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There are those who question the idea that King Tut was related to Britain's … that is, that his yDNA is Hg-R1b.  Three paragraphs from the  LiveScience report on Tut DNA are quoted below:



“Pusch and his colleagues published part of their results, though not the Y-chromosome DNA, in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) in 2010. The Y chromosome is the sex chromosome found only in males, and looking at the genes in this chromosome would show Tut's male lineage.

Pusch's team used snippets of Y-chromosome DNA  to link Tut to his closest relatives, identifying his mom and dad. But they didn't publish the full genetic data that would allow genomics companies like iGENEA to link modern people to the Tutankhamen lineage. According to Scholz, that crucial data is what appeared on the Discovery Channel.

"Dr. Albert Zink from the EURAC [European Academy of Bolzano, an independent research center] in Bolzano and co-author of the 2010 JAMA publication screened the footage and confirmed that the company acts very unscientific," Pusch wrote in an email to LiveScience. "The Swiss company did not try to get into contact with us prior to launching their new Internet page."”


NOTE:  1. The specific markers were NOT reported in the 2010 JAMA paper – though it is explicitly stated that those markers matched the paternal line (father & grandfather).  2. There are those who have asserted “contamination” of the Tut sample.  However, this would mean there had to be similar sample contamination for the father and grandfather as well, or there would be no match (as was both demonstrated on the Discover broadcast, and asserted in the paper).  3. For three samples to be contaminated with the same DNA, they would all  have had to have been exposed to the same source.  4. That means an incompetent lab tech who introduced his own DNA into all three samples; that means testing those who had access would reveal the idiot.  5.  If nobody on the team, or who had appropriate access by which to contaminate the samples, exists, that would mean intentional contamination utilizing a British sample – intent means FRAUD.

Therefore, the paper is intentionally fraudulent, though the fraud was not reported in the form of actual yDNA results.  SO! It follows that those who assert contamination are charging the team with willful fraud for the purpose of both academic deception, and international public deception (because the process was being filmed by Discovery as a documentary).  This means those making the charge MUST, a. prove the charge, or, b. are subject to being sued for libel on an international scale and in every court of every nation in which the broadcast was aired – note that the broadcast appears on the internet, and therefore that means they are subject to individual actions in every nation with internet access.

I would note that both "Grandpa Was A Deity"(2011) and "Genesis of Genesis” (2012) provide a historical and genetic basis for the link between Egypt and Britain to exist.  By inference, we might even assert that Tut, his father and grandfather were in the genetic line of Imhotep – it would be nice if the remains of Imhotep, or those of someone known to be in his direct line, could be located and tested.  It is entirely possible that they were responsible for, or associated with, the construction of Stonehenge and the related monuments detailed, with associated graphics/architectural relationship, in the 2011 book, "Genesis of Genesis”.  

Bible Chronology

_Genesis Chronology_20121211

As of 2012, the above chart represents the most accurate Patriarch Chronology in existence.  It is also the most accurate one that will ever be created.

“Genesis of Genesis” (Amazon, 2012) Represents the most accurate justification for the Patriarch Ages that has ever been produced.

Buy  "Genesis of Genesis" at Amazon and learn the truth behind the first two books of the Bible – thereby obtaining a Biblical response to Creationist nonsense.

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What is Marriage?

Some treat it as if it were a religious institution – which it may well be – but most of us recognize it for what it really is: A state approved bond between adults.  Effectively, it is a mutual adoption which both creates a family structure, and creates a bridge between two independent, and otherwise unrelated, family lines.

The process involves a State License approving that the state defined qualifications necessary to enter into the bond have been met; it then must be finalized by a state licensed, or approved, agent.  There is no religious component, and therefore the union can be deemed to be a Civil Union in every sense of the term.

By comparison, we are required to obtain a license to drive, and, when we get behind the wheel of the vehicle, or grab the handlebars. the vehicle must have been certified safe by a licensed, state approved, inspector.  There is no religious component – even if the approved inspector is also a member of a clergy.  The same applies to a Notary, a CPA, of a Game Warden – any of whom could also be a member of the clergy.

Each state holds the right to determine to whom, and under what qualifications, the initial license and final certification shall be granted.  Be it marriage, or operating a motorized vehicle, the state, not a religious organization, defines the necessary qualifications and restrictions.  If a term, or title, is found to be objectionable, or causes confusion, it can be changed without affecting the underlying realities.  If religious organizations wish proprietary rights to the term marriage, the state should uniformly adopt the term Civil Union.  Religious organizations are, of course, free to perform marriages based upon their own criteria – but they cannot to have those ceremonies certified by the state unless they meet the state requirements.  Therefore, anyone entering into an uncertified, or un-certifiable,  religious union cannot avail themselves of state approved and sanctioned benefits or rights reserved for those with the proper documentation and approval.

Anti-discrimination laws apply to race, religion, ethnic origin, gender and gender preference.  It therefore must be shown why these laws should be set aside in the case of a mutually agreed union of two family lines through the adult adoption process currently known either as Marriage or Civil Union.  Failing that test, each individual application to create such a union between family lines must be examined on its own merits – assuming the individuals would be free and qualified to enter into such a union with an alternative family line.

There is no case law to support objection in violation of Anti-discrimination laws, and therefore the matter must be resolved in favor of the right to marry where the sole objection is precluded by the Anti-discrimination laws.  As to the definition of marriage: it is simply terminology and, since the matter before the court is civil, not religious, can easily be replaced by, or taken to mean, the more accurate term, “Civil Union”.  In that case, setting a restriction in violation of the Anti-discrimination laws, without specific justification of a social benefit or necessity, is, at the least, illegal, and therefore possibly Unconstitutional.  There are no known briefs which justify the setting aside of the Anti-discrimination laws; therefore the High Court has no option but to affirm the ruling of the lower courts and vacate both Proposition 8 and the definition change.

U.S. Supreme Court & Defense of Marriage Act

“There is an increasing religious consciousness across an ever wider spectrum that providing legal protection and religious sanctification to two people who want to create their lives together reflects our highest values,” Rabbi David Saperstein stated.

One inherent problem with the Defense of Marriage Act is that it belittles the basis for marriage… the love of two individuals and their desire to spend their lives together.  Of course, we live in a society which believes (correctly) that a livelong commitment lasts less than a decade.

The biggest offenders in this matter are those who promoted the Defense of Marriage Act … they have successfully done more to undermine the institution than any other group has ever achieved.

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Defense of Marriage–opposes marriage

Defining "marriage", in federal law, as only a heterosexual union opens a Pandora's box of later defining it as only applying to Europeans, or whites, or blacks, or Asians -- or people who enter the union in city hall (to go with need for a state granted license).

Obviously the state does have the right to define who is granted the right to file as married under federal or state tax codes; it also has the right to define who can be counted as a survivor or have a defacto power of attorney.  But, the state also has the obligation to show clear damage to the social fabric when it excludes individuals from benefiting from rights granted to society as a whole. As it stands, homophobic politics by bigoted sudo-religious groups, who misrepresent scripture, has already poisoned American politics.  The court can allow that poisoning to continue, or, show that the government represents the right of all people to enter into committed relationships.

Those who doubt the poisoning, I would point out that since the "defense of marriage" group defined marriage in terms of having children, the marriage rates have dropped.  If you are not going to have children, the logic goes, there is no justification for marriage -- love and the desire to spend your life with someone, especially in the absence of any intent to have biological children, is insufficient.  That is, after all, the official logic behind the defense of marriage.  Defense of marriage has poisoned marriage by attacking those who want to marry. 

Sunday, December 9, 2012

High Court MUST approve Sex Marriage

REALITY TEST:  The legality, and Constitutionality, of something is predicated on demonstrative harm to society.  Marriage is a STATE defined concept.  It is something conducted between individuals of different Religions (religion being a matter of choice), and different Races (race being a reality of birth).  Be it because of genetics or personal preference, the state has no basis for denial of the rights granted to those who enter into marriage -- tax status, survivorship, pension rights, etc.  The state can define what marriage is -- monogamous or polygamous -- and it can set an age of consent which reflects sexual consent.  But, having granted the right of sexual consent, it cannot restrict marriage between consenting parties who seek to avail themselves of the legal constructs which accompany a marriage certificate.

Homophobes, and the unthinking, argue same-sex marriage opens the door to alternations in the age of consent -- obvious nonsense and stupidity.  However, denial of marriage to those who are legally entitled to consensual sexual activity can and will open the door to denial based on race, religion, original nationality, culture or any other "differences" or "similarities" between parties.

The only valid basis for the court to void same-sex marriage work be clear irreparable harm to society, or to one of the individuals involved (as occurs in child molestation).  Simply put, a negative finding would destroy multiple aspects of the social fabric. 

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ACE teaches that God is a Liar -

“Thousands of children are to receive publicly funded vouchers enabling them to attend the schools — which follow a strict fundamentalist curriculum. The Accelerated Christian Education (ACE) programme teaches controversial religious beliefs, aimed at disproving evolution and proving creationism. Youngsters will be told that if it can be proved that dinosaurs walked the Earth at the same time as man, then Darwinism is fatally flawed.”

Basically, the issue propounded by ACE is that 5the Christian Deity is a deceiver and flat out liar.

Give an all knowing, all powerful, deity, it is easy to frame arguments to support the ACE position on evolution … but they DO NOT do so.  They offer no explanation for atomic theory, electrical theory, mathematical theory, astrological theory, or any scientific theory … other than to challenge the word THEORY as meaning something which is an idea that doesn’t, or has in no way been shown to,  work.

Of course, that means nuclear bombs don’t work, electrical lights don’t work, and even clocks don’t work.  All of those, and everything you have in your home or office – or encounter on the way between the two – are related to those “Theories” … hence none of them work or are real.

The age of the earth and universe is determined by a nuclear clock – decomposition rates on the atomic, and sub-atomic, level.  If a deity created everything, then it created the laws of math and decay which argue the ancient nature of existence.  If they are not true, then it follows that the creator deity lied.  Since that deity is all knowing,it also knew that men would interpret the information to crate the society we live in, and therefore, knew it was shaping our culture from a lie…. that works in everything and time frame.  Hence it is a truly Universal Lie…. intentionally instituted by a deity who lies.  Hence ACE worships, teaches the worship, of a liar and deceiver… or, all the theories are true and it is ACE, representing a liar and deceiver, that is the liar.

Either way, ACE represents The Great Deceiver – which is another name for Satan … and so, ACE and it’s students are Satanists. Read  Saint Paul’s Joke learn what scriptures really teach the Gentiles and why groups like ACE exist.  Then, read Genesis of Genesis, and learn when the real math of the Bible is all about.  You might even read Grandpa Was A  Deity, and discover the genetics of the people who gave us the stories that ACE wishes to believe are to be taken as the meaning of the “Gospel”.  But, as clearly shown in Saint Paul’s Joke are only based on the ranting of illiterate pagans who wished to remain illiterate.

That’s cool … they would also be the Republicans who seek


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The Baby Boom Bump

“With more than 200,000 boomers exiting the labor force each month through retirement, the rule of thumb that the economy needs to add 140,000 jobs per month to keep up with population growth no longer holds. The new normal is 100,000, which is why 150,000 new jobs a month has brought the unemployment rate from 9.5 percent to 7.9 percent over the last two years.” (NY TIMES article they tried to block me from reading via Facebook article link … so Google to it.  TIMES does not want readers.)

Anyhow, this article, “The Baby Boom Bump”, repeats what I have been saying for years.  Republicans are distorting economic reality by living in the 1960’s  …

Demographic reality: Unemployment rates will fall, for, at least, the next twenty-five years.  Without immigrants – which Republicans are on record as opposing – this economy will be shorthanded.  The GOP is going to get what it has aimed for … we will borrow more, have no education or healthcare, and an aging population … from whom they will withdraw  Social Security … claiming poverty … and failing to acknowledge that they have, since the Reagan Administration, been the cause.

Given the stupidity of the average GOP voter, look for a GOP President in 2016, and world war soon after.

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“Grandpa Was A Deity” advertised

Here’s a neat find.  I was reading news articles and came across this ad for my 2011 book GRANDPA WAS A DEITY.


Nice to know that it has reached a point where a publisher, or retailer, has sufficient faith in it to advertise it.

Now, if they would promote:

 HE WEARS COWBOY BOOTS (just published yesterday 1 DECEMBER 2012);

SAINT PAUL'S JOKE (which came out a few months ago); and,

GENESIS OF GENESIS (which opened the year). 

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“He Wears Cowboy Boots” goes YouTube

Cover Icon creates YouTube video of book cover.

Click previous sentence and view the Video – the fellow holding book is Ryan Michaels Colson – a pro-wrestler and cover Icon … He’s obviously getting a kick out of having his image used …


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Grandpa Was A Deity affirmed (again)

Roma from Northwest India affirms assertion in Grandpa Was A Deity: How A Tribal Assertion Created Modern Culture and supports Genesis of Genesis ... Mathematics in the Book of Genesis.

We still need yDNA from Stonehenge – though mtDNA from the area, in the appropriate time period, would also go to affirming the link.

In Egypt, we have the assertion that King Tut’s family was R1b and therefore directly connected to most of British population.  But the Egyptians have ducked the issue of establishing the pre-dynastic line for Tut.  they even burnt down the building containing the Tut DNA.

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“He Wears Cowboy Boots” 1 December 2012



Available on Amazon as of Saturday, 1 December 2012 … now in chapter preview CLICK HERE FOR FIRST CHAPTER AND TO WRITE A REVIEW

More Connections – US Disarmed

No Babies now, no army later … USA birth rate is at lowest level since 1920’s (flu epidemic of 1918 caused that).  Now we are no producing kids… which means no soldiers in 18-25 years.

China’s one-child-policy had the effect of creating a surplus of males of military age.  In effect, China cannot be attacked, because it can afford to sacrifice young men.

hat we now need is statistics on Jihadist nations – where both men and women commit suicide … and take ten or more of targets people with them.  A 1:10 kill ration won America the First and Second World Wars … It also won Korea … but lost Vietnam … because we didn’t get the terrorist element.  China doesn’t have that problem, they can lose men and still over power any aggressor – simply because they out number them by hundreds to one.  America lacks that luxury… and the decline in birthrate, combined with other factors, is disarming the nation.

What other factors?  As stated in earlier blogs, America is producing too much oil.  By 2016, with only a fraction of the known reserves, it will out-produce the Middle East.  America should run dry at the same time the lack of children eliminates its military potential … REMEMBER: An army requires support – manufacturing at home to provide, or yield materials for. supply lines.  Without oil, or a re[placement to power planes, drones, tanks, trucks, etc.  The army cannot move … and with out people, there is no army, or supply line input.

This article, the news of the decline in children, means out elderly population will have no support – that is the population which is now 45 years old.  It also means the economy will collapse for want of workers.  Since the GOP has been steadfast in its anti-immigration policies, there will be no people to run domestic industry.  Mexico is going to surpass China as our biggest supplier … which means there is no economic motivation for Mexicans to migrate north.  NOT with all the real jobs heading south.

“SAINT PAUL’S JOKE” … it predicts the terrorist attack on Rome (as predicted by St. Malacy, a thousand years ago) at the very time when the lack of children now will have its greatest effect.

Have fun … Avoid America, and Italy … at least in 2030/33.  Expect the “Second Coming” to be all the rage between 2035 and 2064 – when they new world order will emerge… and “SAINT PAUL’S JOKE” means few will be laughing.

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New Novel: “He Wears Cowboy Boots”

Available on Amazon as of  1 December 2012


“A Successful Harvard Law School graduate, cursed with ‘second sight’, seeks escape in a rundown house on the Downeast coast; there he encounters a young, psychologically and emotionally confused, divorcee – for a brief period, her sexuality and disruptive mental state serve to distract him from the visions which have plagued him his whole life.”

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On Turkey Day, November 22nd, Paul Krugman got into a chew-down over the Right-Wing and G.O.P. who hold to the primal doctrine:  “If evidence seems to contradict faith, suppress the evidence.”

Climate change is not real – the sea levels aren’t rising because the polar ice is melting, and Sandy wasn’t worse because the waters are warmer.  Reality has no place at the Republican Table – they find it indigestible.

Krugman mentions Chris Mooney’s “The Republican Brain,” which is, “a survey of the now-extensive research linking political views to personality types.”  Krugman goes on to ask: “How are we going to search effectively for natural resources if schools trying to teach modern geology must give equal time to claims that the world is only 6.000 years old? How are we going to stay competitive in biotechnology if biology classes avoid any material that might offend creationists?”

HELLO “Genesis of Genesis” … time they learn that the Bible is astrological, not geological. 

As to taxes and soak the poor: “the recent study from the Congressional Research Service found no empirical support for the dogma that cutting taxes on the wealthy leads to higher economic growth. Worse, if we did an honest look at the effect of the discounts to the rich, we would discover they use their savings to move offshore … Constitutionally, the founding fathers believed the rich should carry the full burden of society – which is why we needed the 1913 amendment to allow the graduated income tax.

But the Republicans are anti-America and promote:


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End time, a time period described in the eschatological writings in Abrahamic religions and in doomsday scenarios non-Abrahamic religions.

How’s that for a definition?

The Abrahamic Religions of Islam and Christianity have their end of days scenarios  for us to enjoy, experience, and make fun of – in our relationship to religion, and in our art, books, and films.

Flipping through “THE CARBON CRUNCH”, by Dieter Helm, I came across some interesting statistics.  First, to place them in context.  Those who have read my recent books – “GRANDPA WAS A DEITY”, the “GENESIS OF GENESIS”, and “SAINT PAUL’S JOKE” – know that I often make a passing reference to a poster that was in a NYC subway in the 1960’s: “Half the people who ever lived are alive today.”

I have generally taken that to mean that all the souls who ever were had returned to this planet.  Basic reincarnation stuff, but not really consistent with the Abrahamic.  In the Abrahamic tradition, when we die … some might return .. but the mainstream concept is that we will reemerge for judgment … at that time, all the people who ever lived will be in one place – ideally, before the bar of judgment.

Helm [page 53] provides the projection for world population in the year 2030 will be ten times what it was in 1800 – twenty times that of 1300, and five times what it was in 1900, the period of a book scheduled for next year.  It, the population in 2030, will also be equal to all the people who ever lived – since the dawn of humanity.

In “SAINT PAUL’S JOKE”, I point out the significance of the period around 2030 … one which reaches its prophecy peak in 2064.  Let’s allow a margin of error and assume 2064 as the time when we really have the full human population – from earliest hominid toolmaker 500,000 years ago … to those new souls born in 2064.

In the Jewish faith, there is a midrash about a room where souls are stored.  When that room is empty the New Era of mankind will begin and the souls who failed the first round will have been replaced with new pure ones.

Perversely, the books and projections which are now emerging seem to support “SAINT PAUL’S JOKE”.  But, setting that possibility aside … the era of 2030 will see the United States out of oil and fully dependent upon the Aram nations.  China will have the South Pacific reserves to draw upon, Europe is moving to alternate energy and has its Atlantic reserves.  In military terms, the one child policy in China has resulted in a surplus of single men … soldiers in waiting.

In America, the Republicans, and now their TEA PARTY, are working against renewable resources and promoting energy reserve depletion.  They also oppose medical care, wish to reduce old age benefits, and generally go against everything that Jesus claimed his people would support.  Fortunately, “SAINT PAUL’S JOKE” has already decreed that these people are screwed.  Equally fortunate – for everyone else – these people are too stupid to read and understand … but “SAINT PAUL’S JOKE” had to be written, they had to be told, so that they could finally be held responsible for their actions … actions devoted to causing …




Where will America be in eighteen years?

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If I turn up dead ... blame it on PORTFOLIO RECOVERY ASSOCIATES who seem to be harassing my children.  they apparently have a business opportunity for me... and are harassing the kids to get to me.

These clowns seem to be con artists who are above state and federal law.   They prey on the elderly…


There is this company on the web, but no way of knowing if it is the same operation, or if  numerous females (and occasionally males) are doing cold calls and fraudulently representing themselves to  be part of this organization:

November 1, 2012

Portfolio Recovery Associates Sharpens Focus on Growing Diversified Revenue Streams

Appoints Steve Roberts as President, Business and Government Services

NORFOLK, Va., Nov. 1, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Portfolio Recovery Associates, Inc. (Nasdaq:PRAA), a specialized financial and business services company, today appointed Steve Roberts, a marketing and operations executive for public and private companies, as PRA's president, business and government services. In this new role, Roberts will direct PRA's U.S. fee-based businesses focused on state and local governments, auto lenders, law enforcement, institutional investors, manufacturers and retailers.

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Post-Election Prediction Recap

In August, I informed you that Obama would obtain 52% of the vote, against Romney 40%, with a factor of 8% for voters who live their life on the toss of a coin. Well, here we are, exactly three months after that prediction was made, and the results are in: Obama won 332 of a possible 538 electoral votes – which is 61.7% to 38.3%. In term of the popular vote, the outcome was 51.4% to 48.6%. The coin toss population appears to have been concentrated in the Red States – these are people who generally don’t think for themselves. Strangely, they are also the people who are the subject of my recent book – that is, the people who Paul, and Jesus, knew would not follow Scriptural teachings, but would, instead, rely on Pagan-Priests to tell them what to believe. When I made that prediction, I mentioned that the Vatican had requested, and received, two draft copies of my book. A month after the article was published, the Vatican sent me a very nice ‘thank you’ note. They had found nothing in it to object to, or even question – not even the fact that I recounted the St. Malachy prophecy which had the Church coming to an end during the reign of the next Pope. Some of you might recall that, a week prior to the election of the current Pope, I utilized Malachy to inform you that, after his election, Ratzinger would assume the Papal name Benedict XVI. On the issue of Same-sex marriage, you were previously informed that scripture supports it; thankfully, the majority of the state voters didn’t fall for what has evolved into “Saint Paul’s Joke” (the misrepresentation of Pauline scripture by Augustine of Hypo). Given the events which will begin in 2016, I suggest you go to Amazon and order the book. A year ago, I published “Grandpa Was A Deity”; this month the various research journals have begun to release DNA and Archaeological evidence supporting information provided in that book. As you know, the book was followed by an explanation of the Patriarch Dates in Genesis & Exodus, as of this writing, the orthodox Hasidic Jewish leadership is reviewing issuing an adjustment to the dates they have been using for the past five hundred years – their objective? To bring their dating in line with that provided in “Genesis of Genesis.” As for further predictions, there are several major one in “Saint Paul’s Joke” – covering the period from now, to 2064.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

More support for Malachy

SAINT PAUL’S JOKE speaks to the prophecy that Italy – specifically ROME – will be destroyed.  Now we have a fundamentalist based logic for that destruction and the end of the Vatican.

Article by Giulio Meotti, Italy EXPOSÉ: Italy, Land of Islam … “Last week Italian education minister Francesco Profumo proposed that Islam be taught in public schools alongside the traditional teaching of Catholicism, while Bishop Mariano Crociata, secretary general of the Italian Episcopal Conference, announced that the Vatican is in favor of building new mosques in Italy.”

Meotti provides these facts: “Twenty-nine of the suicide bombers in Iraq and Afghanistan came from Italy.” & “Eight of the terrorists jailed in Guantanamo Bay are Italians.”

“Young children are disappearing from Italy. According to the U.N.'s Population Division, by 2050 they will account for a mere 2.8% of the Italian population. "Democracies are governed by demography”, explained James Vaupel, director of the Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research in Germany. “If birth rates stay low, Italy’s population could be 10 million at the end of the twenty-first century”, a sixth of the population today”

Now consider, SAINT PAUL’S JOKE contains a timel8ine which begins on 21 December (two months from now) and ends in 2064.  The demographic decline falls in 2050 … and we can expect it to be echoed around the world… wherever negative or zero population growth prevail.  To that decline we can add negative effects from natural disasters.  All begin within two months.

The fun aspect will be the effect the election has on America’s place in prophecy.  The children of Moses were black (their mother an Ethiopian) … Mormons are traditionally racist … does that mean anything?

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Anti-Allah … Anti-Mohammed

In Nigeria we find the typical anti-Allah, anti-Islam, organization.  It is called Boko Haram, and claims to represent Islam  … but represents militants who are immoral and deliberately violate the Koran.

Recently, they organized a suicidal Church bombing.  But attacks on Christians are only authorized AFTER Isa returns.  And then, only against evil Christians.

Suicide is forbidden… self-sacrifice is acceptable.  the difference is basic, in suicide you knowingly go into a situation with the intent to die.  You also, as in the Nigeria instance, or the attack on the World Trade Center, seek to murder innocents – which is also forbidden.

Evil leaders, priests, who are supposed to enforce the Koran’s teachings show their anti-Islam posture by making up rhetorical justifications for violations.

As we see in SAINT PAUL’S JOKE, Rome is due to be destroyed, within the next generation.  The Book of Revelation – some translations – identify the Church of Rome as the Church of Satan.  An Irish Monk, 1000 years ago, predicted all the Popes, including the next & last one – Petros – who will oversee Rome’s demise in a period of tribulation.  Will he finally be wrong?

If he is not, then it follows that the Islamic prophecy is to be fulfilled then – without the aid of these evil people, who will fall with the rest of the evil ones … and that their families and supporters with them.

Of course, those who do not believe in religion – like the Islamic Militants who has dem9onstrated their disdain for the Koran – shall ignore the warning.  It is, in the end, SAINT PAUL’S JOKE.  What is written vs what is practiced in the name of that which was never written, or intended.

The Church dies, the militants die, they all fail the final judgment.  Or, there is no judgment and they are doing what is allowed – because there is no deity to set the rules.  So, there is no reason for us.


Sunday, October 21, 2012

Disarm America

Mitt Romney wants to disarm America -- and Media is too dumb to figure it out.
He wants to produce more oil, consume more oil, than Obama.
But our reserves are limited, our navy, air-force and ground forces cannot function without petroleum -- Mitt want to drain it to keep gas price low.
Short term -- no help to economy. Low term -- we are at the mercy of Middle Eastern Jihadists.
Reality, we need wind and solar in every corner of the nation.
Provide rural communities with free electric (& covert them to electric heat) in exchange for allowing enough wind and/or solar to provide five times the community needs. That eliminates their use of fossil fuels, and the fuel to supply them with their fuel. They be encouraged to use electric cars -- further decreasing rural demand and increasing electric for urban areas.

Same-Sex Marriage

Responding to an article in the BANGOR DAILY NEWS, on Sunday, 21 October, entitled  Why these sisters are voting ‘No’ on same-sex marriage I wrote:

“When people say they don’t see how it’s wrong, I say to them if you can
show me in the Bible where God says it’s right, then I will agree with
you,”... The problem with that idea lay in the fact that the Bible tells us what is WRONG, not what is right.   Once we get past the First commandment, the idea that "Thou shalt NOT" dominates the discussion.

Nowhere in scripture is there a condemnation of Homosexual behavior [either really study the Old & New, or see book "Saint Paul's Joke" (2012, Kindle & Amazon etc),  for specifics].  What is in the New text, is the idea that Gentiles who become Christians should NOT MARRY at all (1 Corinthians 7).  But it also says they are, like the Hebrews, and followers of Peter, required to keep all the laws.  So it follows that these sisters are either Kosher, or bigoted hypocrites -- they cannot base their bigotry on a scriptural view and ignore what scripture requires...  Jesus only gave, and  required obedience to,  TWO commandments: The First of the Ten, and that we treat others as we would want to be treated.  If we wish to be denied the right to marry who we love -- as blacks & whites who loved each other were once  forbidden marry -- then, and only then, should we vote to deny loving couples the right to marry.

they say “We are Christians and we are commanded to love"  -- as you would be loved ... Jesus' second commandment.   They go on to say, "we don’t have to accept same-sex marriage as normal and natural.” Yet, if Jesus' time, even Caesar married another man, and neither Jesus, nor any of the Apostles took issue with it ... with the exception of Saul (St. Paul) who said do not marry at all ... remain single as he remained single.... unless your flesh was weak and only then should you went -- rather than burn.  Which infers a commandment to allow same-sex marriage by the man responsible for nearly half the New Testament teachings and interpretation ... and the only person who was appointed by Peter & James to give those teachings to non-Jews.


“Saul (St. Paul) who said do not marry at all ... remain single as he remained single.... unless your flesh was weak and only then should you went -- rather than burn.  Which infers a commandment to allow same-sex marriage by the man responsible for nearly half the New Testament teachings and interpretation”

SAME-SEX MARRIAGE is preferable to sex without marriage, and without marriage, sex is, in a sense, forbidden.  Saint Paul commanded that his Gentile followers remain single – as he was – and that those who had been married, but were now widowed, should also remain single.  They could only marry if their spirit was weak and could not tolerate celibacy.

Jesus said that any who were divorced, and had subsequently married, were  guilty of adultery.  So, if you are divorced and remarried, you have already spit in Jesus’ face … do you want to do it again?  He did say you had to allow others to be treated as you wanted to be treated.  If you want the right to marry, then you must allow it to others.

November 6th will have those who have forsaken any chance of Christian salvation self-identify – they will be the ones voting against same-sex marriage.

Those voting to allow it will be happy to be done with those sinners – after Judgment Day.  Those who are opposed to same-sex marriage are also those who support anything that imposes


Saturday, October 20, 2012

Mitt Romney Symbol

Well, actually it was posted to FaceBook, but it does describe the Republican approach to government.

govt symbol_1454150449_n

In November, we get a chance to make this real.  Last could, Romney 52%, Obama 48% … which is the reverse of what I predicted in a newspaper article back in August.

Just think how nice it would be, the New York Supreme Court has said opposition to Gay-Marriage is discrimination and serves no public interest.  So, if all goes well, the GOP will win and discrimination will rule.

Roe v Wade set aside abortion – saving the lives and reproductive ability of 300,000 woman annually. (based on pre-Roe statistics)

Back then, there were half as many women of reproductive age, and 1.5 million illegal abortions a year.  The GOP wants to return to that.  They also want to outlaw all abortions – even those designed to save the life of the mother.

Post Roe, out-of-wedlock birth increased … meaning those who would have rushed to get an abortion, given time, and no pressure, decided not to abort.  In theory that should have pro-lifer’s cheering … instead they want to return to the old days … killing both mother and child.

But we know why, they don’t want to pay for education, healthcare, or anything else their “pro-life” stance would logically require.  It is much easier to yell pro-life and murder both mother and child…. OH … they are anti Condom… except when it symbolizes the reality of their position.

Ah YES! … can we get a chance to have Romney-Ryan in the Whitehouse … double the National Debt, send jobs to China, borrow money from China, deplete our oil, buy oil from Arab terrorists, so they can have the funds to attack us… can we … please…

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Court enforces Golden Rule

A federal appeals court in Manhattan ruled on Thursday that the federal statute defining marriage as a union between a man and a woman unlawfully discriminates against same-sex married couples by denying them equal federal benefits.

The point I have been making for years has now been affirmed by the Federal Appeals Court.

Gay marriage, same-sex marriage, in Maine should pass.  But we need to understand the extend and full scope of bigotry – it will always seek to deny others the rights the bigot claims for themselves.

The majority opinion stated that the federal law was “not related to an important government interest,” concluding that “homosexuals are not in a position to adequately protect themselves from the discriminatory wishes of the majoritarian public.”

Now, how will the states react?  Will they act against the public good, or will they follow their obligation to promote it?  Clearly, Republican states will demonstrate the degree to which they are bigots, and also the degree to which they are anti-Christ, and anti-Torah … that is, the degree to which they will violate the Golden Rule which Jesus set as the Second Commandment of only two which people must obey … and Hillel decreed was the summation of Torah, with the text being mere explanation.

Prepare to DOUBLE National Debt

Obama & Romney appear to be in a near dead heat in a poll by Politico-George Washington University, with Obama at 49 percent, and Romney at 48 percent.

However, Gallup Poll Gives Romney Biggest Lead Yet … the consulting firm reported, more than half of likely to prefer Romney for president, with only 45 percent backing Obama, the Washington Post reported Thursday.

This reverses my August prediction numbers, and is likely to mean a doubling of the National Debt will be the hallmark of 2012-2016, & 2012-2020, era.

To affect the doubling, the nation will need to go into a full blown recession… but not before a period of record growth related to increase borrowing.   The Social Security system will, naturally, collapse.  But that will affect only those currently under the age of 55…. who turn 65 in 2022.  At that point, the economy will be in a shambles.  Worse, we will be without Gasoline and alternative energy sources.

There will be more wind-farms, probably more solar, but it will not be on a scale designed to alter the reality of our dependence on the Middle East and the oil controlled by Arab extremists.  Though, in terms of “Saint Paul’s Joke”, it is possible that we will be in a state of war.  Any petroleum resources will be diverted to combat requirements. More important, the nature of the conflict should remove the Middle Eastern reserves from access.

Rome will be destroyed – according to the ancient Malachy prophecy.  (Feel free to reject prophecy, but it is worth considering, since all of Christianity and Islamic culture is based upon it.  Without it, neither religion, nor their related cultural effects, have an justification for existence.)  Assuming that happens, the causes are natural (Earthquake activity) or manmade (War and/or Terrorism).  In either even, the region will be in turmoil.

Assuming Terrorism – Jihad – it follows that the oil fields will cease production.  That alone will remove the United States as a military power … no oil, no ships or planes to transport men and equipment to the region.   Also, no domestic transportation that is not electrical, so an increased demand for coal powered electric will emerge … with dirty air… an increase in climate change … raising of sea levels and these invoke the Edgar Cayce prophecy of the Great Lakes flowing into the Gulf of Mexico.  There will also be an earthquake in the region where Ohio and Indiana touch Missouri/Kentucky.  That should kill a million people and destroy the economy for a third, or more, of the nation. [1816 example, at that time the region was empty and the R8.9 quake rang bells in Boston… and caused damage throughout the southern states.)

All by electing a Mormon & Right-wing Christian

who believe in


Monday, October 15, 2012

Killing Americans – following Religion

PAUL KRUGMAN summary: “The Romney-Ryan position on health care is that many millions of Americans must be denied health insurance, and millions more deprived of the security Medicare now provides, in order to save money. At the same time, of course, Mr. Romney and Mr. Ryan are proposing trillions of dollars in tax cuts for the wealthy. So a literal description of their plan is that they want to expose many Americans to financial insecurity, and let some of them die, so that a handful of already wealthy people can have a higher after-tax income.”

In the debate, Candidate Ryan said: “Our church should not have to sue our federal government to maintain their religious liberties. And with respect to abortion, the Democratic Party used to say they wanted it to be safe, legal and rare. Now they support it without restriction and with taxpayer funding. Taxpayer funding in Obamacare, taxpayer funding with foreign aid.

Translation: The Federal law, the laws of secular society, should be directed  -- along with its monetary resources -- to reflect MY religious values, and not those of the rest of the nation, or how it complies with a UNIVERSAL Golden Rule… providing other nations with the Good Sumerian assistance we would want them to provide … if we needed it.

BIDEN said: “My religion defines who I am, and I've been a practicing Catholic my whole life. And has particularly informed my social doctrine. The Catholic social doctrine talks about taking care of those who -- who can't take care of themselves, people who need help.  With regard to -- with regard to abortion, I accept my church's position on abortion … I accept it in my personal life. … I do not believe that we have a right to tell other people that -- women they can't control their body.”

Translation:  The Church governs personal choices of a religious nature.  The Church interpretation DOES NOT govern secular choices, nor do its rules of behavior, or interpretations of doctrine, over ride the specific  example of the Good Sumerian … who, if he had left the wounded man to die, would have been following his churches traditional doctrine, and not the will of his deity.

Golden Rule:  If you want the right to control your body, do not deny that right to others… nor allow them to usurp your right to control yours.

RYAN: “The policy of a Romney administration is to oppose abortion with exceptions for rape, incest and life of the mother.  Now, I've got to take issue with the Catholic church and religious liberty.”

So!  Ryan has issues with the religion that he professed to follow, and effectively agreed with the Biden position.  So?  What was the meaning of the first bit that objected to Secular Funding or secular action?

Ryan goes on to advocate majority rule – a rule he is effectively setting aside when he defines it in terms of his religious Catholic minority.

Now, what will Romney do in terms of his religious minority – whose doctrines declare the sub-human status of a significant segment of the nation?

It will be interesting to see how many are willing to find out.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Absentee Governor to Absentee President

“During Mr. Romney’s four-year term as governor of Massachusetts, he cumulatively spent more than a year — part or all of 417 days — out of the state, according to a review of his schedule and other records. More than 70 percent of that time was spent on personal or political trips unrelated to his job, a New York Times analysis found.”

Gee, this is exactly what America needs – someone who will not be there to run it.

OK this is unquestionably partisan: “I thought he gave up on his job,” said Phil Johnston, the chairman of the state Democratic Party while Mr. Romney was in office. “Romney was quite popular at the beginning of his tenure. The relationship between him and the Massachusetts electorate really soured.”

After all, they would have known if he had quit, rather than was just incompetent and too friggin’ lazy to really do his job.  We really do need this in Washington. [Not being facetious, or sarcastic here]  We really do need a President who ignores his responsibilities.  Imagine if Bush 43 had not involved himself – the National Debt would not have doubled… and if it had gone up, the average person would probably have had something to show for it.  Now extend that back to Bush senior and Reagan … we know that Clinton lower the deficit and debt … so we would actually owe less.  We’d be richer; our EDUCATIONAL SYSTEM WOULD BE BETTER but now … we want to have a hands on Romney – so education will be gutted, the rich will ship money out of the country, we are already a third world nation – as defined by a nation whose foreign trade is agriculturally based – and, with luck, we will become a true third world nation … which means China will start opening cheap labor facilities here.

Yep … Let’s elect a no-show president.  It appears it is what the public is starting to lean toward …  THEY LIKE the way Romney looks in front of a camera … so long as he keeps his mouth shut, or opens it in a centrist manner, they’ll be happy … and America will be open to destruction …

Welcome to the Age of Aquarius

It is no longer dawning … it is here.

Taliban Murderers … a thing to enjoy

“Taliban’s shooting of Malala Yousafzai, a 14-year-old education activist who was critically injured, but militant commanders in northwestern Pakistan reiterated their intention to kill the schoolgirl or her father.”

Read a related article with a CARE empowerment ad on TV.  The Taliban is waging war against CARE!

  • Who does the Taliban represent?
  • Who allowed them to come to power?
  • Who allows them to stay in power?
  • Do they represent Islam?  The Hindu?

Taliban supposedly mean meaning "students" in Pashto… what do murderous idiot students study?  The murder of children?  The slaughter of culture?

It is interesting it enforces strict interpretation of Sharia law, while leading Muslims have been highly critical of the Taliban interpretation of Islamic law … but who cares?  Do you?  Do people of Afghanistan and Pakistan support the Taliban?  Do they … do they support it they way the Germans supported Nazis, or the way the Church supported the Inquisition?   It is important to know … if they do, then the Taliban will be with us as long as the Western Christian Church, or as pernicious as the neo-Nazi movement.

First take over the Indian Nukes, then attack the West … as the Oil nations of the Middle East recognize them, and support them … with the full knowledge that, by the time the Taliban achieves its ends, the gas guzzling, anti-wind and solar Western leaders – most notably America’s Republican Right – will have run their nation(s) dry, and be easy pickings for anyone with the fuel for its warplanes.

“Saint Paul’s Joke” provides the rough timeline and initial indicators of the violence and tribulation which will rock the West.



Thursday, October 11, 2012

Pope acknowledges but misses point.

"In these years, we have seen that there is discord in the vineyard of the Lord, we have seen that in the net of Peter (St Peter, the first apostle) there are bad fish, that human fragility exists even in the Church," said  Pope Benedict.                           

It is rather funny: Vatican received “Saint Paul’s Joke” three months before publication; now, four months after receiving it, it becomes obvious that nobody had the nerve to tell him what it said.

Poor Pope – he’s one of the “Bad Fish.”  He believes Jesus was Hercules, and the God of Israel is Zeus.

Granted, Hercules was the only foreign deity that Romulus allowed in Rome, but, to Jesus, Peter and Paul, Hercules symbolized the Pagans.  So, naturally, the Pagans converted Jesus into Hercules.

"Recent decades have seen the advance of a spiritual desertification," he said in his sermon of a morning Mass, opening a worldwide "Year of Faith".  But, 1600 years ago, Christians deserted the faith so that they could follow the ignorance of a rhetorician named Augustine – who they raised to Sainthood … in accordance with a Roman tradition of declaring mortals to be deities.  This is a "Year of Faith".  It is the last year of the Hindu & Mayan era, and end of the Mayan Calendar.  It is the start of the Golden Age.  But it will, according to a sainted Irish monk – whose predictions have held for 900 years – see much tribulation in Italy, and the destruction of Rome … along with the LAST POPE.   

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Paul Collins Broun – Congressional Idiot.

Paul Collins Broun, Jr. (born May 14, 1946)[2] is the U.S. Representative for Georgia's 10th congressional district, serving since 2007. He is a member of the Republican Party and the Tea Party Caucus.

Broun stated: "You see, there are a lot of scientific data that I've found out as a scientist that actually show that this is really a young Earth. I don't believe that the Earth's but about 9,000 years old. I believe it was created in six days as we know them. That's what the Bible says."

But that isn’t really what the Bible says.  We know, from the Mathematics of the Bible -– revealed in the book, “GENESIS OF GENESIS” (2012) available on – and the Hebrew Calendar.

Interestingly, Rep Broun is a doctor.  That raises questions about the quality of American Education and the competence of the medical school which issued his degree.  Keep in mind, this man is on the   House Science, Space and Technology Committee, he is therefore influencing the future of America and its place in the modern world.  Everything which defines the science he passes judgment on also defines a world which extends back millions of years.

"God's word is true," Broun said, "I've come to understand that.”  So, God’s word says do not eat pork, blood or shellfish – but, would you really bet that this man abstains from his pork suppers?  NO!  He spits in God’s face … he, like all fundamentalist Christians, is a hypocrite … a devil worshipper, who belittles scripture … turning to it only when it suits his evil purposes.

You doubt that?  Read “Saint Paul’s Joke” and learn what Saul of Tarsus, Apostle to the Gentiles – as appointed by St. Peter and James (brother of Jesus) – really said was the obligation of those Gentiles who would follow Jesus.  As with “Genesis of Genesis”, you can obtain “Saint Paul’s Joke” at  Both books are available in Print and Kindle formats.

Learn why Jesus proclaimed that there would be Gentiles whop would come in his name, but he would not know them.    Rep. Paul Collins Broun and his followers are among those who Jesus will reject and deny salvation – best read “Saint Paul’s Joke” an learn … or you too might be among them.

The NEW AGE begins in 21 December 2012 … after that, Pope Benedict XVI will, given his age, naturally die.  He will be replaced by one who will be known by, or related to, the designation PETER.  It will be a time of Tribulation and Rome shall be destroyed … just as the Romans destroyed ancient Jerusalem nearly two thousand years [1942] ago.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

A Generation to Go ... bye-bye

Date Line September 30, 2007

The various studies, peer-review papers and monographs, contain inferred information – things which are not expressly stated, but are obviously taken as a premise or given.

WATER: The relationship between glaciation and desertification has, or reveals, an inverse ratio of available vegetation to glaciation. The system infers a finite and balanced ratio of water to climate condition. Thus when there are glaciers there is desert and low vegetation.

As each takes time to develop, it follows that there is a timescale for any change from desert to forest which exceeds the life-span of any one tree.

More important, since there is a fixed quantity of water under all conditions, it must be located somewhere at all times. Seems obvious. If deserts are increasing, and glaciation is decreasing, the amount of surface and sub-surface water must increase.

Sub-surface water is a lubricant – as has been discovered in oil drilling regions – which releases fault-lines locks. That is, where two earth plates meet, seeking to overlay, friction holds them against pressure from systemic movement. Add water, and the plates will slip, the straining pressure will be violently relaxed through an event defined as an earthquake. (Gas and magma pressure cause same affect in volcanic regions.)

If sub-surface water is not allowed to accumulate, and so does not allow for lubrication of the tectonic plates, eventually the plate pressure will grow to the point where the slightest lubrication will cause a major slippage.

If sub-surface water is not allowed to accumulate, accumulation will still occur in the atmosphere or surface reservoirs – lakes/oceans. The atmosphere has a limited absorption capacity, made more limited by those conditions associated with desertification.

Ultimately the seas take on the job of retaining the balance, and levels rise while land area becomes dryer, or is submerged.

One can easily see how the preservation of natural balance serves to eliminate elements of life which might be disruptive to that balance. Desertification forces life to consolidate into a narrower habitats; and to consume food while restricting opportunity for its replacement.

Curiously, this could favor modern humans. There would be an obvious division between those who lived in remaining habitat and those who created desert habitats. The deserts would require the creation of closed environmental systems to be maintained over a minimum of multiple centuries, and possibly several millennia.

The result could be genetic drift, and mutation toward creation of several new and separate species of hominid.

Conversely, humanity could move into currently uninhabited areas. A population decrease would be necessary; and thus an increase in disease would be anticipated (necessitated by natural balance and mutation opportunities for microbes which have not been exposed to human hosts prior to occupation of the empty territories).

Reproductive success remains, as it has in the past, the only criteria for general accomplishment. Reproductive success will be defined as both the ability to produce children, and the intellectual ability to adapt the needs of humanity to the natural world.

Given history, as defined by the past five thousand years, and as also evidenced in the record for the past two hundred thousand years, about fifty-percent of the world population will die with one generation. When the count for, the first day of, that generation will begin cannot be defined now; but it will be sometime in this century.

Sea levels are rising, a northern-passage has opened in the arctic, and the deserts are expanding. In addition, ground water reserves in those regions prone to earthquake activity are being steadily depleted, and expelled water is being contaminated in all regions.

Dates – years – which are cited, on a recurring basis, include 2012, 2030 and 2050. There is a convergence of actions emerging around, and involving, these time frames. We are, by current projections, one generation away from the onset of a new era of mankind.

Stupidity of Hasidim

I was thinking about things in “Saint Paul’s Joke”, which means thinking about the Bible, and religious traditions.  Inevitably, that means thinking about idiots who can never make it past any Davidic test for Resurrection.

The Hasidim have a test for Jewishness: The mother must be Jewish.  So, if we accept that, how do they know she is Jewish?  Or consider this:

  1. If the girl’s mother was not Jewish, could the girl be Jewish?
  2. If the girl is not Jewish, because her mother was not Jewish, could her daughter be Jewish?

It is for this reason that the Hasidim have customs which seem to follow, or apply, female conversion rituals to  every woman when she marries.

The Hasidim do not know what the mother was.        Hence, they must convert the female to ensure she is “Jewish”.  At the same time, they do not like, or make it is for, converts.

The Hasidim are NOT Jewish.  They are converts.  But they are too stupid to understand that.  Therefore, we find that, as a group, they are also the poorest of the Jewish communities..  

Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Real Romney

Romney’s debate statement made it clear that he would eliminate government funding for PBS, even though he likes Big Bird; this clearly indicates that Romney would not hesitate to hurt those he likes – in the name of short term gain, or profit.

Think about  who he would hurt: The sick, those in need of medical care – more important, those who should have preventative care that private insurers ALWAYS deny.  When did ever hear of a private insurance company ever mandate, as a condition of coverage, that it’s medical insurance patients have an annual – and fully paid for – check-up?

Private agents know that they must let you die – it’s profitable… even if you have a major illness because they set you up, it provides them free “good hands” advertising that they paid for the care (which failed), after having denied the test, or medication, which would have prevented the need for critical care.

Romney knows this.  He also knows that his ‘plans’ would increase the National Debt … double it … plus.

Romney knows where his profits are.  They are not in saving and growing the America economy.  They come from destroying it, then buying the remains at less than dirt cheap prices.

If you are going to be over 62 (or were born before 1954) within the next four years, then Romney is targeting your ass… he becomes President, and that will be done from point-blank range.     

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Saint Paul’s Joke

Kindle Edition of Saint Paul’s Joke ($6.00)is available at

Print Edition of Saint Paul’s Joke ($14.95) is available at

Vatican Archivist sent a nice Thank You – dated 4 September 2012 for the two copies that they had requested – which were send in July.

This is probably the only chance for those who believe in Christian Resurrection to make sure they meet the basic requirements.  It seems Fortunate, for many of us, that most Christians are really anti-Christs … they just will not learn that before they stand before the Judgment Bar.  Though they should have realized it from reading the Gospels.  Comical aspect, those who never read the Gospels  actually have an advantage in gaining salvation.

I love it

Monday, September 24, 2012

Book is on Sale

Print of Saint Paul’s Joke is live and available at
Amazon and other outlets should follow soon

Sunday, September 23, 2012

A Christian Problem

Christians are self-identified as unworthy of salvation, and possibly beyond redemption.

The premise of Christianity is the idea that Jesus will be their Savior; he will represent his people on Judgment Day, and they will make it past those Pearly Gates.

Their problem is their own doctrines, and Canonized Gospel:
1. When Mary is pregnant, Joseph himself acknowledges that the child is not his – thus branding Mary a fornicator and adulteress.  It doesn’t matter whose baby it is, it is not the one belonging to her fiancĂ©e/husband.
2. We are taught that Mary remained a virgin – never had sex with Joseph – which is consistent with Joseph marrying her so she would not be disgraced [again Canon Scripture], but refusing to have sex with her.
3.  Joseph has more children, by a woman named Mary; she cannot be Mary, mother-of-Jesus, because that Mary is a “Virgin”.  Or, they are also the children of the Divine Spirit.
In any event, official doctrine has no sex between Mary & Joseph, so Joseph, a good Jew, probably has another wife [in accordance with law].
SO!  Major problem: Christian hold that, and officially call, the mother of their Lawyer, and only hope for salvation, adulteress... therefore a sinner.
There’s no escaping it, it is official Christian Doctrine.

Jesus Doctrine.
They same that Jesus, like St. Paul, was celibate all his life.  Yet Gnostic Gospels talk of him kissing Mary [presumably Mary Magdalene] on the mouth.  Apparently Peter is really disturbed by such a public display in front of the Apostles.
Official Catholic, and Christian, Doctrine states that Mary Magdalene was a whore.  Therefore Jesus is kissing a whore – and not platonically.
On 18 September, news of a verified 2010 archaeological find was released: a papyrus fragment in which Jesus refers to HIS WIFE!  Now, was this wife Mary Magdalene?  Or was Jesus cheating on his wife with Mary Magdalene? 
Hum... Either Jesus was an adulterer, or his wife was a known whore.
SO!  Major problem: Christian hold that, and officially call, the wife of their Lawyer, and only hope for salvation, whore... therefore a sinner.  And therefore, not only was Jesus NOT celibate, but his wife was the community whore – way to insult your only hope of Salvation. 
There’s no escaping it, it is official Christian Doctrine.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Saint Paul's Joke -- KINDLE version

Well, Saint Paul's Joke -- KINDLE version -- is live on Amazon
With that, the chapter on Saint Paul is concluded ...
Just as the Chapter on Genesis Dates, and Hebrew Calendar, was concluded with Genesis of Genesis.

Christians, especially fundamentalists, are going to hate this book – it explains why they haven’t a chance at salvation … in fact, based upon Gospels, as explicitly quoted, their outcome is exactly the opposite of Salvation, and Resurrection.  But there is still time.  The closing chapters explain the various prophecies and how they all have begun to congeal within the lifetime of Millennial Generation.

Starting Date: 21 December 2013; Ending Date is no later that November 2064, and probably as early as April 2064.

Finally, the end is in sight for all the Inquisitors and anti-Semites.  Yea!  Team!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

SAINT PAUL'S JOKE new supporting evidence

This NY Times news story, 18 Sept, underscores elements in SAINT PAUL'S JOKE and begins the first stage of the book's prediction that new evidence is going to emerge:

In my book (2012) GENESIS OF GENESIS, I indicated that supporting evidence for various things would begin to emerge toward the end of the year, and in 2013.  Well, it has begun.

In this instance, we have a document in which Jesus is specifically quote as identifying Mary as his wife.  That has long reaching implications for Catholic, and Christian, Doctrines of Faith which require him to have been single and celebrate (like the Essene); it also opens the door to a broad multitude of other possibilities.

In case you haven’t heard,  I’ve arranged a rather substantial, two month, discount against the Cover Price for SAINT PAUL'S JOKE at
Pricing on SAINT PAUL'S JOKE has been set: Cover Price is $24.95, but it will be discounted 40% until December -- so until 1 December, listed price is $14.95 ... Available Saturday 22 Sept.

This discount !MAY! be carried over to other online retail distributors… but it will end on 1 December.  But given that there are those who think the world will end on 21 December – when the Mayan Calendar concludes – it doesn’t really matter … still for the rest of us, a chance to save $10 on a book anyone who believes in a Universal Spirit, or God, MUST READ, if they hope to understand what is expected of them – or wants to know what Saul of Tarsus (St Paul) expected of his followers – not something you want to miss.

Monday, September 17, 2012


SAINT PAUL'S JOKE will be available on Amazon and other online outlets Saturday 22 Sept.

Initial Buyer's will receive                        a substantial discount against Cover Price

Pricing on SAINT PAUL'S JOKE has been set: Cover Price is $24.95, but it will be discounted 40% until December -- so until 1 December, listed price is $14.95 ...

Monday, September 10, 2012

Internet Bullshit?

Facebook is posting this:


Falsehood? I Googled it and found this:

Best Answer - Chosen by Voters
20 states have it as a misdemeanor, 13 have it as a felony. The other states have it as animal abuse. If you’re asking because someone took a snapshot about gay marriage being legal in 6 states but having sex with a horse is legal in 23 just say that stupid you cant legally have sex with any animal in any states. Its just how each state writes their laws.

IF THEIR ANSWER IS WRONG, POST THE NAMES OF THE STATES. The issue is too significant to be bogged down because of bullshit… we can leave that to the Heathen Evangelicals and Republican lackeys who believe the commandment reads: “do to your neighbor anything they will find hurtful if done to you.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Romney Plan for America

It isn’t any different than his plan for the Auto Industry: When the auto industry was on the brink of collapse, and Governor Romney said, ‘Let’s let Detroit go bankrupt.’

In November, we will discover how many Americans HATE America… just count the Romney-Ryan votes.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Stupid, Is It REALLY the Economy?

“It’s the economy stupid!” was once a battle cry, and if we believe the implications of a recent Time Magazine article, it should be the one Romney will yell. But there is a reality which, some ten years ago, was pointed out in these pages: It’s all about demographics.

For a generation, the Baby-Boom generation has shaped our culture and economy. It said no to Viet Nam, but yes to education and Rock’n’Roll – and it also demanded an end to discrimination and sexual repression. Those who are now define the core of the Republican value system were on the other side of each of those issues; before that, their parents were on the wrong side of other issues, issues which actually helped create the Baby-Boomers.

We are now at the dawn of a new era, one in which the Baby-Boomers are beginning to retire – which has placed our economy in transition. If you hear a call for job creation, it is from those who are ignorant of, or intentionally ignore, reality. The Baby-Boomers are “jobs”, they are occupations whose slots are filled – but soon to be empty. They out number the unemployed and recent college graduates; they are, in essence, an economic factor
which made the idea of Outsourcing so attractive to so many businesses. Once the biggest portion of Baby-Boomers retire, there will be more employment opportunities than there are available applicants.

The issue of unemployment will evaporate, and we will begin a generation marked by employers seeking qualified immigrants to fill vacant slots. This is basic demographic reality. There is another reality, the traditional Republican assault on education, and educational funding – which passed the burden of a national benefit to local taxpayers – is about to have its effect. When those jobs are vacated, will we have young applicants who have the educational background needed to competently fill those positions? Well those jobs requiring intellectual training also be outsourced to China – whose cultural heritage has always, despite the brief ‘Cultural Revolution’ under Mao, prized scholars?

When you hear of Social Security going broke, or this and that program lacking funds, it is important to keep in mind the projections assume NO Immigration – because we have, at Republican behest, actively created anti-immigration policies. Of course their logic is beautiful: they want to deport 11 million, most of whom have been here over a decade and have become productive members of society, and replace them with “guest workers.” Now, if we assume al-Qaeda like groups have minimal intelligence, guess who will compose, or define, the most significant element among those “guest workers.” In the meantime, many of those Romney would deport will be leave behind American families who will be forced into the welfare system – a bi-product of removing their sole means of support. But that is precisely what the right wing voters wish to achieve – a three-fold attack: remove taxpayers, thus reduce related Social Security contributions, and finally increase AFDC costs, so as to provide fuel to attack the ‘welfare state.’

These are the same people who ran ahead of the curve in promoting, and funded at taxpayer expense, the outsourcing which transferred 10,000 Maine jobs to China. In that reality, there is an ironic element: the Republican States are the ones which suffered the largest percentage of jobs outsourced, or transferred, to China. The GOP is managed by people
who destroy their own home – the rest of us suffer when the uncontrolled, and intentionally accelerated, blaze spreads to ours.

Back before the 2000 election, I wrote that you should vote for Bush – because I wanted to see if my predictions would be as bad as I believed they would be. You voted for him, and now it is just a matter of the degree to which you are enjoying the Recession, and welcome the doubling of the National Debt. Given the Romney-Ryan position on Social Security and Medicare/Medicaid, it may not be too much to ask: Well you enjoy the bodies in the streets?  The bodies of those who died for want of affordable health care.

If you are concerned with the economy, you might want to look at a recent Federal Budge Office analysis: there it shows, if we make retirement attractive, and properly fund it, the unemployment rate will plunge and the economy will soar. But if you don’t like that idea, once again I’ll suggest you vote Republican – just so I can see if things will be as bad, or worse, than I am projecting.

2012 Election – View from Maine

Back in 2008, I wrote that would “be interesting to see just how historic this year proves to be.” Well, once again America has the opportunity to make things “Interesting”; it seems to me there is a Chinese curse, “May you live in interesting times.” I wonder how many wish to dispute the fact we might be living that curse.

LePage is doing exactly what you were told he would do, and the State is suffering the way you were told it would – the cost of living, and lack of jobs for our children, is chasing people away; the Baby-Boomers are retiring and the Republicans are fielding a residential candidate who wants to cut the benefits they were promised – and paid for with forty years
plus years of the Social Security related taxes. At a time when health care is the one of the most important considerations for them, LePage, Romney, Ryan and the rest are devoting their energies to violating the contract which promised it would not be a concern.

I could be wrong, but I will predict that Americans are smart enough to elect candidates who keep Government promises – so Romney/Ryan will get about 40% to Obama’s 52%. Yes there is a margin of error of 5 points in that prediction and there is also an 8 point factor for voters who decide their lives with a toss of a coin, but Obama will get his second term. I refuse to believe America has become [that] suicidal as to turn Republican and, once more, seek to double the National Debt so that the rich can ship their resources to the Cayman Islands, or some other place where Romney already retains his assets.

There is little we can do about Governor LePage – other than elect solid, thoughtful, and intelligent people like Ann Perry to legislative positions. Granted there are those who wish to see the State destroyed, they did, after all, vote for LePage. Well, we have ten weeks until the election and less than eight until my next book, “Saint Paul’s Joke”, is released and available through Amazon and the various other online outlets. Until then, there is always “Genesis of Genesis”, which came out last May – but that is really for those who want to  understand the ages assigned the Biblical Patriarchs, why our Calendar is really the Hebrew  Calendar reset, and how that Calendar connects to Stonehenge and other great megalithic structures of Britain.

As to “Saint Paul’s Joke”, as some of you already might have heard, the Vatican requested two draft copies – which they received last July. Obviously, the book deals with the origins of Christianity and the future of the Papacy – a subject I dealt with over thirty years ago, and which allowed me to report to you the name the Pope would take ... and have in print in these pages ... fully six days before anyone was elected. But then, as you know from my  warning about electing George W. Bush, I enjoy predicting both election outcomes, and aftermaths. Let us see what the next ten weeks reveal.

Doctor Who (series 7)

This show has been going forever, but seems to have boxed itself in to a conclusion.  We already know two things:

ONE is that Dr Who dies when he is 1100 years old – and does not regenerate.  He is played by Matt Smith – so that indicates Smith is the last person who will play the Dr.

TWO is that the person who kills him is probably River Song – who died and was saved in the library computer … before the Dr. is killed.

We therefore have an interesting temporal structure developing.  We also need to discover who actually kills WHO …

Friday, August 17, 2012

Hebrew & Christian Calendar Origin

This book remains the only published explanation for the Genesis Patriarch dates, and Jewish Astrological Holidays.  It is also the only book to ever explain the true origin of the Western Calendar.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Ain’t it Great to be Crazy

Back as a student at Brooklyn Tech, and then as a freshman at Northeastern University, I was talking about the this weird idea – based on the old WW2 razor blade radio:  Harness the radio waves, put them through a rectifier circuit, and, then us the resulting power to power a logic circuit.

Of course, back then (in 1960-1963), individual transistors were the size of three or four stacked dimes, resistors about as long as a dime is wide, and logic circuits were huge.  Computers still used vacuum tubes and occupied full floors in Wall Street buildings.  The wiring alone was a million dollars, and the computers were less powerful than the average new cell phone today.  IBM Punch cards were used to program the computers – in many cases were the programs, and accompanying data … all fed in to the card readers at the same time.

Now we have this report on Science Daily, “Wireless Power for the Price of a Penny”:

About seven or eight years ago, when my Harvard daughter told me her new boy friend was studying computer circuits at Harvard, I laid out the rectifier idea… and told her to have him to check it out.

Oh, isn’t nice to be fifty years ahead of events.

Now, what happens, next month, when Saint Paul’s Joke is published, and the world is told what Saul of Tarsus had in mind when he spoke of Faith and Grace?  And, what happens when they learn the Vatican received two requested copies of the book – LAST MONTH?


Friday, August 10, 2012


A thousand years ago, an Irish Monk, wrote an accurate list of all the popes – including the current one, who might be “the last, but one” to hold the Scepter of Peter; at the same time, the Mayan predicted a calendar end in Christmas week of 2012 – was it an apocalyptic even, or does it mark the beginning of something new and beyond their comprehension?

Regardless of belief, one fact remains, Saul’s time ended with the destruction of the Temple and, after the lifespan associated with the Noahic Covenant, the collapse of the Roman Empire and the emergence of the current Rabbinic Period.  For Christianity, from defining Creed to Martin Luther,  we can find the predicted thousand years of (Roman Catholic) supremacy – to be followed by a period of Satanic rule (Holocausts), culminating in a Judgment Day.

“Saint Paul’s Joke” looks at the beginning, and the mindset of those who defined two thousand years of history.

What is ahead?  What will happen in 2016?  Are you ready?

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Here’s a cutie from GALLUP

Americans Spend $151 a Week on Food; the High-Income, $180

Americans Spend $151 a Week on Food; the High-Income, $180

August 2, 2012

Americans report spending an average of $151 per week on food. Higher-income adults and those aged 18 to 29 spend more on food and are slightly more likely to say they ate out at a restaurant "last night" than are other groups.

Now … $151 a week for food and food stamps are $200 a month … so Food Stamps cover nine days plus one meal on tenth day.

Reality … something is wrong – either with GAKKUP or Food Stamps.

Put it another way: Are the poor being forced to eat cheap and unhealthy foods … is it the government intent to kill the poor, or raise the cost of medical care when their diets prevent their body from fighting disease? 

Is the government willfully causing a health crisis of obesity related diseases – buy forcing consumption of low cost, high fat, high sugar diets?

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Time Travel – only to the future.

There are times when, while doing mundane chores – like changing the bed linen and making the bed – that the mind wanders to silly things.  In my case, it wandered to the concept of TIME TRAVEL.

How nice to go back an kill Hitler before he became the corporal who wrote Mien Kampf.  Just think of all the lives that would have been saved.

Or should I say – created, never created, never born, or born though they never were.  There would have been no mobilization – and the Japanese expansion – the possibility of a Pearl Harbor - would have played out in a considerably different manner.  Without Hitler, the Depression would not have had the war related military expenditures to bring it to an end.

Without Hitler, the baby-boom would not have occurred – couples who delayed marriage or children because of the war would have married and had a few children … the timing of the ones they had would have shifted; none of us, or our parents, would have come into existence.  This is especially true for children associated with troops and the movements of men due to military assignment.

There would have been no European refugees – especially the Jewish refugees who made the nuclear age possible.  No German Jews in America or Russia – probably not Cold War.  The Socialist movement in America would not have been brought to an end, and we might well have gone into a phase where we were Communist rather than Capitalist.

The real point here?  Those who traveled in time would not have existed – so could not have traveled in time to change things.  Or they would end their reality, and create a new one … one in which they magically appear, do their thing, probably get captured, arrested, and tried for murder … maybe tell their story, and get locked away in some nut house … but the world they knew, the world which created them, would not exist – it would have ceased to exist the moment they did anything that altered history.

On the other hand.  Time could be sped up … one could go into the future and see what it was like.  To change a future event, or alter an event that will happen tomorrow, would only alter the future and have no real effect on today.  One could bet on the outcome of an event which is already happening – place an order at the opening of the stock market, or one a ball game which is in progress, or even on the turn of a card that is about to be dealt.  The effect of winning where a win was not before?  It would only change the lives of those who have yet to live the events which have been altered.   You change a future which has not yet occurred and so shift history… in the example of Hitler, it is the Hitler who will emerge thirty of fifty years AFTER the time machine is made operational – it is his world, and his effect on it, which will be altered.  Those alive today will simply have a different world to deal with … one that has not yet to come into existence and so has no effect on them today.

A time machine could alter events tomorrow, and so shape events the day after – with nobody the wiser.  (except the time travelers themselves)   An H. G. WELLS could look into the future and describe it.  One could alter the future by writing a “1984” in which the visualized world is described, and so the people are warned, and small alterations in their behavior prevent it from happening.

But you cannot go back in time … at least not more than a few minutes, maybe a few hours, or, at most a few days.  Any significant travel into the past would bring about the end of the present from which the traveler began their journey.

But .. We already know that.