Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Republicans want to “Fix Economy”

Stan Collender, executive vice president at Qorvis MSLGROUP, made this point about the GOP’s ability to use the country’s debt as an issue: “The deficit just doesn’t have the political cache it had before, because one, it’s falling, and two, it’s falling precipitously.

Thus we know that the Republican Party would be upset – If the deficit keeps falling, they cannot double and redouble the National Debit and continue to weaken America.

DEATH OVER LIFE says the Republican Party will be, and must be, voted into Senatorial power, and Congressional power must increase.  This does not mean having a majority, it only means having enough Tea Party loyalists to paralyze the nation.

Just 26 days to go, and the nation votes.

Think of the horrors they face – Gasoline prices have dropped from the $4.00 range to $3.00 … and the with it,  economy is growing.  The unemployment rate appears to have stabilized in the [near normal and ideal] 6% range, thus GOP politicians  must take economic issues off the table – removing them from focus, except, as they are doing with Emily Ann Cain, to promote issues like the Keystone pipeline which threatens the agricultural breadbasket of the nation and, if successful, will rupture and destroy the major American export product.

All they have is the discredited Birther nonsense which denounces someone for allegedly being Kenyan (code word for BLACK) and falsely labels him a socialist, yet is seen to actively promote the eligibility of a known and self acknowledged Canadian Citizens  and son of a Communist Socialist soldier.   Fortunately, the GOP leaders have long known they are best heard by those with negative IQ’s.

Friday, October 10, 2014

Obamacare better than expected

Ted Cruz yelled “It’s Bad!”

But never said why.

That’s because he doesn’t know any reason why it is bad – other than the fact that it actually helps the America he and The Tea Party wish to destroy.

Not a problem… there are enough idiots in America to boost the Tea Party Congressional power and so expand their ability to cripple the nation.  November 4th 2014 is the date – they win, America will lose.


Cruz is demonstrably wrong about OBAMACARE – the only nice thing they did was credit it to Obama, rather than point out that it was Ronald Regan who initiated the design.  Love having a Republican distance their party from a successful Republican initiative.

Why?  Because the Republicans, under George Bush (and during his alleged “War on Terror” when he killed the one leader in the Middle East who was actually a threat to ISIS) provided more weapons and ammunition to ISIS and terrorist groups than any other nation.  FACTS are why.  The problem with pointing out why the Republicans should be removed from Washington is that the FACTS support it, and are far too numerous to attempt to list in one place.

The Republicans are against raising the Minimum Wage and Social Security – actions which would remove people from Food Stamps and other programs, add money to the economy (in their Reagan terms, raise the tide that lifts all boats) and create jobs … every extra dollar adds ten to local economies … and that adds REAL jobs.  In terms of Social Security – raising it (so that the average payout equals poverty level) will boost the economy for the next TWENTY YEARS! which is when the Baby Boom dies off.

The Republicans want to export oil – pump every drop they can and sell it to foreign nations.  Sounds good (Short term) if not for the reality that the ISIS Middle Eastern states control TWELVE TIMES the oil America has.

Ten percent of American oil production goes to the military and national defense.  The time between now and when the  American oil wells go dry is one twelfth the time ISIS will have to attack and destroy a defenseless America – and America which will be 100% dependent upon them, as will the rest of the world (other than those nations we treat as enemies and so are natural ISIS allies, who also happen to have reserves).

The Republican Party – following the Tea Party agenda – is actively disarming America.   In 2034 America will be at the mercy of any oil dictator with a Jihadist  army.

Minimum Wage–why Tea Party hates it.

If you remove people from the need for Food Stamps and other government programs, you also remove the primary target of hate-unification utilized by the Tea Party to rally its racist, bigoted, satanic base.

Hatred – yelling “NO” and screaming “It’s WRONG” are the only tactic the Republicans have.  As we know from The Tea Party: America Upended, empty rhetoric and lots of  vague statements about improving the economy are all the alleged Conservatives can offer.  In practice, these same fiscal conservatives have plunged the nation into debt, outsourced employment and forced people into poverty … especially those who worked hard, fought for the nation, and paid into Social Security for  the Nation over the past fifty years.

Happily, most people are too stupid, or bigoted to understand the reality of the destruction they are working so hard to bring down upon themselves.

If they were aware of the reality, they would not be acting in a manner that would make Revelation a self-fulfilling prophecy.


Thursday, October 9, 2014

Republicans WANT a Bad Economy

Republicans WANT a Bad Economy.  They know the realities of economics. thought they distort them – as they did the “rising tide lifts all boats” analogy.

To raise water levels in a pond, you do not pour the water into a bottle floating on that pond – but that’s what the tax relief for the wealthy did.  The wealthy are smart – they moved the money overseas and out of the American economy … in part by Outsourcing American Jobs.

DEATH OVER LIFE in 2015 Washington takes on the role of “Babylon the great city – and falls.  All thanks to the Republicans and Evangelicals who are determined to take on the role of Satan in the Book of Revelation.

China is returning to the role it has held for thousands of years.  Grandpa Was A Deity – The Aryan headed east and south, creating China and India.  They then headed west … finding no fertile intellectual ground in Europe (other than England, where they found master sailors and stonemasons) they headed to Egypt.

Evicted from Egypt, they became the Hebrew-Levites and Ashkenazi…. all the while China grew and prophecy was born.   


Republicans Object to THEIR Laws

Obamacare was originally a Ronald Reagan plan for a Health Insurance Privatization Initiative.  Bush 41 and Bush 42 tried to get it enacted and failed.  Now that it has been enacted, the Tea Party – which hates all things which are from the Reagan Conservative wing of the party – opposes it.


What Does Tea Party Republican Object To?

Obama effect_3016169993353097449_n

The economy is responding positively – in spite of all the Republican opposition and efforts to obstruct the programs.

unemployment down_in 1-5 years_n

Republican presidential candidate thought it would be “great” – a real noteworthy historic accomplishment – to get the unemployment rate to 6% or lower over a 4 year period.  Because Obama did in in 18 months, the accolades should be deafening – instead we get lies about him being born in Kenya when his mom and dad were both in Hawaii.


The Republicans allege support for the Military, and opposition to Food Stamps because they go to lazy bums who do nothing for America.  Yet it is military personnel, on military bases, who are the biggest concentration of food stamp recipients in the nation.  Then too, as the image suggests, if you serve in the military, the Republicans will let you die on the streets – denied healthcare, education and employment by specific and very public targeted Republican policies.

fallen troops_6467733052293241178_n

Speaking of Coffee Cup Salutes:

A President has aides who can carry the damned dog down airplane steps – but clearly holding the dog is more important than showing respect to those who pledged their lives to guard and protect him.


Tuesday, October 7, 2014

George Bush armed ISIS

The chart indicates a NY Times revelation.  The BLUE is US Ammo supplied to ISIS Terrorists – who were, between 2000 & 2010 actually al-Qaeda.

Isn’t it interesting that the Bush Administration authorized sales to al-Qaeda at the same time al-Qaeda was the subject of an alleged War On Terror?

Moreover – this is the same Bush who declared Bin Laden irrelevant in to ”war” – only months after the same Bin Laden  destroyed the World Trade Center and laughed about it on a video.

It appears the Republicans might well be the real force supporting terrorists.

Now, in November, we can elect more Republicans to the House and Senate and ensure the expansion of Terrorism across the world.

Saint Paul’s Joke has the Terrorists destroying Rome (the Vatican) per the ancient Malachy prophecy.

Death Over Life has 2015 the year Washington takes on the prophetic role of “Babylon the great city” which falls.

Christians will rejoice at the end of days… but fail to understand that it is they who are destined to go to Hell – again, a Biblical reality explained in Saint Paul’s Joke.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Presidential Assassination – Obama

The sloppy security at the White House is pointing out the the Secret Service is geared to allow Obama to be assassinated.

The publicity is making it known, to crackpot or terrorist, that Obama can be approached and killed …

Now we wait.