Thursday, May 29, 2014

Georgie Porgie Bush wins

“The Al Qaeda organization founded by Osama bin Laden still exists, but it has been supplanted as the world’s foremost jihadist force by a range of new groups across the Middle East and Africa.”

So, 13 years after Bush declares Bin Laden irrelevant to the War on Terror, al-Qaeda becomes irrelevant to the War on Terror.  Of course, had Obama not killed Bin Laden, we could say: Bin Laden won.  Bin Laden‘s goal was to bring the American economy to its knees – and he appears to have achieved that goal.

The latest figures show America has slipped backward – four years before Death Over Life projected it to happen.  Oh well, now The Tea Party has a better chance to win in November 2014.  Well, they have ben trying to derail the economy, this gives them a better chance – and they can look toward opening the flood gates to terrorist attacks in Europe.


Saturday, May 24, 2014

Donald Sperling

A wicked thought struck me, as I was getting my morning coffee and bagel.

What if the Sperling racism allegations were really a tax avoidance conspiracy conducted with the full assistance of the NBA?

I’m thinking: here is a man in his 80’s with a billion dollar asset – albeit it is in a family trust, but a sale is still a sale – which the family wishes to dispose of, or partially liquidate.

What nicer way than to have a nonsensical charge leveled against him – based on a private conversation which is technically illegally released to the public; one in which he actually does not say anything racist, but which is given a racial spin by the other party to the conversation – his long-time and valued personal assistant.

Consider the possible effect of involuntary conversion treatment of a BILLION DOLLAR PROFIT.

An involuntary conversion occurs when your property is destroyed, stolen, condemned, or disposed of under the threat of condemnation and you receive other property or money in pay­ment, such as insurance or a condemnation award. Involuntary conversions are also called involuntary exchanges.”  [Generally, you do not report the gain if you receive property that is similar or related in service or use to the conver­ted property. Your basis for the new property is the same as your basis for the converted prop­erty. This means that the gain is deferred until a taxable sale or exchange occurs.  … If your net condemnation award is more than the adjusted basis of the condemned property, you have a gain.]

Basically, Sperling is being forced to sell at the appraised value – no profit or loss can be inferred.  Therefore the sale is, in theory, tax neutral.  However, if the actual sale is below the appraised value, the sale generates a loss to be applied against other income – netting no only the cash, but also a tax benefit against other income. … basically the Nation pays for Sperling to acquire a Billion Dollars in cash for alternate investment.  Since the owner of the team is a trust, and not Sperling personally, his lawyers would have ample grounds to contend that the transaction is indeed a forced sale exclusive of any action of the owner of record.  As the wife has an interest in the trust, and is not a party to the Racist allegation, she is a injured third party – again offering legal argument to support the tax treatment.

Basically, the only tenable argument the government would have in fighting any involuntary exchange treatment would be to charge the NBA with conspiracy to defraud the government. … which appears to be exactly what they are doing.   

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Republican House OK’s Domestic Surveillance

On Thursday, 22 May 2014, aggressive surveillance reform package was significantly altered, then the Republican House passed it.

The USA Freedom Act ostensibly ends the government’s bulk collection of phone records; but civil liberty organizations, point to the intentionally ambiguous new wording which will allow the NSA loopholes that allow continued domestic spying.

Basically, the Republicans restructure the legislation to promote BIG BROTHER style intrusions into the lives of average citizens.

The legislation allows vague use of ‘address’ and ‘device’, in terms specifically associated with phrase “such as”, to allow an open ended spying operation that is consistent with the law and allows invasive, un-American, practices we have seen associated with the Tea Party Movement.

As we know from their attacks on the Budgetary process and the lawful Constitutional obligations to honor all the nation’s debts – combined with all the un-Constitutional attacks on the health and welfare of American Citizens – and the way a third of the nation welcomes those attacks, there is little doubt that November will see them gain the upper hand and 2015 will mark the beginning of the end for America as a free nation and world leader.

The fun  begins and the decision is DEATH OVER LIFE.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Episode BONES – season Nine Finale

Years ago it was realized that people actually believed that Soap Opera characters were real.  Eventually that gave way to, or spawned, “Reality TV”.

BONES concluded season nine [9 Ep. 24] with a national conspiracy involving the Senate and Judiciary – as well as the FBI.  This reflects the Right-wing anti Obama, anti-Republican agenda which now dominates certain media outlets.

Given the established psychological effect of TV, we are now seeing something in drama which could result in a political effect come November 2014.  The next season of BONES will be just in time to shape the election.

Imagine if the bad guys turn out to be the Tea Party – or can be construed to be party of that political agenda.  Or, what if they are Democrats, maybe – given that the setup has the corruption going back 20 years – classic Reagan Republicans …

Given the events in the Ukraine … they could be Russian.  But, if we want to justify killing more followers of Islam, they could be Middle Eastern, Pakistani, or any of a number of other forces.

There is also the possibility that those behind the events will remain unidentified and therefore can continue the plotline throughout the tenth season and allow the public to blame anyone they wish … in 2014, then 2016.

In any event … it is a very explosive time for a popular TV show to be introducing a plotline that can incite the dim-wits into rebellious action … especially when organized hate and deceit are already dominating political reality.

But it is NEAT!  we get to see a real world psychological manipulation study which will have a real effect on the future of America.  And few realize that future impact.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Islam is for Pediphiles

"By mentioning pedophilia and women’s rights and saying that soldiers should not mention such things they are tacitly admitting that those things are indeed part of Islam."  They must avoid the linkage of pedophilia and/or homosexuality directly to the Islamic belief system.

Following the well documented example of the founder of Islam, pedophilia is an accepted practice since its inception.  Admitted by Muslim scholars, Mohammed married his wife Aisha when she was 6-years-old, and consummated the marriage when she was nine.  It is also noted that the Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia, Sheikh Abdul Aziz bin Abdullah, has authorizing Muslim adult males to marry girls as young as 10.

A favored Afghan expression: "Women are for children, boys are for pleasure."

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Pope Francis to Shun Popemobile on Mideast Trip: Vatican – because he read Saint Paul’s Joke

Because he read “Saint Paul’s Joke” – which is part of the official Vatican Archives -- Pope Francis I is going to Shun Popemobile on Mideast Trip.


The 900 year old St Malachy Prophecy said the Benedict was the last but one in the lines of popes.  Rome is to be destroyed in period of 112th Malachy Pope.

So … if you want to break the prophecy resign and the 112th Pope survives.  Or, the true 112th pope comes after him and Rome survives – the Vatican survives, and the religion survives.

If Francis IS the 112th pope, he is INVINCIBLE.  He must be alive when Rome is destroyed – or the Malachy prophecy is broken.  So, the worst thing that can happen, Francis is assassinated and the prophecy is broken.  But it all depends on whether of not Francis qualified as an ‘anti-pope’ … a pope who is not really official.  There have been several in history and they have not disrupted the Malachy list.

“Saint Paul’s Joke” – Francis must behave like Peter to be the Peter of the prophecy.  He must also die after Pope Benedict, or he could qualify as an anti-pope within the tradition of papal succession.   Thus, so long as Benedict lives, and Rome is not destroyed, Francis is INVINCIBLE.  He has no need for a popemobile.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Barak Obama … Had Truly Brilliant Parents

Think about just how brilliant the Birther Movement has declared Obama’s family to be – just how absolutely far sighted and prophetic the Birther’s believe Obama’s mother and father were:

1. In 1961, the civil rights movement hadn’t really gotten off the ground.  Yet Obama’s parents KNEW their son would be President – or, at least, run for that office.

2. Knowing that, rather than record his birth at the American Embassy, and thereby obtain full citizenship rights and documentation for him, they smuggled him into the United States.  And,

3. At the same time bribed the hospital officials to add his birth to the official record of birth’s for that day, or week, taken as the day of his birth.

4. That record was then forwarded to the Vital Records registrar and Obama’s birth was formally recorded on the 8th of the month (7 days after the birth); and along with all the other births that week, included in formal routine press release announcements of Births, Deaths and marriages.

5. Six years later, that entitled the six year old Obama to obtain an American passport establishing his birth as fact in the Federal records – indicating his Natural Born Citizenship, as opposed to the statutory one granted to those whose births are Embassy recorded.

6.  All this was necessary to ensure he – a black man born during a segregation era – would not have his Constitutional eligibility challenged when he ran for either the office of President or Vice President.

as the Birther’s attest:


So Far sighted as to know that racism would be set aside and their child would garner both the credentials and education necessary to be a viable candidate.

For Mother’s Day, give a rousing cheer for Obama’s brilliant mother … one who knew the heights to which her son would rise and who ensured the documentation supported them.


Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Reason to live in Maine

Thirty five years ago I was researching THE PROPHECY NOTEBOOK and realized there was a reason I had purchased a house in Maine.

Here we are, 35 years later, my book BIBLICAL PROPHECY is out and examining the Book of Revelation, with the follow-up book DEATH OVER LIFE focusing on the timeline and importance of the outcome of the 2014 United States Midterm Election – we can match that with the importance of the 2014 European Elections – and now the mass media is reporting on events which I wrote of 35 years ago.

Dose this matter?  Not at all.  People who want to survive will, as they have been doing, read DEATH OVER LIFE and other books I’ve done on related subjects.

It seems comical that the biggest grouping of climate denial agents is in the state which will see the worse effects.  There is something we are awaiting – a recurrence of the devastating 1811–1812 New Madrid earthquakes.  In relation to the Edgar Cayce prophecy of the Gulf being connected by open water to the Great Lakes, I wrote about that in THE PROPHECY NOTEBOOK.  I also discussed the a small fact which is now in the news – the effect of pumping water into oil wells to recover residual oil – today it is a process referred to as Fracking.  Water lubricates the faults which the sticky sand tar oil has bound together – the result is an earthquake.

Set aside the “Doomsday” idiots and religious fanatics – only a third of life is scheduled to die … maybe half, if you want to go by the prophecies which Revelation was repeating.

Set aside the mystical association with prophecy and call it logical prediction based upon observed facts.  Why?  because the Hebrew Bible is a medical book – good hygiene, proper diet, and reasonable precautions when dealing with things that cause infections … even though they hadn’t identified virus’ or germs or bacteria, the ancients were able to make the connection between a behavioral cause and an observed effect.  To determine the death rate one need only observe the number of people directly exposed to a known cause – through human waste into the street (ancient Rome, and the residents of latter Medieval London) and you spread the diseases.

The ancient  Scythians knew that fat was bad for you and pork was the worst source – so they prohibited it in their lands.  The Hebrews knew how wise their Scythian cousins were, so, when they were first in Egypt, and known as the Hyksos, they prohibited pigs from their regions.  Idiots love pork … OH I just insulted you?  Or someone you know?  That doesn’t change reality.  The biggest damage will be among those regions where pork is most loved.

Who cares?

We are in the final countdown.  Believe it, and prepare, do not believe, ignore the books – the Rule of Solomon declares that you need only be told.

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Fun for Congress

The Tea Party is having fun – if you believe the nonsense circulating on Facebook.

Seems Republicans are preparing to play games with an alleged Benghazi investigation.

What’s to investigate?  Was there absolute knowledge there was to be an attack?  Was there anything that could have been done?  Guess the investigation will disclose it.

Of course, it will also ensure that even less gets done this year than has been done in the past few years.  Anything to see that the people’s work is NOT done.

The Tea Party: America upended – do nothing beyond talk; gain power; destroy the nation; declare the other party to be at fault – or the establishment Republicans to be obstructionists.

But this would be chain-of-command stuff.  The White House is not routinely informed about minor policing of embassy grounds.  Nor should it be.

The apparent situation is that a clown  named Harold Watson "Trey" Gowdy is being considered as Chairman of a newly formed Committee to investigate Benghazi. What questions do you want Trey Gowdy to ask the Obama White House?

The 49 year-old Gowdy is an attorney who Represents South Carolina's 4th congressional district apparently introduced the ENFORCE the Law Act of 2014 (H.R. 4138; 113th Congress) into the House.  The bill would give the United States House of Representatives and the United States Senate both the standing to sue the President of the United States in a federal district court to clarify a federal law (seek a declaratory judgment) in the event that the executive branch is not enforcing the law.  Basically the idea is to tie the President up in court in a manner which will make him prove he is enforcing the law to the satisfaction of whoever wishes to yell that he isn’t.

The problem with laws like this is, the party promoting them assumes it will never be in a position to be subject to them.  In this case, the Tea Party seems to assume it will never have someone in the White House.  This would be the case if it assumes it will acquire power – but will not be subject to the Constitution.  That gets us into the realm of Death Over Life … America will fall … Washington DC will fall – because it represents Babylon the great city, and the Tea Party represents pure evil.

But we shall not be concerned with that.  November election will determine if the people of America would like their nation to come to an end.  If they do, than 2015 will provide the evidence.

Friday, May 2, 2014

Why Washington DC will fall

Death Over Life” is the choice of the destruction of Washington DC (possibly “Babylon the great city” in the Book of Revelation) and the continued survival of America as a great nation.

Those who read “Death Over Life” and/or “The Tea Party: America upended” know where the problem lies and what needs to be done before 2015 to prevent the prophecy from applying to America.

For the world – it really doesn’t matter … assuming, in economic terms, they position themselves properly.

America hates education – the Creationist movement proved that.