Tuesday, July 30, 2013

THE FORWARD hates intelligent comments

Seems the Jewish (once Yiddish) publication, THE FORWARD, has an administrator who opposes scholarly comments on articles – thus, proudly deletes them.

The most recent action was my comments on their review of a new book -- “Zealot: The Life and Times of Jesus of Nazareth” By Reza Aslan, a Religious Scholar, Phd, author, who happens to be Muslim … and seem to have written a book for Random House which discusses the same material which opens my own 2012 book, “Saint Paul’s Joke”.  Specifically, Asian focuses on the history and events associated with the beginnings of the Jesus story.

The reviewer claims: “For the Jesus he finds when the accreted layers of centuries of worship are scraped off is rather different from the one we might be used to, and all the more interesting, human and relevant for that.

As covered in “Saint Paul’s Joke”, Jesus appears to have been real, human, and a scholar in a line of scholars.  As acknowledged by the reviewer: “Aslan, an Iranian born scholar, surveys the literature around Jesus — what we might know of a man of his time, what the Gospels tell us of his life, what we can discover from contemporary writings and archaeology — and weaves together this material into a highly convincing account of Jesus the man.”  But, in reality, had he read it, the reviewer would have realized that Asian has done little more than what was done in the opening chapters of “Saint Paul’s Joke”.

Is it “preposterous” that Jesus was born in Bethlehem?  On page 39 of “Saint Paul’s Joke”, I pointed out that, “On horse or camel, Bethlehem is a day’s journey from Jerusalem.”   Associating a trip to Jerusalem with the 6bce census was LUKE … who made it a universal requirement that all Jews go to their birth city (as opposed to Tribal area, or identify themselves with their Tribe) …  since there would be a record of such a highly disruptive requirement, it is “preposterous” that they were their as Luke describes.  But Mary was a Kohanim – or so we can assume from her relationship to the parents of John the Baptist … described with the words “thy cousin Elizabeth, she also hath conceived a son in her old age: and this is the sixth month with her that is called barren.”  [cited on page 35 of “Saint Paul’s Joke” as part of Chapter “Birth of a Nazirite”]

Aslan points out, that Jesus would have been able to read or write – an idea which denies the fact he was doubtless a Kohanim who was certainly (via his mother) a cousin to the wife of a Temple Priest who routinely entered the exclusive inner sanctum.  His knowledge of scripture, and explicit quoting of Hillel, indicate he had a better than average education.  Added to which, he was raised in the territory set aside for scholars (we have no real knowledge of Joseph, other than the fact he made a living as a carpenter, but then, the Chief Rabbi of Jerusalem, Hillel, was a woodcutter).  So we can say Asian screwed up of the education bit.

It is pointed out that Jesus “calls himself instead the “son of man”” – that he is mortal, we know the deity element comes in 100 years later … so Asian is OK here.  We are told by the reviewer that “Aslan asks, was Jesus crucified? “If one knew nothing else about Jesus of Nazareth save that he was crucified by Rome, one would know practically all that was needed to uncover who he was and why he ended up nailed to a cross…. His offence… was etched upon a plaque and placed above his head for all to see: Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews. His crime was daring to assume kingly ambitions.”” And here is where “Saint Paul’s Joke”  mentions something that Asian avoids concluding – Jesus was KING, or he had the right to assert a lineage that placed him in line for the throne held by the Roman Edomite puppets… Mary ha gotten pregnant while in Jerusalem; Joseph is specific is saying it isn’t his kid, but  for reasons of propriety  -- “political reasons” he would accept her and the child.  Mary might have been raped by Herod – so Jesus was Herod’s son and only Jewish Heir …

Why is this significant?  A) Jesus would be “King of the Jews”, as far as the Jews were concerned; B) it explains the killing of children myth.  NO! No all males were killed (in the Moses mold) by only the Jewish Heirs to the Thrown – we know that Herod killed his sons by the Jewish Queen Miriam … so why not a bastard son by Mary, who was in the line of David and related to an important Temple Priest?

Look at the quote asserted to have hung over the head of Jesus on the cross: “’Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews.’ His crime was daring to assume kingly ambitions.”  Now, if we realize that the city of Nazareth does not appear to have existed in the era when Jesus was born (neither archaeological nor official textual evidence exists to show Nazareth existed before 100AD, even a city list by Josephus omits it).  So let’s say the quote refers to something written later from oral history … “Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews.”  might have read “Jesus THE NAZERITE, King of the Jews.”  Now it makes sense… John and Jesus were NAZERITE … that is, they were chosen by birth to speak/teach the Words of the Lord… they had a religious calling which was accompanied by intelligence and learning. … if you read, you will discover Sampson was another Nazerite … symbolized by the long hair and sexual abstinence during a specified period of purification/commitment.

The reviewer concludes: “Aslan’s triumph is not in original research or speculation. This is a deft, concise, respectful and accessible summary of — dare I say it? — the truth. It’s a summer afternoon’s read that explains, essentially, how Western civilization came to take the pattern we see today. And it’s hard to think of anyone, really, who wouldn’t benefit from reading it, if willing to accept its message. What’s most surprising is that a story so well accepted by scholars should still come as such a shock to us.”

But, with the exception of Herod (or one of his sons) being the father of Jesus, the same can be said for “Saint Paul’s Joke”

SO why would The Forward selectively delete comments which agree with, and augment, those of it’s reviewer?

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Republicans hate America

DUH… so now the conventional media has been informed of what we have long known about “The Most Harm to the Most People” crowd:

"Right now, what we’ve got in Washington, we've seen a sizable group of Republican lawmakers suggest that they wouldn’t vote to pay the very bills that Congress rang up. And that fiasco harmed a fragile recovery in 2011 and we can't afford to repeat that," Obama warned during a speech at Knox College in Galesburg, Ill. "Rather than reduce our deficits with a scalpel ... we've got folks who’ve insisted on leaving in place a meat cleaver called the sequester that's cost jobs."

Think about it… We had Reagan double to national debt – to give the rich money.  Bush 41 tried to double that, but was voted out before he could do more than match Reagan; Bush 43 then doubled the debt again … so what should have been paid off now drags us down.

The Republicans want to privatize Social Security … after they stole the funds which were set aside and which should have constituted the only national debt balance.  But Bush 43 was also planning to crash the markets and kill our young workers by promoting a war rather than a targeted police action to nail Ben Laden (who bush also declared irrelevant to his alleged war on terror … which he now has admitted was a mistake and wrong-headed … duh Christians confess their sins when they are looking to die … so expect Bush 43 & 41 to pass soon).

In any event …

How long will it take conventional media … and the public … to realize the best stimulus package is the money you target at the poor and elderly?  It is they, and only they, who spend the bulk of their money locally.  It is they, and only they, who support local economies and purchase necessities of the type which support the tax base of the nation.

To destroy a nation, destroy the poor and elderly … while doing that, deny the young an education … the long term effects are fantastic.

Well … fantastic for any who want to see this, or any nation, destroyed.  Look at Egypt, Syria, or any nation that is falling apart at the seams … how many educated are there?  If you are Islamic, the destruction targets and diminishes woman (in violation of the Koran which demands respect for them)… open your eyes … time is running out.




Saturday, July 27, 2013


This is cute: “Chinese parents want to ensure that the formula they are feeding their babies has never been touched by a Chinese company. … Chinese consumers don’t trust a lot of Chinese-made goods. … problem No. 1: At a time when China is trying to build a domestic economy to match its export economy, there is a complete lack of faith in Chinese companies” [July 26, 2013, The Baby Formula Barometer By JOE NOCERA]

In China, there is nothing to ensure product performance and safety.  In the United Sates, Conservatives (The Republicans) are pushing deregulation – specifically designed to make our products as safe and reliable as those in China.


Thursday, July 25, 2013

Judgment Day: 2035 start is our choice

REUTERS offers more possibility of 2035 being the date [Arctic Methane Release Due To Climate Change Could Cost Global Economy $60 Trillion, Study Reports -- Reuters Posted: 07/24/2013 9:09 am EDT]

“As much as 80 percent of the costs would likely be borne by developing countries experiencing more extreme weather, flooding, droughts and poorer health as the Arctic melt affects the global climate, the paper said.
”Methane is a greenhouse gas usually trapped as methane hydrate in sediment beneath the seabed. As temperatures rise, the hydrate breaks down and methane is released from the seabed, mostly dissolving into the seawater.
”But if trapped methane were to break the sea surface and escape into the atmosphere, it could "speed up sea-ice retreat, reduce the reflection of solar energy and accelerate the melting of the Greenland ice sheet," the study said.
”It said that could bring forward the date at which the global mean temperature rise exceeds 2 degrees Celsius by between 15 and 35 years - to 2035 if no action is taken to curb emissions and to 2040 if enough action is taken to have a 50 percent chance of keeping the rise below 2 degrees.”



Not that anyone takes such things seriously.  If they did, we would have education and healthcare as a higher priority than weapons of war and the right to “stand your ground” guns.

As it stands, the author will be 90 years-old when the date arrives … born in the last World  War, it seems fitting he passes in the last such war – the one that reduces the planet to where it was 50,000 years ago.  Maybe the survivors – those who pass Judgment – will  be wise enough not to repeat the mistakes of the past 10,000 years.



Wednesday, July 24, 2013

"trickledown" economics

You might remember the GOP expression of economic stupidity: “A rising tide lifts all boats.”

True … when the tide rises it lifts the boats … from the bottom.  NOT! from pouring water on the decks and into the holds.

Economically, the GOP takes money from the poorest – those who spend the money locally, rather than for trips to foreign nations and on expensive imported toys.  The GOP cuts social Security – so the majority of the nation has less to spend.

True, the majority is not (yet) on Social Security, but sufficient baby-boomers are.  If you shortchange them, their children divert money to compensate, and that takes even more out of the economy ... that $100 or $200 tossed to mom or dad can cause a major loss in consumerism.  Consider… that new TV is $1500, but mom needed $200 … so there’s $1300 available for the $1500 TV … and mom will need another $200 next month … because the GOP cut her Social Security to give a millionaire a tax break … and the millionaire used that break to create jobs – by outsourcing to a Third World Nation.

Tax the companies that product products sold here which are made elsewhere, and the manufacturers will bring the production facilities here  … increasing employment and taxes.

But no!  the GOP pours water (money) into the ships holds and then wonders why the waterlogged ships capsize.

As pointed out by the Huiffington Post [Evidence Is In -- Again -- GOP 'Trickledown' Economics a Failure Posted: 07/24/2013 10:24 am]: “Now the GOP is at it again -- threatening to throw America into default if the Democrats don't agree to inflict more economic pain on their fellow citizens with even more draconian cuts, when the debt ceiling must be increased again this fall.”

Adding: “The lesson is simple. The evidence is in. If you believe the Republican notion that economic growth happens from the top down, I have some great swampland to sell you.”

Fortunately, our is a society that promotes


So look for a new economic collapse whenever the GOP either stops progress or again comes to power.  We are a nation devoted to the commission of suicide – we are the Western al-Qaeda Jihadist who, rather than to show wisdom, kills themselves and any innocents they can.  The GOP approach to "trickledown" economics is their form of suicide bomb.

Monday, July 22, 2013

NAACP is racist and not supporting Blacks

NAACP Leader Can't Name Any Of 61 People Murdered In Chicago During Zimmerman Trial

Where is the NAACP with Marissa Alexander -- a black woman who got 20 years for shooting a wall when being threatened by a man against whom she had a protection order?

Funny thing, seems George Zimmerman got out of jail and three days later, he and a buddy saved the lives of a family that was in a one car accident (SUV overturned on husband, wife, two kids).

Seems there was a "divine reason" he was set free... Now if the NAACP can find a "divine reason" why Marissa Alexander got 20 years for shooting a wall, maybe there would be a reason for their existence.

Why is the NAACP picking on the White-Hispanic Zimmerman? 

Simple the NAACP is anti-Hispanic and anti-White.  If they were pro-Black, they would be working to free Marissa Alexander … But Marissa Alexander  is a black woman, and the guy she had the order against – the guy who was there threatening her (apparently in violation of that order) – is also black.  NAACP will never side with a black woman over a black man … because they are also sexist!

And to know the victims in Chicago would also mean knowing that most of them were victims of black male criminals … and the NAACP supports all black males – no matter how dangerous they are … again,  Marissa Alexander is the proof.


Friday, July 19, 2013

“I Love You, Send Money” is live

I Love You, Send Money is a book which documents actual email discussions between Romance Scammers and a mark.  As you read the emails, you have the opportunity to learn a few things which go through the mark’s mind, and see how they respond.

In this case, the mark recognizes the possibilities – some were obvious, others he still might not accept.

read along, see, in real time, how the fraud works and the best way to avoid being a victim – without missing out on “The One”.

As of 19 July 2013, I Love You, Send Money is live on KINDLE and KINDLE PRIME (Print Edition will be live in a few days).  Expect a five promotion “sale” next week – KINDLE EDITION will be free during that period, which should start on, or about the 27th … ENJOY and keep you money out of scammer’s hands.


Thursday, July 18, 2013

CO2 Levels Killing Ocean Life


With today’s levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide so high, the ocean’s help comes at a cost to marine life and the millions of people who depend on healthy oceans.


Ready for the fun…

In the year projected by Isaac Newton, and but the techniques used in Saint Paul’s Joke, it would appear that sea life will be doomed; that means a major food source will vanish from the planet.

The report says: “On May 9, 2013, the reading was an alarming 400.08 ppm for a 24-hour period.”  How alarming will 412ppm be?

Here’s a hint: “Earlier in Earth’s history, changes in ocean conditions that were much slower than today still managed to wipe out 95 percent of marine species.”

Gee, I wonder if we are really in that deep an excrement heap.

There are other events … but if you read Saint Paul’s Joke, or … back in 1978/80 “The Prophecy Notebook” … you already knew it was on the way … now science seems to have gotten the message.  All we need now if for Vatican City to be destroyed … we have two decades.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Food Stamps

“For the second time in two days, they had been forced to placate conservatives in their own ranks by taking a position that alienates crucial segments of the electorate.”  From Washington Post article: Oh, snap! The GOP misfires on food stamps. By Dana Milbank, Published: 11 July 2013

Yep, that’s what is happening, and the focus is narrowing on those who are out to kill as many as possible and destroy the nation.

Some will complain about Farm Subsidies – paying farmers not to grow crops.  To them I say … Check out the history of the DUST BOWL.  Farmers have one response to problems – plant and grow more.  If crop prices rise, they plant to profit from the rise; if prices drop, they plant to compensate for loses.

Farm subsidies stabilize prices – so are needed for that.  But they also prevent destruction of the soil by allowing the soil top rest – Biblically, it was mandatory every seven years.  But that was before we had crop rotation.

The TEA PARTY is out to murder Americans – the elderly and children from poor families.  The TEA PARTY is out to dump America into the sea and establish their own terrorist nation – a nation which sends us off to war in foreign lands, with no purpose or goal … except to kill as many innocent as possible …

the TEA PARTY is the American version of al-Qaeda.

Fortunately for them, nobody cares.  Thirty percent of the nation is out to murder the other 70 percent … they call it being conservative… Anyone who read and could understand the Bible, or read “Saint Paul’s Joke”, would know that the TEA PARTY are anti-Christs.

Fortunately for them, modern Christianity was founded to be a PAGAN religion – one that spits on scripture and violates the words of Jesus, Peter, Paul and James.  But, fortunately for those who actually follow THE LAW -- as mandated by Paul, Peter and Jesus – will see their children alive, when the Tea Party children have died at their own hands.


It is the Conservative way of being and murder.



Friday, July 12, 2013

Female Rabbi - the Hasidic Effect

Apparently, as anyone who has attended a synagogue service within the past couple of years can readily attest, the presence on the bimah of a female rabbi and a female cantor has become commonplace.

Having an uncle who was a cantor with, what is best described as, a fantastic operatic voice, I long to her the fat lady sing in Shul – but, sadly, there are no Shuls  in my rural Maine community.

Still.  We should give credit for this evolution to those who truly deserve it – the Hassidim … the ultra-orthodox Jewish sect who have denounced the Biblical male line of descent and substituted one which is solely controlled by the female.

As anyone who has read the Book of Genesis knows, Hebrew lineage is father to son – not mother to daughter.  It is impossible to derive a Hebrew ancestry via a female line from Eve – but that is exactly what the Hassidim preach and practice.  For them “Moma Know, Father May Be” seems the controlling rule.  Face it, they are unsure of who the father of a child is, and so cannot say the child is Jewish … for them, a non-Jewish father is the same as a Jewish one … so long as the mother is Jewish, the kid is.  Which, sadly, raises the question as to whether or not any identified as Hassidim  are, in reality, Jewish at all.

But!  As I stated, the Hassidim have given us female Rabbis and Cantors – since, in accordance with their core beliefs, only the female who emerged from a Jewish female can truly be be said to be Jewish – all the rest must certainly be goyim … even the males who are in the line of direct descent from Aaron  (as established by DNA and the CMH).

Hey, if you don’t know if your own father is really your father, even the male founders of the Religion, and the ones with whom the covenant or Laws were established, must be rejected. 



Thursday, July 11, 2013

without food stamp funding July 11, 2013

House Republicans successfully passed a Farm Bill Thursday by splitting apart funding for food stamps from federal agricultural policy.
Lawmakers voted 216 to 208 make changes to federal agricultural policy and conservation programs and end direct subsidy payments to farmers. But the measure says nothing about funding for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, or food stamps, which historically constitutes about 80 percent of the funding in a Farm Bill.
No House Democrat voted for the measure. Thirteen Republicans also opposed it.
the Republicans have again attacked the economy and the foundation of America … but nobody will notice … at least for a year or so.
The key element is simple economics – remove food stamps and money gets diverted from other uses/purchases to buy food.  That diversion will, in time,  filter through the retail operations undermining the basic economy.
This is a negative stimulus move.
Now?  When is the next election year, and how long will it take for this diversion of capital to hit the overall economic structure?

The legislation denies food to the poor and hungry.
The Evangelical Christians either support the Legislation,
or they reject it.
If the reject it, they will scream loudly at the Republicans!
Why is there only silence?
Must be that Christians support starving the poor.
Therefore, American Christians oppose the words of Jesus.
Be a good Christian, hold up the Bible and spit on it!
You're going to fail the judgement, so does it matter?
Follow the example of Pope Benedict XVI:
stop pretending, retire and live off the riches you've amassed. 

a comment to Rabbi Yaakov Salomon

We do not need to PROVE GOD -- we exist, and only that which we utilize the term "God" to depict can provide the reason.  If we wanted to prove daily interference/intervention with the sequence of events God created and we call life, then that is insanity (it argues that the act of creation was imperfect and needed tweaking).

In "Genesis of Genesis" (2012)  I established the true meaning of the Patriarch Ages -- I expanded upon that in both "Charting the Patriarchs" and "Charting OMER".

Science and Religion?  As I repeated demonstrate ... Clearly the Torah is Science and Religion is everything else is superstition ... and in "Saint Paul's Joke" I show how we were told that Science, as presented in Torah, would rule the world... and how this was spit upon and superstition took over and its adherents have sought to destroy Torah and the Science it represents.

Judaism is not religion,it is a quest for wisdom, knowledge and understanding  as mandated by Torah in service to the Creator of all things.


This article comment infers, the last ten years of life -- the years covered by Social Security that the GOP hates and seeks to destroy -- are years of suffering:

“US life expectancy for both sexes combined increased from 75.2 years in 1990 to 78.2 years in 2010; over the same period healthy life expectancy increased from 65.8 to 68.1 years,”  (Wed, Jul 10, 2013 By Maggie Fox, Senior Writer NBC News)

Seems the Republicans have gotten some of what they want and strive for…



Monday, July 8, 2013

Constitution Being Shredded in Nevada

Seems the government of Henderson, Nevada – as represented by its police – believe the function under the system in Egypt, Syria, & Iran.

American Constitution means nothing to them – they will arrest you for not allowing them to commandeer your private home so they can spy on a domestic violence matter.

BNOTE the idiot cops don’t know enough to go to the place where the couple is arguing, or the wife, knife in hand, is threatening to castrate hubby – that is domestic violence… right?  Immediate threat to life is domestic violence … isn’t it?  So the cops are going to watch until the threat has been carried out and there is a body on the floor.

A recent lawsuit claims that their Third Amendment rights were violated on July 10, 2011, when police officers commandeered their homes and arrested two family members for “obstruction.”

This seems to be the situation:  

Police had gone to the 300 block of Evening Side Avenue, near Horizon Ridge Parkway and the Las Vegas Beltway, for an alleged domestic violence incident at Phillip White Jr.’s home… White was believed to have barricaded himself and a child inside his home at 363 Evening Side. SWAT officers closed all entrances and exits to the neighborhood. The standoff lasted hours. Police began to call people in their homes.

So there’s a child and parent in the house… and the cops think they can occupy a neighbors home in order to gain a ‘tactical advantage’ against the occupant of the” house where alleged domestic abuse is occurring.

WHAT WERE THEY PLANNING?  To have a sniper take a shot at the child, or the parent?  Or maybe just riddle the house with bullets and let everyone inside die?  What type of tactical advantage do you gain from being outside the problem area – the house was sealed off … where is the advantage of commandeering a neighbor’s home and arresting them?

This is how you treat the homeowner whose house you are stealing the use of: ”As plaintiff Anthony Mitchell stood in shock, the officers aimed their weapons at Anthony Mitchell and shouted obscenities at him and ordered him to lie down on the floor.” 

Invade a home, curse at the owner and order them onto the floor – with the full knowledge they have done nothing more that be home when you invaded – that is how the Henderson, Nevada  police believe America is run – and they have apparently been supported by the town government.  If they were supported, the cops would be out on the asses and an official apology would have been issued at least as soon as the town prosecutors were notified of the arrest… ideally before.

“Confused and terrified, plaintiff Anthony Mitchell remained curled on the floor of his living room, with his hands over his face, and made no movement. …” and then, the police “fired multiple “pepperball” rounds at plaintiff as he lay defenseless on the floor of his living room.”

















Friday, July 5, 2013

Conservative Rabbi David Wolpe, to perform gay weddings.

Yep, that’s right, California’s Conservative Rabbi David Wolpe, to perform gay weddings -- while an Iranian architect M. Michael Naim proclaimed “Homosexuality is explicitly condemned in Scripture…”  it would seem the the Iranian Jewish architect has less knowledge of the Talmud than he does of the Koran.

Saint Paul’s Joke, and Biblical ignorance has come from Iran to California.

As I pointed out the the Philadelphia Rabbinical congress many decades ago – and they agreed -- There is one only one Talumdic passage which deals with the issue, and it pertains to bi-sexual men … NOT GAY MEN… and there are no passages at all which deal with Gay of Bi-sexual  women.  Therefore, homosexuality is NOT, can not be said to be, forbidden!

But hey… what do you expect from an Iranian?  These are people who want nukes so that they will be blasted out of existence at the first sign they are considering using them.

Buy what the hell… I would love to see some idiot try to prove me wrong!  All they need do is provide a section of Leviticus, or any of the Old Testament Law books, that says it is wrong for a woman to sleep with a woman as she does with a man… or something to that effect.

As anyone who has followed the global HIV-AIDS problem knows … women only seem to have problems it the sleep with a man who also sleeps with men.  (be that woman a wife, or prostitute – with the fact that some African whores have genes that prevent them from contracting HIV-AIDS…

The Conservative Jewish congregation of Sinai Temple – which is in Westwood, California – is famous for its wealth, and its teeming population of Persians.  Now it can become famous as the most famous American Temple to actually have a Rabbi who knows the Book.

Wonder if he read “Genesis of Genesis” … then he’d really know it.

   As a Straight Jewish  male, and the father of two sons and four daughters, all I can say is:

YEA Rabbi David Wolpe! 

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Edward Joseph Snowden

Edward Joseph Snowden, born June 21, 1983, has gained a page on Wikipedia for releasing the fact that the NSA, the United States Government, has been doing what Batman did in DARK KNIGHT – only he turned  the cellphones into scanning sonar devices, which permitted him to spy on every resident of Gotham City.

Knowing that fiction was now reality, Snowden -- a US former technical contractor for the National Security Agency (NSA) and Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) employee -- leaked details of top-secret US and British government mass surveillance programs. 

Is he a criminal, or a hero?  What is wrong with someone confirming that fiction has become reality?

It is only a basic variation on George Orwell’s 1984.  For that matter, it is not that much different than what the Republicans have been doing for decades – intruding into the private lives of strangers, without any there being any social good as a result.

Jihadists are engaged in the same process as Republicans.

They both want to destroy without benefit.  What if they won?  In America, Republicans would make the very rich richer, and enslave everyone else.  Republicans promote debt which must be paid by others – they are opposed to all the Jesus mandated, and therefore are backed by the Evangelical Christians (who also reject biblical teachings).


It is a growing reality in Syria


within the Arab Emirates

Enjoy it

You have worked hard to encourage it!


Monday, July 1, 2013

China loves to build copycat towns

Look, Listen, Copy – Practice until you get it right; then do your own thing.

That is an adage I created and taught my kids -- a guide to learning in the way an artist does, or as they used to teach cursive writing.

China copies, but it also destroys.  During the period termed “The Ten Bad Years,” China destroyed many antiquities – many with global historic importance.

The problem?  China doesn’t seem to “get it right” – is it that they don’t understand?

They even built a copy of Stonehenge.  But so has Maryhill, Washington

Maryhill Washington Stonehenge

and then there is Stonehenge Aotearoa

Stonehenge Aotearoa 2

Then there is Stonehenge II: Hunt, Texas

Stonehenge II Texas

But Shenzhen, China has Stonehenge Window of the World

Window of the World Stonehenge

How faithful are these and the comic versions made from foam, refrigerators, telephone booths and other weird artifacts of our civilization?

Are the alignments correct, or will we be the laughing stock for future archaeologists – a culture too stupid to alight things correctly.