Monday, November 12, 2012

Post-Election Prediction Recap

In August, I informed you that Obama would obtain 52% of the vote, against Romney 40%, with a factor of 8% for voters who live their life on the toss of a coin. Well, here we are, exactly three months after that prediction was made, and the results are in: Obama won 332 of a possible 538 electoral votes – which is 61.7% to 38.3%. In term of the popular vote, the outcome was 51.4% to 48.6%. The coin toss population appears to have been concentrated in the Red States – these are people who generally don’t think for themselves. Strangely, they are also the people who are the subject of my recent book – that is, the people who Paul, and Jesus, knew would not follow Scriptural teachings, but would, instead, rely on Pagan-Priests to tell them what to believe. When I made that prediction, I mentioned that the Vatican had requested, and received, two draft copies of my book. A month after the article was published, the Vatican sent me a very nice ‘thank you’ note. They had found nothing in it to object to, or even question – not even the fact that I recounted the St. Malachy prophecy which had the Church coming to an end during the reign of the next Pope. Some of you might recall that, a week prior to the election of the current Pope, I utilized Malachy to inform you that, after his election, Ratzinger would assume the Papal name Benedict XVI. On the issue of Same-sex marriage, you were previously informed that scripture supports it; thankfully, the majority of the state voters didn’t fall for what has evolved into “Saint Paul’s Joke” (the misrepresentation of Pauline scripture by Augustine of Hypo). Given the events which will begin in 2016, I suggest you go to Amazon and order the book. A year ago, I published “Grandpa Was A Deity”; this month the various research journals have begun to release DNA and Archaeological evidence supporting information provided in that book. As you know, the book was followed by an explanation of the Patriarch Dates in Genesis & Exodus, as of this writing, the orthodox Hasidic Jewish leadership is reviewing issuing an adjustment to the dates they have been using for the past five hundred years – their objective? To bring their dating in line with that provided in “Genesis of Genesis.” As for further predictions, there are several major one in “Saint Paul’s Joke” – covering the period from now, to 2064.

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