Saturday, May 21, 2011

Dang World didn’t end

Preacher Harold Camping was proved wrong – world didn’t end on May 21st … but a week of gray skies … that’s all these idiots deserve.

Camping and his followers believe the beginning of the end will come on May 21, exactly 7,000 years since the flood in the biblical story of Noah’s Ark.  Basic problem?  The idiots never read the Hebrew Bible … Noah’s Ark Story is dated at HY1557 (2205BCE) … so only 4216 years ago … even if the jerk is right about the seven thousand years … TODAY, he was 2784 years short of the mark.

But hang tight …. apocalypse time is here … or so you will hear from diverse sources … the agreed date is 21 December 2012 … or whatever strikes the fancy of the idiots who believe in an apocalyptic age.

Hang tight … some jerk will come to power and push the magical button that will plunge us into global nuclear war … or the earth will simply have the earthquake cycles converge and everything will go south from there …

When it happens -- after all, so many have, for so long, have wanted it to happen – the idiots will: first say “told ya so.”; then realize the world they wished for is upon them … and it sucks.

Watch the idiots line up and enjoy their efforts to make things as horrible as they wish they were.

As for  Preacher Harold Camping … STUPIDITY makes people like him rich … Preaching “The Most Harm to the Most People” makes people like him rich.  Which explains why such people generally rise to power.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Theological Challenge to Islam

Jihadists believe they are doing the work of Allah; therefore they are justified in suicidal “Sacrifice”, or bombings, which take innocent lives of their own people.

The idea and act of suicide is forbidden under Islamic Law.  Thus those religious leaders who support it MUST justify it in the name of self-sacrifice.  It therefore follows that they are either right or wrong in their assertion – and every Jihadist is betting their immortal soul on that problem.  But the justification does not explain away, or excuse, the strongly forbidden murder of innocents.  Thus, absent the latter being excused and justified through the literal meanings in the Koran, there is no justification to save those whose actions kill innocents who were foreknown to be where the bombs were detonated – it is even less justified if there are no pre-identified infidels there.

Hence this is not the act of the religious – but rather it is that action of irreligious deceivers and servants of “The Great Satan”.

In that regard, it is in the interest of those who wish to destroy Islam that the suicide bombings occur.  The bombers are doing the work of  “The Great Satan” – work designed to further the Satanic destruction of the Innocent Faithful.

The body counts, and details of the victims support this conclusion:  The alleged Jihadists are, in fact, servants of those who would destroy Islam.  Therefore, they are to be praised by all who would see the death of the Islamic Faithful – those who oppose Isa and his army.  They and their supporters are eternally damned in the eyes of The Prophet (Blessings be upon him) and knowingly accept their fate.

Those in the West who wish the destru7ction of Islam are, without question, those who Trained Osama Bin Laden and allowed him to live in comfort in Pakistan for the past decade.  Obviously, they no longer control the Whitehouse – ore represent the individuals in the GOP who openly declared Bin Laden irrelevant to the alleged “War on Terror” which was, in fact, a war on Islam supported by Bin Laden and his Al-Qaeda followers.

Look at this objectively:  How many resources are devoted to the destruction of, or inflicting harm upon, those who live peaceful Islamic lives?  How many resources are diverted from making those lives better?

Those who represent evil engage in actions which bring hardship upon there own – to a degree far in excess of any brought upon the alleged “enemy”.

On all levels, the Islamic Theologians are confronted with the ultimate need – the need called for at the time of judgment & reward – to excuse the massive harm being imposed on the faithful by those who murder innocents.

There shall be no “eternal reward” – no 72 virgins – for those who … like Hamas, the Taliban, and Al-Qaeda … are covertly working for The Great Satan.  No other reward but His eternal gratitude and the torture they volunteer to be subjected to.

There are NO Islamic Theologians who can challenge this reality.  

Sunday, May 8, 2011


In an Associated Press report, CHRIS BRUMMITT,  asserts:

“Many Pakistanis, who are routinely misled by their government and live in a country where television and newspapers report conspiracy theories about the malign intentions of the United States uncritically, don't believe bin Laden has died.

"I think Osama did not die," said Mohammad Khan at a newspaper kiosk in Rawalpindi city. "I don't believe even 1 percent that he was martyred in Abbottabad. The making of a video is not a big thing for America. They can do what they want because they have the latest technology. They can make impossible things seem possible." “

This certainly typifies the mentality of those who are educated in a system which prizes ignorance above knowledge – not that unlike of Fundamentalist Christian population with their Creationism and own version of the same Conspiracy theory.

Of course, rationally, wouldn’t it be great if they were correct?

Suddenly, Osama Bin Laden cleans himself up, makes a video showing the Times or some other newspaper that reported his death – a nice front page would be perfect.  He holds it up and uses the Islamic various of “Reports of my death have been exaggerated.”

Suddenly! American Government is fully discredited; the American Army is disgraced; then, American credibility suffers more damage than any other event in history could possibly generate.

The very fact that Bin Laden does NOT appear is enough to underscore just how stupid conspiracy types really are.  Unfortunately – since we already know they are crackpots, there is no sustained damage to the causes they support.  However, because they are crackpots, the world is a more dangerous place, and those who would like to believe in a Divine Father, an Allah, a Creator, are reduced to their level of ignorance.

So it isn’t all bad.

Now this certainly typifies Islamic stupidity those educated in a system where suicide ignorance

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Query for the Times

Will all the media attention, to the death of Osama Bin Laden, make him a Martyr among Western Jihadist sympathizers?

How many people in Islamic nations actually give a damn about the Jihadists and other suicidal idiots?  That is, aside from the fact that they are a clear and present danger to every civilized follower of The Prophet = those who want a peaceful and good life for themselves and their children; those who seek, by improving their environment, to improve the world; those who believe they are as responsible for the health and wellbeing of their neighbor, as their neighbor is for theirs.

In other words – those who are neither Jihadist nor Right-Wing Christian, nor American Republican Conservatives … all of whom practice a doctrine based upon The Most Harm to the Most People … in any misguided form they can utilize semantics to twist and justify.

Bin Laden is gone, reportedly, Afghanistan has only 100 of his followers –- 100 suicidal idiots devoted to the commission of random murder – how long will it take for them to be eradicated and the people allowed to get on with their lives?  How long before America decides that we are wiser to spend our money here, improving lives and creating a model for developing nations, rather than in those nations murdering its people?

2012 is an election year in America – if we see a move toward the Right, and victories for the Republicans, we declare open warfare on the peace-loving people of the developing world.  If we fail to bring our troops home, and fail to allow them to enter the civilian workforce where they can grow our economy, we declare that we wish the death of the American Dream.  WE DECLARE!

I have expressed and declared my position, so the responsibility is now solely upon YOU to declare yours!  The death of America – which will take two decades from the time you affirm, with your vote, and possibly your voice, your desire for this nation, this dream, to end.  Those who are now your children, those below the age of having a voice, and those who are, or will be, your Grandchildren, will hold you responsible for the world in which they shall find themselves.  With the decisions you make – to be silent or speak out, and in speaking make it clear that you at least have some miniscule amount of courage of conviction -- YOU will decide what that world shall be like.  Will it be a world of energy efficiency, free of dependence upon fossil fuels?  Or will it be a world of random mass murder and religious or social bigotry?

Will it be a world in which America Leads, or must learn Chinese and Arabic (so as to beg for money), while being dependant on food and products from foreign shores?  Will it be a world in which our hatred of immigrants results in a depletion of new ideas and minds with which to apply them?  Will it be, as the Right-Wing has demonstrated it wants, a world in which “only in America” refers to a hatred of science, and love of Creationism?  Will we speak of Divine Punishment as an explanation for our downfall?  Our why earthquakes and other natural disasters irradiated a quarter of our nation when they destroyed the nuclear power plants we insisted upon building -- and allowed to age to the point of deterioration – in the precise areas we knew to pose the highest risk to the most people?

We ( !YOU! ) are making the choice, as I write.

As you read this, YOU are making the choice.

My Bet as to what that choice is?




Tuesday, May 3, 2011

LD 1046: “An Act To Amend the Application of the Maine Human Rights Act Regarding Public Accommodations.”

Well, Osama Bin Laden is dead – so says his DNA and the photos.  A few years ago, it was reported that Osama required regular dialyses – a fact which would explain how they could make an exact match so fast.  Dialyses requires unusual levels of blood-work, thus an abundance of samples which, in preparation for future need, could have been checked against family members (such as his sister, who recently died in Boston).   Whatever filtering system they used to establish a quick, debilitative,  answer to the true identify of the suspect.  But whatever the specific technology involved was, it pales in comparison to that possessed, here in Maine, by the sponsors of HP0781, LD 1046: “An Act To Amend the Application of the Maine Human Rights Act Regarding Public Accommodations.”

Paul LePage is in Augusta – even though more than sixty percent of the voters wanted someone else.  OK, record shows that I had assumed LePage would be a loser, with a higher percentage of the finally tally than he actually got.  Obviously, without either the expectation of a veto-proof vote, or the Governor’s support, the in introduction of LD 1046 – which specifies “... entity to restrict rest room or shower facilities that are part of a public accommodation to the use of single sex facilities to members of a biological sex regardless of sexual orientation.” – is an intentionally meaningless waste of legislative time and taxpayer money.  Which, because the Bill specifies “biological” rather than “physiological” gender identification, brings us to the DNA issue and the ability of those charged with enforcement to determine if an individual has a double X-chromosome, or is XY.  It also allows no exception for those whose physiology and chromosomal structure are, because of a rare genetic occurrence, mismatched during the gestation period.  Thus, being biologically, hence factually, one gender, while having the outward physical appearance of belonging to the opposite gender – which, aside from sterility, might be unidentified throughout their lifetime.

Thus we have an interesting legislative problem.  To enforce such a change in Equal Rights, it would be necessary for law enforcement to have unrestricted access to both YOUR DNA and YOUR medical records – every time you enter a public or private rest or shower facility, you could be arbitrarily asked to PROVE that your physiology matches your and biology.  On a practical basis, this is akin to the Mediaeval Inquisitors, or Witch-hunter Priests, having the right to strip an individual to seek out “Witch Marks” or blemishes associated with the power of witchcraft.  In reality, back then it provided a great opportunity to strip attractive women and grope their naked bodies.  Now the legislation would allow the legislatively approved inquisitors to demand a woman, when seeking to enter a restroom, to lift her skirt and drop her draws.  Of course, even if the dress matched the gender, any indication of surgery (in the appropriate region) would warrant a denial of entry into the facility.  Denial would, of course, also follow any refusal to comply with the request to strip.

Is this, in any way, the intent of the modification of law?  As the perverts who proposed it, and those who have subsequently sponsored it, what there motivations are.  More important, ask them EXACTLY how they intend to enforce the change.  How will they establish that the biological match  required for facility usage actually exists?  How is it to be done without a comparison of DNA and medical records with physical appearance?

This legislation has no non-invasive basis for enforcement.  Nor does it do anything more than create a blanket authority for the examination of otherwise private medical histories – to the DNA level, that level necessary to determine the biological, the chromosomal, gender of an individual against whom the legal change will be applied.  In short, LePage and his team are seeking to dismantle your right to privacy at it’s most fundamental level – your genetic make-up, your DNA.  The vote to affirm LD1046 will reveal the others who are seeking to attack your privacy; once you see how they vote on LD1046, you will understand their other votes, and legislative histories.  That will bring you a long way toward a full understanding of why our great state is having financial difficulties, and has a record as having a “bad business environment” – people don’t do business where their fundamental rights, and their right to privacy, is constantly under attack.

Of course, there is another possible scenario:

Can you see then legislature enacting a “follow-up” law – one which specifically prohibits the requesting of medical proof of gender.

No both perverts and non will gain immediate access to the opposite gender facilities.  Since “Biology”, as opposed to “Sexual Orientation”, is the key -- and there is no allowance/requirement for medical evidence – one need only CLAIM to be transgender to gain access to a facility:  BY CONSTITUTIONAL LAW,  they cannot deny access if a guy, asserting he is a transgender gal -- therefore biologically female – seeks to use a female only facility.  It would, effectively, be illegal and a clear violation, for the facility operators to challenge the individual.  All it would take is for one transgender individual, whose chromosomes match the facility, to be challenged and then sue.  Thereafter, anyone could use any facility, regardless of their outward appearance.

More fun … how about the gal who likes gals, or the guy who likes guys, and is transgendered to match their interests?  LD1046 gives them private access to a sexual orientation preference which is counter to the biological reality of their birth.  Effectively promoting the sexual orientation bias that the backers of the legislation purport to oppose.  ARE THEY HYPOCRITS OR JUST COMPLETE IDIOTS?  We already know LePage & his backers belong to the idiot minority … so … asked and answered.    

Monday, May 2, 2011

Osama bin Laden Dead

“Al-Qaeda founder Osama bin Laden was born in 1957 into a rich Saudi family, inherited $300 million at the age of 11, and was killed in his mansion, belying the myth that poverty breeds terrorists.” by Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu

OK!  Do we make a big deal out of the guy that President George Bush labeled “irrelevant to the war on terror”, or,  do we label Bush a bigger idiot than the fabled carnivorous beast pest who couldn’t reach the grapes and labeled them sour?

But the GOP is always yelling “sour grapes” – when they aren’t killing the sheep, grandmothers on their death beds, or granddaughters in their red hoods who have come to care for them.  What will they do next?  Who will they seek to kill?  How?  By taking away, or stopping, medical care and retirement money?  Will they kill the sons and daughters … in an unnecessary war.

And then there the issue of natural disasters.  How will, what is being done by, the GOP to ensure that the next disaster kills record numbers?  How are they structuring things to ensure there will be nothing to use to provide aid?  How will the GOP structure a million, or more, American deaths?   You know they are already formulating the excuses they will use to blame anyone but themselves.

REMEMBER!  You have been warned.

Their success will be your fault!