Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Gift that keeps taking

Budget News: “CBO: U.S. budget deficit to reach $1.5 trillion in 2011, highest ever” … “If Congress instead continues to extend the Bush tax cuts and other expensive policies, the nation will rack up an additional $12 trillion in debt through 2021, pushing the total debt held by the public and other investors close to 100 percent of the economy -- uncharted territory in modern times.” (Washington Post 26 Jan)

To date, Reagan and Bush have the record for budget deficits … finally a Democrat gets into the action – thanks to Bush.   But gee … this also means that Bin Laden has gotten his wish … he wanted the USA to have a trillion dollar deficit and the economic cascade effect has granted his wish.

It is now up to Congress.  Will they vote to destroy the economy, or save it?  Destruction means more debt – giving billions to the wealth and bleeding the poor. 

The Most Harm to the Most People

We know how the GOP will vote. 

We know how those who want to destroy America will vote.

We know how those who are owned by Al-Qaeda will vote.

Expect the tax benefits for the richest to be increased and for them to invest their funds in additional outsourcing of basic industries.

The Most Harm to the Most People. 

It is the Fundamentalist, Right-wing, American way.

Monday, January 17, 2011

THE ECONOMIST catches up

Jan 13th 2011 “The brain drain reinforces a demographic trend. The prefecture’s working-age population has shrunk from over 1m in 1990 to 874,000 in 2008, a result both of the exodus and a declining birth rate. The city of 1.45m is shrinking and ageing so fast that one of Nagasaki’s main department stores, Tamaya, has closed down its children’s department and stocked up on undergarments and hearing aids. With shrinking investment, and fewer jobs and young families, new house-building has fallen by half in the past ten years.”

Demographics emerges as a reality in Japan – which has always been the case … at least, for the past 400 years, since it opened its doors to the world.

We are an aging globe … sectors will fall … if Washington wants to keep the American economy moving, it will work to increase Social Security payments.  This means increasing the incomes on which it is applied.  Ideally, ALL earned income shall be subject to the withholding – the actual rate can be cut (SLIGHTLY).  The objective would be to double collections to allow for a 25% increase in payments. {no that isn’t bad math – remember that there is a health component to pay too.}

HOWEVER – the most harm to the most people is the doctrine of government.  The far right wishes to destroy this nation – therefore they will move to cut, or, at least, freeze, Social Security benefits.  They will move to deprive people of medical care – thus milking funds from the economy and depositing it in offshore pharmaceutical companies, endless foreign wars, and other wastes of funds. 

…. the most harm to the most people

…. the most harm to the most people

…. the most harm to the most people

…. the most harm to the most people

!!!!!!!!!!! YES !!!!!!!!!!!

Support your local Right Wing

Sunday, January 9, 2011

I Awoke

I woke up dreaming.
I awoke fat and flatulent.
I awoke as I normally do, and lay there continuing the thoughts that had awakened me.
This morning, like many mornings, they were about my life.  Could it have been better?  Or is this the “best of all possible worlds?”
I awoke with thoughts of the enormous surplus on my EMT credit card, and amazed at the fact I even had one.  Who could I feed with it?  How fat had I gotten over the past year or so, and still amassed such a balance to my monthly food allowance.
I awoke thinking how nice it would be to be GOD – on Earth – and have perfect knowledge.  To know which stocks would rise and which would fall.  To know which cards to play; which slots would pay off next; what words to write so that my books would outsell both “Harry Potter” and the Bible.
To be able to dictate a book – a perfect book – from start to finish while on my way somewhere to do something that would be pleasurable.  To email the recording to a secretary with instructions to send the finished manuscript to my publisher – and know that it would be a best seller.  That I could write of events before they happened, and be assured that they would.  To know that the writing would only change that which would ensure that the events of the story would play out as they were written – cause and effect embodied perfectly within perfect knowledge.
And then the thought:  I am GOD and therefore have perfect knowledge and therefore know who will wish for what and what the outcome of granting that wish shall be.  I would know that the cause of a mass murder next year was an event which happened, a decision which was made, on a country road a thousand years ago – the decision to turn left, or right, or proceed ahead.  Because of that decision, someone lived, or maybe died – or maybe they met, or maybe missed meeting, the love of their life; because of that meeting, or missed meeting, children were born, or not born, and from there arose a series of lives and deaths, meetings, discoveries, opportunities had or missed, which brought about the events next year.  That one decision – like an ancient butterfly flapping its wings to cause a storm on the other side of the globe –set in motion a series of events and interactions which resulted in a decision that lead to the violent, unforeseen, death of many.
The best of all possible worlds – a world in which an all knowing and all powerful entity could change any event, take any action, and know with absolute certainty what the outcome would be.
Imagine that you, or I, were that entity.  Imagine that we could take any action and know its outcome with absolute clarity of purpose and result.
Imagine the ramifications.
Imagine that we could have such power, such knowledge, and then imagine the world as it really would be – as opposed to that immediate, fleeting and sublimely irrational, idea of “perfection.”
You would never have to yell at your child – before the child was conceived, before you met the mate with whom they would be conceived – you knew every argument, every problem, every mistake that would be made and that there was absolutely nothing you could do to change it ... because your knowledge of the outcome of a choice was perfect and without error.
Imagine that you would need to weigh the errors, the problems, against the outcome and decide that certain things MUST occur – for, if they did not, you could not get from here, to there, and you would have no choice to remain here (where you are) for eternity.
Imagine that there is no sin – that you lied to your creation so it would not realize that it is you lying to yourself to allow events you know must happen to happen.
I could not awaken to win any lottery I played.  Nor could I write any book that would be so perfect that it would be immediately the unsurpassable best.  At best, I could allow someone to say something that will pass, or be considered a classic and so relegated to the corner of academia to be read, studied, and shunned with bursts of teenage scorn by those generations who followed.
Imagine a perfect path.
Imagine a perfect world.
Would there be death?  Could there be death?  And without death, could there be life?  No more children – they consume and consumption requires the death, or destruction, of something.  No more adults – they too require support networks that consume and destroy.
Of course: We could live without eating or the need to excrete waste, without aging, without disease, without clothing.  We could live without work – because there would be nothing to produce.  We could live knowing everything that could and would happen – but that would force us into inaction ... wouldn’t it?  There would be no purpose to actions whose outcomes are perfect and without doubt.
I awoke dreaming, thinking, and my mind followed the path it always follows ... trapped in a realm where there is a deity and we are it.
How to escape?
Perfection, an absence of error, a lack of imperfection, is paralyzing – and exceedingly boring.
But what if my life were my death?
What if to live I must reproduce, re-experience each of the possibilities anew through the next me, that next generation?  What if I could give birth to myself and spend my time as my own fetus?  I know, would know, that I am me ... but the process could be experienced anew.  All the possibilities – all the options and alternatives explored in the process of being who I am, was, will become.
You have no choices to make because the outcome is a given.  And yet!  Yet you explore each path – turning right, left and proceeding straight ahead – so that every action with led to imperfect is experienced and every path ... the sole ultimate path ... to perfection is derived again, and again, through each successive generation.  Infinite generations, taking infinite time, to explore the infinite  possibilities of that which made me who I am.
A circle of time and experiences – no beginning, and without end.
I awoke dreaming this dream.  And it told me that this is not only the best of all possible worlds, but that the idea of the Buddha, the ultimate attainment of ultimate knowledge within ones lifetime, is to simply recognize that everything that has, or will be, done is so that every possibility can be known and experienced.  There is neither good nor evil ... there was no “original sin” – there could not have been.  Perfect knowledge precludes anything having happened that was not foreknown and determined that it must happen for the events which follow from it to have happened.
I awoke as I went to sleep – thinking and exploring the possibilities.  I determined that my dream should be positive or negative.  That events should be logical, or illogical.  That it is totally logical for events to be totally illogical – and it would not, necessarily, be logical for me to prove that presumption.
I awoke fat and flatulent.
I woke up dreaming and living the life that made sense in terms of the life I had chosen to live.
It is, as the scorned philosopher realized, “The Best of ALL Possible Worlds.”  It is, if only because I have the power to make it otherwise and for some reason, without consuming enough to deplete my EBT Card – but in fact accruing a significant credit balance – I awoke fat and flatulent and feeling sorry for those (of me, of my alternative states) who will never awaken and do not understand why.  They do not understand why the only universally apparent law is the admonition embodied in “the Golden Rule” … It is us, that is, ourselves, we are doing it to.

I awoke to experience a new day.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Love the Timing

January 7, 2011 The National Rifle Association calls with a survey – the idea is to get Europeans etal to butt out of our gun policies.  I tell them that I agree with the Europeans – that we need more gun control.

They hang-up before I can ask what Organized Militia the caller belongs to (which is the Constitutional justification for not infringing on Arms ownership).

The very next day we get this:

January 8, 2011 7:59:07 PM
According to law enforcement sources, Jared Loughner, the alleged Arizona gunman who shot Rep. Giffords and killed five others, including Federal judge John M. Roll, used a Glock 19, a semi-automatic pistol that was legally purchased on Nov. 30 at Sportman's Warehouse in Tucson.

CLEARLY the NRA is cheering this example of its policies at work.  Once again, “The Most Harm to the Most People” comes to the forefront in a timely manner … Obviously the NRA & GOP are on the same page …

Semi-automatic guns are not useful for home defense … and they are illegal for hunting.  But to recognize that would mean the NRA & GOP would miss out on ensuring that Congresswomen and Federal Judges get shot with “legally purchased” guns.

“The Most Harm to the Most People”

It is what we want … isn’t it?

Support the NRA & GOP

It’s the Killer thing to do.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Social Security (reality & Insurance)

SOCIAL SECURITY – is our society (economically) secure?

There are going to be roughly twelve (12) million housing foreclosures over the next few years.  The demographics of the Baby-Boom economy, combined with the blatant dishonesty of the financial industry, have assured that there are more houses than people want or need.

We no longer have the motivation to protect our homes – because they are no longer the places where our families live.

Our families are dead (or dying); they are living in homes purchased for retirement (or retirement homes & communities); or they simply cannot afford to maintain the larger home of their youth and are comfortable in down downsizing.  In some cases, they financed their homes as an alternative to a reverse mortgage and now are motivated to walk away.  In other instances, their economic eyes were bigger than their wallets and they got suckered by the institutions which are now, or soon will be, stuck with the properties – those institutions, and those who supported them, deserve to go broke.

What is in store for the general economy?  Nothing that any decent economist, four decades ago, would not have reported to expect.  Four decades have passed since “Zero Population Growth” (Paul R. Ehrlich, 1968) made the best seller list and became the topic (and goal) of societies around the world.  In China they went so far as to institute a “one child” policy to ensure their nation could become the economic powerhouse it is becoming today.  In America, we basically screwed up ... we listened to the Republicans and their anti-immigration crap ... we decided that the way to limit population was to close our doors to the young and ambitious around the world – to close our doors to those who wanted a part of, and to perpetuate, the “American Dream.”  Thus we cheerfully voted to killed ourselves by killing off the roots of the American Economic Engine.

Funny thing – we haven’t yet seen the light!  We are still supporting those who would ensure the death of America ... be they GOP or the “TEA PARTY” element.  Of course, the Tea Party takes its name from the Boston Tea Party – which was also an attack on the import side of the economic foreign exchange engine which fueled the Colonial Economy.  Back in those days, America was able to substitute coffee for the caffeine fix it received from tea – what are we going to substitute for the economic brain (and physical) power of immigrants?  Hasn’t anyone noticed that the more we deny entry to those who take the entry level positions, the more we are in need of outsourcing our manufacturing and agricultural roots?

Every economy needs consumers, but those consumers also need to provide something intrinsic to support the economic elements which provide the physical (consumer goods) aspects of economies.
Historically, China (and for quality, Japan) has been the world’s manufacturing hub.  Before 1400, China was the world’s economic superpower – specifically because they produced spices and silks that were in high demand and could demand in exchange the minerals of lessor nations.  When wood was king – America was rich.  When intellect was king – America gave it a home and became rich.  But today, America is an import nation which excludes the immigrants who bring with them the brains of the future.  That aspect of our Social Security can be addressed, and with it nonesense like housing busts and the collapse of the domestic construction industry.

Another aspect of Social Security is more mundane – the monthly Social Security check received by the aging, and soon to be received by the Baby-Boomer population.

No competent economist – nor anyone with the intellectual ability to speak, or simply intelligently listen, to economists – would deny there is an economic multiplier.  Every dollar put into a healthy  community will circulate seven to ten times before exiting that community.  Give a person a dollar to spend, and if they spend it, it will generate seven to ten dollars of income among their neighbors.  You do not give money to those who put it under their mattress – or deposit it in offshore banks and investments.  You give money to those who have cause to want to spend it.

Thus, tax breaks for the wealthy – who don’t have need to spend their money and instead donate it to foreign charities or the aforementioned offshore economic mattresses – do NOT help the domestic economy.  It is an economic impossibility that is well known to all competent and honest economists and which has been repeatedly proved throughout history.

If you want an economy to grow, direct the money to those you know will spend it – the retired of our society.

Those on Social Security, regardless of how otherwise rich they are, use their money within our economy.  They are not “putting aside for their old age” because they are already there.  They buy things for their own comfort; they buy things for their children, and for their grandchildren; they engage in local community functions and activities which are witnessed by their neighbors – they are not interested in the public relations benefits of flashy donations that proclaim to strangers that they are “good people”.

Think about what would happen if we directed the tax money now foregone in the form of reductions in taxation to the wealthy – imagine if we collected that money and paid it directly to our retired workers.  For every dollar received in social security, seven to ten dollars would flow through elderly communities – those communities where the young have grown and left, or where the demographics  of one child families have combined with an aging residual baby boomer population, to tilt the scales toward a higher average age.  Each of those multiplied dollars would generate 15-35% in tax revenues – which is how our economy has always functioned and how we have always been able to collect taxes.  There is no magic, no “something for nothing”, just a simple and straightforward acknowledgment of how economies function.  Provide a dollar in Social Security income, to members of a community which is predominantly on Social Security, and you’ll collect $1.50 to $3.50 in increased tax revenue from that community.  Cut Social Security payments, or have them only reflect an assumed inflation rate (which supposedly keeps the purchasing power level) and you drive businesses out of business – losing the tax revenue they represent and therefore undermining the economy.

In this blog, and my related newspaper columns, I have repeatedly accused the GOP of seeking to inflict “The Most Harm to the Most People.”  The foregoing demonstrates how, over the next six years, they are going to ensure the economic collapse of the nation and inflict massive – permanent – harm on three hundred million people.