Friday, August 17, 2012

Hebrew & Christian Calendar Origin

This book remains the only published explanation for the Genesis Patriarch dates, and Jewish Astrological Holidays.  It is also the only book to ever explain the true origin of the Western Calendar.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Ain’t it Great to be Crazy

Back as a student at Brooklyn Tech, and then as a freshman at Northeastern University, I was talking about the this weird idea – based on the old WW2 razor blade radio:  Harness the radio waves, put them through a rectifier circuit, and, then us the resulting power to power a logic circuit.

Of course, back then (in 1960-1963), individual transistors were the size of three or four stacked dimes, resistors about as long as a dime is wide, and logic circuits were huge.  Computers still used vacuum tubes and occupied full floors in Wall Street buildings.  The wiring alone was a million dollars, and the computers were less powerful than the average new cell phone today.  IBM Punch cards were used to program the computers – in many cases were the programs, and accompanying data … all fed in to the card readers at the same time.

Now we have this report on Science Daily, “Wireless Power for the Price of a Penny”:

About seven or eight years ago, when my Harvard daughter told me her new boy friend was studying computer circuits at Harvard, I laid out the rectifier idea… and told her to have him to check it out.

Oh, isn’t nice to be fifty years ahead of events.

Now, what happens, next month, when Saint Paul’s Joke is published, and the world is told what Saul of Tarsus had in mind when he spoke of Faith and Grace?  And, what happens when they learn the Vatican received two requested copies of the book – LAST MONTH?


Friday, August 10, 2012


A thousand years ago, an Irish Monk, wrote an accurate list of all the popes – including the current one, who might be “the last, but one” to hold the Scepter of Peter; at the same time, the Mayan predicted a calendar end in Christmas week of 2012 – was it an apocalyptic even, or does it mark the beginning of something new and beyond their comprehension?

Regardless of belief, one fact remains, Saul’s time ended with the destruction of the Temple and, after the lifespan associated with the Noahic Covenant, the collapse of the Roman Empire and the emergence of the current Rabbinic Period.  For Christianity, from defining Creed to Martin Luther,  we can find the predicted thousand years of (Roman Catholic) supremacy – to be followed by a period of Satanic rule (Holocausts), culminating in a Judgment Day.

“Saint Paul’s Joke” looks at the beginning, and the mindset of those who defined two thousand years of history.

What is ahead?  What will happen in 2016?  Are you ready?

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Here’s a cutie from GALLUP

Americans Spend $151 a Week on Food; the High-Income, $180

Americans Spend $151 a Week on Food; the High-Income, $180

August 2, 2012

Americans report spending an average of $151 per week on food. Higher-income adults and those aged 18 to 29 spend more on food and are slightly more likely to say they ate out at a restaurant "last night" than are other groups.

Now … $151 a week for food and food stamps are $200 a month … so Food Stamps cover nine days plus one meal on tenth day.

Reality … something is wrong – either with GAKKUP or Food Stamps.

Put it another way: Are the poor being forced to eat cheap and unhealthy foods … is it the government intent to kill the poor, or raise the cost of medical care when their diets prevent their body from fighting disease? 

Is the government willfully causing a health crisis of obesity related diseases – buy forcing consumption of low cost, high fat, high sugar diets?