Thursday, March 31, 2011

Heaven & Hell – Energy & Mass.

Heaven & Hell – warped or perverse concept.

Physicists postulate that the idea of Conservation of Energy;
Nuclear Energy is predicated on Einstein’s formula relating Mass and Energy;
It is said that nothing can travel faster than light;
Einstein postulated that Energy equals Mass time the Speed of Light squared
– Mass accelerated to a speed equal to the Speed of Light times the Speed of Light.

Obviously, Einstein & Nuclear Energy have something in common - they establish that a Mass can travel faster than light, and that the mass will disintegrate into pure energy when the speed of that Mass attains the square of the Speed of Light.  This makes it equally obvious that the Speed of Light can be exceeded – but at the cost of the cohesive structure that represents Mass.  Thus, we can state that “nothing can travel faster than light” without its defining Mass disintegrating until all that is left is pure energy.  An exercise in basic logic – and possibly semantics – supported by the demonstrable existence of nuclear energy.

Why do we assume that our ancestors could not work out the same logic – without having the need to demonstrate the most negative physical manifestation of that logic?

Conservation of energy: Try thinking in terms which assert that “what exists cannot be destroyed – it can only be converted into a new form.  Now get a bit spiritual and assert that the soul is pure energy driving a physical form.  As such, even though the body can pass into different physical forms (decompose into compost, ashes-to-ashes, dust-to-dust), the soul is pure, indestructible, energy.

If we think in those terms, the idea of reincarnation makes perfect sense – sometime after the decay of a previous host, the pure energy which powered it (represented by the term “soul”) occupies and powers a new physical host.  There is no death – only transition to a host most suited to the energy.  In terms we can relate to: Consider the various types of electrical Batteries.

Batteries come in different shapes, sizes and power ratings.  Now, what if they could be recycled in a manner which either improved their energy (unitized untapped potential, reserves or over-capacity) or disposed of (recycled to other uses) depleted resources and employed remaining reserves.  In terms of reincarnation, the soul would occupy a higher, or lower, state of existence based upon its energy.  If the energy is throughly depleted, the soul becomes pure mass – dirt, dust, compost – which emerges as the receptacle for energy (a soul).

At one end of the spectrum, there is a finite amount of pure Energy; at the other end there is a finite amount of Mass.  For either extreme state to be reached, the other must cease to exist.  We define Pure Energy as GOD – any utilization of any portion of that “Divine Energy” would cause a decay that results in the existence of physical Mass.  A Thought, A mental Word, is all that is needed to create the physical – and eventually the Universe, with all its complexity, arises from a single electron, or, eventually, an atom of hydrogen whose mass is disrupted in an attempt to release, and recover, the energy which initially created it.

The idea of Heaven and Hell – irrational.  But the idea that every action has a reaction – that every action has a consequence – totally rational.  It is irrational to assert the pointless expenditure of energy, but totally rational to assert an eternal change of state which is deemed inferior to the one presently occupied.

The ancients spoke of reincarnation and the body returning to the earth from which it arose – totally rational, and a one sentence statement of what it took me many paragraphs to posit before I reached that simple statement.  Those who posited the concept of a Purgatory – eternal damnation in Hell – and its corollary, a life in Heaven, were talking to the intelligent fools of their time.  The fools were intelligent enough to recognize that there was always the possibility that one could get away with harming others – that crimes went unpunished.  These same fools were smart enough to grasp that all energy continues – thus they could believe, regardless of their actions, their soul would continue to reincarnate.  There was no rational absolute argument to assert that these souls were expending their energy in a manner which would turn them into compost, so the idea of judgement came into play.  The fools could understand the physical judgment they sought to, or assumed they would,  escape between their commission of the crime and their eventual death (transition to the next life, or reincarnation).  Divine Judgement interjected the idea that they would be reincarnated into an existence more horrific than any current (worldly) judgment they could anticipate.  Moreover, the idea of a Divine Judgment added a second level of punishment – you would be killed here, and then, more quickly, be subject to the eternal “reward” for your actions.

Rationally, the theological concept, designed to control the behavior of fools, is irrational.  The Universe does not waste energy, and it would be a total waste of energy for there to be a Purgatory, or hell – especially not when there is soil, or the Mass resulting from the full disposition of negative energy in the form of matter which can then be utilized to bolster positive energy resources.  There are those who share energy, and those who steal it – the thieves become food for the generous.  In one sense, the Productive and Beneficial Meek are powered by the Aggressively Disruptive – and the world of those “Meek” is Heaven; therefore Hell is eternally serving as the dirt upon which thye trod and from which their food is grown.

If GOD is pure Energy, and Hell is pure Mass, than Heaven is the Universe that is equally balanced between the two – it is the ancient Egyptian MAAT judgment of the soul ... so dedicate that the weight of a feather is sufficient to tip the scales toward becoming pure Mass.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Sweeping the Kitchen Floor

The mind focus’ on many things, at the oddest of times.  Consider this:

All of recorded human history has been based on a disputed assumption – on disputing the assumption – that there is an after life.  That there are gods and demons … that there might be ghosts of “souls” which fail to transition – or refuse to – or come back.

We bet our lives on the position we take.  Yet the basic philosophy common to all intelligent cultures is neutral.  That philosophy?  “Don’t do to another what you would not have them do to you.” … the basic “do unto others” …

Consider this:  We demand that there was a primal force, a deity, which began the circle of existence.  But there is no reason for that entity to still exist.  If the job were done right, than the universe is self-perpetuating.  If the first force was incompetent, or imperfect, than it would need to remain to adjust and judge (to “quality control” its product.  therefore, any deity that now exists must be les than perfect, less than “all-knowing” and basically incompetent and unworthy of any praise.  That would explain all the evil, sadness and misery in the world.  It would also refute the premise of many religions – hence they are false religions.  They are false because the believe in “an eternal, perfect and all knowing, deity.”

If there are no deities; if the universe began with one that has long passed, than it’s evolution is rational and the outcome would be perfection – the elimination of anything which is self-destructive.  That is, the elimination of anything which invites, through its own actions, another to utilize against it some destructive action.  “Others doing unto, as was done to them and theirs.”

Whatever we do – if done first, or not a return “in kind” --  invites retaliatory actions which are, for all intents and purposes, the same as those we take.

If we kill, we invite being killed – in fact, by the rules of the philosophy – we expressly invite another to kill us.  But if we are generous, feed, cloth and provide shelter to another – than we are inviting others to feed, cloth and shelter us.  If we protect another, we invite others to protect us.

… It is basic “do unto” stuff.

How do you live your life?  What, through your actions, are you INVITING others to do to you?  What have your actions AUTHORIZED others to do?  No judgment – beyond your own willingness to lie to yourself.  No need for a divine being, an afterlife, ghosts, goblins or demons.  No need for any of that.  It is the outcome that matters – what is left when each of you has given, and received, in kind … when all that is left are those creatures who do no harm.

“My belief is true; your belief is false.”  The idea behind declaring others Heretic.  If they are, so are you – when discussing contrary viewpoints only one can be right … but both can be wrong.

You have placed your bet … both as to what you are to do, and how you are to do it.  Heretic!  Who?  It is in the act you, or they, invite upon themselves through the actions they exhibit toward others that will determine the truth.  Do we NEED a heaven or hell?  Or simply to clean the garbage from this cycle of existence?

A perfect deity would create a universe that would exist without its interference – or involvement.  A perfect deity would create a universe that would evolve to perfect – self cleaning, self judging, and self excreting that which disrupts … or doesn’t care about … itself.

Logically: 1. There had to be a starting point, which we label primal deity, primal universal parent.  It must have been perfect, and therefore known the outcome of its creation; if perfect, than the universe is perfect and on track – therefore, there is no third party judgment, no apocalypse, no eternal punishment (a pointless waste of both time & energy that is inconsistent with creation).  There is only existence, or non-existence – we exist to create that which will exist; to assist that which will create that which will exist; to exist in harmony with all that exists.

The floor is swept.

Earthquake for 2012

I have heard America called "a Christian Nation" -- the Right-wing Republicans who now rule then legislatures of various states are "Tea-Party" and the same Right-wing which, when in control under Reagan & Bush, has twice doubled the National Debt -- and now uses the result of their fiscal destruction of the nation as an excuse to destroy its social institutions.

Curiously, Medical Care is a prime target -- its destruction, along with the undermining of education, supported by Right-wing Fundamentalist Christians.  This is curious, because Jesus commanded his followers to tend the sick.  But America is a "Christian Nation" ... just as Europe was when the Black Plague settled there and found a welcome home.  One must wonder how America rates against other nations when it comes to Cancer, Heart attacks, and other preventable health risks.

AND now to Japan and its earthquake.  Pick a Ricter number 8.8, 89. 9.0 -- there is an intensity difference ... but all at at the maximum end of the scale.  The power of the earthquake was midigated by the fact it was off the coast and out to sea -- the water cushioned the force ... though by converting it into a tsunami wave.  What would happen if it had been on land?  Or well inland?  What if it had been on the San Andres Fault or in New Madrid Missouri?

Never heard of an earthquake at New Madrid Missouri?  It was in 1812 ... Check the map for the range of damage caused by a quake in the middle of the scale -- 6.5+/1.

Earthquakes at New Madrid
  • December 16, 1811, 0815 UTC (2:15a.m.); (M ~7.2-8.1) epicenter, northeast Arkansas.
  • December 16, 1811, 1415 UTC (8:15a.m.); (M ~7.2-8.1) epicenter, northeast Arkansas.
  • January 23, 1812, 1500 UTC (9 a.m.); (M ~7.0-7.8) epicenter, in the Missouri Bootheel.
  • February 7, 1812, 0945 UTC (4:45 a.m.); (M ~7.4-8.0) epicenter near New Madrid, Missouri.
Seven Weeks, Four Earthquakes -- none below 7.0.


Christians like to say the deity punishes evil … which is why the Black Plague struck Europe and spread worse than it did elsewhere in the world.  Radical Islamists refer to America as “The Great Satan” – wouldn’t a divine earthquake be a great way to defeat Satan?

Look at the maps (above).  Imagine what would happen if a 9.0 struck either Los Angeles, San Francisco, or, even better, New Madrid Missouri.

The area of impact from a 6.7 at New Madrid Missouri  would – given today’s demographics – impact the lives of fully half the American population … the majority of whom live in the “Christian Bible Belt” … just as the Black Plague affected those in the “Holy Roman Empire”.

A Pattern to note:

1. December 1811 New Madrid earthquake; 2. 1906 San Francisco earthquake; (1911 Triangle Shirtwaist Fire vs 2001 WTC);  3. 2011 Japan … December 2012?  … we are in countdown, though not too many have come forward with their doom&gloom predictions (based on the Mayan Calendar & Hindu Ages).

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

a thought…

It is not your belief; it is not the conviction you hold. It is whether you believe, or hold it, from the eyes of a servant or master...

... whether you believe, or hold it, from the eyes of a servant or master... reveals your self-image and your view of Life. ...

,,, Some people, no matter how high their position, are servants ,,, while others, no matter how seemingly lowly ... are masters.

-- A trinity of TWEETS ... a thought upon waking [22 March 2011] to more snow.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Genealogy is a bitch

Two members of TRAUERSPIEL family … of a possible 25 from Galicia Russland/Austria/Poland:
TRAUERSPIEL ... Channe & Esther ... sisters (or cousins), Age 18, ...
born abt 1877, arrived 1895, ...
both from Siniewa, Russland ... arrive in NYC ...
then they vanish.

Where did they go?

They aren’t in the 1900 census – nor in any other census.    Where could they have gone?

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Gov. Paul LePage admits fraud

On 5 March 2011, The Associated Press published an article entitled “Maine governor defends pension freezes, cuts”

The lead sentence tells it:  “Gov. Paul LePage said Saturday that freezes and cutbacks in the retirement system he proposed this week are sensible reforms that save $524 million in past due payments and cut the state’s total unfunded pension liability in half.”

The new governor has declared that: Because Maine has limited resources, promises made to state workers and teachers years ago could NEVER be honored.  

In short, the State of Maine – as government entities have traditionally done – lied to its people and made promises that were known to be false.  Politicians have moved on; they are collecting their wealth and riches – sharing more wealth with the millionaires to whom they diverted funds.  Rather than tax, they created “loop-holes” so the new taxes would fall upon the middleclass and workers.

If we look closely, we will find more lies and efforts to hurt the average person.  But, fortunately for the Politicians … and LePage … nobody is looking.  Teachers and state workers be damned … education be damned … services be damned … shift the burdens to the local communities and their shrinking populations … increase the burden and drive more people from the state.  Be aware that there are millionaires and big corporations looking to grab the land at deep-discount prices.

Schools are not needed!  Not if we drive away the children, and therefore the next generation to be educated.  If there is nobody to educate, there is no need for schools … local taxes will fall … schools are 55 percent of the local budget.  The state has already forfeited, or defaulted, on its pledge to pay half that burden.  Why pay for schools when the goal and objective is to destroy (depopulate) local communities?