Thursday, July 18, 2013

CO2 Levels Killing Ocean Life


With today’s levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide so high, the ocean’s help comes at a cost to marine life and the millions of people who depend on healthy oceans.


Ready for the fun…

In the year projected by Isaac Newton, and but the techniques used in Saint Paul’s Joke, it would appear that sea life will be doomed; that means a major food source will vanish from the planet.

The report says: “On May 9, 2013, the reading was an alarming 400.08 ppm for a 24-hour period.”  How alarming will 412ppm be?

Here’s a hint: “Earlier in Earth’s history, changes in ocean conditions that were much slower than today still managed to wipe out 95 percent of marine species.”

Gee, I wonder if we are really in that deep an excrement heap.

There are other events … but if you read Saint Paul’s Joke, or … back in 1978/80 “The Prophecy Notebook” … you already knew it was on the way … now science seems to have gotten the message.  All we need now if for Vatican City to be destroyed … we have two decades.

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