Sunday, November 24, 2013

Closer to St Paul’s Joke?

"We awoke this morning to a new reality. A reality in which a bad deal was signed with Iran. A very bad deal," Israel’s Economics Minister Naftali Bennett stated on his Facebook page. "This bad deal gives Iran exactly what it wanted: a significant easing of the sanctions while retaining the most significant parts of its nuclear program."

Emphasizing the long-term implications of the US negotiated nuclear deal, he went on to state, "if a nuclear suitcase blows up five years from now in New York or Madrid, it will be because of the deal that was signed this morning."

But where would the “NUCLAR SUITCASE” be most likely to explode?

If we were to consider (no need to believe) the St. Malachy prophecy, that “NUCLAR SUITCASE” might well find its way to Vatican Square – and be the cause of the destruction of Rome.

“Saint Paul’s Joke” lays claim to its place in history.

Only problem, for the “true believers” [Christian & Islamic] is that they don’t want to recognize what’s happening, or what  might well happen.  Why would Islam attack Madrid?  Spain is a waste of space, not a world power, and it has no symbolic value – unless those planting the suitcase assert retribution for the Spanish Inquisition.

New York?  Benn there, done that, and, in all probability, the United States would simply respond with its nuclear own nuclear option – the possibility of that extreme behavior goes up to whatever degree the USA elects a Bushesque Republican in 2016 … after all, five years out is 2018/9 and there will be a new president.

Given Ted Cruz’s Shutdown, accompanied by a final vote of 162 Republicans to plunge over the brink and destroy the economy, think how nice it would be if a Tea Party type were elected.

There would be no rational leader who would attack America, even an irrational terrorist would not be so stupid.  It’s all about  “Saint Paul’s Joke”

In a related story entitled, Utopian Thinkers Plan for Future One-State Israel Solution — If It Comes, the elimination of Green Line which now divides Jerusalem would allow for the possibility of constructing the THIRD TEMPLE and bring about the fulfillment of another ancient prophecy.  that would mark the coming of ISA in the Islamic faith, and the coming of the True Messiah in Judaism – which would be the Christian Second Coming.  Those Palestinians, or terrorist groups, in opposition to the fulfillment of Islamic prophecy will occupy the forefront of the opposition to a peaceful solution.

NOTE if you will: All the scriptures and prophecies require that Israel be united and Jerusalem be a unified JEWISH City.  Even the Koran mandates that Jerusalem be Jewish, and its people honored.  But the terrorists, those who routinely pride themselves on violating the Koran/’s prohibition against the killing of innocents, routinely argue for violation of the Koran and directives of THE PROPHET.

Unfortunately nobody gets on television to point that out – it would interject a valid religious argument into their secular hand-ringing.

“Saint Paul’s Joke”

People don’t pay attention to religious mandates.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Launching President Ted Cruz page

Well, a new book is in the offing, and it’s Facebook page has been launched: “presenting President Ted Cruz


Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Saint Paul’s Joke called it!

Tuesday, 19 Nov 2013: The Vatican unveiled newly restored frescoes in the Catacombs of Priscilla, known for housing the earliest known image of the Madonna with Child — and frescoes show women priests in the early Christian church.

The "Cubicle of Lazzaro," a tiny burial chamber featuring 4th century images of biblical scenes, the Apostles Peter and Paul, and one of the early Romans buried there in bunk-bed-like stacks as was common in antiquity.

The "Queen of the catacombs" features burial chambers of popes and a tiny, delicate fresco of the Madonna nursing Jesus dating from around 230-240 A.D., the earliest known image of the Madonna and Child.

Two scenes are of specific interest to readers of “Saint Paul’s Joke”, because, as mentioned in the letters of St. Paul, they depict women priests: One in the ochre-hued Greek Chapel features a group of women celebrating the banquet of the Eucharist.  Another fresco in a richly decorated burial chamber features a woman, dressed in a dalmatic — a cassock-like robe — with her hands up in the position used by priests for public worship.

Ever in denial, Fabrizio Bisconti, the superintendent of the Vatican's sacred archaeology commission, asserted these were depictions of “fable, a legend”, when, in fact, the Canonized Letters of Paul  (thus available in every Christian Bible) speak of the women who were Deacons of the various churches over which he held sway.   The term Deacon means a minister or servant -- which was the role those in the early Church who we now refer to as Priests; there did not exist a bureaucratic church hierarchy of the type known today.

It is interesting that the Vatican restricts the priesthood to men, arguing that Jesus chose only men as his apostles.

If they were using that connection honestly, they would restrict the priesthood to only JEWISH men.  Paul did require full adherence to Jewish law – a doctrine that Christians not only ignore, but go out of their way to violate.  It is, after all, “Saint Paul’s Joke”.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Is Ted Cruz an Obama Agent?

As we all know, Ted Cruz and the Tea Party orchestrated the the October US Government Shutdown which put 800,000 federal workers on the street – 400,000 after some minor restructuring of priorities.

Now, a Pennsylvania Attorney has posted to a discussion board the fact that the Shutdown was not the work of Ted Cruz, instead, Cruz and 161 other Republicans have been taking their marching orders from Obama.

Basically, Cruz is the visible knight in an Obama gambit to undermine confidence in his own healthcare program.

It is unclear why Obama would do this his own signature program, or, how he managed to sway 162 Republicans to his Sub Rosa team of governmental saboteurs; yet this is what appears to be emerging as part of the explanation for the faulty rollout of Obamacare.  Both the Shutdown and the software malfunction appear to be connected and intentional – apparently part of a covert plot to destroy the American political system … one gross incompetence among the Republicans made them ripe for.  Now we see the weak links in the Democratic Party rushing to join them – not realizing that they have been duped by a political mastermind.

Given the attacks on all things advocated by Jesus – care for the elderly in the form of Social Security; care for the sick in terms of Medicaid and Medicare, and now the Affordable Care Act; care for widows and orphans – it is (in the mind of that attorney) clear that the Republicans are anti-Christ.  As the analysis of Paul’s letters, in “Saint Paul’s Joke”, clearly demonstrate, we also know who are the traditional co-conspirators in this preparation for the Satanic side of the Apocalypse Prophecy.

The fun aspect remains the fact that these people will make it a self-fulfilling prophecy of global destruction.  We saw that when Ted Cruz and his 161 each voted, on October 16th, to send the United States into default on its lawful obligations, and. with it, plunge the world into a global recession.

The only real question is whether or not Obama is truly the grand Machiavellian wizard, or Ted Cruz alone is the Satanic representative among us.  Is that Pennsylvania attorney correct, and will he be presenting evidence to prove his assertion that Obama is the mastermind who has  orchestrated the Tea Party rise to national attention.







Sunday, November 10, 2013

Again Tea Party attacks America

Seems the Tea Party has again found an excuse to block the nation’s business and attack the  economy:

WASHINGTON (AP) — A Republican senator isn’t backing down from blocking President Barack Obama’s nominees for Federal Reserve chairman and homeland security secretary in a long-running dispute over the deadly attack on a U.S. diplomatic mission in Libya.

South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham says nothing has changed even after CBS News admitted on Friday that it was wrong to trust a “60 Minutes” source who claimed to be at the scene of the Benghazi assault.


It would appear the the Tea party connects a witness who admits to lying about what happened in Benghazi, and providing leadership for both the Federal Reserve and Homeland Security are somehow a connecting factor.

A news agency fails to check its fact – acts very much in the manner of a Tea Party Republican supporter – and that is justification for having nobody overseeing interest rates and inflation … even better, it is a valid reason to ensure there is nobody looking at terrorist threats.  The latter being of interest.  Remember, al Qaeda called for the Bankruptcy of America, and this Republican – as one of 162 Tea Party America haters – voted for American bankruptcy and default on all our lawful obligations as symbolized by the payment of Treasury debt.

What happened in Benghazi?

Well, for starters, on September 11, 2012 – eleven years after 9/11 destruction of the WTC Towers – there was a terrorist attack on the American Embassy.  “On September 10, 2012, at least 18 hours before the attack in Benghazi, al-Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri released a video to coincide with the anniversary of the9/11 attacks in 2001, which called for attacks on Americans in Libya in order to avenge the death of Abu Yahya al-Libi in a drone strike in Pakistan in June 2012.”   Then, n September 14, 2012, al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula released a statement arguing the attack was revenge for the death of al-Libi.

So now we need an explanation  as to why crippling of the physical and economic security of  Americans is of that much important to this Congressman.  We know why it would be important to an agent of al-Qaeda.

But then, the Tea Party is an al-Qaeda agent – dedicated to inflicting the most harm on the most people...  If interest rates sore with the poor and elderly deprived of needed care – the Tea Party will have begun to see its plans succeed.  The fun part is the number of Americans willing to commit suicide, or murder their own families, to help  the Tea Party and al-Qaeda destroy America.

10,000 Believed Dead in Philippines

To understand the Tea Party, while it strives to deny medical care to those Americans most in need of help,  it continues its pattern of hate by also ignoring the need of those in the Philippines who are reeling from yesterday’s devastating typhoon … a storm which left 10,000 people dead, 800,000 missing and whole neighborhoods flattened – a storm now headed toward the Asian mainland, while millions are fleeing.

As the Tea Party cheers the destruction, in America, Jewish (not Christian) organizations are already mobilizing aid. We see Jewish and Israeli aid agencies stepping up to provide emergency relief – being Good Samaritans and not asking to see the victims wallets, or any other credentials before helping – something the Tea Party supporters would never think to do.

If you belong to the Tea Party, you vet every person and only help those who can show they are rich and powerful … then you bleed the poor and helpless to provide that help.

Watch the news – let us see how long, if at all, it takes before Ted Cruz asserts the need to address this disaster.  In all likelihood he will remain true to his organizations character and say nothing.  He, like the rest of the Tea Party, are only interested in causing the most harm to the most people – salvation, compassion, and any sense of morality are completely beyond their comprehension.

Look at the Philippines and those who are rushing to its aid: A very Catholic country with a major Muslim population on its southern Island, which is being helped – without thought or hesitation – by the world’s only Jewish State, and Jewish organizations from other nations … No Evangelical Christians, no Tea Party supporters … just Jews helping Catholics and Muslims in need… the epitome of the much touted Good Samaritan ethic proclaimed by Jesus.

Seems like more evidence of the reality of “Saint Paul’s Joke”.

As Pope Francis I said, today, Jews are the Elder Brothers of his Church, and like any good elder brother, they have set aside past, and even current, conflicts to save their younger siblings who are now in dire need of help.

Friday, November 1, 2013

FREE eBook Promotions

1. To allow those who love Bible History a chance to learn the real meaning of the Patriarch Ages -- and have an accurate Biblical Calendar (in Hebrew and Common year chronology)  There will be a  FREE 4 day Amazon (Kindle Direct) eBook Promotion of Genesis of Genesis beginning November 10 thru November 13, 2013.   This will be your opportunity to learn the True meaning of the Patriarch Ages.  [eBook is also offered free with all print edition orders].  Learn the real Biblical History concealed within the numbers -- this includes why, since King David designed it, the First Temple wasn't built until the fourth year of Solomon.

2. There will be a Free 4 day eBook Promotion for “Saint Paul’s Joke” on Amazon (Kindle Direct) December 10, 2013 December 13, 2013.  So five weeks warning ... eBook should also be free with the purchase of the print edition.  Prior to publication,“Saint Paul’s Joke” was studied by the Vatican experts for two solid months – at the conclusion of that period, it was added to the Vatican Archives, and the Pope began converting a nunnery into retirement residence; the month after it was formally published, Pope Benedict XVI, became the first Pope in 600 years to enter retirement.
NOTE: in the context of an episode entitled “The Real Jesus” – to appear on the History Channel [on December 2, 2013] Bible Secrets Revealed” series ... “Saint Paul’s Joke” provides the history of Jesus & his cousin John, and offers a never before conversation which suggests why Herod might have wanted Jesus dead, and why Joseph would accept a pregnant Mary as his wife ... without invoking "son of god" mythologies.