Monday, November 26, 2018


Alabama police suggest black man killed by officer shouldn't have held his gun 

It's an interesting demonstration of the insanity of those who say violence would not happen if people were armed.  In this case, the guy was armed -- trained in use of gun -- and the cops murdered him instead of the bad guy.

Next time you hear some idiot yell that having a gun would have stopped the murders... remember that the cops don't know a good guy from a bad guy -- they just know there is a gun and victims of a gun.

Thursday, November 22, 2018

Fetus is PERSON -- abortion as legally defined murder -- OHIO attack Constitution

"The proposed legislation, House Bill 565, seeks to extend in Ohio's criminal code the definition of a person to include "unborn" humans. This would be done by calling for the "abolition of abortion in the state of Ohio and the protection of unborn humans."
If passed, the bill would categorize a fetus, from conception, as a person, which could leave those who undergo or perform abortions open to facing severe criminal penalties that could equate abortion with murder."

Florida Law professor Mary Ziegler, was quoted saying 'House Bill 565 "doesn't actually say that women would get the death penalty," it does "treat abortion as homicide and pretty clearly includes women having abortions among people who could be punished for having abortions."'

Thus women obtaining abortions are to be charged with homicide -- probably as willing accessories to it -- while Doctors would be the murders and Nurses and facility administrators accessories to the crime.

Then we go to the next level of "fun and games" -- "The law of unintended consequences is a frequently observed phenomenon in which any action has results that are not part of the actor's purpose."

If a fetus is a PERSON, then they must be counted as part of the population and so must appear in the State and Federal Census data.  
If they are a person, are they a "Natural Citizen" (not yet born, they cannot be a "Natural Born Citizen" but if conceived in the United States then born elsewhere, would they carry the "BORN" in conjunction with their "Natural Citizenship".

Then comes the issue of conception -- where were they conceived?
Sounds silly, but, when they have been deemed a person, their place of conception and related citizenship would seem to exclude them from being "ANCHOR BABIES" if conceived outside the U.S. BORDERS -- it would simply make them smuggled in illegals or undocumented.  
One might even say the fetus is a slave -- because it had no say in the action.



When a POTUS appoints a SCOTUS Justice, that justice is credited with the politics of the POTUS.  This
Justice Roberts denied there was a correlation.
Yet the media says "Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts, a life-long federalist society conservative rebuts President Trump in an unusual move, after Trump claimed that certain judges were “Obama Judges”. Ari Melber breaks down how Supreme Court Justices speak carefully and don’t pick political fights, but Justice Roberts drew a line to defend the independence of the courts against those who would corrode the system and turn it into something more authoritarian."

This raises the question of which is the LIAR?  The Media for calling Roberts a CONSERVATIVE (hence a Republican Judge of the POTUS who appointed -- nominated -- him) or Roberts himself for lying about where his viewpoints and inherent bias lies?
Neil Gorsuch  and Brett Kavanaugh are, therefore, by definition, either Trump Judges or independent judges being falsely labeled.

The nice thing about attacking "OBAMA JUDGE" labels is that it also attacks anyone who attacks "TRUMP JUDGES" based on ideological bias.

But we are in a culture that wants things both ways ... and so things are neither and both.     

Thursday, November 15, 2018

Ignorance of History will destroy America.

The reason you need to read and then think seriously about "Jonathon's POTUS Cousins" {Amazon, January 2017}
-Seventy-two percent of respondents either incorrectly identified or were unsure which states comprised the original 13 colonies;
-Only 24 percent could correctly identify one thing Benjamin Franklin was famous for, with 37 percent believing he invented the lightbulb;
-Only 24 percent knew the correct answer as to why the colonists fought the British;
-Twelve percent incorrectly thought WWII General Dwight Eisenhower led troops in the Civil War, while 6 percent thought he was a Vietnam War general;
-While most knew the cause of the Cold War, 2 percent said it was climate change.
Americans forgot their history -- which they learned in grade school.  They were kept ignorant of the reality of their contribution to World History.  The idea behind  "Jonathon's POTUS Cousins" {Amazon, January 2017} is that there is history -- there is also the fact that the Presidents were all kin.  The Nation did not abandon the Royals, it just gave the people to reaffirm their desire and need to be led by the same families who compose the Royals.

What the book does not disclose is the fact that all by one -- Martin Van Buren -- are tied to William the Conqueror as their Great Grandfather ... with one other who is not in that line, Ike Eisenhower, but who married a Great Granddaughter, and thus his son David was a direct descendant of William the Conqueror, and David married Julie Nixon -- who was, of course, also a direct descendant.

Now, as we look to 2020, will the Democrats propose a candidate who fits the chain, or will they try to break the pattern?
Will they offer someone who has no connection at all to other POTUS... someone who is NOT a POTUS COUSIN?
If they do -- they will lose, or the nation will be destroyed by their winner.

Repeat in 2024... when BOTH Partys face the same problem.


Evangelicals are SCREWED

Do the Evangelicals or Mike Pence types believe any of this: “When the Son of Man comes in his glory, and all the angels with him, then he will sit on the throne of his glory.  All the nations will be gathered before him, and he will separate people one from another as a shepherd separates the sheep from the goats, and he will put the sheep at his right hand and the goats at the left.  Then the king will say to those at his right hand, ‘Come, you that are blessed by my Father, inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world; for I was hungry and you gave me food, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you welcomed me, I was naked and you gave me clothing, I was sick and you took care of me, I was in prison and you visited me.’ " (Matthew 25:31–36)

Now the fun part -- those on his right are those facing him, so are those we call the LEFT-WING ... and those on his left, the ones who are screwed, are those we call the Right-wing.

Let's see -- who is it that wants to cut SNAP (food to hungry), eliminate  Obamacare (taking care of sick), and stuffs people in jail then forgets them? 

It is nice... with the Caravan headed to the border -- Trump simply said they should present and enter legally... he did NOT turn them away or refuse to welcome them.  They need to be known to him before he can welcome them... and to be known means come in as documented individuals -- not like thieves in the night sneaking across the border and hiding in the shadows of society.

Monday, November 5, 2018



Trump is stumping for the Senate candidates -- he knows the House is marginally lost and is quietly happy.  Can he cost the Republicans the Senate?

Will the Democratic lack of organized direction cost them?  We know they shut-up about Impeachment.  Everything about Collusion has vanished with the facts.

CNN says a Trump Midterm related ad is "Racist" -- in a nation raised on racism, who could really tell?
For two generations, America has lived on Racism -- the media loves to promote racial stereotypes... the Mafia -- Bad Italian immigrants; Puerto Rican gangs and "West Side Story" is all about criminal immigrants and manipulation of the new welfare system; all the "WESTERNS" with their bad and nasty Indians or Mexicans; toss in a few Irish... racism is what 1950's TV thrived on, and that moved into the 60's and 70's and on into recent years -- when things suddenly changed.

In 2018, "PROGRESSIVE INSURANCE" has an interracial couple to go with the interracial couples appearing everywhere in the entertainment media.  It is a "progressive" era.  Interracial meets same-sex marriage... openly gay individuals are now the starts of various series.  Men with Husbands, women with wives... times are very very different from when the leaders of the nation were children -- and the age when Howard Duff and Ida Lupino were Mr. Adams and Eve, and the show had to tell the audience it was OK for them to be in the same bed, because they were married in real life.

The Paris Accord nonsense has fallen by the wayside.  How do you argue to be part of an agreement that the Climate Experts say set the bar 30% higher than the level needed to actually address Climate Change?  How do you argue for an agreement in Europe when Brazil is slashing forests -- which will negatively impact Climate Change -- and nobody actually cares....worse, the new President was elected on his promise to do exactly that ... slash the forests and create farmland.

Jews are killed -- gee, 11 including a few cops -- and that raises issues of antisemitism ... but we look around the nation and across the globe and we see dozens of people killed in events that are simply humans being murderous humans.  Why make it a racial/religious thing ... especially when an Orthodox Rabbi dismisses the killings because the dead were "conservatives"?

The night before the Midterms, a record number of people pre-voted... they decided weeks ago...  but now the fun... in 24-hours we have a New Congress, possibly a modified Senate, and with any luck, thieving hypocritical clowns like Ted Cruz will be banished from Government.

The only thing likely -- nothing will change.  Americans will attack Americans over various lies and internet rumors without any basis in facts.  In 2027 the European Economy collapses.  And if Trump manages to pull off his negotiations with China, America will escape the worst of it.  In 2033 World War Three begins... will we be part of it?  Or will we allow Europe and the Middle East to destroy each other?

Will the timeline hold?   "Biblical Prophecy: Are we in the Revelation Era" {AMAZON,  March 2014} []  It has ... from 1931 to date.

Will the Evangelicals keep siding with Satan and pushing for the worst possible outcome for America?  Or will they pay attention to this scripture they wave about and decide that being super liberal (following the dictates of Jesus) are the basis of their salvation?  The 144,000 Jews have already been collected... they now sit in judgment.  Ten Davidic Prophecy of a world following the Biblical rules has been fulfilled -- with only the evangelicals intentionally violating those rules (as shown by their love of ham and the adding of pork fat to everything). 

TWENTY-FOUR HOURS and we knwo if America lives of dies.
Sounds extreme... but that's the reality.


Saturday, October 13, 2018

2020 TRUMP RE-ELECTION assured "IF"

The Guardian just published this article: 'He'll be re-elected': Trump and allies tout the sweet smell of 2020 success:
Basic historical reality, to beat Trump, the candidate must confirm to the realities of: Jonathon's POTUS Cousins: The Interrelated Kinship of American Presidents -- an interrelated history of our times

Basically, beating Trump requires a POTUS COUSIN who is also a great grandchild of William the Conqueror.  Sounds silly, but if 45 POTUS, only three did not meet those standards.  If those 42, the least related had the worst administrations.  If the three, history is mixed on their tenure. 
Martin Van Buren was Dutch New York, so predated the British ... The others were married into the cousin line.  Trump Is the father to Tiffany, who is a solid cousin through her mother -- even though Donald isn't a Cousin in the period after 1600, he is still a grandchild of William the Conqueror and, therefore, one of the 42.
To defeat Trump and not destroy the nation, the Democrats need to run a SOLID POTUS at least as solid as Tiffany.
If they fail to do that, they will fail to win the White House.
Thus, WARREN IS OUT; SANDERS IS OUT; HILLARY PROVED SHE IS OUT; most of those mentioned and speculated are out.
So here we are, Saturday, 13 October 2018, and we already know the outcome of the 2020 election.
Of course, Democrats could find a way to impeach and convict Trump...But The would elevate Mike Pence, who is about as far from POTUS COUSIN status as can be achieved... so Trump's impeachment destroys the nation.
Have fun kiddies, attack Trump all you want, he still gets a second aren't attacking him, you're undermining 230 years of American history and success.

Thursday, October 11, 2018


BREXIT has problems for EU and USA.
But there is a weird problem, one related to the Prophecy of the 112 Popes, Francis seemingly that last Pope.
During his travels, Rome is supposed to be destroyed.
But, is that physical or economic?
Physically, a volcanic eruption and earthquake could do the job.
But, right now, Italy appears to be on the verge of a fiscal disaster far worse than Greece...and The EU lacks the resources to bail Rome, there are calls to remove Francis over the growing awareness of sexual misconduct among priests.
GRANTED, THAT HAS BEEN A REALITY FOR CENTURIES, but we are in the #METOO age and destroying the Church fits the Revelation prophecy.
The books
1. BIBLICAL PROPHECY, Are we in the Revelation era
cover these issues...But what if Times destruction.  It must happen in the lifetime of the final Pope...The 112th.  But is Francis a legitimate Pope?  Benedict is still alive and tradition has a Pope did before the next is recognized... So Benedict dies, Francis is legitimized, and Rome is destroyed.
But shall it be physical or economic?

Saturday, September 22, 2018

Christine Blasey Ford has 'DEEP STATE' and Russia connection

On page 46 of NO TRUMP CARD, readers are told there are "photographs of the ongoing meetings between the Russians and  Democratic Senators and Congressional leaders. 
Those meetings date back to Hillary’s first campaign and would infer grounds for a Clinton-Russian conspiracy to discredit Trump’s administration after an unexpected victory. After all, prior to the actual election, Hillary was the odds-on favorite, and she did take the majority of the popular vote, even though she lost where it counts – in the Electoral College. Of course, if they were rigging the election for Hillary, Russians might not have considered the ramifications of the Electoral College in Republican states."

On page 164 of The Swamp Fights Back, we were made aware of the fact that "Victor Kekselberg and other Russian oligarchs have contributed to The Clinton Foundation. Plus, the Foundation received $2.35 million from Uranium One, which is owned by the Russians and controls 20% of the American uranium deposits – the purchase was a 2010 deal which required State Department approval, and, coincidently, Hillary was Secretary of State from 2009 to 2013."

We, therefore, have ample evidence of connections between the Clintons and Russian money and tit-for-tat services.  But now we have Clinton marginalized and a new player coming in -- Christine Margaret Blasey Ford.

Ford is a Ph.D and apparently an expert on the use of psychology in politics -- given the false photos and other items allegedly meant to "discredit", we actually see, when they are immediately shown to be false, a standard method of adding credibility to a witness whose testimony is vague and unprovable.  In Dr Ford's case, her accusation of being "attacked" by Brett Kavanaugh, some 36-years ago,  at a Teenage BOOZE party when she was about 15 and he about 17.

The focus is carefully diverted from the fact she was 15 and unsupervised and running with a crowd composed of drunken teenagers who somehow managed to routinely find homes where they could have their drunken orgies.  It is also ignored that her parents either turned a blind eye or otherwise didn't care about an allegedly upset and possibly drunk daughter coming home in the wee hours of the morning.  So there is the self-confessed problem which is being ignored -- one which includes a blatant lack of corroborative evidence from the period.  The only third party knowledge apparently being a statement Dr. Ford made to a marriage counselor three decades after the alleged event -- apparently used to provide a PTSD style psychological excuse and defense for her behavior toward her husband.

Is this Bullshit?  Or Real?  The piece goes on to say "the CIA’s black operations monies being controlled by Ralph G. Blasey Jr." who is Dr. Ford's father.  And, in theory, it should be easy enough for Senators to confirm the connection -- they should also be able to confirm the connection of Dr. Ford's brother, Attorney Ralph G. Blasey III to employment at the Washington law firm of  Baker & Hostetler LLP, and whether or not, that firm paid the commercial research and strategic intelligence firm of Fusion GPS $523,651 in the pre-election period of March 7 to Oct. 31, 2016.
As stated on the Fusion Wikipedia page, "On March 30, 2017, Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa called for a U.S. Department of Justice investigation into purported connections between Fusion GPS and Russia, and an inquiry as to whether Fusion GPS was acting as an unregistered foreign agent.
It is also known, and contrary to alleged 'collusion' that Fusion has been dedicated to smearing Trump.
It would follow that Ford's attack is intended to keep the SCOTUS without its ninth member and thereby disrupt its operations at the same time the Russians are attacking both Trump and the Democrats in an effort to create a Constitutional Crisis that would effectively neutralize America -- which infers Christine Blasey Ford is one of their paid agents....either having received payment upfront, or later planning to see money through an upfront payment disguised as a book deal.

But, the cited connections to the CIA, Washington insiders, and a Russian backed firm dedicated to "Global research, Political analysis, Strategic insight", would infer we are watching another aspect of the drive to create THE MOST HARM TO THE MOST PEOPLE by bringing down the Democratic system... remember, it is not about impeaching Trump -- that call began with the election and even pre-election had nothing to do with anything the POTUS has actually done.  Also remember, Comey was part of the 'Deep State" and, as FBI Director, broke protocol to undermine Clinton at the very last minute... so they really don't care who won, so long as they can attack the victor.   




Monday, July 30, 2018

The path to a NATIONAL Democratic Victory in November

The path to a NATIONAL Democratic Victory in November is for them to become Trump.
Actually, it is for them to reclaim ownership of things which Trump has made central to his policies and programs.
Trump wants a WALL along the Mexican Border; he has praised the Australian National Health system as one worthy of emulating; he has also advocated targeted immigration based on merit, not a lottery or random chance.
Just imagine if Hillary Clinton were to be giving a peach and then do an "aside" where she deviated into describing how hard Democrats worked for things.  And then used the example of creating "What Donald calls a Wall" to enhance security along the Southern border.
She could then say, there are those who might remember the Democratic Parting fighting for such a wall in the 1970's when illegal border crossings and drug smuggling were at their peak.  They might also remember Ronald Reagan -- in 1980 -- being vehemently opposed to the Fence.
But Democrats "persisted"!
And finally, we achieved the 2006 SECURE FENCE ACT.  But, a third of the way through construction, Republicans blocked funding the work integral to that law (may or may not be provable, but rhetorically, in the Trump style, it works to make the point).
The SECURE FENCE ACT is what Donald Trump refers to when he calls for funding of a WALL.
There can be no disputing that, to asset otherwise is to be irrational.
Of course, Ronald Reagan and all Far Right-wing Conservatives would oppose the WALL.  We expect that.  They have no real regard for National Security or the health and welfare of our Citizens.
The President (or Donald) has made it clear that a core element of his agenda is to compete the Wall Democrats fought so hard to get into law.
We should applaud him for taking up this Democratic cause and fighting to see it through to completion.
[Boy would she get media attention for that line -- "a perfect play of a Trump [card]"]
As many know, since 1970, illegal entries into the nation have declined, and the immigration service now reports that more people of Mexican origin are returning to Mexico, or moving North to Canada, that are entering.  It may well be that the Mexican economy is showing signs of improvement and attracting them back to their family place of origin.
Or it might be that racist hostility combined with the Republicans efforts to depress the National economies in the same manner they have intentionally destroyed Red State economies [who can rationally argue Red State economies are better than Blue State one] are simply driving these people out.
But, since, without question, the economy of "Blue State California" is among the top in the nation, as reflected by the economic prosperity in Blue Counties within that state -- counties which overwhelmingly supported me [Hillary] in 2016 -- the explanation for the out-migration is either a superior Mexican economy -- which we know is not true -- the comparable economy and the superior National Health Care of Canada -- or it might be those factors combined with the racism associated with the neo-Nazi and KKK who are traditionally core Far-Right-wing members of the Republican Party.
As we know from the July employment numbers, for the first time in history the number of available jobs has exceeded the number of individuals seeking employment.  
This would seem to reflect the economic future of America caused by the loss of workers to Mexico and Canada.
It also provides a non-racist rational economic reason for the migrant outflow -- the available jobs are not compatible with the acquired skills associated with industries -- like the Auto Industry which was outsourced to Mexico and Canada in the 1970's and which now supplies the parts used in domestic car assembly plants.
The higher income evidenced by the Blue States and Blue districts within States demonstrates the economic effectiveness of Democratic Policies.  When we were in the White House {Husband Bill as POTUS}, the nation had no difficulty meeting its economic needs awhile still showing a budget surplus -- something unmatched by any other post World War Two American Administration and their related economies.
As we know, the President has praised the Australian National Health System -- and the Far right has called for revoking the Health Care program originally fought for, in 1912, by the historically recognized Republican President Teddy Roosevelt and the Roosevelt Family.  Clearly, the Far-Right opposes Republican Programs -- for what reason, and whose interests they really represent are unknown, but certainly, they do not represent the history of their party and best interest of its supporters.
But Donald Trump has told the American people, with his reference to the Australian system, that he is a Roosevelt Republican and that the nation deserves a National Health system which is at least equal to -- but this is America and we go better than -- the Australian and Japanese systems that have created lower infant mortality rates, fewer birth complications affecting the health and life of the mother, and a longevity of life which exceeds that of the average American by seven years or more.
That's seven years of enjoying retirement and time with your grandchildren.  (She can do a riff on her grandchildren which would also allow her to put in aplug for her daughter Chelsea's accomplishments.  That opens possible political doors for Chelsea and balances achievements by Ivanka.)
The President has said Repeal and Replace -- as with changes from Fence to Wall, what he is really;y saying is America need to improve upon ACA and make provide FREE American Health Care Services that are without question superior to any on the planet.
His Far-Right Republicans opponents are striving to create the Russian system -- one in which the Social Security retirement age is at least two years higher than the average life expectancy, and the funds provided fail to meet basic needs.
For those who are not aware of the Russian goal the far-right wishes to bring to America, the Average Russian man is dead by the age of 62 or 63.  
That is they are dead at the age when the America American worker is entitled to begin age 62 early retirement.  Moreover, the Average Russian female is already dead before the American maximum benefit retirement at age seventy -- and age at which the average Japanese could still look forward to fifteen years of healthy and happy retirement.
Does America want to be Russia? Thee Republican Far-right seems to believe so.  When I was denounced for use of the term "Basket of Deplorables" I was speaking of them -- those who want Americans dead before age 65.  I was not speaking about Trump's base demographic -- those who, like the President, are working hard to promote post World War Democratic objectives ... some of which, as with the National Health Care initiativwe begun by Teddy Roosevelt, began over a century agao and have seen us persist.  That persistance, as you all know, included FDR changing parties and becoming the longest served president in history -- dying in office after his fourth election victory.
Clearly, the Far-Right wants honest hard working Americans to believe that those they treat as slaves -- slaves they feel are undeserving of an above poverty minimum wage, or social security benefits whiocch do not require supplementation with food stamps and other assistance programs. 
Will they argue with me on this?
They will do anything it takes to distract from the fact they refuse to raise wages and earned benefits to levels comperable to Blue State minimums.
Benefits Americans dillegently work thirty and forty years to obtain, which the Far-right actively works to deny you.
In November, we get a chance to change things, because you have the opportunity to vote us the power to change things.
The Border Fence, authorize by law in 2006, can become a completed reality.  The President's suggestion that it also be utilized to exceed the Paris Accord agreement's environmental criteria -- that the hypocritical signatories have failed to meet -- can become a matter of consideration and possibly give the president his SOLAR WALL that can economically power a major potion of the Nation with clean and effient renewable energy.
The President has stated -- quite clearly -- that he wants DACA individual to have a clear path to recognition as American Citizens.  The Far-Right opposes this and therefore opposes Donald Trump.  Those who agree with the Far-right, those who want the average American to die by the age of 62 (like any good Russian), will oppose giving the President the legislation he has called for and will therefore promote the various Far-right openly neo-Nazis and KKK member candidates which the Far-right has placed on the November ballot.
{Hillary then returns to her other topic}
Barack Obama can take the same tactic -- ideally independently.  In his case, he can Praise the President for continuing the OBAMA ADMINISTRATION POLICIES, again take claim for and ownership of the SECURE FENCE ACT, and support the idea of America going solar -- AS TRUMP STATED HE WANTED when he suggested the Wall be a solar energy provider for the nation.
Obama can even take claim to the wisdom behind support for the coal industry -- pointing out that coal is used to make the coke that is required for steel manufacturing, and the importance of America returning to being self-sufficient in its steel production.
Thus, the Democrats support the Coal Miners and undermine any Republican claims.
Obama could also point out the Coal firms and workers who are shifting to Solar and Wind production because of the environmental damage their industry has been discovered to cause -- and so Obama can praise them for being GREEN and supporting Trump's SOLAR BORDER WALL by supporting the growth of the solar inductry.
Of course -- aint going to happen.
Far more fun to focus on impeachming Trump and trying to make the Theocratic far-right Mike Pence POTUS -- with the full support of people who back Trump, without realizing that Trump is promoting a century of DEMOCRATIC PROGRAMS and initiative which Ronald Reagan opposed. 

Thursday, July 12, 2018

TRUMP NATO claim July 2018 - the facts

On 12 July 2018, a number of media outlets have allegedly "fact checked"  the statements made by Trump at the NATO Conference.  However, they really didn't provide numbers -- Trump said 4.2% for 2018, they cited some people saying 3.something% ... but reality says we need context.
Context is the numbers from 2017 presented here, and whatever the percentages are -- the WHOLE USA Budget Deficit is explained away in terms of what the USA pays to NATO. 
So those who do NOT want a Federal Budget Surplus will argue to keep funding NATO.
America does NOT need Troops in Europe.  If any NATION is dumb enough to declare war on Europe (the EU NATO members), missiles launched from the USA can erase that idiot country from history in a matter of hours.  That was the idea of the Cold War weapons development -- no troops, just authorization to launch, launch, and the soldiers can go home for meals with their families.
If you LIKE seeing American soldiers die, if you want your neighbor's kids -- who are serving the nation -- to die, you'll complain we need "Boots on the Ground".
Otherwise, you will tell every hostile nation on the planet that you will not take their Jihadist/terrorist/aggressor crap and if, as a nation, they engage in it, as a nation they will cease to exist.
If we are talking about local terrorist acts -- each nation MUST take care of its own safety and law enforcement... Americans should not need to travel a quarter of the way around the world, to some foreign country, to do what their local police can and should do.
America is NOT the World's Policeman -- if it were, then the world had better pay for the service.

1. As derived from the 2016 Obama Era Republican Budget, "The federal government ran a budget deficit of $666 billion in fiscal 2017, the biggest shortfall since 2013. The numbers: The federal government finished fiscal 2017 with a budget deficit of $666 billion, an increase of $80 billion over the previous year."
2. Obama Era policies carried forward into 2017 resulted in The U.S. GDP increasing to about 19.39 trillion U.S. dollars in 2017.
3. In 2017, the United States accounted for 51.1 percent of the allies' combined contributions to NATO missions.
4. As for direct costs, the U.S. currently pays about 22 percent of NATO’s “principal budgets” that are funded by all alliance members based on a cost-sharing formula that factors in the gross national income of each country.
5. Of the estimated $946 billion on defense in 2017, more than $683 billion was spent by the U.S.

READ THE NUMBERS:  fiscal 2017 with a budget deficit of $666 billion and America paid $683 billion.  Eliminate NATO and the USA has a BUDGET SURPLUS of $17 BILLION DOLLARS

GDP $19.39 trillion, Trump said the cost was going to be 4.2% of DGDP, if he is correct that means, in terms of the lower 2017 GDP, at least $814.38 Billion -- or 20% MORE than in 2017.
Play the wiki game {} of what was requested/projected for 2018
federal government
2018 US federal budget
Submitted March 16, 2017
Submitted by Donald Trump
Submitted to 115th Congress
Total revenue $3.654 trillion (estimated)
Total expenditures $4.094 trillion[1] (requested)
Deficit $440 billion (requested)
GDP $20.237 trillion

If the Deficit were to be $440 Billon, then NATO is DENYING the USA a SURPLUS of $375 Billion

Sunday, June 3, 2018

Why We Hate TRUMP!

Trump is NOT as bad as George W Bush -- and while Trump might lie for prestige purposes or to gain an advantage in a negotiation...  Georgie Jr lied so he could MURDER a head of state and let his business partner's brother walk free as the head of Al Qaeda and planner of 9/11 and the destruction of the World Trade Center .... which, as we saw from his reaction when Georgie was informed of the destruction, he knew was coming --  which is why he gave all the terrorists their visas so they could get the training in the USA that they needed to attack the USA.

Image may contain: 1 person, text

Thursday, May 17, 2018

"Black Tuesday" possible on 11 October 2027

"Black Tuesday" possible on 11 October 2027 -- with a Republican President.
The possible scenarios that would get us there allow the possibility Trump is a one term POTUS.

Friday, April 27, 2018

Well Korean War finally end -- as the book predicted?

Book proved CORRECT BK-2nd 56-days:

Took just short of a year from publication of the second book in the Trump Card series to be shown correct.
Think back, look at the media, and everyone said they were playing toward nuclear war and Trump was the problem. The books argued he was the solution.

In The Swamp Fights Back: The Third Fifty-six Days After Babylon the Great City Fe (Trump Card) (Volume 3) Paperback – July 8, 2017 -- as the cover said -- we saw the Swamp Denizens on the Left doing the bidding of their Right-wing counterparts... and they still are. But Trump ignored them and, with an understanding Kim Jong-un, a game was played which will allow North Korea to join the modern Capitalist World (just as Russia and China have) -- and to do so in a manner which "SAVES FACE" for all of the Asian community.

The "schoolyard pissing contest" game played out -- as pointed out in book 4 of the series:

Now we enter the new period of change and global improvement -- or, if Americans so decide, destruction -- which brought us to the analysis which gave us:

Look back, week 57 was a week of peace and quiet to prepare America to enter the second 56-week period. The one which includes the November midterm elections and an American choice -- Right-wing national destruction; Left-wing national destruction; or the election of new people will and ready to move America into a leading role in the Twenty-First Century ... marked by the nation adopting the best National Healthcare system known to man, and raising both the Minimum Wage and Social Security to above poverty and thereby removing the Retired and full-time entry-level workers from Welfare... dramatically reducing that budget item.
It will be a time when DACA children become citizens... or it will be a time for none of these improvements which would make America Greater than at any time in its history... the extremists of Right and Left will win, and America will be thrown into the dark ages.
How can we afford the programs? That's explained in
... IF ALL GOES WELL and as predicted, before the 2018 election The Korean War ends. The Trump-Kim strategy (backed by China) has proven itself ... or might, in the coming months, be proved to have proven itself,

Things are going to get Interesting...

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Federal Attorney undermines legal right to legal privacy & ACLU loves it.

NY DA has made a major step to end Lawyer-Client confidentiality.
We have no way of knowing what client documentation has been stolen under the guise of an allegedly valid warrant -- but, certainly, information on ALL Cohen's clients and contacts have been stolen.
We have entered the era of "Big Brother" as a shadow figure not subject to honest laws -- it is well known that the District Attorney in NY runs a dishonest office ... in the days prior to the legalization of marijuana, NY-ADA's were sending people away for years, or decades, for having less pot then the NYADA's were themselves growing in their own apartments -- and, in many cases, distributing.

Raid on Trump’s Lawyer Sought Records of Payments to Women

GEE -- payments to women -- for what? How many women? Divorcees, mistresses, sexual harassment cases, child support ... what else? What information on legal cases are they invading?
Mueller has given the Manhattan federal attorney’s office open season to invade the privacy of anyone, anywhere.  We now have a basis for the Federal attorney's office to violate privacy around the nation... and the ACLU is ominously silent. 

We are finally entering the next stage -- all that remains is to remove Trump, install a Theocratic Right-wing POTUS and we have an absolute loss of freedom in America.
it is what America wants -- and that will be proved in November when Russia promotes Democrats who will attack Trump and so install a totally Right-wing government that will continue and increase the BORROW & SPEND policies designed to bankrupt the nation.  We will also see the repeal of Obamacare -- by Executive Orders which restrict or hamper the delivery of medical services.

Have fun -- you are getting the nation you want.    

Sunday, March 25, 2018

Jonathon's PONTUS COUSINS exploring the science and history

As mentioned in Jonathon's POTUS COUSINS, a few years ago, a 13-year old California girl discovered that all the POTUS had one King in common.  As reader s of Jonathon's POTUS COUSINS know, the book focuses on the interrelated kinship of the Presidents but stops at the Colonial era around1600, and then provides the cousin relationships formed thereafter.

The critical aspect of the book is not the kinship, but the history which marks the varies periods and carries forward to World War Two, where American policies, beliefs, bigotry, came to fruition in the policies of Hitler and the Holocaust.  The book then moves forward to see the pattern of kinship holds and moves forward to include Donald Trump -- with the historic character of 'the weaker the kinship the more disruptive the administration period'.

Trump's daughter Tiffany provides the huge POTUS COUSIN connect which mandated his victory, while Trump himself has a weaker connection requiring going back to the period of his Royal ancestor.  But make sure to note:  Trump's attackers are NOT POTUS Cousins; their goal is to weaken the nation more, by installing a non-POTUS Cousin as POTUS.  It has happened, with Andrew Jackson -- but, at least his wife had been married to a solid POTUS Cousin and stepchildren were solid Potus Cousins... that is not what we are seeing among the contenders in 2018. 

Expanding on the connections, POTUS COUSINs have the character of being Nobility -- America has never actually abandoned the Nobility.  It would, for those who wave the Bible about, prove the validity of Biblical teachings and the tribal structure of the Hebrews.

The 13th Tribe, the Levite/Kohanim, rule the tribes in the same way the Royals rule America.  Weaken that control and the nation suffers and falls apart -- just as ancient Israel did during the ear of the Babylonian Captivity, which was the era when the Davidic Prophecy -- attempting to manipulate that prophecy to justify Jesus in terms of the Gentile superstitions is what was made Christianity the religion of repression it became.  The prophecy really means that kinship connections determine class and power.  The Levites -- like people everywhere in the world -- have intermarried to the point where they have a series of common ancestors which makes them all tribal context cousins.

A study of the ancestries of 13 million people resulted in defined wedges where it is recognized that, for the vast majority, people married within four miles of their birth location (with improved transportation, and larger city sizes, it is now seven miles).  This means, every four to seven generations, they marry back into their own family line -- they marry a distant cousin, usually of their own socio-educational class.

At the dawn of the Cold War Era, the newly formed CIA realized the reality that is genealogy -- they realized that people seldom move more than 25-miles from where they were born, and therefore, they could discover "secret installations" by looking at population changes and resettlement migrations.  No matter how well disguised, or camouflaged from aerial surveillance, a "secret base" will also have a demographic signature inconsistent with the historic pattern at its location.   

Genetically, it has long been known we are attracted to compatible blood types.  There are other genetic elements in play, which, when observed in the animal kingdom, help explain the evolution of species -- there is a subliminal attraction to those who share similar genetic mutations, even when those mutations are invisible on all by the microscopic level.   

In looking deeper into the POTUS COUSIN connections, the Wikipedia page for King William II of England brought something else into focus -- the degree to which we maintain the location element of kinship.  William died in a place called The New Forest, England -- whose Wiki page states  "It covers southwest Hampshire and extends into southeast Wiltshire and towards east Dorset."  These three areas -- Hampshire/Wiltshire/Dorset -- are the dominant locations of birth and origin for the Colonists who were the American colonial leaders from 1600 forward into the POTUS COUSIN, Speaker of the House, SCOTUS Chief Justice, and Entertainment Media leadership roles.

It has been said that the Colonies were the "New Israel".  In many ways, the Colonial founders were knowingly attempting to achieve that status ... or follow that model.
There were 13 "Colonies" -- actually artificially created from the far fewer actual colonial settlements.   Massachuttes can be seen as the Levite Colony, with the 12 Tribes being the other states -- New York and Pennsylvania might represent the Twin Tribes.
Massachuttes is the home of Harvard and the place of attendance for most major leaders in any aspect of the national reality.
The Tribe of Benjamin was a negative power in Biblical Israel, and they can be seen as the Right-wing Southern-based Republicans who, when they were Yellow-Dog Democrats, gave us the Civil War, rather than accept that slavery was a negative economic proposition which only served sadistic types who believed in THE MOST HARM TO THE MOST PEOPLE.

What Tribe do you belong to?
Or, in terms of the Biblical Marriage Laws, wish to elevate your descendants away from?  "Marry-Up", "Marry-Out", "Marry-Into", are all common expressions which reflect the transition from Biblical Tribal member into the ruling Levite representative class, and from there into the hereditary leadership of the nation -- some would even say the world.


Wednesday, March 14, 2018

BELIEVE ME' 56-Weeks of POTUS 45 and then Week-57

"'BELIEVE ME' 56-Weeks of POTUS 45 and then Week-57" {6 March 2018}
[eBook] [paperback] is live on AMAZON and eBook is on countdown sale right now ... $1 on 13th, plus a dollar increase per day for a week -- then back to regular price.

Learn about the issues Trump and Congress must really address -- as opposed to the nonsense they are playing at.  Russia is a problem; one that is emerging in England too.  But the real problem is the Minimum Wage and Social Security -- these are forcing the cost of Public Assistance up for no rational reason beyond the fact the Republicans want to destroy America via their MOST HARM TO THE MOST PEOPLE agenda policies.