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There are those who question the idea that King Tut was related to Britain's … that is, that his yDNA is Hg-R1b.  Three paragraphs from the  LiveScience report on Tut DNA are quoted below:



“Pusch and his colleagues published part of their results, though not the Y-chromosome DNA, in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) in 2010. The Y chromosome is the sex chromosome found only in males, and looking at the genes in this chromosome would show Tut's male lineage.

Pusch's team used snippets of Y-chromosome DNA  to link Tut to his closest relatives, identifying his mom and dad. But they didn't publish the full genetic data that would allow genomics companies like iGENEA to link modern people to the Tutankhamen lineage. According to Scholz, that crucial data is what appeared on the Discovery Channel.

"Dr. Albert Zink from the EURAC [European Academy of Bolzano, an independent research center] in Bolzano and co-author of the 2010 JAMA publication screened the footage and confirmed that the company acts very unscientific," Pusch wrote in an email to LiveScience. "The Swiss company did not try to get into contact with us prior to launching their new Internet page."”


NOTE:  1. The specific markers were NOT reported in the 2010 JAMA paper – though it is explicitly stated that those markers matched the paternal line (father & grandfather).  2. There are those who have asserted “contamination” of the Tut sample.  However, this would mean there had to be similar sample contamination for the father and grandfather as well, or there would be no match (as was both demonstrated on the Discover broadcast, and asserted in the paper).  3. For three samples to be contaminated with the same DNA, they would all  have had to have been exposed to the same source.  4. That means an incompetent lab tech who introduced his own DNA into all three samples; that means testing those who had access would reveal the idiot.  5.  If nobody on the team, or who had appropriate access by which to contaminate the samples, exists, that would mean intentional contamination utilizing a British sample – intent means FRAUD.

Therefore, the paper is intentionally fraudulent, though the fraud was not reported in the form of actual yDNA results.  SO! It follows that those who assert contamination are charging the team with willful fraud for the purpose of both academic deception, and international public deception (because the process was being filmed by Discovery as a documentary).  This means those making the charge MUST, a. prove the charge, or, b. are subject to being sued for libel on an international scale and in every court of every nation in which the broadcast was aired – note that the broadcast appears on the internet, and therefore that means they are subject to individual actions in every nation with internet access.

I would note that both "Grandpa Was A Deity"(2011) and "Genesis of Genesis” (2012) provide a historical and genetic basis for the link between Egypt and Britain to exist.  By inference, we might even assert that Tut, his father and grandfather were in the genetic line of Imhotep – it would be nice if the remains of Imhotep, or those of someone known to be in his direct line, could be located and tested.  It is entirely possible that they were responsible for, or associated with, the construction of Stonehenge and the related monuments detailed, with associated graphics/architectural relationship, in the 2011 book, "Genesis of Genesis”.  

Bible Chronology

_Genesis Chronology_20121211

As of 2012, the above chart represents the most accurate Patriarch Chronology in existence.  It is also the most accurate one that will ever be created.

“Genesis of Genesis” (Amazon, 2012) Represents the most accurate justification for the Patriarch Ages that has ever been produced.

Buy  "Genesis of Genesis" at Amazon and learn the truth behind the first two books of the Bible – thereby obtaining a Biblical response to Creationist nonsense.

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What is Marriage?

Some treat it as if it were a religious institution – which it may well be – but most of us recognize it for what it really is: A state approved bond between adults.  Effectively, it is a mutual adoption which both creates a family structure, and creates a bridge between two independent, and otherwise unrelated, family lines.

The process involves a State License approving that the state defined qualifications necessary to enter into the bond have been met; it then must be finalized by a state licensed, or approved, agent.  There is no religious component, and therefore the union can be deemed to be a Civil Union in every sense of the term.

By comparison, we are required to obtain a license to drive, and, when we get behind the wheel of the vehicle, or grab the handlebars. the vehicle must have been certified safe by a licensed, state approved, inspector.  There is no religious component – even if the approved inspector is also a member of a clergy.  The same applies to a Notary, a CPA, of a Game Warden – any of whom could also be a member of the clergy.

Each state holds the right to determine to whom, and under what qualifications, the initial license and final certification shall be granted.  Be it marriage, or operating a motorized vehicle, the state, not a religious organization, defines the necessary qualifications and restrictions.  If a term, or title, is found to be objectionable, or causes confusion, it can be changed without affecting the underlying realities.  If religious organizations wish proprietary rights to the term marriage, the state should uniformly adopt the term Civil Union.  Religious organizations are, of course, free to perform marriages based upon their own criteria – but they cannot to have those ceremonies certified by the state unless they meet the state requirements.  Therefore, anyone entering into an uncertified, or un-certifiable,  religious union cannot avail themselves of state approved and sanctioned benefits or rights reserved for those with the proper documentation and approval.

Anti-discrimination laws apply to race, religion, ethnic origin, gender and gender preference.  It therefore must be shown why these laws should be set aside in the case of a mutually agreed union of two family lines through the adult adoption process currently known either as Marriage or Civil Union.  Failing that test, each individual application to create such a union between family lines must be examined on its own merits – assuming the individuals would be free and qualified to enter into such a union with an alternative family line.

There is no case law to support objection in violation of Anti-discrimination laws, and therefore the matter must be resolved in favor of the right to marry where the sole objection is precluded by the Anti-discrimination laws.  As to the definition of marriage: it is simply terminology and, since the matter before the court is civil, not religious, can easily be replaced by, or taken to mean, the more accurate term, “Civil Union”.  In that case, setting a restriction in violation of the Anti-discrimination laws, without specific justification of a social benefit or necessity, is, at the least, illegal, and therefore possibly Unconstitutional.  There are no known briefs which justify the setting aside of the Anti-discrimination laws; therefore the High Court has no option but to affirm the ruling of the lower courts and vacate both Proposition 8 and the definition change.

U.S. Supreme Court & Defense of Marriage Act

“There is an increasing religious consciousness across an ever wider spectrum that providing legal protection and religious sanctification to two people who want to create their lives together reflects our highest values,” Rabbi David Saperstein stated.

One inherent problem with the Defense of Marriage Act is that it belittles the basis for marriage… the love of two individuals and their desire to spend their lives together.  Of course, we live in a society which believes (correctly) that a livelong commitment lasts less than a decade.

The biggest offenders in this matter are those who promoted the Defense of Marriage Act … they have successfully done more to undermine the institution than any other group has ever achieved.

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Defense of Marriage–opposes marriage

Defining "marriage", in federal law, as only a heterosexual union opens a Pandora's box of later defining it as only applying to Europeans, or whites, or blacks, or Asians -- or people who enter the union in city hall (to go with need for a state granted license).

Obviously the state does have the right to define who is granted the right to file as married under federal or state tax codes; it also has the right to define who can be counted as a survivor or have a defacto power of attorney.  But, the state also has the obligation to show clear damage to the social fabric when it excludes individuals from benefiting from rights granted to society as a whole. As it stands, homophobic politics by bigoted sudo-religious groups, who misrepresent scripture, has already poisoned American politics.  The court can allow that poisoning to continue, or, show that the government represents the right of all people to enter into committed relationships.

Those who doubt the poisoning, I would point out that since the "defense of marriage" group defined marriage in terms of having children, the marriage rates have dropped.  If you are not going to have children, the logic goes, there is no justification for marriage -- love and the desire to spend your life with someone, especially in the absence of any intent to have biological children, is insufficient.  That is, after all, the official logic behind the defense of marriage.  Defense of marriage has poisoned marriage by attacking those who want to marry. 

Sunday, December 9, 2012

High Court MUST approve Sex Marriage

REALITY TEST:  The legality, and Constitutionality, of something is predicated on demonstrative harm to society.  Marriage is a STATE defined concept.  It is something conducted between individuals of different Religions (religion being a matter of choice), and different Races (race being a reality of birth).  Be it because of genetics or personal preference, the state has no basis for denial of the rights granted to those who enter into marriage -- tax status, survivorship, pension rights, etc.  The state can define what marriage is -- monogamous or polygamous -- and it can set an age of consent which reflects sexual consent.  But, having granted the right of sexual consent, it cannot restrict marriage between consenting parties who seek to avail themselves of the legal constructs which accompany a marriage certificate.

Homophobes, and the unthinking, argue same-sex marriage opens the door to alternations in the age of consent -- obvious nonsense and stupidity.  However, denial of marriage to those who are legally entitled to consensual sexual activity can and will open the door to denial based on race, religion, original nationality, culture or any other "differences" or "similarities" between parties.

The only valid basis for the court to void same-sex marriage work be clear irreparable harm to society, or to one of the individuals involved (as occurs in child molestation).  Simply put, a negative finding would destroy multiple aspects of the social fabric. 

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ACE teaches that God is a Liar -

“Thousands of children are to receive publicly funded vouchers enabling them to attend the schools — which follow a strict fundamentalist curriculum. The Accelerated Christian Education (ACE) programme teaches controversial religious beliefs, aimed at disproving evolution and proving creationism. Youngsters will be told that if it can be proved that dinosaurs walked the Earth at the same time as man, then Darwinism is fatally flawed.”

Basically, the issue propounded by ACE is that 5the Christian Deity is a deceiver and flat out liar.

Give an all knowing, all powerful, deity, it is easy to frame arguments to support the ACE position on evolution … but they DO NOT do so.  They offer no explanation for atomic theory, electrical theory, mathematical theory, astrological theory, or any scientific theory … other than to challenge the word THEORY as meaning something which is an idea that doesn’t, or has in no way been shown to,  work.

Of course, that means nuclear bombs don’t work, electrical lights don’t work, and even clocks don’t work.  All of those, and everything you have in your home or office – or encounter on the way between the two – are related to those “Theories” … hence none of them work or are real.

The age of the earth and universe is determined by a nuclear clock – decomposition rates on the atomic, and sub-atomic, level.  If a deity created everything, then it created the laws of math and decay which argue the ancient nature of existence.  If they are not true, then it follows that the creator deity lied.  Since that deity is all knowing,it also knew that men would interpret the information to crate the society we live in, and therefore, knew it was shaping our culture from a lie…. that works in everything and time frame.  Hence it is a truly Universal Lie…. intentionally instituted by a deity who lies.  Hence ACE worships, teaches the worship, of a liar and deceiver… or, all the theories are true and it is ACE, representing a liar and deceiver, that is the liar.

Either way, ACE represents The Great Deceiver – which is another name for Satan … and so, ACE and it’s students are Satanists. Read  Saint Paul’s Joke learn what scriptures really teach the Gentiles and why groups like ACE exist.  Then, read Genesis of Genesis, and learn when the real math of the Bible is all about.  You might even read Grandpa Was A  Deity, and discover the genetics of the people who gave us the stories that ACE wishes to believe are to be taken as the meaning of the “Gospel”.  But, as clearly shown in Saint Paul’s Joke are only based on the ranting of illiterate pagans who wished to remain illiterate.

That’s cool … they would also be the Republicans who seek


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The Baby Boom Bump

“With more than 200,000 boomers exiting the labor force each month through retirement, the rule of thumb that the economy needs to add 140,000 jobs per month to keep up with population growth no longer holds. The new normal is 100,000, which is why 150,000 new jobs a month has brought the unemployment rate from 9.5 percent to 7.9 percent over the last two years.” (NY TIMES article they tried to block me from reading via Facebook article link … so Google to it.  TIMES does not want readers.)

Anyhow, this article, “The Baby Boom Bump”, repeats what I have been saying for years.  Republicans are distorting economic reality by living in the 1960’s  …

Demographic reality: Unemployment rates will fall, for, at least, the next twenty-five years.  Without immigrants – which Republicans are on record as opposing – this economy will be shorthanded.  The GOP is going to get what it has aimed for … we will borrow more, have no education or healthcare, and an aging population … from whom they will withdraw  Social Security … claiming poverty … and failing to acknowledge that they have, since the Reagan Administration, been the cause.

Given the stupidity of the average GOP voter, look for a GOP President in 2016, and world war soon after.

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“Grandpa Was A Deity” advertised

Here’s a neat find.  I was reading news articles and came across this ad for my 2011 book GRANDPA WAS A DEITY.


Nice to know that it has reached a point where a publisher, or retailer, has sufficient faith in it to advertise it.

Now, if they would promote:

 HE WEARS COWBOY BOOTS (just published yesterday 1 DECEMBER 2012);

SAINT PAUL'S JOKE (which came out a few months ago); and,

GENESIS OF GENESIS (which opened the year). 

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“He Wears Cowboy Boots” goes YouTube

Cover Icon creates YouTube video of book cover.

Click previous sentence and view the Video – the fellow holding book is Ryan Michaels Colson – a pro-wrestler and cover Icon … He’s obviously getting a kick out of having his image used …