Tuesday, September 23, 2014

House Lawsuit against Obama - Phase Two

It only took one month for the law firm that House Republicans hired to file their lawsuit against President Obama  to realize their stupidity and quit.

BakerHostetler apparently decided the roll of laughing stock wasn’t worth the money – unless they already managed to find a way to bill the guaranteed maximum.  In other words, they BakerHostetler bowed out due to "political pressure" from its other clients.

The [taxpayers] will pay the replacement firm $500 an hour and a maximum of $350,000 to file a lawsuit in federal court against the president over his decision to unilaterally delay implementation of the employer mandate in the Affordable Care Act without permission from Congress.

Fiscal Conservatism GOP style – waste taxpayer money on things which offer not benefit to the taxpayers.  The replacement?  A guy who shows himself in sport coat striped shirt and not only tieless, but his shirt opened half way down his chest bones.  William A. Burck looks more like a theatrical manager for a rock group than a serious attorney – makes one happy that none of the lawyers in this family went to Yale Law School … obviously there is a real non-professionalism instilled in their graduates.




Sunday, September 7, 2014

House Lawsuit against Obama

The issue behind a lawsuit is one of discussed is REDRESS – the legal remedy which would make the injured party whole…

The law firm of Baker & Hostetler has been retained to prepare the  case – with a reported guarantee of $350,000 for work done before new Congress convenes in 2015.  Apart for whatever nonsense argument they invoke to justify that money, what would they have the Court do to correct whatever alleged wrong was done?

The case relies on the actions of the Chief Executive, and not the private actions of citizen Obama.   Therefore, monetary damages would be paid by the Federal government – so Congress would need to appropriate funds to pay the judgment on the lawsuit it brought. (OK I mentioned that in a posting when this nonsense was first mentioned, but now lawyers are involved and they will need to tell the court the answer.)

Removal of Obama requires Impeachment, which the House has, via the lawsuit, demonstrated it has no grounds to seek.   Even a court victory would not provide grounds.

QUESTION: Does Baker & Hostetler contribute to GOP?

If so, this is a great means of providing the capital.  Even assuming a 35% tax rate, the guarantee would reimburse a quarter million in campaign contributions, or make an addition quarter million available for last minute donation prior to November. 

Basically, a great way to launder federal funds to support a political party facing election in two months.

History, Social Security – a bit of reality

Republicans in Congress want cut Social Security and everything else they can – except for military spending, where they will quickly allocate money for programs and technology the military clearly tells them are obsolete and will need replacement within a matter of years … basically within the time it will take to produce what Congress is funding.

This approach is described as being “Fiscally Conservative.”

But screw that let’s take a look at today’s Social Security allotment in terms of history.

Most alive today do not recall the 1968 New York City Teachers strike.   In 1967/8, Teachers could NOT afford to live on what they were being paid – so they unionized and went on strike.

The strike succeeded and teachers got a living wage.

Thus a single starting teacher, fresh from college, could actually afford to live and teach.  Their salary, roughly what the average Social Security recipient now receives.

Sounds good – being on Social Security and having the income of a 21 year-old teacher.

The problem?  Being on Social Security in 2014, and having the income of a 21 year-old teacher in 1968.

Except that, what cost a dollar in 1968 now costs $6.85.  Thus Social Security recipient is now faced with living on the equivalent roughly six weeks income for that 21 year-old teacher in 1968 – and must live on it for a year.

After working hard their whole lives, and being promised a secure retirement, Social Security recipients are now faced with reliance  SNAP (food stamps) HEAP (energy assistance) and various reasons to engage in forced routine interaction with government “welfare agents” – all at a considerable cost to the government; one which could be avoided if Social Security recipients were given the income levels they were promised and paid to have through the funds contributed from their paychecks and matched by their employers.

The nation – specifically the Republican Party of the last 35-40 years – has willfully broken it’s promise to the people and, like a Dickensian  Scrooge, decided that the Bay Boom generation deserves to be dead, or live below poverty levels.

Of course, as in the military budget waste, they are doing then same for the whole nation.  They will, very soon, bring down America.  Thanks to them, the nation is not prepared for a modern insurgent war of the type which destroyed the World Trade Center and damaged the Pentagon.

America is not prepared for a modern insurgent war of the type which was fought in Vietnam and Afghanistan – where there is no victory for the invader (America) but a wide range of reasons for the population to raise  up against the image of America and Christian Crusaders.

America is still using, and falling for, Cold War rhetoric.  The Cold War opposition has become Capitalistic and uses money, not guns, and certainly not invading armies, to make its points.   LOL Russia quickly learned the stupidity of that approach when, in its historic quest for a warm water port, it invaded Afghanistan.  Now Russia holds a third of the energy that Europe needs, has rid itself of the Pale of Settlement – made useless when the Jewish population, the source of its mercantile successes was driven away by the Nazis – and has, along with Red China, become a major American creditor.

In many ways, thanks to Republican policies, we are playing out a modern “Merchant of Venice” – America being the Christian merchant whose ships are all over the world and, because of their wasteful domestic spending, are sailing on borrowed money; Russia is Schlock, the Jewish money lender (a very comical turn of events for a nation which hated Jews).  The difference?  This time Schlock possesses the same number of guns as the debtor Christian Merchant, and has the intelligence to know that it is the “first one in the water” who will lose the war – the ancient oral has been continually proven correct, the invader will ultimately be defeated, and in the Modern World, America has chosen to take the invader role.

Yep, it is all about Social Security, and the mindset which places more value on killing foreigners than on supporting the aged and sick, the widows and orphaned children.  It is all about a “Christian Nation” which makes it a point to violate the teaching of Christ – both at home and abroad.  It is about a nation which wishes to “Live by the sword” and somehow believes they can spit upon, and defeat, the Christian adage which dictates that they will die “By the Sword.”

As my readers know, I have multiple books warming on the subject:

The Tea Party: America Upended

Saint Paul's Joke: 'The Punch Line's A Killer'

Biblical Prophecy: Are we in the Revelation Era

Death Over Life: Secret of Revelation: A Prophecy of America's Destruction

Fortunately, as can always be “predicted”, those who are driving us over the cliff are careful to avoid the warnings.

Unfortunately, we are at that point in history when what is obvious and being ignored – the elephant in the room – is about to shit, and America is holding its tail.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Maine State Senator David C. Burns

Maine State Senator David C. Burns seems to be proud of being stupid -- he's talking of "Welfare Fraud because EBT cards are used out of state and at liquor stores.
Like many of his colleagues, and Gov Le Page, Burns is out of touch with reality: 
First, people on Social Security, minimum wage and many in the Military, get EBT cards (Food Stamps) and they do travel, and do need to eat when traveling.
Second, Liquor stores sell food and accept EBT cards for that purpose -- the computers generally block non-qualified purchases, so no booze or smokes can be purchased (unless the cash allotment is used - but that's not fraud).
Also, wonder of wonders, even the Irving Station will accept EBT cards -- for the food they sell, or purchases with the cash allotment.
Hence, Burns and his fellow "Big Brother" idiots seem to want to micro-manage the use of the cash allotment which was added to the EBT cards specifically to reduce the overhead associated with such payments.
To put it another way -- people on social security are not allowed to smoke or drink, of buy oil or gas for their cars.
As LePage said, Social Security is Welfare -- and those on it ware a drain on society.   They certainly should not be allowed to visit their kids, or grandkids in other states -- nor should anyone earning a below poverty level minimum wage be allowed to travel (even if it is a part of their job).
WE NEED the Federal government to raise the minimum wage and social security -- that's the only way to counter the "Big Brother" system of oppression that seems to be prevalent in today's destructive political environment.

But reality dictates that they are seeking to destroy the society, with the blessing of the third who back the Tea Party … so look carefully to November – it shall mark the clear beginning of the end for America, and fellows like David C. Burns  and Paul LePage will be cheering that downfall