Saturday, October 30, 2010

Kosher, Halal, or High Cholesterol

The first – contained in a Catholic Synod statement issued Saturday, 23 October 2010 – declared the covenant with Abraham “abolished by the presence of Christ.”  This statement was then clarified by the American archbishop, Archbishop Cyril Salim Bustros, heading the commission which issued the statement:  "For Christians, one can no longer talk of the land promised to the Jewish people… There is no longer a favored people, a chosen people; all men and women of every country have become the chosen people.”  To this was added that "chosen people" does not symbolize Judaic superiority, but  rather a right to inherit the Land of Israel and an obligation to the 613 commandments in the Bible.  As we know from the Pauline Peter/Paul doctrinal declaration, the archbishop has declared  that Jews follow Peter – the foundation upon which the church was to be built – and the Roman Catholic Church follows Paul.  Therefore as I proposed earlier, is prohibited from following any of the health codes – which brings us to a news story which appeared 24 hours later.

Consider the flood legend – and the fact that both our tribe, and the parental lineage which gave rise to the CMH, came from the Indus Valley region which is now Pakistan; now think about the devastating 2010 floods and consider a past version as a cultural memory which was used as the model for Noah.  Aside from the calendar we continue to use, Genesis tells humanity that the fruit of the trees shall be your meat – why not have meat be meat?  If we address that in the context of symbolism, where the eating fruit could result in their gaining god-like knowledge and wisdom, people, who apparently know what meat is, are told to turn vegetarian – or vegan, if the knowledge of sin is symbolic of avoiding the use of animal skins for clothing.  However, if we put aside the symbolic to focus on the factual, the introduction of fruit into the diet, and the de-emphasis of meat, meat fat – hence the introduction of dietary guidelines which reduce LDL cholesterol – is consistent with medical knowledge being both accumulated and demonstrated throughout the tribal journey.  In the  1972, when segments of American were becoming concerned over the chemicals and additives the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) was allowing in process meats a  kosher food producer, Hebrew National, began a highly successful advertising campaign.  The crux of the campaign was an itemization of some of the additives allowed by the FDA – including sawdust in frankfurters – followed by the statement, “we cannot, because we answer to a higher authority.”

The “conversion” of Paul has been seen as a change in tactic to achieve a consistent, and clearly stated, initial goal – to stop non-tribal members from acquiring an understanding of that archived knowledge, and so prevent them from benefitting from it.  If we examine the dietary laws – laws which Pauline Christians are expressly prohibited from following – it becomes clear that they are consistent with a diet which lowers LDL cholesterol, reducing the material from which arterial plaque develops, thereby reducing the risk of atherosclerosis – with the benefit that healthy arteries increase the flow of oxygen rich blood throughout the body.  In terms of building the neural connections associated with the acquisition, storage and utilization of knowledge, an unimpeded flow of oxygen and nutrient rich blood to the brain is paramount.

The medical evidence now shows that arterial plaque begins to develop during childhood and adolescence.  While there are uncontrollable factors associated with the development of clogged brain arteries, diet is one of the most easily controlled factors.  In that context, a paper published in “Psychosomatic Medicine” (Vol. 49, No. 2 (March/April 1987)) made a high correlation in men between LDL cholesterol, plasma lipid variables, Type A behavior and hostility – the correlation in women, while still there, was significantly lower.  Another paper, in “Epidemiology and Infection” [(2010), 138:174-182, Cambridge University Press, doi: 10.1017/S0950268809990306], established “a correlation between national pig-meat consumption and mortality rates from chronic liver disease (CLD)” and determined that there was “a 10 kg higher national annual average per capita consumption of pork meat was associated with an increase in mortality from CLD of between 4 and 5 deaths/100 000 population.”  Of course, there is no way the Royal Scythians could have known this when, thirty-five hundred years ago, they barred all swine from their territory.  But with these facts in mind, let us consider this second news story – which deals with the closing of the kosher  division of an English meat packing firm whose major customer is McDonald’s.    

In response to queries as to their influence in the closing, a spokesperson for McDonald’s stated, “It is McDonald’s policy not to use meat that is religiously slaughtered, such as kosher or halal.  Following concerns that halal meat had been mistakenly used for some McDonald’s chicken products, the company asked all suppliers to ‘reiterate that their meat was not slaughtered in that way.’”  In fairness to the McDonald’s menu, it should be pointed out that the report was explicit in stating that beef consumption was not shown to be a factor in chronic liver disease mortality rates.  But there is still the issue of public health and exactly where McDonald’s stands on the use of pork, or pork products, which do adversely impact the liver.

In a related news story, the Auckland Hebrew Congregation and the Wellington Jewish Community Center issued a A statement pointing out that, “New Zealand recently became the first country in the world to outlaw kosher slaughter since the Nazis enacted similar legislation in Europe over 70 years ago. New Zealand Jews may soon be the only Jews in the world who can no longer eat chicken. Your children or grandchildren may never experience a Passover with chicken soup and matzah balls, or ask the meaning of the lamb shank on your family’s Seder plate.”

Taken together, it would appear that both New Zealand and McDonald’s have come down on the side of St. Paul and declared against the “higher authority” referred to in the 1972 advertising campaign; in the same way they have declared against slaughter standards which are certified to remove fat, and so remove a primary source of LDL cholesterol – which goes to secular, not religious, issues of public health and the joint contribution of government policies, and food industry practices, to growing obesity rates in industrialized nations.  It is also an issue which raises the also goes to the issue of why our genetic tribe chose to adopt dietary laws and practices which have been revealed to be scientifically and medically rational.  In terms of commerce, and free market decision making, our tribe has been linked to the creation of both the Silk Road to China and the Amber Road – which passes through the Russian Pale to Scandinavia.

In September 2010, Quick, a French hamburger chain trying to compete with McDonald's, began serving halal hamburgers in 22 of its 367 restaurants.  The decision by the French  franchise operation to go halal, or kosher, was made as means of raising its market share – which is one-third that of McDonald's – and was made after a six-month, eight restaurant, experiment in Muslim neighborhoods showed a doubling of business followed the hanging of certificates guaranteeing that their beef was halal.  Obviously, certified restaurants fall into the “higher authority” category with menu selections that are lower in LDL cholesterol.

In terms of available French cuisine, the Quick decision was simply emulating souvlaki shops and pizzerias which, for years, have been offering a halal guarantee.  Yet, it is  interesting that Rene Vandierendonck, the Socialist mayor of Roubaix in northern France, charged Quick with discrimination when it turned its Roubaix restaurant into a halal-only  – no similar charge was leveled at McDonald’s for its explicit refusal to cater to a potential clientele amounting to eight percent of their potential customer base (roughly five million in a total French population of sixty-two million).

In our journey we have seen socio-economic decisions based upon tribal identity, and how one of our tribe, Paul, set down a rule which had the effect of fulfilling his stated objective – to keep gentiles from being integrated into his orthodox Hebrew bloodline.  That rule, as expressed in 2010 by Archbishop Bustros, makes it clear that the “Church of Peter” follows Pauline doctrines.  Effectively, and explicitly, consigning the Ten Commandments, along with the other 603 which include health laws integrated into secular medical practices, to the Hebrews and denies them to those seeking Pauline salvation – unless, in addition to the faith requirement, all are adopted.

The heterozygote mutation which bestowed superior brain capacity, or process capacity, on the Ashkenazi, is believed to have occurred, or become evident, around the ten century.  In certain terms, it could be seen as establishing a new “Chosen People” – a genetic tribal lineage marked by increased cranial capacity, or data processing capability – in accordance with the thousand year period cited in The Book of Revelation.  In random terms, we could propose the period to extend from Paul’s death in 66CE to the 1066CE Norman Invasion of Britain under William the Conqueror.

In evolutionary-religious terms: A thousand years after the death of Jesus, evolution (the Creator) bestowed a heterozygote mutation upon the Ashkenazi-Levites.  In part it might have been due to their avoidance of pork, which would have increased blood flow to their brain and allowed additional synapse to grow.  Certainly they utilized what was available to develop their wisdom, knowledge and understanding.  In evolutionary terms,  nature chose the Levites (Ashkenazi Hebrew) to receive this mutational heterozygote advantage above all others in their genetic tribe and in the world.

It is easily explained in terms of the evolution and nature of the Yiddish language – and evolutionist could explain it in terms of event transpiring along the Roman German border region where the Jewish merchants were settled.

The cost of the heterozygote variation, if shared by both parents, was a twenty-five percent chance of a child receiving a double dose and dying from runaway neural development – conceptually, cancer of the neural pathways.  This was offset by a fifty percent chance of inheriting the beneficial mutation – with its higher intelligence potential – and a twenty-five percent chance of only average  Ashkenazi-Levite intelligence.  When, as we have seen, forced conversion was used to assimilate the Ashkenazi into the overall Germanic population, the first gentiles to experience inter-marriage received the benefit that their half-Jewish child had a chance to inherit the mutation – as high as twenty-five percent if one parent were a carrier.   Even with conversion and intermarriage, the sedentary patterns associated with gene flow would have served to retain remnants, or traces, of the mutation within a geographic region or community.   Thus, the Germans – particularly those in the eastern regions – would be expected to have higher IQ’s than other Europeans, or the Russians to their East. 

Archbishop Bustros is an idiot – and one of St. Paul’s pagan suckers – forever bared from the Salvation promised by those faithful to Peter.  And the European McDonald’s franchises are headed for serious trouble.  Not that the Jihadists are going to be any better off!   They have forgotten that the “People of the Book” are Islam’s brothers and within the Koran their equals – possibly superiors.  To attack them is to attack kinsmen and innocents – must the same as attack a mosque (which we all know Jihadists are prone to do). 

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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Murders caused by Geo. W. Bush

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Note the peak deaths illustrated by this chart from “THE ECONOMIST” (online) and note the sharp drop in civilian deaths which followed the election of Obama.

On November second, the voters will decide if the party of murderers (GOP), or the party of those who treasure life (DEM) will control one, or both, Houses of Congress.

Readers of my blog – or newspaper column – will already know that I am betting on the murderers being the rulers & law makers of choice for the people of America.  The most Harm to the Most People – has always been the guiding force of the modern Republican Party.  It is now, as it has been for centuries, the guiding force of Evangelical Christians who now control that party, and the TEA PARTY.

If the GOP wins on Tuesday, you can be sure that you shall be the loser.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Leaked Papers – reality exposed

On the infamous Sept 11th, 3,000 people were killed and the World Trade Center destroyed.  This was an act of criminals – professional murders who have no regard for innocent life, and who support the murder of their daughters by what they refer to as “honor killing”.

President George Bush decided to use this criminal act in two ways – first (under the cover of clear lies) he attacked a nation, Iraq, for the sole purpose of murdering its leaders … who he felt had insulted his father.  In December 2006 Bush authorization resulted in the murder of 3,800 civilians – who, like those in and around the World Trade Center, were innocent of any wrong doing.  In total, (as revealed by recently leaked government reports) Bush ordered the murder of “more than 100,000 dead from 2004 to 2009”.

Americans can be very proud of the President they twice authorized to murder innocent people.  Those who authorized (voted for) this murderer are themselves morally responsible for those deaths.  To compound the matter, they fully support Bush – and continue to support his elected backers - when Bush specifically declared the 9/11 murders to be irrelevant with regard to both their own actions and the actions taken in Iraq & Afghanistan.  It now turns out that the Bush Administration and GOP leaders knew full well where Osama Bin Laden,the criminal mastermind behind 9/11, was and that he – along with his criminal leadership - was the living in secure luxury.

Bin Laden is happy, Bush is now collecting his Presidential Pension (and also happy – laughing all the way to the bank protected by the personal security guards America provides at a cost sufficient to provide medical care to a significant number of the people paying the bill), and nobody cares.

How many more innocent people will Americans murder?  At what point do the historians decree that America entered the twenty-first century as the ultimate terrorist nation?  Do you even care?