully supports Dreamers -- the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program -- who are, as mentioned in the Trum[p Card book series, Americans without status because they were brought here illegally as children.... something that must be corrected to give them Citizenship status.   

Thursday, January 17, 2019

ELIZABETH WARREN WOULD BEAT TRUMP, if Schumer wasn't messing things up.

Well, as we move into day 28 of the longest Government Shutdown on record, it appears that Elizabeth Warren's POTUS COUSIN based qualification for being President -- and thereby becoming the first female POTUS -- have increased.

A video of her drinking beer brought her husband, Bruce Hartling MANN, into the picture.  And with that, a look at his family line.  It appears Bruce and Elizabeth are a traditional marry-back.  Both are POTUS COUSINS and direct descendants of the ancestors of 42 of the nations 44 Presidents (45 by an administration count in which 22 & 24 were the same person).

It appears that Warren is descendant along two lines and Mann along three -- with one line in common, but where all four lines come from the same parent.  Trump comes from the same two lines as Warren, but her spouse gives her the historic boost.

Trump's boost is derived from his short marriage to Marla Maples and their daughter, Tiffany.  Marla has four connections, two of which match Donald, and therefore Tiffany has four solid connections which she brings to the game, and which will -- if she decides to follow that route -- give her a distinctly traditional, subliminal voter advantage.  Tiffany becomes eligible to be POTUS in 2029, making 2032 the earliest she can run for the office.  She might well be President in 2052.

But for now, a contest between Trump and Warren would -- given the negative publicity aimed at Trump, the historic march gives Warren the advantage.

Now, where does Schumer play into the game?

Seem that the Government Shutdown will depress GDP and send the nation into a Recession -- the whole process can be stopped simply by giving Trump $5.7 Billion for the Wall/Fence which SCHUMER had voted for when the 2006 Secure Fence Act was passed and signed into law by GW BUSH.
That law was predicated on allocation $50 Billion over 25-years for completion and maintenance (with supporting services) of a fence along the southern border --the first 650-miles immediately funded and completed during the Obama Administration (Obama having earlier been a Senator who voted for the law).

Democrats have indicated $1.3 Billion is acceptable -- but that's less than the average of $2Billion associated with the 2006 law.  Moreover, the unwillingness to add the additional $4.4Billion has already begun to depress economic growth and therefore will depress revenues in the form of Taxes and other Federal revenue sources.
That loss has already been estimated at $18Billion, with updated data indicating the true loss could be double or triple that.  Thus, the Democratic battle being waged by SCHUMER says he is willing to spend $18Billion to deny Trump $4.4 Billion and risk the possibility that he will deny the Government $54Billion -- ten times the total appropriation needed for the Fence that Schumer approved in 2006.

Trump has no reason to yield.  In the image given us by THE GAME OF THRONES, it falls upon a Senator to "Bend the Knee" to the President, rather than a President "Bend the Knee" to a minority Senator.

If the Democrats can be blamed for the Recession -- and logically they would be -- any Candidate would carry the full negative ... Carter lost to Reagan because of the Economy and his being weak on Iran.  Clinton won against Bush because he worked with the axiom "It's the Economy Stupid".  Damage the economy while opposing funding legislation you voted for, and the voters will turn on you.

Sunday, January 13, 2019

GOVERNMENT SHUTDOWN - related legislation

The following is from legislation introduced on the very first day of the 116th Congress -- 12-days into the Government Shutdown over giving Trump a one-time amount of $5.7Billion to complete work related to the 2006 SECURE FENCE ACT opposed by Nancy Pelosi, but fully supported by Chuck Schumer, (and then Senators) Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.
The legislation is entitled, “Strengthening America's Security in the Middle East Act of 2019", and effectively funds a Border Wall between Israel and Jordon. 
(7) The 2016 Memorandum of Understanding reflected United States support of Foreign Military Financing (FMF) grant assistance to Israel over the 10-year period beginning in fiscal year 2019 and ending in fiscal year 2028. FMF grant assistance would be at a level of $3,300,000,000 annually, totaling $33 billion, the largest single pledge of military assistance ever and a reiteration of the seven-decade, unshakeable, bipartisan commitment of the United States to Israel’s security."
The next paragraph states:
(8) The Memorandum of Understanding also reflected United States support for funding for cooperative programs to develop, produce, and procure missile, rocket, and projectile defense capabilities over a 10-year period beginning in fiscal year 2019 and ending in fiscal year 2028 at a level of $500 million per year, totaling $5 billion.
Thus we have the House saying it happily provides funds equal to those needed for domestic border security -- spread over 10 years -- to introduce Weapons of Mass Destruction to the Middle East.  GEE and that was after starting a 17-year and counting war because of alleged but disproved WMDs in the Middle East.

From the proposed act, we also learn that Obama and Congress had,  "On August 16, 2007, ....signed a 10-year Memorandum of Understanding on United States military assistance to Israel. The total assistance over the course of this understanding would equal $30 billion."

So it seems, as important as Israel might be to America's stance in the Middle East, it is actually ten or times as important as a proven successful domestic economic (and potential military) security act which has been the law for a dozen years.

Trump already has authority and money to build his wall -- he just hasn't been reminded of it.

Curiously the Corps of Engineers could build the wall as a normal War Games exercise.
Scenario: enemy troops headed for position, their air attack capacity is neutralized but ground troops and vehicles a major threat.
Goal: build fortifications that would stop troops in foot and any vehicles that reach a key perimeter area.
Method: standard barbed wire on anti-Trump barricade, with metal personnel barrier that can stop conventional rifle or pistol gunfire.

There is a need to test structure, and it would have real application if the war in the Middle East were to spread past Turkey and into Europe where NATO would need to respond quickly.
Clearly, the southern USA border is an ideal test ground for America Troops to practice construction and, migrants would serve to provide real world test of efficiency against a determined but unarmed force.
The War Games budget and Engineer training Budgets would pay for it from allocated funds.

If the USA can engage in war games around the world, certainly there is nothing improper in engaging in related work within the USA, with an eye to transferring the developed skills to the future theater of operations where they might be needed.

No emergency declaration is needed.  Not goes Congress have authority to challenge peaceful military training.

Of course, Trump could, since it is an exercise in preparation for a NATO related threat, use funds earmarked for NATO.  He could even pulls troops out of Europe to train, and thundering their pay etc back into the American economy.
If NATO nations wish to complain, they can provide the  materials and test training areas necessary for the exercise to be conducted in Europe -- and they can enjoy the disruption to their open border economy as the military deals those borders with steel barriers the EU will need to provide locally as part of the exercise.
Or NATO can state clearly they do not sarcaStic associated with protecting their borders from land or sea attack.  And America will henceforth cease involvement in anything related to such a threat.  Effectively telling America it does not need it as part of NATO and Europe will protect itself from all threats internal or external.

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Government Shutdown analogy

By 8 january, we had heard many things about the wall, fence, barrier, or whatever you wish to call it.
Then we began to hear about those who will be harmed or have their lives disrupted.
The blame game kicked in with polls and Dump Trump commentators having fun.
But consider this analogy:

The owner of a rowboat assures a swimmer he'll make it to the other side of the lake. 
The swimmer swims, and others swim too. 
On the far shore there is The Official Lifeguard (legislators who must pass legislation) who seem to have trouble doing their job, and a new batch has just showed up...they hold in their hands a life preserver with a rope -- they can toss it so far.
The swimmer swims, and, as he comes within the distance of the door, he gets into trouble.  But the guy in the boat needs a oar in order to save The Swimmer.
The lifeguard yells about how stupid they were to attempt the swim and the guy in the boat yells "toss the life preserver or toss me an oar" - - The life guards yell back, "YOU PROMISED  them he'd make it, pull him into your boat"
 "But he's within reach of you, toss the life preserver and pull him ashore...or toss me an air I can use"
 "We do that, he'll made it, and you'll boast you kept your promise"

Now, if the swimmer drowns, which will happen if neither does anything, who will the family blame?  The guy in the boat who was there before the swimmer was in reach of the shore, but lacks an oar that will let him save the swimmer, or the guy in the shore who refused to toss the life preserver or  an oar?

The swimmer's dad has a single shot rifle, is an excellent marksman, and will kill the one he blames for his kids death.  Which will be kill? 
The guy in the boat -- who also needs the rope or an oar tossed in order to rescue the swimmer, or the guy on shore who refused to toss either the oar or life preserver?

The spectators say the guy in the boat, who made the promise, will get the bullet.  But, so long as someone dies, they make money.

Tuesday, January 8, 2019


What can we derive from this MARCH to MARCH 2000-2018 charge of know illegal crossings based on apprehensions as presented by
The Secure Fence Act was passed at the end of 2006, and 613 miles of the fence were completed by April 2009
NOTE that, with Trump's Hardline on Immigration, the arrests had fallen to under 4.25% of their 220,000 pre-fence peak amount as presented in the chart accompanying the Fact Check article.

Looking at a second chart in that presentation:

As we seen Reagan's anti-fence stance and amnesty served to enhance illegal crossings.  The Terrorist attack on 9/11 caused a drop -- by raising questions of safety in America -- and then Bush's attack on Terrorists restored confidence in safety and a resurgence of illegal entry that came to an end with the introduction of the Secure Fence Act and construction of roughly 650 miles of fence along the 2000 mile border. 
We see a further drop during the period of tough talk about undocumented immigrants who entered illegally -- trash-talk by Senator Chuck Schumer and President Barack Obama.  The drop was enhanced when Trump demonstrated he would continue the Trash-talk and back it up with more Wall or Fence and meaningful prosecutions.

That's all The Fence caused -- a drop from 1.65 MILLION to a mere 300,000.  And with it came the significance of those who overstay their LEGAL VISA -- many of whom are actually just between papers.
It happens with Fiancee VISA holders who marry within the 90-days and need to wait a year for their papers to be adjusted to full legal citizenship path status, and with those whose weddings are delayed and so carry them beyond the 90-day marriage period -- sometimes resulting in their having to exit and reenter the country as already married spouses, and other times simply waiting for the hearings to whatever that will allow them to remain within the States as their paperwork is adjusted by an understaffed and overworked Immigration and Naturalization Service. 
How understaffed and overworked? During the days of Ellis Island, immigrants could be processed in hours, now, as we see at the Mexican border, they need to wait a year just to get an appointment to have a hearing -- a year after that.


Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Newest Political Movement REAGAN DEMOCRATS

 REAGAN DEMOCRATS mare alleged Democrats who espouse Reagan politics.  Like Ronald Reagan in 1980, they are opposed to the Democrat movement to construct a border fence to control access to the United States and help assist border agents in the control of smuggling and human trafficking.

Opposition to the "Trump WALL" is actually opposed to the Democrat's 2006 SECURE FENCE ACT.   These people, the REAGAN DEMOCRATS, want open borders to allow undocumented entry into the country.  They effectively oppose Port of Entry controls and everything associated with Passports and Visa requirements.  But they need to start small, so they are opposing the Border Control -- and a century ago would have opposed Ellis Island - which was the busiest immigrant inspection station from 1892 until 1954, when entry by airplane effectively replaced passenger ships.

During the period it was functional, Ellis Island served as the gateway for over 12 million immigrants -- today, the Pew Research Center reports that, in 2007, there were more than 12 million illegal or undocumented immigrants living in the United States.  Unlike those who passed through Ellis Island, these undocumented individuals have no desire to become citizens -- they are here to work and send money back to their native country (effectively undermining a normal economic structure); some would seek citizenship, but their method of entry shows that they are unwilling to, or legally prohibited from, seeking it.

The year 2007 was the peak for undocumented immigrants -- a fact that underscores their goal of bleeding of the economy.  As we all know, 2007/8 was the Great Recession and served to prevent them from having even illegal work.  And make no mistake, their work is purely illegal and, by definition, criminal.  The 1986 Immigration Reform and Control Act (IRCA) makes that perfectly clear, by restricting the right to work, or employ foreign-born individuals, to American citizens and aliens who are authorized to work in the United States.  Under this law, "all employers are required to verify both the identity and employment eligibility of all regular, temporary employees, temporary agency personnel, and student employees hired after November 6, 1986, and complete and retain a one-page form (INS Form I-9) documenting this verification."

In a comic demonstration of Reagan Democratic hypocrisy, those who are seeking to flood the nation with undocumented workers are also investigating the managers of Trump's New Jersey Golf Course for arranging papers -- work permits and Social Security numbers -- for undocumented workers employed by them.

It has been indicated that the Social Security numbers were bogus -- which begs the Question: "How did the IRS and Social Security Administration handle the funds received that were associated with those allegedly bogus numbers?  Does the IRS lack any and all means to verify numbers when taxes are filed?  Does the Social Security Administration "POCKET" funds for which there are no valid numbers?

Will the REAGAN DEMOCRATS even care about the apparent GOVERNMENT FRAUD inferred by the mishandling of SS contributions for which there are no valid numbers -- and the gross failure to report the invalid numbers to the FBI for investigation?

REAGAN DEMOCRATS -- apparently headed up by the likes of Chuck Schumer -- are inherently crooked, and so will NOT launch an investigation into the IRS & SSA mishandling or embezzlement of the contributions.

Give 12 million illegals, each earning a basic living illegally -- but using bogus SSA numbers, there must be TENS OF BILLIONS OF DOLLARS being stolen from the SSA fund.

Think about it, the average wage is $50,000 per year -- if all illegals were workers on bogus SS numbers, 12 million illegals making that much would account for Social Security benefit contributions in excess of 13% of $60 Billion.  Where did that money go?  
The IRS audits companies, the SS#'s are on the filings, along with the wages paid ... where did that money go?  Who has been embezzing it?