Tuesday, May 31, 2016

DONALD TRUMP ... the crimes are being indicated.

Evidence of prediction-fulfillment continues to roll in...
"Death Over Life: A Prophecy of America's Destruction"

Consider the headlines:
1."Trump involved in crafting controversial Trump University ads, Executive testified"
If fraud is involved then there is a criminal crime and that means clear grounds for impeachment.   So electing Trump is really electing the VP.
2. "Big Trump checks to vets groups sent on day of media report"  Apparently Trump pocketed money then released it when it became a media issue.  Was he engaged in fraud?  Again, grounds to impeach...
3. Then too, we have the Tax Return Issue.  What's Donald hiding?  He can afford the best tax lawyers and tax accounts in New York -- surely his returns are clean.  Is it that he pays no tax?  It's legal not to pay what is not owed.  SCOTUS has said so.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

As Predicted Ted Cruz drops out of POTUS race.

On Tuesday, 3 May 2016, Cruz did what the book predicted in 2013.
He took the war chest and ran away to pay Senator another day.
"President Ted Cruz: The 2016 Election and America's Future"