Thursday, July 11, 2013

a comment to Rabbi Yaakov Salomon

We do not need to PROVE GOD -- we exist, and only that which we utilize the term "God" to depict can provide the reason.  If we wanted to prove daily interference/intervention with the sequence of events God created and we call life, then that is insanity (it argues that the act of creation was imperfect and needed tweaking).

In "Genesis of Genesis" (2012)  I established the true meaning of the Patriarch Ages -- I expanded upon that in both "Charting the Patriarchs" and "Charting OMER".

Science and Religion?  As I repeated demonstrate ... Clearly the Torah is Science and Religion is everything else is superstition ... and in "Saint Paul's Joke" I show how we were told that Science, as presented in Torah, would rule the world... and how this was spit upon and superstition took over and its adherents have sought to destroy Torah and the Science it represents.

Judaism is not religion,it is a quest for wisdom, knowledge and understanding  as mandated by Torah in service to the Creator of all things.

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