Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Anglican Communion and other idiots

Date Line February 28, 2007

Biblical Interpretation has become the primary focus of the Anglican Communion. Interestingly, this “interpretation” concept, as opposed to specific language of scripture, reveals the traditional disregard for the teachings which they are supposedly following.

One problem – the most blatant – is the issue of gays with Church Leadership authority. There is no prohibition against gays in the teachings of Jesus.

Where do these blatant anti-Christ types – these “Church Leaders” – get off by superimposing such bigotry in opposition to the specific words of the one they have sworn to follow?

What we are seeing is nothing more, or less, than the same bigoted and hypocritical nonsense the Catholic Church practiced throughout its post 600 CE existence.

Paul was probably gay – and so self conscious about it that he challenged his own sexuality. Of course, he also, openly, challenged the authority of Peter – the Rock upon whose authority the Church was to be built.

Peter was Kosher – as all followers of Christ were ordained to be. It is known that Peter followed the laws – but Paul set aside the laws.

It is interesting that all major Christian denominations have thrown out the Law – except in those instances when they can pervert the laws to discriminate, to exercise their bigotry.

As I have pointed out before, Homosexuality was unknown in Biblical times. Which is not to say it didn’t exist, just that the word, and connotation did not exist. The idea of same sex couples was, in those times, as it is in nature, quite natural.

There is one prohibition which could be – when stretched beyond both rationality and its specific language – be applied to gay behavior:

Leviticus 18:22 (V’et zachar lo tishkav mishk’vey eeshah toeyvah hee.) – "Thou shall not lie with mankind as with womankind: it is abomination."

The previous article (below) discussed this prohibition. It is clearly NOT a prohibition against lesbian behavior, as it applies only to the conduct of men. As such, it does not deal with the gender irrelevant concept of “homosexuality”.

More to the point, as applied by the bigots and anti-Christ element of the Anglican Communion, women are specifically excluded.

Within the laws of Leviticus there is nothing prohibiting women from engaging in sexual activity with women – when examined, there isn’t even a prohibition against female masturbation. It is the waste of sperm, spilling it on the ground, which is prohibited – as indicated in the previous article, it can be squirted into the mouth, but not spit out. It must, to avoid going on the ground, be swallowed.

Oral and anal sex between male and female are quite acceptable – for they are the only acts which a man can also engage in with a man.

Of course, the average Christian is mentally deficient. It is too much for them to think through the logic, or lack thereof, behind their efforts to hurt their fellow human.

Dealing with Christian logic is dealing with evangelical logic – it is the core problem with the Right-wing. They are – or more accurately, their leadership considers their followers to be – total idiots.

Look at what they have done in the area of education. Creationism! The idea that an incompetent deity needs to constantly adjust, modify, or redo, its creation. The idea that a “perfect” and “all knowing” being is imperfect and lacked sufficient knowledge to produce a desired and foreknown outcome is the heart and soul of their faith..

In terms of Biblical Prophecy, watch your butts: Armageddon is a necessity, because Christians are to Christ as Al Qaeda/Shia/Sunni Moslems are to Mohammed. Near prophet would take the trouble to save the respective members of either of those groups.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

NEWS U.S. court upholds same-sex teaching to children

Date Line February 24, 2007

Well, the Boston Federal Court has dismissed a case by two satanic and hypocritical “Christian” families – who didn’t like textbooks that dealt with gay marriage.

Naturally, being idiotic Satanic Right-wing Christians, it is natural that these families would misrepresent biblical teachings and oppose educating the young about the diverse works of the creator.

Federal Judge Mark Wolf ruled on Friday that public schools are "entitled to teach anything that is reasonably related to the goals of preparing students to become engaged and productive citizens in our democracy."

It appears it is impossible for these bigots to honor the teachings and laws set forth in the Bible; but not impossible for them to reveal their true role as deceivers of mankind.

These satanic families – stepped outside their roles as supporters of wars of choice and killers of children to assert that the teaching of the divine process which results in sexual role and related inclination variation among many of the family orientated species "begun a process of intentionally indoctrinating very young children to affirm the notion that homosexuality is right and normal in direct denigration of the plaintiffs' deeply held faith."

What is it that these plaintiffs claim as the basis of their faith – why nothing more or less than the promotion of bigotry, the denial of any divine wisdom and plan or objective.

Where do these homophobic get these ideas – nobody, beyond their satanic master, really knows. What is known, is they have a two fold pattern of conduct: They deny the applicability of laws known to promote health and longevity , while routinely misrepresent adjacent biblical laws – all the time insisting that both their deny of law, and misrepresentation of law, be the basis upon which to demonstrate compliance with those same laws.

Homosexuality is NOT a tenet of Biblical law! There is one law – which pertains solely to men (women would need to be specified, and a different phrasing utilized, if there were to be any rational and honest basis for asserting it applied to homosexual conduct). Begin with the FACT that6 the idea and term, ”homosexual”, is Victorian; and has no social basis prior to the mid-1800's – it is not Biblical.

Leviticus 18:22 (V’et zachar lo tishkav mishk’vey eeshah toeyvah hee.) – "Thou shall not lie with mankind as with womankind: it is abomination." There are many translation variations, but none (other than the bigoted modern “paraphrased” interpretations) refers to the homosexual act.

What does it mean? To know these, we must ask:

First, did the biblical writer know the physical differences between a man and a woman? Did they know that women have birth canals and not a penis? That these vaginal areas do not exist in men and therefore their utilization by a man cannot be duplicated with a man?

Second, did the biblical writer understand “as with”? If so, it is clear that, absent a vagina, the topic must become anal usage. Thus the usage would necessitate that anal between a man and woman is quite natural and acceptable. This would, naturally, also apply to oral contact as well.

Thus, at the very least – because it is the premise from which an interpretation can be derived – we have a Biblical approval for male-female oral and anal sexual activity. To deny this activity on Biblically based religious grounds would be Satanic – to deceive the bulk of mankind as to the biblical content and meaning.

Third, the real question associated with this prohibition is the meaning of “lay with”. Men and women might lay under the same covers; they would be naked with one and other while the lay. There is nothing physically sexual involved – but in that context, the prohibition fits perfectly into the multitude of associated laws related to “exposing nakedness” of the male.

Thus, short of declaring the author of the law a complete and utter idiot – totally ignorant of human physiology – what we have is simply another law dealing with men being in physical proximity with naked another naked man while sleeping. It is not “sexual” in the meaning of the physical act.

More import, in the context of homosexual understanding, it does NOT apply to women – it specifically, through the failure to reference as other laws reference both genders, excludes women. Thus it expressly removes itself from any modern, Victorian, homosexual based interpretation.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Terrorists are about to act -- Look for the attack.

February 22, 2007

“Double Double, toil and trouble, fire burn and cauldron bubble Something wicked this way comes.”

Catholics, and so all Christians, renounced Abraham’s covenant with his Devine voice; and now it turns out that HIV-AIDS is sixty percent (60%) less effective against the circumcised. They denounced the laws which Peter honored; and so their diets are high in fat and LDL cholesterol. They broke the law and are dying because of it.

The Right-wing, those arch violators of all the laws and commands they profess to honor; those who do not understand the prohibition, “Live by the sword, die by the sword”, have entered a war of choice and their children, or the children of those who misguidedly proclaim “support the troops”, are paying the price with their lives.

We now hear false talk of undefined “victory” – the need to “win”, and the harm talk of timelines, exit dates, and pullouts, have in the process of emboldening the “enemy.”

Have they looked at the truth? Not on YOUR life! Not on the life of your children or grandchildren.

What is the truth? Look to the National Guard combat rotation.

Where these citizen soldiers should be on hand to defend and assist their neighbors – should be at home safeguarding their families – they are, as we saw when Katrina struck and the Louisiana National Guard was nowhere to be seen, in Iraq.

What are they doing their? Why, what else would they be doing? They are dodging death in that sectarian war which can have no victors; which has had no victors throughout its 1200 year history.

Show that the nations defenders are away and you declare the targets at home to be vulnerable. Know that they are away, suffering from stress induced by too many tours and the breaches of contract which promise them further deployment – until they are all dead – and you tell the terrorists that they have won.

The greatest encouragement this nation can bestow on Al Qaeda is the absolute knowledge that our work force is being depleted, burnt out – and worse, deprived of the long term medical needs that result from 24/7 spent as a target in the night.

Listen up – look for a terrorist strike in America. Look for it in the near future. There is nothing more powerful to mobilize the hawks; nothing else which will ensure that the next presidential campaign is about continuing the occupation; nothing else which will ensure the bankruptcy of America – economically, and through the destruction of its next generation workforce ... those honorable and brave children who are serving in the National Guard.

The clock has started to tick. The timing is all – and there is no room for error. What shall it be? Poison gas in New York City – as is being practiced, or experimented with, in Bagdad? Maybe airplanes crashing into the Brooklyn Bridge – bringing down its pylons, or collapsing the central supports?

The Brooklyn Bridge is, more than the World Trade Center, the symbol of America – watch any World War Two movie and you will see a character nicknamed “Brooklyn” who is pivotal to the emotional involvement and determination of his comrades.

Of course, there is also the Statue of Liberty. It would take only one small plane for that to vanish. Yes my friends, the key is not in the fact that we might withdraw and let the sectarian war consume itself; rather it is the fear among Al Qaeda leaders that we will do just that – that we will leave them to kill each other. Look for the attack.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

"Return with honor" -- Cheney's a liar! And thinks you an idiot!

Date Line February 21, 2007

Well, Cheney is back in action. Seems, per Bush, the intent is to do this thing he calls “win”. Of course nobody has defined what “win” means. What we do know, it does not involve the other party surrendering or signing and armistice – there is no other party with the stature or authority to negociate either ... and we don’t negociate with terrorists.

Hence Bush has declared we can never leave Iraq; we can only cause the war to expand into Iran.

Now Cheney has another approach – a test balloon to save Bush from his own position. Cheney asserts we need to leave “with honor”. Oh shades of Vietnam and evacuation helicopters on the embassy roof.

America will not back a policy of retreat – so goes the Cheney line. Thus we know America can never pull out and leave a battle festering among Shia and Sunni.

Again the obvious fallacy of this position: it is well known that the Shia and Sunni have been fighting for 1,200 years – and will continue to fight until they come together on whether there are 11 or 12 Imams. More appropriately, were there 11 with one yet to come, or has he come and long since gone?

The Bush invasion of a sovereign nation being held together, as it has been since its inception, by a dictatorial force, has placed our troops squarely between two sectarian factions waging a centuries old sectarian war. It would be nice to believe that there is an honorable way to leave this mud fight – a way to exit without mud on our uniforms or flag – but there isn’t.

To have an honorable exit, we must broker and honorable settlement to centuries old sectarian differences. Hardly unlikely for an administration built on lies and deception – one that denies reality at every turn ... be it global warming, evolution, or the simple fact that our citizens require a reliable and responsive healthcare system.

Reality check time: When has the Bush cabal done anything we could phrase as honorable? That’s OK. I have the highest respect for the dishonorable who consistently profit from their behavior and the damage they cause to others – especially when the others “thank” and “defend” them for inflicting that harm.

Americans are not the brightest bulbs on the string. If not for the immigrants, our nation would be foundering in its own waste – oh, right, we are foundering in our own waste; but the immigrants are prospering from it.

Ol’Dick Cheney boasts, "We know that terrorist attacks are not caused by the use of strength, they are invited by the perception of weakness." In this instance, the terrorists do not “perceive” weakness, they know that is all we have. Strength comes from focus – and the retreat from the pursuit of Osama Bin Laden proved to any and all that Americans are incapable of the steadfast focus needed to respond appropriately to terrorist attacks.

Remember, we gave up the home court advantage to bring our forces to Iraq – where more Americans have died than on 9/11; and at greater economic cost to the nation and successive generations yet to be born.

America will lose, in current dollars, a Trillion Dollars to the medical and economic disruptions associated with American casualties being created in Iraq. We have done for the terrorists what they could never have done alone. They recognized our true weakness – an inherent need to induce those forces necessary for religious Armageddon.


Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Where's the "WAR"

Date Line February 20, 2007

Ah the problems of government people being honest – when dealing with a dishonest government.

An audit of Department of Justice cases has revealed they padded the numbers. Like Bush WMD, it seems most of the cases under the heading of anti-terrorist prosecutions are bogus.

A marriage broker, arranging marriages for immigration purposes, is classified as a terrorist prosecution. Gee, the process of getting women into America – following a pattern which has been in place for centuries – is now the same as blowing up the World Trade Center.

Man! Talk about being hard on marriage.

The audit revealed that LESS than eight percent (8%) of the DOJ data was accurate – the remainder represented misrepresentations or inflations of data. Now that’s how you steal from the taxpayers ... we are talking organized crime at its best; and who better to engage in crime but those charged with prosecuting crimes?

Yep! It is theft, criminal fraud – but nobody will be charged. Why theft? Easy. The inflated data is used to justify budget increases and reallocation of budgetary funds. Taxpayers are being robbed.

Don’t look for any hew and cry; those being robbed are not the rich – the rich are receiving tax cuts as payment for keeping their mouths shut. Of course, the false prosecutions also divert personnel from prosecuting the rich for investor fraud, or money laundering, or their activities to assist terrorist organizations.

Keep this in mind: Prescott Bush – Georges Grandfather – helped fund the Nazi Party. It is only natural that George follow the family tradition and assist Al Qaeda and other terrorist organizations whenever, and wherever, possible.

Senator Charles E. Schumer, D-N.Y. has stated: "If the Department of Justice can't even get their own books in order, how are we supposed to have any confidence they are doing the job they should be? ... Whether this is just an accounting error or an attempt to pad terror prosecution statistics for some other reason, the Department of Justice of all places should be classifying cases for what they are, not what they want us to think them to be."

Ah it is nice to know the good senator from New York has his head in the sand – while also identifying the problem. This administration – like all Right-wing fascist and dictatorial groups – lives and breaths fraud and deception.

We are now faced with inflated statistics at every turn. Look for more as Bush & Co work diligently to justify their war with Iran. You can trust that if they fail, McCain, if given a successors power to do so, will be happy to lead the charge.

Fear not. The Right-wing will get its global war – or bankrupt the nation in the effort. Our rights are being stripped just as they stripped all human rights from those they have held – without charge, or trial – in bases around the world.

The serious question is: How long will the world put up with the murder and kidnaping? Eventually, Bush will anger everyone – he will dumb down the nation and convince them (as he has to justify Iraq) that we should yield the home court advantage and bring the battle to foreign lands.

The problem with that? WHAT IS THE GOAL? And what will be the signal that it has been scored? Will terrorism end because Osama Bin Laden passes away quietly in Pakistan? Or is there a terrorist empowered to speak for all those angry with Bush America and sign a peace accord? If it were a war, there would be some authority empowered to sue for peace – there is NO WAR.

There is little more than a joint Al Qaeda-Bush power play for the destruction of America. Check the numbers – it’s working.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Another Bush ripoff - Medical Care Insurance


Date Line February 17, 2007

Well, haedly an hour can go by before Bush works to deceive and prove just how stupid the average American can be. Now King George has declared, "I am confident that if we put politics aside, we can find practical ways to improve our private health care system,"

Note the word “PRIVATE”! This clown isn’t talking repairing the health care system, he is out to boost the wealth to the private insurance companies by granting a $15,000 tax deduction.

Well gee, who can afford $15,000 for health care premiums? Who can afford $15,000 out-of-pocket for health care? For King George, this offer states that

Bush's plan would give all families a standard $15,000 health care deduction on their taxes. It would also tax coverage valued above $15,000.

Exactly what does this mean to a family earning $50,000 per year? They paid in between $6,700 and $9,100 – based on zero deductions. When April 15th arrives, they do their taxes and Two parents, two kids, normal deductions ... maybe some co-pay deductions and property taxes ... they have no real tax obligation.

But King George will have them pay to ensure four people – and allow them the deduction. Gee. They have just spent the money they live on to get a deduction which has absolutely no effect on their actual after tax cash flow.

Who benefits from the deduction? Why the single or elderly married billionaires are the ones who benefit. It is they who would have the $15,000 tax obligation that this deduction would eliminate.

The Bush plan is another con-job. It is another offer to shift your tax money to fund the medical care for the wealthy.

King George knows exactly what he is doing, or suggesting – this guy holds degrees from Harvard and Yale; he holds degrees in history and economics; he knows how to con because he studied the history of the con; he knows how to manipulate the tax code and tax obligations because he majored in it!

Now when we allow the very rich to shift their payments from funding their fair share of governmental costs to funding coverage that benefits only themselves – who do you think will be paying the costs of government? Who will pay for Bush’s war of choice? Who will repay the loans from China and other nations?

Gee ... what do you think? The reductions of taxes on the rich stay in place and the taxes imposed upon the poor are increased. That family, who slaves to earn $50,000 and has no real tax obligation – their taxes will be raised. Screw the poor.

That remains the Bush mantra.

Now we have the real fun – those who are the future earners? Why they are going to be dragged off to die in Bush’s war of choice. They will be the ones to die in IRAN!

Bush has already caused the death of many more Americans than Osama Bin Laden did on 9/11. King George will not be happy with a death toll less than several multiples of Osama’s achievement.

But wait. Bush and Osama have another attack up their sleeves – it will be coming soon. It will be the attack to justify invading Iran and it will be the attack to bring the hawks to the fore. It is on the drawing board right now. Wait for it. Before the average person can get their suntan we’ll see the death and destruction.


Brain Food for that Fetus

Date Line February 17, 2007

Growing up, I was alerted to the old expression, “Fish is Brain food”.

Well, the news today reports on a recent study which affirms that eating fish during pregnancy will produce more intelligent children.

Quite naturally, the FDA – under George Bush – is telling mothers-to-be to avoid fish, or seriously reduce its intake to the point of no effect. You cannot produce an nation of idiots, if you allow nutrition derived intelligence.

Note that there is a cut in programs to aid the young. There is a cut in healthcare, and an increase in mandated medications which have the effect of dumbing down America’s children.

Today we also have news of the beneficial effects of a component of fish oil – DHA – as a mitigation factor in the development of Alzheimer’s and other forms of mental debilitation among the aging. DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) is associated with Omega -3 Fatty acid within fish oil. It is available as a common dietary supplement. Omega-6 is also required to provide the necessary fatty acids the brain needs to develop superior functional abilities.

DUH - we’re talking Fish as a major component of our diet. In cases where concern over contamination are an emotional factor preventing ingestion of fish, the supplements can clearly meet, and exceed, all dietary requirements (currently set as three fish meals a week).

The Bush administration and a government infiltrated by those who wish harm to the general public, have used fear – gee, favorite Bush Right-wing tactic – to prevent proper diet among expectant women.

The concerns over methlymercury and polychlorininated biphenyls have a basis in reality. However, you will note that – for many decades – the Right-wing has blocked all efforts to prevent increases in these pollutants.

Worse, Bush is now promoting nuclear power – which produces even more deadly pollution. Naturally, this is being done with deceitful and blatantly false claims of nuclear being cheap and clean.

The claims are based on the intentional disregard for costs associated with the nuclear waste produced – 1600 years storage carries a price, as does cleaning up contaminated areas and the prevention of future contamination to ground water (not to mention health risks associated with proximity to such power plants, and the terrorist risks that can arise from the waste being used to make dirty bombs).

Women can counter the efforts to dumb down their children – and address any personal fears about contaminated fish – take the Omega-3 and Omega-6 daily during pregnancy.

If you really want intelligent children, there is something else that can be done while they are in the womb and immediately thereafter. It has long been know that rhythmic music – soothing music – Bram’s Lullaby as an example – played to the fetus will help them structure their developing brain into an ordered synaptic network.

After birth, continuation of the music and the addition of programs such as “Hooked on Phonics” will further the process of intellectual development. The fifteen year research program on the effects of dietary fish on IQ also discovered that the children produced are more socially successful – less disruptive, unmannered or ill-behaved.

The addition of Vitamin C to the mother’s diet has the effect of building the fetal immune system. This nutritional supplement should be continued after birth in the form of first liquid C and, as the child develops teeth, chewable C.

Naturally warnings against smoking while pregnant of in the presence of a child (in a space where the child will breath the air) apply.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

What is “Conservative” and what “Liberal”?


What is “Conservative” and what “Liberal”? In this Orwellian Age, the labels have become confusing – confusing to the point of meaning meaningless.

Religious Conservatives are supposedly those who follow scriptural guidance as dictate through the written doctrine they hold to be their scripture. However, the alleged Conservatives – especially those in the Islamic and Christian camps – go out of their way to avoid, or prevent, everything which conforms to the dictates of their professed doctrine.

Consider this reality: It is the Conservatives who advocate wars of choice, and argue “support the troops” when the actions of the troops are to kill as many innocents as possible. When the troops rebel against the unlawful orders, or when they are injured, the support evaporates. What murderer will support a soldier who will not murder? What murderer will support a soldier who can no longer be available to murder?

Fiscal Conservative? Where are they? The Republicans claimed to be Fiscally Conservative – yet it is they who run up record deficits and debts to foreign nations.

Of course there is a humor to this fiscal irresponsibility – the nation to whom these Conservatives are selling our soul to are one of the two nations we were opposing during the Cold War. The Russia were, by their instincts.

In the area of Foreign Aid, King George's “Vultures” are going to divert money from poor nations to Republican champaign funds coffers – via major donors. Georgie Bush is, at the time of this writing, ready to shift Billions of taxpayer dollars to the pockets of his biggest backers.

Hey GOLDFINGER – robbery is wrong – even if it is sanctioned by Conservatives and their bowing, scrapping, opposition counterparts.

What is a “Conservative” – it is Orwellian speak for those who would more properly be called THIEF and MURDER.

Does Bush serve Bin Laden?

In the early 1990's Bin Laden proclaimed his hatred from Saddam Hussein. He made it clear that he wanted Saddam dead. Shortly thereafter, Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld began planning their invasion of Iraq – years before Bush announced his presidential run.

Bush was elected president with no way to justify his fully developed plan to attack Iraq and kill Saddam – and subsequently attack Iran.

Knowing of Bush’s plans, Osama began to formulate his contribution to achieving his stated objective – his way to assist Bush. On September eleventh Osama brought down the World Trade Center and Bush immediately initiated the anticipated response.

Bush and Osama assisting each other; but not before the showcase response “the Beard” needed to disguise their mutual objective. Bush attacks Afghanistan and promises to get his buddy, Osama.

However, as we all know, when the army was actually able to close in on Osama – this 6'4" diabetic on kidney dialyses living in a land of 5'6" men – Bush launched his attack on Iraq and pulled the troops off Osama. Bush gave his buddy Osama a free pass. Bush even went so far as to declare Osama irrelevant in the “War-on-Terror.”

Soon after, as we all know, Osama declared his next two objectives: he wanted the United States to run a Trillion Dollar deficit, and he wanted chaos in Iraq.

Osama had previously declared how beneficial to the creation of a chaotic nation state would be to the recruitment of suicide bombers – and he didn’t hesitate to restate this belief. In response, Bush sent his people to Congress to assure them that Iraq had absolutely no history of sectarian violence, and would not fall into civil war.

Who is the puppeteer and who the puppet? The argument against this thesis, and recitation of facts, is the question, “Is Bush that smart?” Or should we ask, “Are Americans that stupid?”

The new budget calls for $140 billion for his Osama partnership (to paint targets on uniforms?). This will be provided by $70 billion in cuts to Medicare Chronic care programs – hum, didn’t Scrooge say something like “let them die and decrease the surplus population”?
Clearly, Bush believes carrying out Bin Laden’s objectives is far more important than the health and welfare of Americans.

Remember – Osama also wants Iran destroyed and America bankrupt; watch: Bush still has 18 months to finish his master’s work.

Right-wing is composed of people who violate each and every one of their stated principals – in the certain knowledge that the average American will not notice.

The Washington media will ensure people are distracted by innuendo – didn’t they raise a real stink when Senator Joseph Biden had the audacity to say his colleague, Senator Barack Obama, was articulate? Per the media: that is a racial slur if every there was one – they know full well Black leadership always speak in sentences that Rhyme.

Turning from Obama to Osama, Bush has proposed military spending at levels twice those of the Cold war era. Bush double speak declared the way to cut deficits is first, cut revenues by retaining low taxes for the rich; next cut payments for both civilian and miliary health care.

So long as the media is mesmerized by trivia, or an intelligent and articulate Senator – who happens to be black – and refuses to accept reality, it will be so easy to for Bush to achieve Osama’s goals.


Hashem opposes Bush and Right-wing evangelicals


Think wood or coal fire. Think the process of burning. Think the striking of a match or the spark which ignites the fuel which generates the heat. If you have that image, you have a visualization of both Global Warming and Evolution.

The rules governing the world, those which define the universe, are based on change. The universal laws arise from the movement of electrons, a change atoms which define various forms of matter.

It is a matter of matter and changes in order of magnitude– the size of what is being described, from atomic, thru organic, to planetary – heat is a product of any change of state.

A change of state can be physical – conversion of fuel to fumes; or it can be a matter of speed – the heat from friction, or electrical heat and light from resistence.

In humans, it can become contradictory or paradoxical, resistence to change still brings about change; but it might be the change the change was designed to prevent.

We see this paradox in the debate over Mars Hill Wind Farming, where the change to wind is designed both to prevent further change to the climate and the environment as a whole. Yet to prevent maring the skyline with wind mills, people are actually fighting to mare it with air pollution from the burning coal as a substitute.

Some might say they do not want to burn coal – or any fossil fuel – but would prefer “clean and economical” atomic power. Of course, atomic energy has proved to be the most costly and dirtiest of power sources. Costly because the waste must be stored – at a cost far exceeding the monetary value of the electric produced; and dirty, due to the same waste and the contamination of the sites where the power plants, when decommissioned, existed.

Recent studies into what makes an “expert mind” – how experts think and analyze problems – have shown that the expert is not necessarily smarter, or more skilled, than the novice. Which means: “You have an expert mind – if only you took the trouble to nurture it.”

These studies reveal that experts accumulate specialized information to create an area of expertise. They then reduce that information to patterns and overlay the patterns on new information – using the new data to restructure the original pattern. Experts learn from events.

If we exclude hubris, neither Bush, nor his Right-wing support, can be called experts at anything. Worse, like a hand full of Mars Hill residents, Bush’s forces cannot even acknowledge reality when it smashes them in the face.
Climate Change is real, the depletion of fossil fuels is real, that the creator bestowed upon us a variety of clean energy resources, even placing them out of the way of normal living, also appears real.

Eight thousand years of human development has changed the climate – has placed increasing amounts of CO2 and methane into the air – but those who believe in scripture can take heart in knowledge that these changes coincided with agriculture and livestock usage.

These elements of “pollution”, these changes, can be said to have arisen from the mythological garden – with man as caretaker. Thus revealing the hypocrisy of Bush evangelicals – who deny that the first obligation of man, the first commandment, is to care for the Garden. ______________________________________________________
Those who complain about trees cut to make a clearing where wind towers are situated (about 100x100, or a quarter acre per tower) – these people would rather see that number of trees cut and burn in wood stoves.

When they talk of the narrow access road – again they would rather see that number of trees cut and burnt.

Of course, trees cut and burnt for a fixed clearing are cut once, and reflect the only trees cut. That number of trees, cut for firewood this year, will see the same number cut next year and for all years thereafter.

The clearings for the towers create feeding grounds for deer and other wildlife. Animals utilize the roads to traverse areas in search of new habitat – porcupine, raccoon, skunk, deer, etc are attracted to roads for the same reasons people prefer them to the alternative; and again, how nice for these creatures to learn the roads lead to new feeding and nesting areas which border clearings?
But, of course, those who really hate nature, but value their own personal property right to hurt the environment, oppose things which are win-win – thus oppose solar and wind “in their backyard”.

Who is "Bill Donohue"?

Date Line February 12, 2007

Brownie, You’re doing a heck of a job.
Rummy will be staying on in the next term.
I have no plans to invade Iran.

Well folks, any chance we’ll go three for three?

Next query: Who is "Bill Donohue" and why does he have is head where the sun don't shine? Could he be looking for a brain? Or maybe he thinks that brown stuff around his mouth will do.

Actually we know who he is – he represents those wonderful people who brought you the Inquisition and Burning people at the State as a form of public entertainment.

Who is "Bill Donohue" – he’s the voice of murders and one of the modern anti-Christ legions who promote death and destruction.

Who is "Bill Donohue" – he is a servant of the Four Horsemen, one of the army of the Great Deceiver who justifies the death of innocent souls in the name of his anti-scriptural dogma.

Do you believe in G-d?

Date Line February 12, 2007

Do you believe in G-d? If so, why? More important – what form does that belief take?

Look around you. Look at those who profess some belief, yet demonstrate nothing of the tenets associated with that professed belief.

Curiously, as I began this Blog, WERU began to broadcast a Martin Luther King speech about Viet Nam and our aggressive suppression of their push for freedom and independence.

In hindsight, Viet Nam has become what the people had originally wanted; and we have gone on to destroy yet another nation – Iraq.

Orwellian Double Speak as seen in the present and past. Can we impose upon others what we say they should want, or do we assist people to peacefully gain their objectives? Do you believe in G-d?
Do you believe in an almighty father? Are you amazed that His might has not been brought to the fore?

What child ... how would a child ... how should a child behave toward the rules set down by a parent they purport to love? Does a child breach the rules? Is that an expression of love? Does the child demand unconditional love – and then go out to push the boundaries of that love to the breaking point?

In Judaic it is said that one should “build a wall around Torah.” It is an expression of the idea that one should set boundaries WITHIN the boundaries that should not be crossed.

America has not boundaries. It recognizes no parent, no authority above its might and the whims of the moments. “In God We Trust.”

We Trust a Deity to look the other way, to blind its eyes to the deeds or actions we engage in, and to accept our words – those formula expressions of obedience as we disobey.

It is the father’s fault – these consequences the child experiences from their actions and disobedience. The all mighty father would force his child to comply with the rules, to show basic manners to each other, to respect the environment and all life.

Yes1 It is the father’s responsibility. And the father gives warning that transgression shall be punished. Father, with infinite patience, or the certain knowledge of the outcome, knows the punishment is there and will be felt.

Look about you. Pay some attention. The lessons of history – ignored – are destined to be repeated until learned. Look about you and see what you can see – then see more – for it has been laid out for all to see.

We are faced with a turning point in history. It is a spot which we will never be able to return to – it is a moving river, never the same, at times calm, and at other times raging; but it is a river and it is flowing from its begging to its end.

We are simply creatures faced with life in, or on the shores of, that river. The liver will flow in its own time and flowing the course it selects to carve. Do you think yourself more powerful than that river?

Build your dam. Act against the Law, reject that which you claim to be your Torah – while asserting to an All Knowing you are really a believer. Oh the beauty of fools lead by hypocrites.

We are within months of the next domestic terrorist attack. We are within months of the military excursion into Iran which will define the true course of history. We are within that brief point of decision – to obey, or push the boundary of “unconditional love” which we know was given conditionally.