Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Republican POTUS goof off

Look at the vacation days – Republicans really hate their jobs … love wars, hate work.  Reagan twice the vacation days of Clinton; Bush 43 nearly three times that of Obama.

Republicans want every else to work while they goof off.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

passing thought

Wars impoverish.
The exception being times like the great depression, when a nation immune from invasion can prosper by devoting itself to producing war materials... as USA did in 1942.
But it needed to be "at war" before it could get the people to willingly retask for the economic stimulus. Unfortunately, that stimulus is the only thing that has kept the USA going, and out of a second depression era ... hence the 52% of budget for military and nearly nothing for infrastructure and common folk.

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Pat Robertson RAPTURE

If Pat Robertson actually had a brain, he would have realized his prayed for Christian Apocalyptic RAPTURE already occurred – it was masked by the Holocaust.

His Bible declares that 144,000 JEWS (12,000 of each of the Twelve Tribes of Israel) would be whisked up to Heaven and spared from the nonsense which was to follow.

That nonsense includes the Koran providing the “Army in White” which is lead by the Messiah.  Of course, the Jihad Terrorists  are NOT that army – nor could they be, the Koran mandates that only the Messiah can lead them, and that he is a physical person who apparently makes his arrival known by appearing in a helicopter or plane from within clouds.  (Remember Jesus asked for a Donkey & calf before making his entrance, because the prophecy demanded it, so staging a fulfillment is not outside of the realm of scriptural compliance.)

Of course, were Pat Robertson to actually believe the nonsense he spews, he would also realize that Negative Population Growth (NPG) would be a consequence of the events unfolding.  Once an Apocalyptic RAPTURE begins … would it make sense to send NEW souls down?

There was a 1960’s Subway Poster I love to cite in my books:

“Half of all the people who ever lived are alive today”

Think about it in Jewish terms.  All the souls who would ever be are created when the universe is created; they sit in a Heavenly Room  awaiting their chance to live, and live again, until the end of time – or they are deemed unfit to continue (Their Judgment Day, or point where, by actions taken of their own freewill,  they are deemed useless to the divine plan).

If half of all the people who ever lived are alive today, then ALL THE SOULS every created would be here, on earth, today.  And right on schedule for an Apocalyptic Judgment.  Thus the population would dwindle as they are judged – NPG – and their souls are either terminated or placed in reserve to replenish the Earth after an event designated as the Apocalypse.

The final mess will be a real mess – the Jihadists must kill the bad Christians, those specifically targeted by the Messiah.  Thus the Jihad-Terrorism might be the use of evil Islamists to create a Jihad State to be ruled by the Messiah … after it makes peace with Israel, which is the state from which he is to rule.  Thus, the individual arriving in The Plane will probably do so from Israel, be Jewish, and also be inline to be President of Israel.  In that way, each and every condition of the prophecies are fulfilled.

Bring in the St Malachy Prophecy of the Popes, and the war (Apocalypse) begins with the destruction of Rome in the lifetime of Francis I (or his immediate successor).

In any event, Pat Robertson and his ilk are screwed – they lack the Spirit of God as defined three times in the Bible as “Wisdom, Knowledge and Understanding.”

Atheists can rant about this post – but they are certainly not taking a Conservative [safe] approach to their being.

The French Philosopher, when asked to reconcile his position, which appeared to be Atheistic, with his acknowledgement of a deity, is reported to have responded:  “If I believe in God and there is none, I have lost nothing; if I do not believe, and there is a God, I have lost everything.”  The rational approach is therefore, to accept God – but that does not mean accepting idiotic and hypocritical religions.

In terms applied to prophecy, we can talk of predictability.  We know people can correctly predict events – the direction of a stock market, or the effect of a weather pattern; even the workability of an idea.

Since we KNOW predictions can be done, by certain experts in the methodology as it applies to the subject of their predictions, with a high degree of accuracy – it follows that, while we might not understand their method, their results speak for themselves.

Prophecy has been shown to work – especially if we allow for any variations not taken into account when the prophecy was rendered.  Example, the use of another calendar system, one different from the one used in the prophecy; the use of another language – with its translation errors – or the application of a new meaning to a word (“It’s cool.”  Does that relate to Climate, or something being nice and acceptable?).

Thirty-five years ago, in “The Prophecy Notebook”, I examined prophecies with a filter which required the prophet not have the ability to know beforehand of the concept.  Hence, Nostradamus speaking in terms of 1999 and Manmade towers at New City being destroyed by a “King of Terror” from a the sky (an airplane), has a different value from an Edgar Cayce repeating things which were commonly discussed in his childhood (Atlantis or even the flooding associated with the first mention of climate change effects in the 19th Century).

AND YES~!  Climate Change has been in both scientific journals and newspapers for more than a century.

How did the prophets of 2000 years-ago know of the population, wars, and other events which are now coming together at the precise time they said they would?  Remember, their precision was to the era, not to the exact date … thus they denied us the event which would start the could.  In many ways, they had multiple runners, each running just as fast, but crossing the starting line at different times, and so completing the race together, but at different times relative to each other, yet each running roughly the same speed … thus finishing the course after the same lapsed time from when they crossed the starting line.

How did the prophets do it?  What is the science behind their deeds?  Will the intelligent among the survivors figure it out and program their computers to make more accurate long-term predictions?  Or will the idiots prevail in their assertion that it cannot be done, even when we see and can document it being done?

"Death Over Life: Secret of Revelation: A Prophecy of America's Destruction"



Fun stuff.


Monday, December 15, 2014

Hidden Deaths

Republican Policies promote "Death Over Life: Secret of Revelation: A Prophecy of America's Destruction".

Reality demands that people do not recognize the reality of their support of "Death Over Life”.  Those you kill must be hidden from sight.

You do not see the women who die from illegal abortions – no newspaper makes daily reports – but that’s what happens when you oppose legal abortion.  The same can be said for the deaths due to complications of pregnancy – complications recognized and possibly avoided by abortion … allowing the woman to conceive again, instead of being rendered sterile, or dying with the fetus.

The illegalization of abortion is the legalization of murder by those who promoted the anti-abortion laws.  The fact that they didn’t think before approving the laws condemns them – Biblically – for they lack “Wisdom, Knowledge and Understanding.”

Note these same people who rant against abortion are the ones who rant against either unwed mothers, or mothers (parents) who have children they “can’t afford”.  They yell – you must have the baby, but you are irresponsible because you have the baby.  Catch-22, they get to condemn whether you follow them or not.

Then we have the new rant against SNAP and public assistance: a 2011 Columbia University study: 291,000 a year die as a direct result of poverty.  

America’s top killer is heart disease – so naturally they rant against Healthcare (Obamacare); how else can you ensure these deaths continue?  That’s 600,000 deaths yearly, one in four total deaths, according to the CDC, which are now at the feet of those who support the Republican Tea Party anti-Obamacare disruption of government and society.

Next comes cancer at 575,000 – How much do the Republicans devote to cancer, as opposed to the killing of  Muslims or other foreigners?  How much will they spend to kill children whose parents send them to America for a better, healthier, longer life?

Respiratory disease is third at 143,000, followed by stroke and accidental injury.  Clean air – an end to the pollution associated fossil fuels (especially fuels like coal) – Climate issues are, in the Republican litany, lies.

Tobacco is in a slightly different category – count the percentage of Republicans who smoke, verses the number of non-Republicans.  Look at their vocal stereotype, Rush Limbaugh, proudly blowing smoke into the open air. They pollute – personally and in the industries they promote. Are  they in the forefront of energy independence?  Are they the ones who want to use American genius and technological superiority to capture wind and solar?

Or are they suppressing that which makes America Great?

Why is Demark – puny little Denmark – ahead of America in the new technology and in Education and in healthcare?

 "Death Over Life” is the preference and it is a preference which will kill the nation. 

A “preventable cause of death,” responsible for a cluster of fatal ailments can be found in one product – Tobacco.  But the Republicans will attack anything with medical potential, and promote anything know to kill.  The annual death toll from tobacco at about 440,000. Poverty, at 291,000, would be second on that “preventable” list.  Both are on the top of the “Things we promote and support” list of the Republican National Committee.

"Death Over Life” it is the Republican way.  It will be the reason the Bible has Washington (modern Babylon) fall in 2015/16.

Enjoy the show – they come for you next.  Yes YOU!  The person in the Baby-Boom generation who will be retiring into poverty because they depleted the value of you Social Security and collapsed (and will collapse again) the Stock Market.

Yes YOU!  The child of that generation – nothing will be left for you to inherit, except the broken system promoted by and built by, those who now brand themselves as the Tea Party Republicans – the next generation of the Satanic anti-everything breed who once were the “Spanish Inquisition” and “Salem Witch hunters”.   They are coming for you – so join their ranks and be the first to be hurt.



Saturday, December 13, 2014


Have you ever considered either the importance of your ancestors, or your genealogy?

For the vast number of Millennials, their history ends with them.  That’s a simple fact of the current Baby Bust – what is the effect of Negative Population growth [NPG] on the reality of most in modern society.

Granted, it is a reality known to peasant classes throughout history, but it is now a reality of the seemingly successful.

For most people, unless you had made a direct impact on world events, within two or three generations you would be unknown.  In Judaism, it is said you name a child for one of your/their ancestors – so their name will not die in Israel.

To name the child, there must be a child.

Throughout history, as we see it today, your name became important if you were the ancestor to someone important – but only as a curiosity when their genealogy is done.  Mark Twain made note of the reality:

In Politics, like dog shows and horse racing, they want your Pedigree, so they can determine if you have the potential to be a true winner.  Which means, if you have done nothing, you must be both the ancestor of, and descendant of, those who have truly done something.

Today children have decided to kill their ancestors.  They have decided to render meaningless tens of thousands of years of struggle to survive.  Even those who did nothing but survive, will vanish because their children do not believe their ancestral efforts worth rewarding.

NPG is a necessity, if the world is to continue.  But it can be achieved through ZPG [Zero Population Growth] where every couple has just two children – natural elimination of the species through wars, disease and accidents will be sufficient to prune the population without the children insulting their heritage by deciding to intentionally kill it off.  If, statistically, a third child is born, adoption by someone unable to have children would be a blessing on/by both the birth and adoptive parent.  Or donate eggs and sperm – the line will continue without your actually being a parent …

ALTERNATIVELY, achieve something of note.  When you name is GOOGLED, have it so pages of relevant, directly related links appear.   Be of note, and be worthy of being remembered for one or two generations.  In a NPG world, we all have the obligation to make the struggles of our ancestors worth something – this is the time which gives the meaning to the biblical admonishment: “Honor Thy Father and Mother” … give some meaning to their effort  and struggle, and the effort and struggles of those who made them possible.



As the Republicans and Tea Party take control of Congress, hence America, A parting thought from Mark twain


Friday, December 12, 2014

Book of Revelation – Disease

SUPERBUGS: THE NEW MASS KILLER "‘Superbugs,’ or drug-resistant infections, could one day eclipse cancer as one of the leading causes of death, according to a new report. If doctors can't find new methods of treatment, in a worst case scenario, annual global deaths from superbug infections could increase from a current estimation of 700,000 to 10 million by 2050. The findings were published as a Review on Antimicrobial Resistance, commissioned by U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron. The analyses were performed by KPMG and Rand Europe.”

"Death Over Life: Secret of Revelation: A Prophecy of America's Destruction" culminates with a possible political collapse of Washington DC in 2015/16.  “Superbugs” would need to come into major existence before 2034 – and that would hold to the timeline.


Thursday, December 11, 2014

Schreck’s Law: Nazis = Republican Tea Party

Schreck’s Law: "When an online discussion is predicated on Republican behavior or objectives, it logically must begin with a comparison involving the overall similarity to practices of the Nazis or Hitler."


Will Republicans attack Baby-Boomers?

Millions of seniors depend on the Older Americans Act for warm meals, reliable transportation, and other critical help to stay healthy and safe in their homes. But gridlock on Capitol Hill has held up a vote – and TODAY (11 December 2014) is the last day that Congress can renew the Older Americans Act.

This is when Congress – which will soon to be the fully Republican Controlled Congress – sets the agenda for 2015/16.

This also happens to be the year when the first of the Baby-Boomers turns 70.  Thus it is the age when Seniors of that generation are clearly defined as Social Security recipients and as Older Americans”.   The Baby-Boom generation officially ends and enters the transitional stage to be the Old Folks at Home.  For the next 20 years, they are the soon to die off generation.  So the issue is: do the Republicans care?

If they were Bible believers, they would be falling all over themselves to do things for the elderly; do things to honor the “Peace & Love”-“Vietnam Vets” generation.

We already know they spit on Vets – so much so that the Vets are dead in the streets; homeless or suicides, when they should be warm, fed, clothed and shown respect for honoring the will of the idiots who, for no real purpose except to kill, sent them to Vietnam.  Their leaders were those who didn’t have enough war with World War Two and had to continue it as a Cold War and practice sessions killing innocent people – still they obeyed because they were good, law abiding, Americans.  The kind of people the Republican DEEDS show they seem to hate.

“Peace & Love”, the Baby-Boomers, gave us our music, movies, computers and all the benefits of our modern post-war society.  Naturally they should be hated by the Republicans, who will express that hate through a failure to both pass and expand the Older Americans Act.

The Older Americans Act and much, much more is required to show you Honor your father and mother, you honor those who went before you, you honor the nation and want it to be seen in history as a nation deserving of honor – especially if you are a Bible waving believer who knows that, to be valid, the Book of Revelation and all it stems from MUST be fulfilled very soon.

The Book of Revelation timeline is 2000 years – then we know if it is valid or not.  If from the true year in which Jesus was born, that period ended in 1992; if from the Hebrew Calendar node used as the start of the Christian Calendar, then 2000 marked the end; if from the Crucifixion, than 2030-2034 would be the ending period; and finally, if from the destruction of the Temple, 2070.

As you can see, when the Book said we would not know the exact date, it had a valid basis.  But as each date passes, and is stricken from the possible, and rendered impossible, the dates narrow down to only one.  But that one must also accommodate the other events.

As we know, in the book, "Death Over Life: Secret of Revelation: A Prophecy of America's Destruction", all the Horsemen have been fully accounted for by real world historical events.  Only the fall of the modern Babylon is left – is that great city the leader of the world, a place called Washington DC?  Or is it the site of Babylon – a place inside modern Iraq, which fell to American forces and continues to fall to Islamic Jihad forces? 

If the true Babylon, it has fallen.  If the symbolic one, it will fall in 2015/16.  Does the symbolic honor its ancestors?  Or will its new leaders spit upon them as they do the future of their nation?

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Why POTUS 44 is Bad?

Assuming this is real, it defines what the republicans oppose what they say Obama is the worst POTUS in history

Clearly Congress has to bring an end to this insanity – how can we tolerate positive economic growth?

how can we tolerate the DOW heading for a Tripling?  Or nearly a quartering of the Deficit?

"Death Over Life: Secret of Revelation: A Prophecy of America's Destruction"

Monday, December 1, 2014

Democrat VS Republican on SNAP


Obviously, if you believe humans should be treated like animals, you are clearly a Tea Party Republican – they made the original comparison in this way:


As with everything else they assert, they rightly assume their followers to be unthinking dolts who value “Death Over Life: Secret of Revelation: A Prophecy of America's Destruction


Sunday, November 30, 2014

Crude Oil Falls, Shale Oil Unprofitable

(Image source: via Business Insider)

As gas prices fall, they represent fall in crude prices which are making Shale oil unprofitable.

Were Americans intelligent, instead of Tea Party lackeys, it would be importing oil from every non-terrorist controlled nation engaged in exports. (Yes that includes Russia).

The Shale Oil would be held in reserve, as would ALL the known domestic reserves.

Once America runs out of oil, the mechanized military – army, navy, air force – draws to a dead halt.   The oil needed to power them would be in the control of the terrorists, and America will have no reserves to draw upon.

If the USA went 100% import, its reserves would only be needed in the event of war, and it could devote current efforts to ensuring the destruction of terrorist nations.

The Koran dictates that, when the Evangelical Messiah arrives, his first action will be to lead the faithful of Islam (not the current terrorist violators of the text) in an attack which will kill the “Bad Christians.”

Who are the “Bad Christians?”  They are the ones who, on a daily basis, violate the primary mandates of Paul’s Gospel to the Gentiles – people who take his subsequent statements out of their context and use them to deceive – people who are substantially ALL Christians.  Note that the Current Pope, Francis I, is making a major effort to turn Catholics back to the scripture they abandoned, and so save them from the fulfillment of both Catholic and Islamic prophecy.

Islam is “The Army in White” of Revelation – or so it was intended to be.  The suicide Jihadists are actually evil doers violating the scripture on the Islamic side to the same degree that the Evangelicals and Televangelists violate it on the Christian.  Both sides are dedicated to the destruct ion of life, but both are serving to fulfill the prophecies.

Death Over Life: Secret of Revelation: A Prophecy of America's Destruction describes the politics of Washington, which is to fall in 2015/16, and provides the probably timeline for the Revelation Prophecy which began to unfold in 1929.

One need not believe in prophecy to understand the willingness of the ignorant to bow to superstition and thereby make what should not be real … very real.

Think about it:  Did the tent Evangelicals emerge before, or after, Hitler?  Were they selling a similar story?  Promoting an alternative idea which fed the bigotry against the Jews (hence against arguably the most famous of all Jews, a fellow called Jesus)?

Being anti-Judaic is to be anti-Christ.  A fact known to those who have actually read the story.  For those who haven’t, or who want a guided tour of what they overlooked, there is  SAINT PAUL'S JOKE

Saint Paul's Joke: 'The Punch Line's A Killer' 

And, in USA, the Tea Party Republicans and their fellow Republicans who come to power in January 2015/16, the butt of the joke is dependent upon the fall of Washington; In Italy, whether Rome (the Vatican) is destroyed by Earthquake or Islamic Jihadist attack at some time during the life of Francis I.

A few political FaceBook post pix I like

Gordon W Stewart's photo.

AH the wonder of a possible PRESIDENT TED CRUZ: The 2016 Election and America's Future

RINO Liars Lie – how about a truth

Let’s look at #1.  The truth is, you need to earn 160% of poverty before you can be sure you do NOT qualify for SNAP.  So, depending on family size, you need to earn more than most “Big Box” retailers like Walmart pay.

If you are single, you need to earn TWICE Current Federal Minimum Wage before you might be disqualified from SNAP.

If you are on Social Security and were in any way impacted by the Bush Great Recession of 2007/8, or the Stock Market crash of 1999, then you doubtless qualify for SNAP and other programs.

That last problem means those who consider SNAP recipients lazy spongers are attacking your parents, grandparents or both – they are also describing the morality and work ethic of their own parents … who were doubtless Snake Oil salesmen and Con Arts.

But Con Arts con … so the lies work well.   This is generally who the liars are:

They are very happy to smoke, drink, eat pork and have you pay the resulting medical  costs.  BUT NOTE, they do not want it to be via private insurance they contributed to (hence opposing Obamacare), it’s going to be out of YOUR hardworking pocket.

#2 shows the reality of SNAP building economies.  Think of it this way: if nobody used SNAP how likely would it be that your supermarket remained open, or that the prices remained  low?

Cut the customers by whatever percentage SNAP represents, and the fixed costs for the business are effectively unchanged.  Their property taxes and staffing costs are the same – as are heat , light, and other basic maintenance items.

SNAP directly affects sales volume and profits – which determine if the retailer stays in a neighborhood, or leaves and forces you to travel to buy necessities.  That in turn determines the number of families in a community, which determines access to schools and medical facilities.

Other public benefits also contribute to neighborhoods.  If you consider LIHEAP (heating assistance) that adds thousands to local economies and makes it profitable for heating fuel suppliers to be there.  Of course, the idea is to collapse those businesses, or force them to significantly raise prices to cover their fixed costs.  If they collapse, the neighborhood, or community folds too.

#3 is a given – fraud is minimal because there is no conversion benefit. SNAP dollars cannot be recovered  by anyone who is not a SNAP approved merchant.  Therefore the nonsense about SNAP for drugs, or drug dealers with dozens of VALID EBT Cards, is a flat out lie.

A junkie who gives an EBT card in payment does so without the drug dealer knowing the actual cash value on the card (unless he has a reader tied to SNAP servers, making him a registered merchant).  Once junkie gets drugs, all that is needed is to report the card lost and it is canceled, the balance transferred to a new card and the dealer has a worthless piece of plastic for which he gave $50 to $100 worth of drugs.  Do you really mind having drug dealers ripped off by their clients? 

Finally we have #4, which basically has an undocumented individual presenting the necessary documents to prove they are documented – birth certificate, or proof of citizenship, residence address, etc – so they can get benefits from an agency which can then track their movements based on where they use the card, and which requires updated qualification validation.  Plus it carries a requirement to report income and criminal penalties for the failure to report that income which overlap the necessity file Income Tax returns.

Effectively, applying for SNAP raises an off-the-books undocumented worker to an criminal Tax Evader  and fraudulent filer for government benefits. 

GEE individuals go from simple risk of deportation to the possibility of a decade in jail before being deported.

Really s mart – and yet they were smart enough to get here to begin with,.  Seems getting to USA eats away brain cells and reduces them to the moronic IQ of the average Tea Party member.


Saturday, November 29, 2014

Bye-Bye Economy–Immigrants saying NO WAY

Screen Shot 2014-11-28 at 11.04.04 AM

The reality of Republican Immigration hatred: “Highly skilled immigrants are losing interest in America”

The United States is quickly losing its appeal to the world’s most talented immigrants.  So not only have the Republicans chased off the foundation workers who will be paying Social Security for those under 50, they also attacked Families of American Citizens with immigrant relatives – now we discover they have been undermining the United States as a destination for skilled immigrants.

What has America got to offer a High Tech Expert?  Do we offer healthcare to his family?  Nope, not even to Native Born Citizens do we welcome the idea of people having healthcare.

Security?  Republicans are currently moving to shutdown the whole government over keeping families together.  So the Republican Party is PROUDLY and unrepentantly in the process of attacking families, immigrants, POTUS and the nation as a whole.

Washington might not be functional after January.

Not that it matters – be nice to see how the public reacts when they discover they voted to have their own rears reamed by nail studded spikes.  



Friday, November 28, 2014

In Europe True – but is it in America?

“In 2012 Spain’s then health minister, Ana Mato, announced a crackdown on foreigners who had paid no tax but used the health service—at a cost of almost €1 billion ($1.25 billion) to the Spanish state. Another senior member of the governing party accused the British Foreign Office of publicising the availability of treatments not offered by the NHS on Spain’s health service. France, too, has tried to limit some British expats’ access to its heavily subsidised health insurance system, though Britons of retirement age or over can still use it.” -- Britons in Europe, The balance of ailments, Britain imports young, sprightly migrants and exports creaky, old ones, Nov 29th 2014 | LLORET DE MAR ECONOMIST

A lot on non-sense is asserted about immigrants to America, but the reality is in Europe among those who are retired – American Retired go to Mexico at the same rate Mexican workers come to the States.

“According to a recent study by researchers at University College London, the average recent migrant to Britain from within the EU is in his twenties and costs the National Health Service (NHS) less than the average native.” Nov 29th 2014 | LLORET DE MAR ECONOMIST

Britain has no legitimate basis for complaining about immigrants – they contribute more than they consume.  INTERESTINGLY, all research seems to show the same reality exists in the States.  All the bad and nasty immigrants are contributing to the tax and social security system at a disproportionate rate.

Immigration?  Robbin William's 1984 film "Moscow on the Hudson" deals with Reagan Era two years before Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986.  A nation of immigrants was not a problem for Reagan, but it is for the new Tea Party generation.  Of course the film points to the reality, new immigrants are everywhere.  More important, when it comes to the idea that they are taking American jobs -- they have college degrees, master's and doctorates but are washing dishes.  Tea Party Republicans believe native Americans aspire to be dishwashers.
Forget that it is a movie, think about the Tea Party Republican assertion that immigrants take jobs from Americans: first identify a SPECIFIC JOB and the employer; then the immigrant who took the job; then the American with the same qualifications and area of nation who wants that job. POST the specific data: if the American is qualified, exposing the employer on social media can get them, or another American Citizen, the job. However, if facts show slander of the firm, and that the alleged American does not exit, a severe penalty shall be imposed upon the poster.  Failure to post specifics will also reveal the one making the assertion to be be both dishonest and anti-American -- their goal being to undermine the economy and nation.

Taxes Pay to Destroy America

From MediaMatters


FACT: Fossil Energy Subsidies Far Outweigh Renewable Fuel Subsidies
FACT: Ethanol Emits Less Pollution, Is Better For Climate Than Conventional Fuel
FACT: Rigorous Studies Show That Ethanol Does Not Harm Engines
FACT: Ethanol Production Does Not Divert Food Or Raise Prices




Fossil Fuel reality: The United States is using tax dollars to  deplete a resource that is vital to its National Defense.

Happily, TERRORISTS KNOW THIS, so they can focus on gaining control and ruling over the world’s largest reserve of that critical resource.

Note that those who receive the subsidies are the same ones outsourcing their resources.  They know that they are making America a target; they also know that, without fossil fuels (oil) the nation will be helpless.

BUT, YOU SAY,  there is always Ethanol – it comes from crops, agriculture, an American strong point and a renewable resource.

However – Congress is moving to force approval of the KEYSTONE PIPELINE along  this route (shhh):

Note the location of the Ogallaia Aquifer ….  and now note where the most agricultural use land was in 1992:

The Crop in that are is now mostly wheat, the key agricultural American export:

Corn?  Ethanol source? Either lands subject to long term drought, or, low lying coastal areas which will be flooded as sea levels rise.

Cattle, Wheat, Sorghum all feed from the aquifer over which the pipeline will run.  In terms of American farm productivity … of so funny:

Try this crude overlay of the Pipeline


Now where do you think a Terrorist would strike?  Especially if they wished to cripple both Agricultural Exports and Ethanol production.

The break the pipeline from Atkinson to Steele City and you poison the aquifer which provides the water for the crops.  The WTC 9/11 game showed what can be done with an airliner, and ALL cross centennial traffic crosses the target area.

Of course nobody cares – national defense and security are worth far less than 35-50 jobs two to three years from now.  Clearly less than 50 full time jobs are worth more than national security and military readiness (what will the tanks, trucks, humvees, and planes use for fuel, when the wells run dry?  They are estimated to be dry in a decade or so – around the next of the next POTUS’ second term in office.)

Isn’t it nice to know that your are working hard, paying your taxes, so that America can be destroyed by terrorists – as soon as they solidify their hold on the Middle Easter Oil Reserves.



Oil Prices Fall–Islamic State will rise

Oil price graphic

Look at the chart and discover why there is such a push to OVER PRODUCE oil in America.

As the price drops, the ability of the Arab states to meet their operating budgets falls. 

Libya: Benghazi is the second largest city in Libya, the largest city in the region of Cyrenaica, and the former joint capital of Libya .  You know Benghazi.  That’s the place the GOP attack dogs have been ranting about – 150 Islamic Militants kill Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens, Foreign Service Information Management Officer Sean Smith, CIA contractors, Tyrone S. Woods and Glen Doherty.  All on there back on the evening of September 11, 2012 – the eleventh anniversary of the attack on the NYC  WTC.

There are many spins on this – the WTC destruction and death of 4000 Americans required 19 or so terrorists who were operating on foreign soil and needed to go through passport checks and obtain Visas from the Bush administration.  In Benghazi  they were operating in their own neighborhoods, home territory advantage with no formal documents needed – it took 150 Militants to kill four people.  Libyans are incompetent, and they lacked the assistance provided by GW Bush (note his reaction to being informed, one would suspect he knew about the WTC and Pentagon attacks before they happened).

The current $78 price of crude is less than half of what the Libyan government need to function, so it might well fall.


If America is in shambles, possibly via impeachment hearings over non-existent violation of something – it really doesn’t matter what.   The objective is to tie-up the government and allow the Terrorists to assume control of the region and unify it into a true Islamic State.

Once that is done, they can attack Europe.

In an ideal scenario, America will have a new PPOTUS who will NOT respond.  American will simply not have the fuel needed to power its military.

Beginning in 2015, Babylon (Washington) the great city begins its fall. Death Over Life: Secret of Revelation: A Prophecy of America's Destruction


Thursday, November 27, 2014

Republicans call their base idiots

Think about this: The senators who were elected in November weren’t elected to serve two-year terms – they will be in office for the last remaining years on Obama’s second term plus the entire first term of the next president.  So does it make any sense to assert the vote was based on a president that won’t even be in office for most of their next term?

It’s asinine to vote for or against any politician based on who the president is, rather than the voting record and stand of the individual candidate.

Clearly the Republican leadership is calling their base a group of asinine idiots -- they voted based on Obama rather than the future of legislation in the POTUS term of an individual who has yet to announce an intention to stand for election.

We have a do-nothing Congress which was enhanced by the election of more of their own.  The next phase of the process is the active destruction of the nation.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Government Shutdown Due 2014/15

With the Executive Order on Immigration the likelihood of another government shutdown has increased.

Republicans need an excuse to destroy America; in the case of work permits for immigrants, it also allows them to attack funding for Social Security at its source – the current American workforce. 

Once Republicans assume control of the US Senate the destruction of America will be assured, but for now – the last six weeks of 2014 – they really need to cripple the nation and attack the Christmas Holiday season.

At the heart of their destructive agenda, Right-Wing Republicans are, and always have been, extremely Anti-American and devoutly Anti-Christ.  This is because they are the servants of Satan which the Bible warned of.

SAINT PAUL’S JOKE explains that the GOP leaders and their loyal followers spit on the doctrines of Paul.  They have less need for Jesus and Peter than Constantine did when he was happily murdering people – of course, not being a convert until he was on death’s bed and could no longer sin, he was playing a legalistic game … just in case there really was a deity who would judge him.

it is reported that, “some conservative lawmakers have been considering passing a bill that would fund all the operations of the federal government except the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services.”

Note the beauty of such a defunding – the crippling effect on the economy.  It starts with all those INS agents and related government workers unemployed; naturally they go on SNAP and other welfare programs , so the government still lays out vast sums of money, though no work benefit is received.

Next there is the inescapable reality of having the various  immigration and naturalization coming to a halt – those who are ready to be processed to the next level of Naturalization would be denied that status; those whose visa documents are about to expire would become illegal; those who are seeking visas – tourists and such – would not be able to obtain them and therefore tourist revenues would stop.  The nation would lose hundreds of billions in economic benefit and crumble.

But that fits well with the summary in Death Over Life: Secret of Revelation: A Prophecy of America's Destruction

There is a reality – we cab happily reject the spiritual nature of Revelation and introduce the manmade self-destructive timing of our era.  Evangelicals want America to fall.  They want Washington to be their Babylon the great city.  they cannot manipulate an asteroid to hit the planet  -- as indicated in by the sounding of the Four Trumpets in Revelation.  What they can do is to destroy.

The House Appropriations Committee, led by longtime Rep. Hal Rogers (R-Ky.), ruled out the tactic last week.

Suicidal destruct has not yet become the ruling force in  a new Republican Tea Party manipulated Party.  But it will.

The Appropriations process cannot be used to 'de-fund' the agency. The agency has the ability to continue to collect and use fees to continue current operations, and to expand operations as under a new Executive Order, without needing legislative approval by the Appropriations Committee or the Congress, even under a continuing resolution or a government shutdown," but the very fact that it reached the stage where the Committee had to comment means the suicide pill is in hand and they are just looking for something to wash it down with.

The problem with this taking of the pill lies in the fact that "It would take an act of Congress to change the underlying statute to restrict the use of fees, not a simple 'defunding' provision on an appropriations bill, because the agency does not receive appropriated funds year to year."   In that case, BOTH Houses must first pass the legislation, which Obama than Vetoes, and then the dual Republican Houses must go very public with a two-thirds vote aimed at overriding the Veto.

Basically they would need to go on record as being anti-revenue, anti-tourist, anti-immigrant, anti-naturalization and generally anti-American.  Much easier to let the social media and Fox News take those positions.

The hard reality is, “under a ‘federal funding hiatus,’ or a government shutdown, USCIS employees continue to work because they are funded ‘by other than annual Appropriations.’”   Comically, but USCIS is off book.

Even more comically, since it is Off Book, it is purely an executive management agency – so, in the absence of clearly explicit legislation, Executive Orders are the only Laws it has to follow.  Thus the attack is reduced to a means of undermining the authority held by POTUS ever since Washington was sworn in on April 30, 1789.


This is good

Put the Republicans back on the wooden boats and send them back to England – they’ll have plenty you rant about … England has National Health Care, a Queen (so replaces Hillary & ‘King’ Obama)

Tuesday, November 25, 2014


Reality of Illegal Immigrants

According to THE ECONOMIST IT APPEARS BUSH WAS THE KING OF THE ILLEGALS, and they stopped coming when Bush destroyed the economy.  Therefore the Republicans will stop immigration by destroying the economy.

Consider this “Many of those foreigners arrived years ago, working hard and bringing up American children.”  That statement means that the Republicans are working to destroy the American Family – the families of American Citizens.  Their stance exposes the lie of “Family Values” -- it means destroy families by any possible means.    

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Lies that generate Fear Rule America

This “Sugar & Spice” take off got me thinking about how lies and fear have come to dominate life in America.

Obviously this isn’t much different than the tactics used by the Nazis, or the Blood Libel in which ignorance of a religion allowed accusations of crimes which the religion specifically prohibited – like the drinking of blood, which Christians are so proud of symbolically doing, which is a clear violation of the laws to avoid blood consumption and contact.

SAINT PAUL’S JOKE shows the violations which are so much a part of the lives of those who live and control through lies and fear.

Thinking of it, the comedy of “Original Sin” emerged as a relevant thought.

Consider the reality behind the idea that a deity created humans to be totally and completely naked.  This is the way the deity wanted humanity to be, and that same deity did not want humanity to know the concept of embarrassment or shame – nor did that same deity want humanity to sin by bringing that knowledge into their everyday life.

Those who yell about “Original Sin” are constantly, and perpetually forcing shame onto their followers.  They are forcing their believers to endure what their alleged creator did not want them to know or feel.  Thus it would seem that saying nudity is cool, experience it, enjoy it, ignore it – it’s natural and the way the creator wanted you to treat it is to simply ignore that it exists.

So “Original Sin”, embarrassment or shame, are actually a willful attack of the Creator and the original design of humanity.  They are not a matter of obedience to that Creator, the act of asserting the notion of “Original Sin”, embarrassment or shame, is the very antithesis of the Creator’s goal for a sinless humanity.

Anger, Fear and Spite are also forbidden actions – which is why those who we see happily boasting of violating the Bible, while waving it around yelling “be like us” – are a natural audience for the Republican Party.

Evangelicals love to violate scripture, as shown in  SAINT PAUL’S JOKE.  it is also why they promote DEATH OVER LIFE in all their decisions and by all their actions.

Funny that the Bible, Revelation, actually predicted they would be a prominent part of the 20th and 21st century – a time when they shall die.  Once dead, the Hindu prophecy comes into focus and we begin an age of Heaven on Earth.

But then, there are those who would select to argue against something that promises them happiness… they argue against prophecy, against the idea of a happy and health population free of war.  It is as if they enjoy the idea of DEATH OVER LIFE as much as, or more than, the Evangelicals who gave us the Inquisitions, Salem (and related) Witch hunts, Violent Slavery (as opposed to the lawful employment slavery of scripture), racism and wars against religions.

Oh well


it is a way of life for the ignorant       

Friday, November 21, 2014

GOP wants a POTUS Biden

Impeach Obama,. or get him to resign, and Joe Bidden is POTUS.  Wonder how Tea Baggers would like that … maybe with Hillary as VP … fun times.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Ronald Reagan

Someone very wise once wrote that if we were all told one day that the end was coming; that we were living our last day, every road, every street & all the telephone lines would be jammed with people trying to reach someone to whom we wanted simply to say, “I love you.” – Ronald Reagan, January 27, 1978

My dad helped establish  Ron’s New York State campaign network; when dad died, in 1986, Ron sent mom a very nice letter of condolence and a plaque which now hangs on my library wall.  The plaque commemorated dad’;s service to the Nation – which is to say the effort and connection to making Ron President.

It is no secret, at least not among political insiders, that the law firm of Wohl, Lipton and Lowe was a rather connected and political important contact in the days before “J Street” and the modern nonsense.

I myself had a standing invitation to Camp David of the Eisenhower years – as a kid my entry was conditional on having something of value to say to Ike – who was the golf partner to Joe Wohl.  LOL Note how I phrased that to reflect the political reality of who made who.

Now we are looking at the demise of the system, the fall of America from its position of leadership.  At my age, I really don’t care.  America falls, and I should still have my house, wealth and my children will be a useless,  or fantastic, as they have decided to be.  Nothing will really change – it will just be a degree more annoying.

America is fulfilling Prophecy.

Do I believe in Prophecy?  NO!  Not really.  Even though I have written about it for over thirty five years, gained international recognition from that writing, and even have the Vatican requesting my works – even before they are published – so that they will be apprised of what is to come.

But what is to come is only an extension of observed behavior seen in terms of rational thought and applied to human nature.

We behave in cycles, everything does.  It is simply the nature of reality.  Those who can write prophecy are only writing about the nature of those cycles and how they are likely to interact.  As we get closer to the point of interaction it is easy to see the outcome evolving.  But most people prefer to close their eyes and blindly drive off the cliff of life.  That too is a common universal reality which helps prophecy work.

Ron screwed up.  He set a borrow and spend pattern off setting the realities of fiscal responsibility.  The Republicans who followed it denounced “Tax and Spend” as if it was wrong – but what they really are denouncing is the idea of work, earn, then spend.  The government must work – it must provide legislation and enforcement which benefits its citizens.  Then it must tax – which is how it earns the money it spends.  And finally it must not spend more than it earns in taxes, unless it is borrowing for capital expenditures which must be paid now, so the benefits can be gained over the long term … the idea behind a mortgage to but a house, or loans to start a business which will return far more in profits than the cost of the funds borrowed.

Modern Republicans believe in Borrow and Spend, live beyond your means and spend on things which have no long term benefit to anyone.  They believe in the most harm to the most people, with the greatest benefit to the least among the upper levels of the economic pyramid.

Unfortunately, their pyramid is constructed without a foundation and they consume its base, in order to raise the peak higher.  Thus the pyramid will fall.

The Evangelicals – if they actually read the bible, rather than utilize it as a source of income – would know that it predicted the fall.  Moreover, it declared the structure would fall upon them.

Enjoy, my friends.  Enjoy the destruction of the great experiment.  It worked and was improved upon by many nations.  They understood the biblical direction to help the poor – they also understood that the help was allowed to any who claimed access to it.  There are no WELFARE QUEENS or system gamers who don’t work but collect … there are just people doing what their nature demands and shortchanging themselves for a few pennies of gain … the same way the Republicans are using BORROW AND SPEND to shortchange themselves.

The Bible seems to decree that the system falls in January 2015 … the fall will be slow, but deliberate and, once it starts, unstoppable.  It is now November.  In sixty days we will have a feel for how suicidal the Republican party really is … the current rhetoric infers the answer is VERY.

There is still time for the powers that be to change their ways … we will know if they start defending Obama and begin to find ways to actually work with him – silencing the racist idiots.

But, history dictates that the idiots will prevail and that there will be a Jihadist War … a World War Three … that could have been prevented … but was encouraged through policies that systematically disarmed America.  Disarmament will not be weapons disarmament – but the destruction of all that is needed to support those who would utilize those weapons … there will be a corrosion of respect for the White House, for Science, for Reason, for Biblical respect for ones neighbor – there will be a continued effort to violate the Golden Rule … to treat ones neighbor, ones fellow countrymen and strangers in your land with disrespect … to treat them in a way the the Republican supporters would object to be treated if the situation was reversed.

Rationality, not religion, dictates that we respect those who are desirous of living among us.

January 2015, Babylon the great city falls.  Washington falls from its position of authority. The world will come to see the idiots and bigots for what they are, and shall bask in their downfall.  Let the fun begin.

Rule of Solomon – you have been made aware, so it is upon your head.


Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Keystone XL Job Fantasy Exposed


There are all kinds of TEMORARY jobs to be had from Keystone – the vote which failed on 18 November 2014.

The job reality “Once the pipeline is built, it requires 50 long-term employees. The economy has added that many jobs in 2014 every 10 minutes and 9 seconds.”

Under Obama policies, the economy has created 8,000 jobs a day – which is the same as the TOTAL actual work force the Keystone XL project will gain, then lose, over two years.  At the end of those two years, Keystone XL will be primed and ready to create the greatest land-oil-spill disaster in history.

Will the spill happen?

Basically the Republicans are either betting it will, thus achieving another aspect of their  “The Most Harm to the Most People” doctrine, or it will not.  Without the pipeline it will not.  So the goal must be to increase the likelihood that the oil spill will  occur – with the land and water contamination ensuring that the agricultural breadbasket of America will be destroyed.

Destroy America and America can be bought for a song – the singers being those who have been outsourcing their factors and resources; thus placing them in regions where they would be immune to a collapse of the dollar.

Within a generation of the total destruction of America, it would still have the intellectual resources necessary for those buyers to rebuild.  the only difference is that they would be buying the physical and intellectual assets at discounted bargain basement prices.

The 114th Congress comes to power, and holds power, January 3, 2015 to January 3, 2017 – with 2016 a Presidential election year.  Nothing will be achieved in 2016 – the destruction must happen before the Presidential Campaigns begin.

Keystone will come to completion just as the 114th Congress ends.  It’s failure can be blamed on the NEXT President, or Obama.  Regardless, it is America that will pay for that failure – is it worth 50 jobs, only 35 of which are directly associated with the project?  Is it worth the number of jobs Obama is creating every 10 minutes and 9 seconds?

The Republicans believe we should risk the nation to do in two years what Obama does every ten minutes.

DEATH OVER LIFE – that is the Republican choice – and, apparently, the choice of America.


Monday, November 17, 2014

David Stockman on Tax Cuts

INTERVIEWER: Bush raised total federal outlays about 60 percent in 2010 dollars.

Stockman: That’s exactly right. So now we’re at the point where we have this large welfare state that seems immutable politically and this expanding warfare state that both parties seem to want to fund. In that environment, you’re kidding yourself if you think cutting taxes today is really cutting taxes. We’re simply deferring massive tax increases into the future, unfairly and immorally putting huge debt burdens on future generations, and that is just wrong.

Money Gone: Bush Vs Obama

$1.44 Trillion spent by Obama on services for the people vs 1.8 Trillion spent by Bush in Tax Cuts which produced nothing beyond an increase in the National Debt which will be paid by … probably nobody.  The reality is, the  newly elected Senate, combined with the existing House leadership, will doubtless engage in a shutdown which will result in an Unconstitutional  default – tha5t will collapse the American economy, send ripples around the world, rise China to a position of power with the Yuan becoming the Reserve Currency and finally open the door to a Jihadist attack on the West.

DEATH OVER LIFE is key to an Evangelical fulfillment of prophecy which will see most Evangelicals dead.  It’s a small matter of SAINT PAUL’S JOKE – they Evangelical community prides itself on the violation of scripture (in the guise of revering scripture).

We in the observing world can sit back and await the end, we have no alternative, we have passed the time to vote, or did not have a vote in the elections that mattered.

If the Bible is wrong, if there is no Apocalypse in this century, that Christianity is revealed to be based on a false premise:

Jesus – the man – was just a man.  He was not the Jewish king who would rule Israel at a time when the rest of the world recognized and accepted Hebrew Law. 

The Hebrew prophecy has been fulfilled – Israel has a Jewish leader and is free of foreign lords, the world accepts the wisdom of the dietary laws; hygiene laws; the criminal codes have been placed into perspective and are now codes governing non-nomadic peoples; the meaning of the patriarch dates have been revealed as the scientific knowledge they really were and are.

Statements attributed to Jesus can now be seen to have been fulfilled – the parts are being made whole.

Revelation?  It told of the coming of the Messiah – who was a leader.  In the Koran he is the leader of the Army in White that is mentioned in the Revelation  … the army is one composed of followers of Islam, and their job is to kill those who willfully and boastfully violate scripture – a group that violates the passages mentioned in SAINT PAUL’S JOKE.

Jihadist Terrorists of today will die as readily as the Evangelicals.  Those who practice extreme Sharia Law are to die too.  The Prophet said woman had to cover themselves because the men were animals.

He bemoaned the need to protect his women.  He believed they should be free to shop or walk through villages without fear – but the idiots who impose “honor Killings are people who violate everything the Prophet wanted for Islamic women.  because of them, women must fear their own male relatives, and not just strange men on the streets.

Obama vs Bush.  Honesty verses the realm of Republican Lairs, cheats and frauds determined to bring down the nation known as America.

Will the reading and projection in DEATH OVER LIFE be found accurate?  Or will it, within two years, be shown to be in error.  We know the dates for Hitler work (White Horseman), as do those for World War Two (the Red Horseman)  and the Rapture (Holocaust) in which Jews vanished – 144,000 at least are unaccounted for among the records of those murdered by “Good Christians” who would have killed Jesus if he had been among his people.



Saturday, November 15, 2014

What the Tea Party Opposes

Prosthetics are costly and there is one thing which has been made perfectly clear from all anti-Obamacare, anti-public assistance rhetoric:  The Republicans hate the idea that this little girl received, and has mastered, her prosthetics.

These things require  both a program of physical therapy and surgeries to ensure that they are functioning properly and the recipient can utilize them.  Somebody paid for that – private insurance?  The stuff mandated by Obamacare, and which cannot, because of the clause in Obamacare, be denied her in the future under the guise of a “pre-existing condition.”

Ted Cruz would see this little girl denied health insurance as she gets older and is removed from her parent’s coverage.

Ted Cruz would see her relegated to being seen as a truly helpless cripple.  The Tea Party and their supporters would deny her the right to a life … deny her a “RIGHT-TO-LIFE”.

They will hem and haw but the fact remains, they oppose her getting prosthetics – especially if the government covered the cost, or the cost was covered by the employer being mandated to provide coverage.  Ted Cruz and the Tea Party would clearly support her being denied health care in the future – clearly she has a pre-existing condition and they oppose coverage of people with pre-existing conditions.




DEATH OVER LIFE her life is what the Republicans will be working to destroy in 2015.  Now the decent people must start taking names and counting voices of all those who hate this young lady and what she represents… the true meaning behind the words “RIGHT-TO-LIFE” the right to live a productive life as one equal to her peers.


Friday, November 14, 2014

The Christian-Islam problem

Christianity and Islam have a common problem – their scriptures.  Both rely upon The Book of Revelation and the validity of Prophecy.

For Christians – setting aside the obvious pagan deity-mortal progeny issue which violates everything except an implied origin in the Sorry of Noah – the basis of their religion is the prophecy of a Davidic Messiah.

The prophecy denotes a Jewish King in the line of David, and not a divine entity, so, on that score, Islam wins.

However, the issue is Revelation – Islam was based upon its followers being “the Army in White” which Jesus will lead against the evil non-believers.  Jihadists fall in that it mandates Jesus to return before there can be a Jihad, and before any who commit murder in the name of Jihad can go to heaven.  They are simply murders acting in the name of evil doers.

Revelation establishes a fixed sequence – the starting of which is unknown, but must be linked to Jesus.

Therefore we have DEATH OVER LIFE and the possible starting dates for a sequence of two periods of a thousand years.  At the extreme, the fall of the Temple, mentioned in the Sermon of the Mount, could be taken as the outside limit.  Therefore, the year 2069/70 would be the end of the prophetic period and therefore – if you are a biblical literalist you are dead in the war if the Apocalypse and the return have not occurred.

Since it is a return, the more rational starting date would be the Crucifixion in our year 29/30 – hence the year  2030 becomes the validation date for the two religions.  

Thus, both Christianity and Islam have sixteen years in which to show their Messiah and the death of a third of life.  Failing that, their faith is meaningless.

For the Hebrews, whose prophecy is the common basis for both the violent religions, the basis prophecy has been fulfilled.  That prophecy has a Jewish King (President) in Israel and Jewish Law commonly recognized around the world.  What the pagan religions ignore -- when invoking their reliance on this prophecy for their faith -- is that the Jewish Law HAS been universally accepted.  They ignore the reality that Jewish Law is Dietary and Hygiene based.

Good died, Clean, Wash, be careful of Blood – it transmits disease – avoid both the activities which transmit disease and those which poison the body (the saturated fats and salt), while recalling that seeded fruits are the ideal.

Of course, SAINT PAUL’S JOKE has its proper place in the equation.  Paul mandated Christians be Jews – that is, they adhere to Jewish Law.  Christians reject the Bible and wave it as their reference point – which means they have flagged themselves in terms of the Koran … which says Jesus will lead in the killing of bad Christians.  The Bad Christian term fits the majority of Christians – but not Atheists, who actually adhere more closely to the Biblical Christian doctrine than the alleged Christian murders.  Note too that those Christians who are anti-Semites, or criticize Jews, but do not themselves comply with ALL the laws are expressly and explicitly violating the mandate of Paul which forbids criticizing Jews.

Any Christian who is critical of a Jew, but is not kosher and has not circumcised their sons on the 8th day of life, is in violation of Paul and therefore condemned to their own purgatory and barred from any salvation.

But the reality of the religious situation – one which will make Atheists happy – is that these idiots will either be proved correct, and therefore go to hell, or be proved wrong by the failure of the prophecy to play itself out as dictated.  Note that the Islamic army serves no purpose of than to kill the Christians who violate Paul; so, when they are done, they too are to become Jews, or die.

Catch-22, they are correct about scripture and die, or they are wrong and total idiots descended from idiots, and therefore unfit to be leaders in, or even live in, the world which the Hindu prophecy says will be paradise.


Why attack Obamacare

If you read the previous post, “REVEALED: Why GOP opposes Immigration”, you know the economic objective behind the anti-immigration initiatives of the Republicans.

But why would they oppose Obamacare?

Simple: the healthier the population, the longer it takes for them to die; therefore the longer it takes to collect their assets.

Deny people health care when they are young and you ensure they will become sick later on.  Nothing can be done to stave off the benefits of Medicaid/Medicare  for those who are retired, but we certainly can ensure that the young workers never reach retirement age, or are too poor to afford medical care which will extend their lives.

A sickly population dies young – in the Third work, death comes at 40-45 (30 years ago it was 30-35).  In America its 76 – but most industrialized nations are looking at 80.

Clearly, Republicans have their work cut out for them.

Obamacare could bring us to the 80 mark, proper attacks on the economy could plunge that to the 45 mark and see most of those paying to support Social Security die within the next two decades.  Still, that’s a long time, so expect the Republicans to sponsor a war designed to kill off the young.   

REVEALED: Why GOP opposes Immigration

Consider the rationale behind an nation built on immigration being opposed to immigrants:

First: America has an aging population in which most of the adults are Baby-boomers.  1. These adults are retired, or will be eligible to retire (and collect Social Security) within the next decade. 2. Social Security is a pay-as-you-go system which depends on young workers, of which there are fewer every year, hence the next for immigrant workers.

Second: American Baby-boomers have amassed a lot of real assets – not monetary, but real property and a range of collectables (including art and antiques).  These assets will be inherited by those who compose the shrinking worker demographic.

Third:  Outsourcing to  3rd world countries continues the creation of capital by the top 1%, while removing the base for continued growth in America.  Immigrants would contribute to that growth, provide new sources of income and solidify the economic situation for those who will retire and inherit the assets of those who pass.

By removing the young, foreign, work force, the Republicans have ensured that the Social Security system will collapse, and therefore place the heirs in a position where they must dispose of real assets at discounted prices in order to survive.  The rich, having outsourced their capital base could then come in and buy the real propriety and collectibles at a significant discount.

Once the those assets have been gathered into the hands of the 1%, they can open the gates and return immigrants to the nation.  These new immigrants will then amass money and pay a premium for the real property and status item collectables.  As a result, no-work profits are made by the Republican minority engineering the scam, while sinking their supporters who blindly worked for their own self-destruction.


as seen from a long-term perspective.

DEATH OVER LIFE – America falls beginning in 2015. 

Thursday, November 13, 2014


Well, it appears the Right-wing and their evangelical pro-life crowd have again proved they are anti marriage and family.
We already know, from their position on same-sex marriage, that they are opposed to marriage ... even though Saint Paul mandated for individuals interested in sex. In SAINT PAUL'S JOKE, we demonstrated that Paul was clear, and so was both old and new treatments, there is nothing wrong with sex between consenting adults ... even if the same gender ... the only objection is to individuals being bisexual males or the women who have sex with bisexual males.
NOTE: nothing in Christian scripture,attacks Caesar for a very public marriage to a boy ... hence there is no basis for objection.
Even though abortion was common, scripture only condemns a violent attack on a woman that costs her a child. So abortion is OK.
Finally there is the matter of the current attack by the right ... the attack on families of citizens where one or more immediate family members are American citizens, but the others were made illegal by the arbitrary acts of Congress.
America is a nation of immigrants; one in which the only objection raised by the founding fathers was this the President and Vice President actually be born on American soil. Immigrants can serve, and have served, in Congress... though, after the first American generation, they were usually naturalized first.
Now the allegedly pro family types are complaining because the president is about to use, or considering using, his lawful authority to allow families to remain nuclear and domestic.
Naturally the lying hypocrite in the Republican Party are objecting to maintaining family stability and cohesiveness.
DEATH OVER LIFE is the republican action of choice, and THE MOST HARM TO THE MOST PEOPLE is their objective.
2015 promises to be the fun year it was predicted to become. Washington falls over the next two years ... at Republican insistence ... as they demonstrated was their goal back in December 2013.
Enjoy the end of the great experiment, or work to keep it going ... your choice.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014


On the 4th of November, 2014, the American voter assumed they were sticking it to the black guy in the white house. Even after the votes were counted, they didn't realize the out was not one of their choice, but had be determined two thousand years earlier.
People like to ignore predictions, and when they are long range, and overlaid with mystical symbolism, they might swear to the truth of them ... and yet ignore them to a far greater degree than they would a black cat crossing their path.
Such is the reality of Revelation when, for the first time, it is looked at in terms of the Hebrew calendar, and not a calendar system created four centuries after the predictions were made.
The Revelation represent the finale of a 24-hundred-year-old messianic prophecy which is the basis for Christianity and Islam - if it is false, wouldn't that if r those two great religions might also be false?
Affirming and expanding upon calculations done by Sir Isaac Newton, "Death Over Life", reveals that, from a purely calendar based point of view the years 1929, 1939, .... 2007/8 fit the stated sequence of symbolic events. Moreover, it asserted the outcome of the 2014 was predetermined to allow America to fulfill the requirement applicable to the year 2015.
Regardless of the outcome, the final Newtonian year is 2034 -- the year when a third of all life dies, or the prophecy and its related religions are proved false.
It since the Inquisition has a culture chosen to fulfill religious prophecy by choosing "DEATH OVER LIFE", and now -- be it via denial of healthcare, denial of climate change, or through terrorist suicide bombing -- proponents of religions representing a third of the current world population are actively making the choice declared themselves to be on the side of death, if only to prove their religions deserve to exist, and their deity is real.
Death Over Life: Secret of Revelation: A Prophecy of America's Destruction" is a warning about the path society has chosen to take in the name of an unseen, some say imaginary, supreme entity.