Sunday, September 30, 2007

A Generation to Go ... bye-bye

Date Line September 30, 2007

The various studies, peer-review papers and monographs, contain inferred information – things which are not expressly stated, but are obviously taken as a premise or given.

WATER: The relationship between glaciation and desertification has, or reveals, an inverse ratio of available vegetation to glaciation. The system infers a finite and balanced ratio of water to climate condition. Thus when there are glaciers there is desert and low vegetation.

As each takes time to develop, it follows that there is a timescale for any change from desert to forest which exceeds the life-span of any one tree.

More important, since there is a fixed quantity of water under all conditions, it must be located somewhere at all times. Seems obvious. If deserts are increasing, and glaciation is decreasing, the amount of surface and sub-surface water must increase.

Sub-surface water is a lubricant – as has been discovered in oil drilling regions – which releases fault-lines locks. That is, where two earth plates meet, seeking to overlay, friction holds them against pressure from systemic movement. Add water, and the plates will slip, the straining pressure will be violently relaxed through an event defined as an earthquake. (Gas and magma pressure cause same affect in volcanic regions.)

If sub-surface water is not allowed to accumulate, and so does not allow for lubrication of the tectonic plates, eventually the plate pressure will grow to the point where the slightest lubrication will cause a major slippage.

If sub-surface water is not allowed to accumulate, accumulation will still occur in the atmosphere or surface reservoirs – lakes/oceans. The atmosphere has a limited absorption capacity, made more limited by those conditions associated with desertification.

Ultimately the seas take on the job of retaining the balance, and levels rise while land area becomes dryer, or is submerged.

One can easily see how the preservation of natural balance serves to eliminate elements of life which might be disruptive to that balance. Desertification forces life to consolidate into a narrower habitats; and to consume food while restricting opportunity for its replacement.

Curiously, this could favor modern humans. There would be an obvious division between those who lived in remaining habitat and those who created desert habitats. The deserts would require the creation of closed environmental systems to be maintained over a minimum of multiple centuries, and possibly several millennia.

The result could be genetic drift, and mutation toward creation of several new and separate species of hominid.

Conversely, humanity could move into currently uninhabited areas. A population decrease would be necessary; and thus an increase in disease would be anticipated (necessitated by natural balance and mutation opportunities for microbes which have not been exposed to human hosts prior to occupation of the empty territories).

Reproductive success remains, as it has in the past, the only criteria for general accomplishment. Reproductive success will be defined as both the ability to produce children, and the intellectual ability to adapt the needs of humanity to the natural world.

Given history, as defined by the past five thousand years, and as also evidenced in the record for the past two hundred thousand years, about fifty-percent of the world population will die with one generation. When the count for, the first day of, that generation will begin cannot be defined now; but it will be sometime in this century.

Sea levels are rising, a northern-passage has opened in the arctic, and the deserts are expanding. In addition, ground water reserves in those regions prone to earthquake activity are being steadily depleted, and expelled water is being contaminated in all regions.

Dates – years – which are cited, on a recurring basis, include 2012, 2030 and 2050. There is a convergence of actions emerging around, and involving, these time frames. We are, by current projections, one generation away from the onset of a new era of mankind.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Get real - politically

Date Line September 25, 2007

Do you want to know, or be wrong? Your choice. My supremely talented and intelligent daughter once commented that, she could make the point better, because she was a better writer.

I had to reminder her that the objective for me (at retirement end of my life) verses her (just turned 17, entering Harvard as a Freshman point), at the current stage of our respective careers, was quite unique.

I did not need to convince people of my point; rather I could simply tell them they were driving off a cliff and sit back to watch the inevitable spectacle of them willfully plunging to their destruction.

Am I my brother’s keeper? It is a famous, infamous, biblical question. Cain asked it; and as a response was marked for divine protection – hurt him and the deity would hurt you seven fold.

As divine punishment, Cain became the builder of cities, his children, his grandchildren, became men “without renown” responsible for the development of music and technology. Civilization is the product of Cain’s line. The best of civilization – for you cannot war with Cain.

Today we are engaged in a genocidal Crusade against the innocent of Islam, brought about by the actions of the guilty of Islam who we do not challenge, seek out, or confront – because the leaders on both sides appear to be are conservative fundamentalists working on the same side.

Many, like their parents did in the 1960's, are mobilizing against this killing-by-choice. Still, those who have aged have effectively become “their parents” and conservatively support the government upon whom they depend for their retirement – the killing continues.

Threaten the retirement and retain support, as Bush et al have done, and a strange thing happens – we learn the level of ignorance which has taken over America and become the hallmark of all our social problems.

How do we exit, without appearing weak? How to exit without arming the fundamentalist contingent on both sides?

The advice which should be given to our political leaders and hopefuls is “get stronger.” Notch the stakes up to the levels which existed in the period of “mutually assured destruction.”

Pull the troops out, and explain that it is being done to remove them from the target zone of more powerful, more effective, weapons.

Point to the existence of drone aircraft which now are deployed and are flown by pilots who commute from their suburban home in middle-America. The drone, in midair over a target zone, change pilots in a smooth change of seats. No trained personnel are at risk – why should they be?

We can level cities, machine-gun insurgents mobs, and even go home for lunch or pick-up the kids at school. Why do we have people on the ground and in harms way? The drones can be serviced at sea.

If an insurgent force cannot gather to train, how do they pose a threat? If a drone can kill any and all who gather to train, how long would insurgents last?

We do not need massive ground forces. We need more drones and the willingness to kill honestly. The moral games we play, the high moral ground claimed by the promoters of conservative views, are based on the willingness to kill quietly.

Starve children. Have children die from diseases which could easily be prevented. Do this in the name of “economic sanctions” – do not call it murder – even though it is willful intentional murder.

Conservatives, if any of them took the time to comprehend what their scriptures actually say, would know that Jesus said the evil and the good would be known by their works, not by their words.

They would know that Mohammad warned against hurting Jews; and pointed out that the Army of Islam served the Jewish Jesus in his war against the Bad Christians. But nobody who kills believes in a deity.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Intelligence as Genetic Factor

Date Line September 20, 2007

Genetics are funny, the more they are studied the more factors are placed in the hands of women.

Everything, except gender, seems to be influenced by the mother; and even gender defaults to female. So is the gender marked on the Y-Chromosome is defective, as is the case in roughly one in ten thousand cases, a infertile female, rather than a damaged male, is produced.

It is logical. Women are the sedentary creatures, males the risk takers. It would be foolish for a species to place its survival characteristics in the hands of someone, a gender, which could quickly die.

Intelligence has a genetic component and as such is geographically controlled. Where mom came from, or where her maternal ancestors originated, may well have more to do with success than any other factor beyond opportunity to express that inherited intelligence.

Throughout human history, knowledge has been contained in oral history and thus dependent upon memory. IQ is, naturally, the measure of the elements needs to transmit cultural history.

Because oral history cannot be retold completely, or with details which modern societies – with their written records and foot noted reference to other written records – can produce, the essence of an event was retold.

History was recalled, but under went what is known as “telescoping”: the compressing of events into a coherent unified story without regard for actual times of occurrence.

In this process, the oral historian required some means to control sequence, or denote some system of time. Accordingly, an oral history converted to written form, such as the Hebrew Bible, reflects the nemonic tricks of the oral historian.

One such trick is to tell a genealogy in terms of birth, birth of the next generation, and death in both span between events and the total of the years traversed from birth to death.

The actual years depicted are not necessarily real. In fact they only become real when a written memory aid becomes available. For this reason, one cannot rely on times described so much as upon the sequence of events within the relative time frames.

When reading a ancient tale, consider this: “New scientific findings indicate that ancestral humans split from chimpanzee forebears more recently than previously thought and raise the possibility that the two nascent species hybridized before making their final separation.”

Now think “Daughters of Man” and the “Sons of God” in the same context as Adam trying out various animals as a companion prior to the emergence of Eve.

As an example of telescoped time, note that the biblical period of a “day” is assumed by modern readers to be twenty-four hours, even though the day stated existed in the void period before the creation of the heavens and earth.

Now consider this in the context of Ape and Man: “Previous studies have used average figures to get a time that the species split, but scientists have long known that segments of the genetic code are inherited from different ancestors who lived at different times. This study was the first to trace segments back and provide a range of dates within which the common ancestors of humans and chimpanzees lived.

“What the results reveal is a surprisingly large range. Different segments of the genome differ in age by about 4 million years, researchers found. That large range of dates could be explained if there had been some genetic exchange between the two developing species over that time.” [from: HARVARD GAZETTE ARCHIVES]

But also consider this about female mtDNA, the X-chromosome from Broad Institute director, Eric Lander: "The genome analysis revealed big surprises, with major implications for human evolution. First, human-chimp speciation occurred more recently than previous estimates. Second, the speciation itself occurred in an unusual manner that left a striking impact across chromosome X. The young age of chromosome X is an evolutionary smoking gun."

The “young age” of the female X-chromosome, relative to the age of the male Y-chromosome, comports well with both the Biblical origin sequence and the fact that males carry both the X and Y; thus would have imparted the human X to a female who already carried one copy of her own – yielding a double X female who was “human.”

What has this to do with IQ? Remember, the ancients were wise, but also religion, which was once based on the female goddess, was taken over by men. The ancients knew that wisdom and knowledge, IQ, came from women; and so they related that Eve ate of the tree after she rationally deduced she would not die.

Man called it a sin for which he would surely die, a disobedience to a deity who knew exactly what Eve would do, and set the stage for it.

And yes! Man DID surely die. The ape who he was became human; the species that he was is no more. But, take heart, there are many men, whose mother Eve weren’t too bright; and so, they work hard to return to their ape-like existence. Doubt that? Check the Whitehouse.


Friday, September 7, 2007

The GOP is killing our kids - your are next.

Date Line September 7, 2007

How many thing can be blamed on the Republicans and Right-wing evangelical support for the murder of Islamists in Iraq?

Well, apparently quite a bit.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention now reports, from 1990 to 2003, the suicide rate fell by more than 28 percent, from 9.48 to 6.78 per 100,000 among those between ages 10 and 24.

Basically, 1992 to 2000 were the Clinton years and the young could relate to someone who had their interests at heart. How easy for the young to relate to a sexually active, and emotionally open leadership.

Keep in mind that the latter part of the first Bush years were marked by the presence of Barbara Bush – everyone’s sweet grandmother.

Then came the current Bush era. First the Stock market folded; and it appears, with the sub-prime, ripoff the struggling poor, bubble bursting and the nation hemorrhaging debt obligations to foreign nations, the market is ready to tank before Bush exits (stage right-wing).

The prospect of no jobs, except one with the military and the prospect of being killed, maimed, mutilated, or mentally destroyed before any prospect of reaching thirty, is sufficient to ensure that suicides will increase.

If we add to that the very visible rejection of governmental mental care for those who serve; and the equally visible rejection of care for the families of those who serve, the future is dismal.

Bush has been very forceful in his assertion that those who do work, and are able to contribute to their futures through Social Security contributions, will receive nothing back.

Bush has clearly, and specifically, told the young that they will be screwed and that their world, should they select to live until it is theirs, is a place far worse than any their parents and grandparents knew.

The GOP is excellent at telling people they have no future. What do they offer? Right-wing evangelical salvation for those who are “good” and do as they are told by the Robertson-Farwell style demigods.

Of course, they look at these god want-a-be types and see people who live by the sword, hence shall die by it (no salvation there); people who cheat on their wives while screaming family values (no salvation there); people who refuse to help the sick, but scream they follow the teachings of one who specifically said the sick must be helped (no salvation there); those who turn their backs on their neighbors, especially when those neighbors are hard working immigrants seeking a better life (no salvation there either).

Everywhere you turn, you find a Right-winger screaming lies about what they stand for. They have never read, never comprehended, the contents of that which they call their Book, and the teachings of the man they claim is their savior.

Had they read the book, they would know that “Ye shall know them by their works” overrides the words and reveals the truth.

Find a reason to kill the innocent; allow the guilty to live in peace and safety. Therein will you find the creed of the Right-wing Conservative and its associated Evangelical Movement.

Kill followers of Islam before anyone heeds, or catches on to, the fact that they follow a doctrine which places that same savior as the head of an army which will destroy the Evangelicals.

Granted, the evils of mankind are not restricted to one belief system. If it were, we would not see Bush and Bin Laden working hand-in-hand to make way for global destruction and chaos. The young see it and they are opting out in the only way they know, the only way that is exclusively in their power, they are checking out of life.

Look for suicide rates to increase, not only among the young, but among all age groups. The old will select a fast death over the slow death which is being promoted through the denial of real healthcare to ALL who need it. Heed this prediction; for it is a time for prophecy.