Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Time to reiterate a position that I have held, and written on, for over thirty years:  We need personal wind power on every property suited for it (i.e. rural homesteads and land).

We need every roof in the nation to have solar power collectors… to the less informed, this might sound impractical … However the informed are aware that it has been decades since the first solar roof shingles were developed. 

We  don’t need these sites/installations to generate enormous amounts of power – they just need to lessen the individual footprint & work with energy saving bulbs etc … with the goal of bringing the footprint for every individual home to zero … a surplus from a fraction of homes would provide power for business (in addition to their own roof installations).

However – as Ronald Reagan proved when he pulled the collectors from the White House – one third to fifty-seven percent of Americans are self destructive and will oppose anything that will, over the long term, provide us the means for future economic survival.

Look to the outcome of the 2010 elections – see how many pro-offshore drilling, anti-solar, anti-health care, anti-fiscal responsibility (though very vocal in their advocacy of such responsibility … again Reagan & Bush examples … fiscal responsibility means double the debt while cutting income).

The 2010 elections  -- an election of hidden truth revealed to those with the eyes to see and ears to hear.

Observation from Book

Many out in cyberspace are aware of the book I’ve been doing: it traces the Vedic Aryans who, in terms of  yDNA, are Hg  R-M17.  The methodology can be applied to any DNA line; so is universal in application, but unique in outcome.

In the course of researching Chapter XIV, I discovered a correlation to something which will be widely discussed over the next two years … the MATAN CALENDAR due to end in December 2012 and thus end the world, or, at least, the current cycle.  Turns out that it is based on a well know period – 270 days, 270 degrees, or, in this case, 270 cycles.  The date to concern ourselves does NOT fall in 2012 – rather it falls in 2015. (most likely, 18 February 2015).

The Mayan calendar was roughly 34 cycles from the start of the Hebrew Calendar (there is a slush involved in the conversion between those two calendars and our calendar)

However, if we focus on the Hebrew Calendar in the same terms as the Mayan – 270 cycles in, (1939) Hitler began his extermination of the Hebrews.

If you are in to astrological mysticism, be forewarned, nothing will happen in 2012 (a Presidential Election Year) but, if we assume there is meaning in these cycles,  something of significance will happen in the year following the mid-term elections.

OK … done my post of record  … now to duplicate it on “OUT FROM UNDER”

Monday, May 17, 2010

GOP, BP & Offshore Drilling

Upon entering Congress in 1987, Representative Nancy Pelosi quickly became part of the solid California front against oil drilling along much of the nation’s coast.  This is a position she held for twenty-one years and reiterated on July 17, 2008.  Note that, on July 14, 2008 President George W Bush lifted the  executive ban on offshore oil drilling.  Note that Bush's actions were in direct response to John McCain's call (on June 15, 2008) for an end to the federal ban on offshore oil drilling.  Senator Barack Obama made it clear he wanted ban to remain in place.

Supposedly McCain was "offering an aggressive response to high gasoline prices" -- but drilling would do nothing to lower the prices then, or now.  The answer to supply and demand pricing is always to lower the demand -- whenever there is a cheaper alternative.  In this nation, the alternative is wind and solar.  The world will run out of oil --  by burning fossil fuels, we are polluting the air and causing global warming ... we need to address that!  Curiously, the answer to global warming and peak oil (the point we have passed where oil supply is dwindling with no realistic possibility of doing anything but increasing the speed at which it is consumed ... The GOP resembles the fellow who notices his car fuel gage is almost on empty ... and knowing he lacks the fuel to get home at the legal speed ... drives faster in the belief that he can get there before the fuel runs out.  

As This blog has repeated pointed out, the Republican party follows a doctrine of "THE MOST HARM TO THE MOST PEOPLE" -- the BP offshore debacle which now threatens the Florida Keys, and coastal ecosystems, is another example of what happens when you allow the GOP the freedom to implement its primary doctrine.  it is very fortunate for the GOP that the American people are self-destructive and wish only the worst for themselves and everyone else in the world.

You will know them by their deeds -- by their acts -- by the actions that they implement … as opposed to the words they use.  2010 is an election year, and Americans can be counted upon to inflict upon themselves the most possible harm – look for a solid GOP outcome in November (unless we suddenly develop a touch of the old biblical “wisdom, knowledge and understanding” associated with the divine spirit … as the expression goes … fat chance, or when hell freezes over.)

Saturday, May 15, 2010

TV and thought

It has been established that TV negatively  affects children under the age of seven.  This is not the old “TV is bad for you” – but a scientifically, research based, examination which demonstrates the negative effect of TV on children … one which carries through their academic life.

Here I sit, at 1AM watching Netflix … the TV series “Dead Zone” … and the associations I have as an ancient soul in a WW2 spawned body which is growing more ancient.  Imagine a child constructing the basis for their future beliefs  … imagine how the superstitions of the pre-TV age grew in children of that era … go to the pre-radio age … go to the pre-literacy times when superstition reigned supreme.

Strange that in this age of “universal literacy” the same superstitions seem to prevail.  We seem to believe in all the ghosts and goblins of old.  People pray to idols and and idols they refuse to call idols … there was an age when they prayed to trees, and now they carve trees, or cast images of things carved of trees, and proclaim that these things are not idols.  But why light candles before them, and kneel, and do all that is historically done before idols?  Why if they are not idols?

The beginning of an analytical thought process …

The process which occurs when one is avoiding working on the next chapter of a book, one where his editor is falling behind because she is developing eye troubles … sigh.